I waited for the MSM publication of my discoverer's accolades all through 2012 and 2013 before finally getting a job in 2014. I was thinking that the money would cure my boredom. I interviewed at Nexidia for a job and didn't get it. During the interview I think the guy was putting psychic pressure on me and I am not sure why they do this. I felt this pressure in several later interviews with other money-doler-outers and in hindsight I can't quite tell if they were putting psychic pressure on me or if my mind was drifting because I totally didn't give a fuck about anything that ever got said in any job interview I went to. Why do they do this? What the fuck does he care if I have psychic powers if my job is going to be to type on a keyboard and jiggle a mouse with intermittent mouse clicking? I guess it is part to see if they will recruit you into their psychic thing and part KSW: keeping Scientology working. None of the places I worked seemed to care that the entire office was basically bullshit but instead everyone was really concerned with psychic powers. I didn't get the first job but then I went to another Nexidia interview for a much higher paying job and I got it. It was a QA job.

My desk sat between two of the least attractive women in the office, Carina and Lee. It may have been in my first week there that the three of us went to lunch. On the car ride, Carina was driving, her and Lee were talking about how they wanted sperm donors to get them pregnant. In my head I imagined myself loudly saying to them, "Yeah sure I'll cum inside you," but I didn't say anything out loud. This was basically my first public appearance since getting kicked out of GT and I wasn't going to offer to fuck my coworkers on our first lunch. Now that I know everything I know, I will have to go back to make sure that they did not get pregnant with my sperm. I have concerns that when I imagine myself saying things there is someone else out there acting as if I had made a binding declaration of intent with my imagination. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I didn't open my mouth and no sound came out then I didn't say anything and that is true even if your brain scanner said I imagined the words with a power level over 9000. Obviously I would need a lot of legal research before I would have gotten some random woman pregnant because I would not want to be at risk of being forced to pay child support and very many other factors would have come into consideration. If people have been taking my day dreams and reporting them as my declared intentions then I will kill all of those people. N.b., I have imagined impregnating women many times but after all of those imaginings I have always decided against it.

There were a few good looking women in the office. I was flirting briefly with one while I was standing near the copier and she said, "I'm going to have to start thinking about my future." I couldn't decide if she meant that as a reference to the douche bag I had seen her walking around with earlier or if it was a reference to me getting fired from the School of Physics for asking a woman out and then getting fired from the School of Materials Science and Engineering for asking out two other women. She was very good looking and friendly and I hope some of my children's mothers will look like her once I decide to have children.

Carina and Lee were in a roller derby league and they were always talking about Mulder. I never knew who they were talking about but I got the impression it was me. Nexidia had an algorithm developed at Georgia Tech that allowed them to search audio recordings for text strings. This would be useful if one wanted to search YouTube for all videos wherein the words "marshmellow sandwich" are heard. Nexidia very much liked to use the repeating "C" in names for objects like "CoreCodeComponentClass" or whatever. I think Cicada 3301 was ongoing back then with the big mystery that led to my personally identifying numbers and the viXra numbers of the papers I had uploaded. One time I was using Nexidia's printer to print a copy of my paper Ontological Physics and someone around the corner yelled, "I can understand that!" It seemed like he was voicing his disagreement with the prevailing trend to say that my research was nonsense.

Nexidia had a little user interface that they sold to clients to be able to the search the audio files in their own data. For instance, a call center might want to search to see if representatives were always giving a warning about a call being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. There were way, way, way too many people working there for the search UI to be the full extent of their business. I think they employed hackers to search the audio recordings of companies that were not their clients. One can see how that would be very lucrative.

Carina told me that she was logged into the system as a super user and every user in the system was known to her except one.

LAST NAME: Comcast

The user Comcast Comcast has full access to everything but no one knew who it was. It was only a couple of weeks after Carina told me about this anomalous fellow Mr. Comcast Comcast that the Comcast-TWC merger was announced. The timing was very suspicious and this was coming right on the heels of Snowden's revelations about the mass search capability of the deep state. I assumed that Mr. Comcast Comcast was making money with his anonymous admin-level access to Nexidia's search systems and if the noose was closing in on them they were doing what corporations always do to avoid blame and obfuscate responsibility: mergers and acquisitions.

During this time it was obvious that Carina was not serious when she would send emails like, "I have to work from home today because my cat is sick and I have to take him to the vet but he is hiding under the bed right now and it will impossible for me to come to work until he decides to come out." I began working from home afternoons and that was nice. They gave me diagnostic assessment where one of my QA test cases led me to something that said, "Look in the SQL log." I looked there and saw the problem and got fired about five minutes later. The previous week another person sitting next to me Troy Surdick, who I though looked a little like Jimmy Carter, had been to Israel to visit with the Israeli police. Did they tell Nexidia to fire me? Did Nexidia realize that my technical ability far exceeded the QA bone they were trying to throw me? Did Helene realize that Nexidia was a pipleine into the secret government work she needs me to never touch if her lies are to hold up over time and then use her vassals in the Israeli police to badmouth me to Troy?

Whatever it was, James (my boss) was pointing his camera right in my face when he fired me and I thought it was a dick move. However, James was pretty cool and not a dick and he may have followed me on Twitter. I think the jobs I got after this were in ETL, a nice step up from QA, because of the technical proficiency I demonstrated at Nexidia. One week earlier my suprvisor Xuefei had given me a non-terminating reprimand during which she declared that she wanted someone who could read her mind like Carina. I wanted to ask her what the fuck email was for if everyone was going to communicate telepathically but I didn't say that and I didn't think I would be fired the next week.

I have also wondered a lot about this plaque in Poland. As I recall there was some dispute over whether this other Kuklinski was a hero or a traitor and I expect that the ambiguity hails from intrigue in Operation Gladio.

The Spy Who Saved The World- The Tragedy of Colonel Kuklinski

This video is the inspiration for the title of the show Mr. Robot. I think it also what is sometimes referred to as John Titor's secret song and that last little part at the end always makes me think about Richard claiming to have killed Roy.

When I watched The Ice Man in the 1990's, which was an interview with Richard Kuklinski, I was surprised how much he looked like my dad and how all his mannerisms were exactly like my dad's and the way he would purse his lips was absolutely exactly like how my dad does it. I have mentioned that last time I went to Warner Robins there were two different men there that I called dad. The one who came outside on the day after Christmas looks enough like Richard Kuklinski to be his brother Joseph. Furthermore, the one that I spent Christmas day with, whose nose was quite different in profile, may have been the inspiration for the Splinter character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I recently noticed how much innuendo that show has in it. There is Krang who is just a brain that controls a robot, Shredder is a ready made gore video, the enemy organization is the Foot Clan and just last winter Carlos was telling me that when he torutres people he usually starts with the foot. Actually he said this in the middle of class one evening and not just to me but he was looking at me when he told me. I am glad for his candor and it was not a threat or anything. What is the reality behind TMNT?

