07-09-17 arXiv

OC: Fusion versus oil

Complete sentences. Huge. Bad grammar a big deal. FAKE GRAMMAR! Tarded POTUS!!! Very POTUS.

Why not at least write in complete sentences? My tweets were never any kind of grammatical gemstones but that was after I discovered the malware inserting typos and bad grammar into my social media posts.

What's his excuse? Trump Org. Synagogue of Satan. Dirty Donald done did dirt. WOW!

This month in history.

The eclipse on August 21, which will hopefully be on this writer's first day in a new PhD program, is going to pass directly over the Georgia Guidestones site. It is interesting that those stones were laid in 1980 and so were the stones around the Atlanta--Fulton public library where this writer currently resides. The library was dedicated on May 25, 1980.

This reporting is very poor. Quite some time ago it was reported that Uber's board wanted to "bring in a Sheryl Sandberg type" and then last week Uber made two high profile women hires and just a few days later he was gone. The reporting makes reference to "last week" but the plot likely began well before that or else he wouldn't have left as soon as they arrived.

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