When I was in college I noticed that I was particularly attracted to women with a certain mousy look, for lack of a better term, and I think I must have gotten this from positive memories that nose on my dad when I was much younger. However, I do not think that that one is my biological father. The man I met briefly on the day after Christmas looked like I could have been his genetic progeny or perhaps that of his brother.

Before I got shadowbanned on Reddit and while I was very active on /r/physics the main user interacting with me was /u/RICHARD_KUKLINSKI. Driving around in Brooklyn with Helene and Laura Kershaw one time, in the 1980s likely, they were showing me my dad's old house and then like 500ft down the road they pointed to a building that used to be the Gemini Lounge. Helene and Laura went into some detail with me about how the mob used to hang people on meat hooks in there. I've read that a lot of the people in the Gemini lounge back then were Jews using Italian pseudonyms and I did receive the meme one time that my cousin Joel Cohen went by Roy Demeo which is a name that means "King of May." Also, I read that Richard Kuklinski worked for the de Cavalcante family though I feel certain that the puclic story is not the real story. Richard claims to have killed Roy but my cousin Joel only passed away a few years ago.

I was reading this thing (linked through the image) and I would say that instead of of Martians it is was the Scientologists (unless this guy was crazy.) Also, instead of technology that is millions of years ahead I would have have suspected advanced computerized applications of Schumann resonators that have existed for decades. In The Cult of the Witch Queen by Richard S. Shaver, which is fantastic and you should buy it today and read it right away, the bad guys have these superpowers and they have a ray that they can read your mind with as long as it's pointed at you. The entire conspriacy in that book is more or less like what Kyle describes here. However, the reason I am making this post is because this image from his manifesto is absolutely recognizable to me. If you saw my Twitter posts you'll recall that after my recent travels I thought it was odd how I kept seeing these powerful ideograms. The two main ones were a sinister rabbit and a turtle like this one except it was usually smiling. The turtle was never sinister, please be clear about that. The rabbit was sinister; the turtle was friendly. It would have a really friendly smile on its face whenever I would see it except for one time when I saw it on a rock in the East River when it looked like it was horrified and in pain.

The first time I saw the turtle ideogram on my travels, some girl was sitting in front of me on the plane. It looked like she had a small jar or something tied up in her hair bun and when I looked closely this ideogram appeared in her hair plain as day. I did a double take and it appeared again with an even bigger happier smile. I felt at the time like the girl had a jar of fluid contaning some disembodied tortured essence of a being, and it must have been someone I knew because it seemed so happy to see me. The bump on the top of the head in the image is not something I saw but the main facial part is a match.

Jacaré was telling me a story about one time back in Rio. Some guys had done something wrong, maybe they killed someone's uncle or something on some rocks near the ocean. The guys got taken up to the top of the hill and got tortured and one of the dead man's nieces (or something) also tortured them. He told me that the woman was the worst torturer. The point of the story wasn't that they had tortured the guy before they killed him, it was that the woman was the worst one. This wasn't Carlos telling me that, this was way back when I was like a purple belt maybe. I beleive him.

Establish a new world order with me as the supreme leader.

I code this website in Microsoft Notepad in Windows 7. I am having issues with the display of text in Notepad that likely indicate the presence of unprintable characters or small macros embedded in this site's code against my intent.

In anticipation of the posts about the offices I worked in, I will discuss my employment at Georgia Tech. The four-peat of whatever Emily was doing, along with what Dierdre, Claire, and Jennifer did to me at Georgia Tech really feels like someone is trying to punish me for ever trying to have sex with a woman. Everyone who pretends not to know me knew what I wanted for all those years when I had a place to have it in and no one ever offered it to me.

During my four years at Georgia Tech they never offered one class in general relativity or quantum field theory. I was disappointed in my options for a thesis topic but luckily they hired Pablo and he invited Roger and the other guy to give the talks that kicked off my own research program. I worked on IceCube with Ignacio for a while but he fired me after Dierdre complained about me. I had been her TA in her special relativity course in the spring and she was extremely sexual and unprofessionally flirtatious in front of the class on multiple occasions. After I turned in the last batch of graded final exams I asked her out and she laughed at me and said, "We're going to have a party." When she invited me to her and Pablo's home for a party I asked her to meet me for coffee the next day. I should say my impression was that her marriage was not romantic. That would have been a Sunday and Ignacio didn't tell me about the letter she wrote to him about how inappropriate I was being until Tuesday. He paid me for the rest of the semester and I was glad he didn't fire me right then.

It was pretty obvious that I wasn't interested in what any of the physics faculty were doing and somehow I found out about a position in a different department doing experiments on bulk metallic glasses. This research is discussed here. It was obvious no one was going to pay me to do anything interesting at GT and I did not take my thesis problem seriously. I was intending to fulfill the minimum requirements while I either did or did not achieve success in my own research program. Not caring about my thesis gave me a lot of free time and I was using OkCupid to meet women. I do not care for the club or the bar, and if I want to watch other men with women I can't touch I might as well do that at home where I can take my pants off and get comfy. When Jordan Schultz, who is a despicable, sick person copied my OkCupid profile word for word and messaged the same women I messaged, he was able to obtain the affections of lots of them that didn't even reply to my messages. I feel like this was not a coincidence, and I do want to find out who was doing what and how. I suspect it was the Scientologists all along.

I do not like the role that women require you to play to have success in the bar or the club. The modern culture promulgated in the night life makes me sick and I refuse to put out fraudulent vibes that would make me seem cheerful. There were few women in my math and physics classes, and every woman save one that I ever asked out at jiu jitsu turned me down. Furthermore, during the time I was broke because Helene was giving me so little money after being fired from Georgia Tech, there were several good looking women who came in to train at Alliance. Though two of them looked absolutely perfect I never asked any of them out because my life was completely fucked up at that time and I didn't want to ask anyone to share my problems. Also, I didn't want to have to say, "Oh I'm broke because my mom only gives three dollars a months and I don't work but it's not because I'm lazy it's because I'm the king and also the smartest person in the world but the conspiracy is blocking my theory. Let's go on a date to someplace that accepts food stamps." I could have changed that in a simple way and then asked some more women out even though the conspiracy was obvious at this point but instead I was trying make an accomplishment big enough that I wouldn't have to ask any more. I do not want to ask for what I think should be offered. I really hate getting turned down when I see the caliber of man most women will scramble for. I feel like whoever it is that tells the beautiful women where to go sent them to Alliance only during that short time frame because they knew I was not going to talk to any of them due to my circumstances but then they continued whatever they had started with Emily by saying, "See? He has no interest he's gay," or whatever the fuck it is they do what they do for. Nota bene, whatever lies they told you, the truth was that they wanted my sperm because I am the man.

Most of my refusal to ask for a woman's affections any more comes from these earlier experiences. (Right now it is due entirely to my condition of homelessness.) I set out to see how much personal accomplishment I would have to find before a good looking, athletic woman would offer herself to me and apparently it is a very high amount. They should be throwing themselves at me by now if they knew who I was and what I've done but they don't. Therefore I view that as a problem in society and I would rather correct society than debase myself in the way that women prefer. I do not want to submit to their desires; I want them to submit to my desire and if I correct the big lie in society I expect that will all work out directly. That's how I am. This is how I do it.

As I became more lonely I compromised on a lot of things to achieve my goal but I would not compromise on my refusal to employ sales techniques to initiate a relationship, even a very short one. I had learned these techniques as a door to door salesman, and when I see people fall for them it makes me slightly nauseous. I feel like the thing I am selling is so superior that I shouldn't have to cajole you into letting me give it to you for free. This is very important to me. I expected my success in physics to aid my efforts in this regard but somehow all the women still act like they don't know that I am the solver of the hidden mystery of eternity.

In my second or third year we got a new member in our research group who was female. I flirted with her for a few weeks and then I asked her to take me to her apartment. We walked into her bedroom and I took her by the hand when she recoiled in horror, screamed, "Don't fuck with me!," and asked me to leave. Then we worked fine together in the group for about a year and a half and I left her alone.

The next summer Claire came to the lab as an undergrad. I asked her out to lunch and then asked her to come home with me. She pulled away but smiled when I tried to kiss her at my place. She told me she needed to go back to campus and I took her. I pinched her butt when we were walking back to the Love building. She didn't return two or three texts from me and I never spoke to her again. That was summer 2011. In the fall my advisor told me she had complained about me and her female professor back in Alabama was really pushing the issue and this kind of thing could ruin my career. I didn't hear anything for months about it and went to Occupy. Then I got an email to report to the office of student integrity. The stupid bitch working there was so deliberately obtuse about not understanding what I was telling her. The specific violations of the student code were mostly variations of the theme that she was afraid on campus because I was scary. Then somehow Jennifer made the same complaint about being retroactively afraid for the last 18 months and I skipped the hearing that time since obviously he-said/she-said is already a preponderance of evidence in the mind of Brandi Williams. After she suspended me I couldn't go to my job on campus and I got fired for non-attendance.

This post is probably very important as I have not previously discussed these aspects. When I was a blue belt I was telling Jacaré that I googled "Cavalcanti" and I saw they were an old family mentioned among families like the Medici etc. After class one night I said, "So Cavalcanti huh? You got some banks on the side?" He made a serious face and demurred, but then he smiled and winked and said, "Well, you know... My brother... he owns a hotel." I asked if it was his younger brother and he said no it was his older brother.

Reading Carlos Castaneda, Carlos eventually met one of Don Juan's other sorcerer friends Sylvio Manuel who supposedly had the power to change his face. I remember being at the Krog Street school the first time I was certain Jacaré changed his face. I said to myself, "What the fuck?!?!?," but I didn't interrupt class to make an issue of it. In the recent years it seemed like he was changing his face a lot and generally I filed that under things that weren't bothering me and that I didn't understand at all. I usually don't give a lot of attention to items in that category. In January Jacaré was saying something to me before class one evening. I can't remember the context but he said, "Man! My brother! He smokes crack. I say to him, 'Man! Stop smoking that shit man.'" I asked, "Your younger brother?" He said, "I am the oldest," and right at that moment all the stuff in my not-understood category got rearranged. For the purposes of this post I will call the older brother Carlos and I will call the other brother Jacaré but I have no idea if there are only two.

I had noticed a lot of things over the years would happen in the news when Jacaré was out of town. The 7/7 attack, where the event ended with a Brazilian getting shot in the London subway, the Chelybinsk meteor, lots of stuff. I read some obfuscated write up of the 7/7 attacks on BeforeItsNews and they said that 7/7 was ordered by Jacques Chirac from GlenEagle in Scotland and that was not very confusing to me. One time when Joey was in Acapulco there was a cafe bombing and he was also in Paris at the time of the most recent Paris terrorism. I heard that what happened in the theater involved mutilations and is worse than just a shooting. When Joey came back from that trip he had some serious injury to one of his toe nails.

About five months after the Paris attack I was restless and stayed up all night. Around 6am I decided I was getting no sleep and I went for a drive from Dunwoody to Atlanta. On the way home I got on 75 north around Northside Drive and immediately pulled behind one of Collins' produce delivery trucks. They are silver trucks that say Phoenix on the side and you see them all over Atlanta. The Atlanta Life Restaurant Group is a big thing in Atlanta and I believe they are part of the Collins Org. Also you see the Brown and Brown tow trucks all over town too. There is some power network. When Joey was telling me that he was in the paige program at the state capitol when he was a child I think he indicated there was a pedo component to the child intern program in the Georgia state capitol building. I had been in the capitol during Occupy and there were so many good looking 10/10 women in there that it is clear sex is high on the list of priorities in there.

Joey had told me about this club at the 191 Peachtree building called the 191 club where all the rich republicans go. The fleet number on the back of the truck I pulled behind was 191 and I immediately suspected that it was a mobile torture truck like I had recently seen in Z Nation (before I stopped watching it because it was awful.) I slowed down and followed the truck certain there was something serious inside it. At least one small economy class car pulled up next to me and it was obvious the driver was eyeballing me about why I was following the truck. On my right side a big black SUV roared past me with the Georgia license plate PPP-something. I followed the 191 truck for a long time and several times the driver swerved erratically as if to tell me to fuck off.

I worked remotely at LexisNexis that day and I got some group emails that day that said "Source of ESP unknown." That was the only email like that I saw at LexisNexis. Someone else sent another unique email later in the day that someone had forgotten it was their turn to watch the ice cream truck. In the next meeting with my boss George he said something to the group like, "Well maybe this whole thing is bigger than we thought." It had nothing to do with the topic of conversation. In my social media history I had already accused Collins many times and I felt like their trucks were being watched but the one I pulled up behind had been let through without an entry in the surveillance log. (Meaning that someone had put Collins in charge of investigating themselves. I assume that someone is also Collins.) A few weeks later I was at lunch on Windward Parkway in front of LexisNexis and they re-enacted the whole scene for me with a Phoenix truck swerving erratically while a grey Accord followed right behind it.

In the afternoon after I had found the truck in the morning I went to the Church of Scientology to get some fliers. I knocked several times, the sign said they were open, there were a few cars in the parking lot, but no one answered. That evening there was a news story that one of the brothers who had been missing since the Paris attack was captured. Right after that there was the 3/22 attack in the Brussels airport. I speculate that my friend was in the back of that 191 truck.

When I went to "Ben Gurion" I have mentioned two detention areas. The first one is just a waiting area. There were several weird people and I kept thinking that I was recognizing people in disguise. There was some woman wearing a cat sweater where the cat's eyes were made from Emily's old earrings. However, I don't know if they were fucking with me to try to get me to act crazy or what. There was a person in that area that looked like Carlos dressed up as a Palestinian and he started crying when I thought I recognized his traveling companion too. Furthermore, when I have described a Hasid sitting next to me on the plane back to America, I suspect the first one was Carlos. The curve of his nose is very recognizable. The first Hasid's nose was just like Carlos' but the second was slightly different. The first one had pulled out a laptop and I got the feeling someone was going to tell me what the fuck was going on. However, it was just a video of the Trump inauguration. Then he went to the lavatory and the other person came back impersonating the first person. When I confronted the second person, the person in front of us jumped up and eyeballed the second person. The person in front of us is who I think came to Exide as Tim at least once. In my mind I asked him where Jacaré was and out loud he answered, "That one flew away," and he signed a bird flying away with his hands.

In my travels I arrived at some hostel in DC while the Super Blow was happening. This was the night before the Israeli embassy in DC refused to help me make Aliyah or tell me why they denied me entry when US citizens don't need visas to go to Israel. Atlanta was winning the game, but then some guy sitting in the room leaned forward and, again, I recognized Carlos' nose though this was probably just another person with a similar nose. At that time many people had been hinting to me that I was wrong to have feelings and emotional reactions to my environment but I was repulsed by the surprise of recognition. The guy sitting next to me, who reminded me of Jeff, put his head in hands exasperated and he was acting like I lost some important battle because I was momentarily repulsed by the sight of this other person at the hostel. I left and went upstairs and then Atlanta lost a commanding lead and lost the Super Blow. I felt like people were hinting that the real loss was the obvious discomfort I had shown when I saw the other guy. It was weird that this was Super Blow 51 because I had been wondering if I was in Area 51.

One time while I was employed at Elavon Jacaré came in to Alliance and declared of me, "He don't like me." He walked close to me and I did become stressed, my heart started beating faster and he said, "See? He's nervous, his heart is beating too fast." I think this was not Jacaré but Carlos. However, since nobody tells me anything I only have my own speculations which are not always accurate.

Here are my thoughts on inner stability: If you are a woman who has no choice but to act on her emotions then you should be very careful about what you let yourself feel. This would absolutely be a huge problem for Helene. However, I don't see what people are talking when they say we lost the super bowl because some guy's nose made me feel spaghetti. What do you care what I feel? If you can feel my feelings and don't like those feels then that is your own fault for doing whatever you did to feel them. I like my emotions and they are a primary guide for me, and I have no desire to turn off my body's natural first line of defense and awareness. It is probably important to turn this off if you are going to try get promoted in the Church of Satan because if they were still turned on then you would be repulsed and it would be obvious to you that you are in the wrong place.

My sister Erin, who is not retarded but is also not smart, was telling us over Christmas (indirectly of course) that she needs to watch as many gore videos as possible to build up immunity. I told her she was going to get cancer if she keeps eating poison on purpose. What the fuck lie does she believe where she thinks immunity to gore is going to be important for her? I suspect they have been dressing Erin up in costumes to torment me in Atlanta, but I am not very certain of this. Certainly I was hearing my other sister Jenna's voice around my apartment complex in Dunwoody a lot but I don't know if it was real or simulated. Based on an experience in Warner Robins, I beleive the borg have implanted something in Jenna's eye but it may have been an electrical contact lense.

Anyhow... I have speculated that the place I went to when I was trying to return to the Holy Land was a modern version of H.H. Holmes' torture hotel. Is this the hotel Carlos owns? How can he be the owner if I am the landlord? Is he telling people he owns my thing? I feel like I haven't seen Jacaré in a while. At one of the last jiu jitsu classes I went to we were doing the yoga warm up. When it was over I said to the person leading class, "Man! I love that one!" That was the warmup Jacaré would always do and the instructor got choked up with tears and grabbed my arm when I said I loved that one. As fas as I can tell, Jacaré is my best friend and I do love him and I am worried.

One of the most vivid memories I have from my entire "Israel" experience was on one of the flights back to the US. There was a man covered with a blanket sitting next to me but it is clear that there was some trauma underneath. This is the clearest most important memory of the whole trip for me: I quieted my mind to listen and someone said to me psychically, "Man Carlos is fucking evil." In my mind I said, "Who is Carlos?" A few moments went by and they or someone with a similar psychic voice said, "Carlos... is me."

In anticipation of several posts about the offices in which I have debased myself for cash, let me give my entire professional history. I didn't work in high school and joining the Marines was my first job. I built swimming pools for a while in Warner Robins and this was the absolute best job I ever had. I went to school for several years and took out loans and received financial aid, and got a large, prestigious fellowship for scholarly merit. In school I realized that I had solved dark energy and that my professional success was ensured, lol. My employment at Georgia Tech got terminated and then Helene let me live in the condo she had bought in Midtown for a while after that. She was charging me the same 800/month that I had been paying in my apartment on Howell Mill. During 2012 I issued debt to her accordingly until she told me to move out. I took out a second loan on my car, I recently paid off both of them, and moved to Dunwoody. When I was moving a lesbian couple at Viewpoint that used to live on my floor but moved to a higher floor said to me in the elevator, "Oh no more Midtown?" It seemed very bitter and I bet she knows more about Emily Hancock than I do, like very many people. This state of affairs where even today other people continue to withhold these facts from me appears to be evidence of their ongoing, open rebellion against me.

Perhaps Helene was only intending to motivate me to get me to get a job. When I immediately told her that I had found another apartment she seemed unhappy and said, "Oh that's great :(" When I later told her about Lockheed's fusion announcement she said the same thing in the same way. I argued that this fusion development was clear evidence of my theory's veracity and if she would give me more money there was no question about depleting her limited retirement funds. Helene apparently does not consider the inheritance she stole from me to be part of her retirement account, and I suspect she intended to funnel my inheritance to the Greens. Her skepticism about my ultimate success may be derived from her perception of herself as leading a conspiracy to guarantee my failure in life. If I succeeded in getting the kind of life she wanted me to have I would absolutely consider myself a failure so she may not view it as ensuring my failure. She probably thinks of her conspiracy as the equivalent of breast feeding her almost 40 year old son. I feel like she thinks of me more as a pet than as a son.

I suspect me sticking it to Helene in our conversation about Lockheed is what led to the blackout on this "completely unrelated" fusion program.

In late 2014, senior CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate leaders instructed analysts to cease all external coordination with other IC analysts.

CENTCOM leaders "distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products"

Director of Intelligence and other senior intelligence staff, violated regulations, tradecraft standards, and professional ethics by modifying intelligence assessments

In June 2014, CENTCOM established an around-the-clock intelligence "fusion center"

Unfortunately, there was no 'fusion' as people whose ideas conflicted with those of senior intelligence officials were not allowed to participate.

OCTOBER 2014: Lockheed Developing Truck-Sized Nuclear Fusion Reactor

NOTE: This looks to me like they were falsifying reports about my research and excluded me from my own research program, and "in late 2014" after Lockheed went public they had some kind of reaction.

ANALYSIS: I have previoulsy pointed out how close Lockheed's announcement and related scientific news was to the start of the oil crash. The creation of CENTCOM's "fusion center" in June 2014 aligns perfectly with the crash and it makes sense that the market reacted to the insider information relating to fusion since a successful fusion reactor spells absolute, unequivocal doom for the oil cartel.

In Dunwoody she allowed me to extract a small monthly check via the excruciating, iterative requesting process that I learned in my childhood. In 2012 while I was paying rent by issuing debt I was trying to sleep late each day. Around 10:00am after most of my respectable neighbors went to work, my upstairs neighbor would begin bouncing a billiard ball on his concrete floor which was my ceiling. During that summer Joey came over to blaze it and I told the concierge to let him up to my floor. The entry system would have only let him push the button for the 20th floor where I lived but he got off on the 21st floor. He told me to come out and open the stairwell for him. It was obvious he was being creepy like he was the one upstairs tormenting me with that fucking bouncing when I was trying to sleep. I look forward to discovering how he got to the 21st floor.

During this time I declared to Helene my intention to immediately travel to Jerusalem once my discoverer's accolades were made public. My experience at Occupy taught me my efforts were futile without some gravitas such as solving the problem that Einstein struggled with but never solved. It was my intention to go Israel to protest against the condition of the Earth. She made me promise emphatically that I would not use the money she gave me to go to Israel. She asked me if I was going to fight for Hamas. I thought it was EXTREMELY WEIRD that she would think I would know anything about Hamas. Perhaps the purpose of this promise to not use the money was giving to go to Israel was because she scheduled my trip to crazy town at that time, and it was a trap waiting for me should I decide to fly to Israel on her dime. Then I would have been lost in the crazy town dungeon and she could tell herself that she made me promise not to do it. Perhaps it is the notoriety that I have accrued since 2012 that helped me survive my trip and of course after leaving I felt very much like Daniel leaving the lion's den. HOWEVER!!! I did not go on her dime. I worked for a long time and then tried to go recently using my own money. I DO NOT KNOW WHO SCHEDULED THAT TRIP TO CRAZY TOWN OR IF THE INTENT WAS TO KILL ME OR FOR ME TO KILL THEM. Why would they do it for me to kill them? I wouldn't know; why did Snape kill Dumbledore?

I may have been to a few crazy towns. I have not mentioned much about JFK crazy town but I will soon. It may be that Helene set up the airport trap back then and still did it anyway when I kept my promise to her. It could have been a lot things and the people who know what they are still believe someone besides me is best qualified to deal with them. Furthermore, Helene may have scheduled that trip with Joey to FEMA where he told me how nice Steve is. Why else would she have immediately started weeping? She does that as a defense because she knows a weeping woman gets away with any nonsensical statements always but how did she even know there was something to weep about?

Helene was giving me so little money that I was shoplifting just to eat. I noticed a reference to steaks in a time travel movie I watched recently. Helene recommended that I could get some money by selling my couch and that I could get food by taking MARTA to the food bank because she didn't want to give me any gas money because I might use it to drive to buy reefer. Also, I notice that when I visit Helene she often gets a runny nose about 45 minutes after she suddenly gets in a good mood.

In 2013, I was waiting for closure with Emily because there were and still are unresolved issues. I understand the number of resolved issues is zero. However I was simultaneously lonely and I wanted some money so I got a job at Nexidia in early 2014. 2013 was a good year for my theory but money didn't do much for me. I got a job at Career Builder that summer, then Elavon for a year. Then Lexis Nexis for a year, then North Highland in the summer of 2016, and Exide until January. My termination letter is dated February 2 and I will be most interested in any activity related to my non-existent employment after about 10:30am on January 31. I had already been to "Ben Gurion" and "JFK" on February 2, and the woman on the bus had already told me to tell them I was the landlord. Exide may argue that my employment still existed because they erroneously paid me after I walked out leaving my laptop and ID access card on the desk. I will be glad to reject their argument.

Over Christmas I visited my dad in Kathleen, GA. He told me that his dad and his uncles' farm got turned into the Ashokan reservoir. A town got moved "West Hurley" to make room for the water and that had an association with Lost for me with Hurley being a west coast LA dude. I think a keen eye might notice a few other similarities with the cast of Lost and this writer. I suspect that the Ashokan reservoir is the swamp that appears in the statement "Drain the swamp," and that this is where the bodies are buried. The day after Christmas I was sitting behind the house and another man came out looking very much like the one who had told me about the reservoir. He said "Damn John." I think maybe he didn't believe that one picture was really me but behind the house the light was similar and he found out the truth. He made a little imitation of a butthole with his hands. I don't know why he did that. His gestures seemed particularly anatomical.

The first time I went to the FEMA site Joey was showing me how big his refrigerated warehouse was. Inside he employed a lot of Mexicans and central Americans packing fruit with fibrous red packing material. Now I suspect they chose red so that anytime there are little red smudges people will assume it is the fibers and not the blood. In the back of the huge refrigerated warehouse, which has loading docks at the back, there is another smaller, colder refrigerated area with thick metal walls. The Collins operate many businesses out of their plot at the state farmer's market in Forest Park and the warehouse they rent at the FEMA site is a staging area. It is notable that Google decided to put their Google fiber hub in Forest Park, and also Amazon shipments to Atlanta are routed through Forest Park.

The third time I went there was on a day that I was flying to see Helene in Arizona for Thanksgiving. Joey offered to pick me up at my apartment and drop me off at the train if I helped him move some of his father Steve's things. For disambiguation, Joey and Steve are both named Joel Steven Collins, and Collins may be another assumed name possibly derived from Cohen. Long after this when Steve came to Alliance to watch Joey train he said to me, "Well maybe we're related." I had a cousin Joel Cohen but I don't know my distant relatives well enough to speculate through which branch of my family he might be my direct underling. Furthermore, when I Hebricize Joey's name by pronouncing it as Jo-El he takes great offense and DOES NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. Then when I began working at Exide in an office not 1/4 mile from where I currently type, I found out that my new boss looked just like Steve Collins. I wonder if Rod and Steve are a component of "El Chapo" beyond my previous speculation that "El Choppo" is something Helene would say as in, "Don't fuck around or you'll get el choppo," and surely she would make a karate chop motion to emphasize the meat-cleaverness of her statement. Rod would easily be the "Shorty" to Steve because he looks the same in the face but is much less tall. Also if Helene likes Joey, then they are certainly related to us on her side of the family.

I was very surprised that I was able to work in so many offices where there were so few good looking women. When I got to Exide there was a excellent one stationed outside of Rod's office. Her name was Joelle, as in Jo-El, and her last name was Cochran which is too close to Collins for my comfort. She was stationed directly outside of Rod's door but no one ever stationed a good one near me. I am confident that several bad ones have been assigned to me. This is frustrating because Rod and Steve are my underlings, they are inferior men when measured against me on almost any metric, and good looking women represent what I want most in my personal life so I view the distribution of women as an act of malice.

Further, there was a Stefan Valere at Exide whose name was "Steve." I believe I also saw "Stefan Molyneaux" when I clicked check names on "Stefan" in outlook. Though Stefan Valere was a critical part of our Atlanta operation, he did not appear in the check names list. I emailed him several times, but I never had any contact with Molyneaux. I think Molyneaux is a meme on 4chan and that YouTube guy looks an awful lot like Steve. I have also speculated that "Stefan" is played by both Joey and Steve inside the cartel, and also possibly by Stephanie Collins who is a bigwig in their "produce" operation. I saw "Stefan" misspelled as Stephane many times which almost spells Stephanie. I will make a separate post about the way they obfuscate names, like Rod/Rob in Rod Williams and Rob Webb (Exide office is on Webb Road), or between Rod and Robin Williams in whatever drama led Robin to "kill himself" right before I finally got the data at Elavon. Nexidia, where there was a large percentage of good looking women compared to the next offices I would beg for money in, has software that converts audio to searchable text so I am always on the lookout for phonetic ambiguity now.

The second time I went to the FEMA site was when Helene was visiting. I had been impressed with the extent of the Collins' business and Joey offered a tour when she was in Atlanta. We went to Forest Park and then to FEMA. Inside the warehouse Joey gave her a flower and she has been going on about what a mensch Joey is ever since. Collins delivers to the Trader Joe's in Atlanta and this was one of the flowers bound for a Trader Joe's floral display.

I do not like Trader Joe's. Helene also intimated to me that Trader Joe's peanut butter ice cream has doodoo in it, and also one of the large chocolate cakes at Costco. The people that I viewed as "bad" at Exide were always bringing Kirkland snacks and cakes to the potlucks at Exide. Sandy made a comment one day when I said, "Oh Kirkland huh?" She said, "Oh yeah!! You know they have the best ingredients," and it seemed like she was hinting at what Helene had told me. Trader Joe's frozen foods do not sit well with me and, as with Chipotle, I have speculated that Trader Joe's is unclean. If Trader Joe's produce is being delivered to the local stores from the FEMA site then it is very easy to envision an unclean scenario. I have speculated that Trader Joe's capitalizes on the naivety of the hippies who want to avoid poisons at Publix and Kroger (where I shop and have no complaints.) These naive people might think themselves able to escape the poison conspiracy by going to the alternative store, but the alternative is completely unclean and is built on the fraudulent ethos of clean food. These are my speculations.

The third time I went to the FEMA site Joey said he would take me to the train if I helped him and I did, as he helped me move twice I think. Thanks Joey, you ending up helping me a lot more than that really and I feel sorry for you. Joey said we were moving Steve's stuff because he moved to Stockbridge but, STRANGELY, that didn't turn out to be true. Note well, Joey told me we were moving Steve's stuff because he moved to Stockbridge but in fact Steve did not move and there was no reason for us to be moving that stuff other than to take an extra trip to FEMA. We took some stuff out of a self-storage unit in Buckhead and brought it down to the FEMA site. I was in a hurry to make my flight so I hurried carrying boxes inside. The room he told me to bring the boxes into had a few rolls of carpet and it was obvious he was sending me the murder/disappear vibe to see if I would show the fear they prey on. I didn't. I had already had that in mind that Joey might be picking me up to try to kill me and on that day when he picked me up in Dunwoody he said, "Come on man, what do you think we're gonna try to kill you? Hahaha." I put it in fate's hands, which I now call God's hands, and went with him. The look on one of the day laborers he had with him made me think my life was in danger. We moved the stuff and then Joey took me to eat before taking me to MARTA to catch my plane. On the way he said to me with as much emotive inflection as he could manage, "Man! My dad's a real nice guy man." He seemed astonished. He said it like three times, "My dad's a REEEAAALLLL nice guy man. WOW!" I went to Arizona and Helene was weeping in the waiting area when I was disembarking. Some guy was standing behind her filming and that was one of the first times I waved to the stranger's camera, or maybe I just stared at him because he was filming us so obviously with his phone. Then a lot of time went by. I kept thinking my life would advance in the direction of my theory and it didn't. In stead I had a real bad feeling about Joey.

I posted the map of the FEMA site on Twitter and immediately my Twitter exploded with police siren memes. In five minutes this story appeared about a plutonium leak on panel seven of level seven of the nuclear waste storage facility in New Mexico. They write, "Nelson said of the radiation that was detected airborne near Panel 7, Room 7, in the south salt mine." I wonder if this salt mine is where Georgia Tech used to store the its nuclear waste while the reactor on campus was running. I have speculated that "The Salt Pit" allegedly located in Afghanistan is actually this underground site near the airport. The Salt Pit is a notorious black site prison. The ultimate source of the Plutonium leak, according to Ron Hancock who was cited in EVERY STORY about this leak, was faulty kitty litter. A few days later some more maps appeared in my Twitter feed of a site in North Korea. It was more or less laid out the same as the FEMA site and I got the impression that there had been a lot of blindness in that regard within the remote viewing community. However, one must terribly careful not to confuse the blindness of some with the malicious intent of many.

According to Don Hancock, one of the nation’s leading experts on nuclear waste and director of the Southwest Research and Information Center the explosion at WIPP “was not supposed to happen.” Hancock said that the explosion occurred “as a result of contractors and regulators who were not paying attention and doing the right thing.” Hancock adds that the regulations to prevent the explosion at WIPP already did exist and it was the “enforcing of the regulation that wasn’t adequate.” Hancock insists that the regulations already on the books would be enough, but that nuclear weapons have often evaded oversight because of their strategic military role.

When Joey was showing me his building, he pointed to the building next to his and said, "That's FEMA." After I called it FEMA on that first Twitter post with the map said "That's not FEMA." This other story about this Donnie Griffin guy with fake badges reminded me so much of Joey. Notice how the timing is just days after I made a post about the FEMA site that may not have actually been a FEMA site because it was some other black site undercover as a FEMA site.

Building A is the refrigerated warehouse I went to. Buildings B are very shady and impossible to see from the road. Building C is what Joey told me was FEMA. E marks a point where the train blocks the road for hours at a time and in the similar map of North Korea that I saw this area was labelled as a guard shack. The red line is the county line between Fulton and Clayton counties. One time I was meeting Joey there and I got blocked by a train. Joey told me it might be there for hours so I went around and took road D. This road is extremely shady and it a little path through the woods across the county line.

When I first moved to Atlanta there was a graffiti on the door in the Midtown MARTA station. It said, "Access to reptileville way down under." This station is directly under the Fed and probably has access to the secret facility. Later the graffiti got covered with a sign that said "Electrical closet" and when I saw that same sign on I-285 I wondered how MARTA and the highway department ended up with the same signs. The words "Electrical closet" are printed so largely that they are recognizable. On the left this red line connects to where I saw the sign on I-285. There is a part where the highway goes under the runway at the airport and when the MARTA sign got placed, those same batch of signs made it onto the access doors that open directly onto the interstate under the runway. The right endpoint of the line marks the giant pile of dirt and the reader will notice that straight line goes directly under the FEMA site. If there is a tunnell, it goes directly under to creepy wooded area with the hidden road across the county line. I suspect they have an access point in this wooded area. The X in this picture is at the location of D in the previous picture.

This last site is at the intersection of I-75 and I-675. I mislabeled I-75 as I-285 in my previous post. I have indicated the county line on this picture as well. The first time I posted this picture on Twitter I felt an immediate psychic reaction. A vivid black mark appeared for a moment in the extreme right periphery of my vision as I felt someone's displeasure with my revelations. The red circle marks a little shack in the middle of the highway.

I have speculated that when Saitama destroys the House of Evolution in One Punch Man, that is in reference to when I pointed my finger at the FEMA site. Saitama has a problem that no one at the hero league believes he is the best one and they never give him credit. The House of Evolution looks a lot like the Georgia--Pacific building and I have very often wondered what motivated to their choice to have entire wall with no windows. Furthermore, the main database I was working on at Exide was called [Evolution]. I think the Collins have been doing some crazy things like the evil scientist in One Punch Man but much worse. It is odd that I can associate the FEMA site with the Collinses through their rental space, and also with Exide through Rod, Steve, Joey, Stephanie, and who knows who else. During one meeting at Exide Tim was in the conference call from "the plant" where they make batteries and he was said something like, "I just do what they tell me, if they want me to make it, I make it." The context made me think he was down at the FEMA site and he was saying that he makes whatever kind of weird abominations they tell him to make. I can't imagine why Tim, a SQL guy, would have been at "the plant." I think they were calling it the plant but they may have had some other euphemism. Also this [Evolution] object was a continuation of the gist I had gotten at North Highland when I was working on the sick defile object: [dbo].[SYCDEFIL]. Also I believe the recent problems with Valeant Pharmaceuticals might relate to their status as a medical vendor for whatever experiments and torture they were doing in the salt pit. I think the name One Punch Man (OPM) is derived from the phrase Office of Personnel Management. That hack happened right after I finally got the data at Elavon and when the news was on TV at least one of my coworkers was visibly shaken and gave me a look like, "Why did you do that to us?" The scope of the project was that Citibank and US Bank were in some collaborative enterprise in Brazil but US Bank felt that Citibank was treating them as a vendor rather than a partner. This was around the time I noticed Reddit shadowbanning me and the person who was fucking with me in the emails at Elavon was named Pao just like Ellen Pao. Finally we got the data and I processed it in the job I built. We would take the merchant IDs from citibank, put them into a lookup table, and then only if US Bank already had those IDs would Citi's data for that ID get loaded into out database. They sent us a large file and millions (maybe hundreds of thousands) of rows got rejected for not passing my lookup stage. However, those rows went into the error log in linux. Then I loaded the log into Excel and emailed it to several people and sent it to several people through Lync. At Elavon we called the merchant IDs "MIDs" and right after this I got a job at Lexis Nexis. We were doing some bullshit, and I will make more posts about each place of employment, and then my LexisNexis coworker Tim started talking about the MIDs which indicated to me that my dataset at LN was the same one from Elavon. This was while the Hillary email thing was still a news item and every time I would suggest that we process the data in the normal way he would say, "No we're just going to do it how State wants it." Note that this data got to where it was supposed to go when I sent it through email so the context of the email scandal is natural. I later discovered that Rhonda Capone at Elavon was actually Sharon Maloney at LexisNexis and, in Tim's eyes at least Sharon was a big deal. I would say stuff and he would be like, "I don't know man it comes from... SHARON!!!" I believe Rhonda/Sharon's daughter came to Safehouse the other day and had prepositioned herself at the table I usually sit at. I asked if she had cameras implanted in her eyes and she said they were contacts. I asked if they were video recording contacts and she said no. One night I put the anonymous mask on my website and in the morning Tim was making comments about how their data was really sensitive and they needed to be careful, and that really my discharge from the Marines was a felony (it isn't), and I shouldn't be on the project. Then I told him how I was the one who leaked the data he was trying to edit and he didn't believe me but he came back like five minutes later and he was FUCKING PISSED!! I made a comment after that to my coworker Jim, who may have introduced himself to me as Father Berlin, that the FBI had given my Elavon data to LexisNexis to see who would try to reduce it, and he exclaimed, "Oh!!! He is paying attention."

I have mentioned phonetic ambiguity and I feel certain it is no coincidence that I was working with Jim and Tim and Lexis Nexis, and then I was working with Jim and Tim again at Exide. They were different people but the names were the same. I felt like that could have been Tim laughing in the background of my customer service call to Amazon the other night.

My next post which is simultaneously about plutonium, Collinses, Hancocks, and FEMA depends mostly on the existence of an underground facility on Southside Industrial Parkway in Atlanta. It may be that the grievous enemy of humanity "North Korea" is actually on Southside Industrial Parkway. I have speculated that in the years after World War II there was underground repository for nuclear waste, or nuclear salts at this location. The secret facility may have been shut down but later repusrposed for illicit ends. The secret undergound base near the Denver airport supposedly left a giant pile of dirt from all the underground excavation and there is a giant pile of dirt right next to this site, which is also right next the Atlanta airport. I may make several posts about this facet, and the thousands of square meters of refrigerated warehouse space rented by the Collinses company at the FEMA site might suffice if there is no underground component.

UPDATE: If I had written this post today I would have said, "At some point Carlos showed up." Now that I am making the distinction, I want to emphasize that I thought Jacaré was at a seminar that weekend and I was surprised to see the person at the restaurant. When he sat in front of us at another table I was struck by how much his nose looked like the happy merchant. The person I will now call Carlos looks like that and Jacaré's nose is much different. I remember watching some show about Israel and one of the Jews there, a Finkelstein, had Jacaré's nose exactly. I also remember thinking he looked a little like Bruce Willis in profile and a lot like my grandfather from the front with much wider cheekbones than Carlos, and many other distinguishing features that I would recognize but had stopped looking for because I was confused if he was changing his appearance with magic or if it was the divergence of the timelines altering his DNA as the mission progressed. It was neither. Soon I will make a post about the dream I had in my childhood where I had to find the nose.

At some point I was lonely and I made a Facebook page to message this one girl. She didn't accept my friend request but I shortly got a friend request from another woman I had known in high school, Ronnah Marsh. I told her I was free that weekend and she was welcome to come visit. Someone arrived looking nothing like the photo and with a Georgia license plate that said GCOCKS. Since then I have acquired a memetic association with a water tower in Warner Robins that says "Every Day in Middle Georgia is Armed Forces Appreciation Day" but it appears as an acronym that says EDIMGIAFAD, which in turn can be pronounced as ``eat 'em G" a fad" perhaps saying the wave of penis eaters is only a temporary affliction. On my last visit to Helene more than a few years ago I believe she may have intimated to me at the restaurant that she used to eat them and they would make her feel better but now it was like Oreos where eating them just didn't do the trick any more. However, I believed at the time she was employing deceptive psychology and did still enjoy it, and that is why I have declined further visits, among other things.

So this person arrives looking unlike the picture. Ronnah had curly hair but this person's hair seemed different. The person looked like a middle aged fat man in woman's clothes. She had driven hours to get there and I kicked myself for not asking for a recent picture but whatever. She came up and immediately unpacked a large bag where she produced a loaded pistol in a black holster, and little pouch with a bowl maybe, and several other articles, including a power cord, thick rimmed glasses, and a pair of sandals. I laid on her on my bed and she asked for some pot. I bought some. She looked like Ashley Masters and I had not yet learned about the mask thing. It well could have been a man with the person's sasquatch feet. I think the hacker playing the sound on a show we watched said "No that's not allowed" when she tried to hack me with her own device. We had a terrible sexual encounter and then we went to a sushi restaurant. She had emphatically asked me if I knew where to get carry out sushi and I said no. She said that was sad and I think she was talking about prostitutes. She was very racist and that was odd because she was a flute teacher at a mostly black school in Fort Valley, GA. This person, if that is true, is likely a satanic agent putting bad energy on the black children at the school.

At the restaurant we sat facing two TVs. One of them was a basketball game with some nice blue uniforms and on the other screen some video with little toys. She kept saying, "It's that Japanese Game Show" which I now assume is the real life version of the plot of the movies Saw I-???. There was some little vehicle made from a green Lego baseplate that I immediately recognized as the piece from my own Legos. The wheels were just like the wheels I had. I remember that rubber tread pattern and I thought it was bad ass when I made vehicles with them. I recognized some little space electrical connectors as little things I had. There was a marble rolling back and forth on some ramps, I later saw this meme in a commercial on TV, and I had exactly one steel marble like that which I kept with other glass marbles in a blue Danish cookie tin. I did not pay too much attention to what she was calling the Japanese game show because I was trying to be pleasant even though I thought she was a bitch for showing up like that. Jacare [see above update] randomly appeared, I heard about this restaurant from him. Then Elaine showed up and I got the hint that something was more than a little amiss. I told the girl we would have to leave. Elaine smiled at me and I hugged her and she made me feel nice with her warmth on a night that otherwise creepy.

On the car ride back to Dunwoody from Sandy Springs the person allegedly known as Ronnah asked if I would be able to forgive her and I said I would have to see what she did. She said yeah. Now she told me had been working as an interior decorator and I got the impression that she meant had been orchestrating some of the activity in my life that I hate. She told me something about Shaw Industries which I googled was surprised to see was located on a road called Titan row. I had been watching Attack of the Titans and this person was a weird titan behemoth type. This was further remarkable because when visiting Emily Hancock's brother John in his apartment near Marietta square, I noted Bull Shaw used to live there, so we have Titans, Hancocks, and Shaws all in a row. I told the person to make sure not to leave anything in my apartment and they still left their power cord which I promptly put in the dumpster. I was so sure that I had been with a man earlier that put my hand between the person's legs in disbelief of the superficial appearance of womanhood. Also, if the Georgia Guidestones had been erected in Hancock County, GA they wouldn't be in the path of the upcoming eclipse.

This is the post about the first time I went to Occupy. Fabio and I smoked a joint in Midtown. He told me he owned the Waterfall of Black Magic in Brazil, that he lived in an area of Brooklyn with a bunch of orthodox Jews, and then we went back to Dunwoody. I was sitting next to Elaine and we were looking across the living room at a picture of her and her mother. They weren't wearing bomber jackets but I wouldn't be surprised if that picture was the meme behind the picture at the top of this post. Elaine and her mother look just like these two Bogoff people. Elaine's mother is a spot on match for the Bogoff on the left. She was telling me about the Camorra and Fabio was telling me that he was born in Sicily and that he was one of the main people behind occupy. (Also, I know the Bogoff frobenoid geometry research is dated from around 2001 but does anyone remember hearing about it before my research in 2009-2011?)

I went to Occupy on November 5, 2011 and some lady there accused me of being a cop and that was the overall theme of my experience at Fabio's protest. Later in the spring some fuckhead John "Jack" Holland was trying to get the group to give up occupying the park and I was arguing to stay there. He called some girl on facebook a cunt and then I got blamed for his post. In the morning I asked the moderator of group to unblock me because it was the other guy. She called me a dickhead and said no.

The next day I went to an occupy meeting at 60 Walton Street and discovered that the woman who called me a dickhead was an old lady Darlene Owens-Jones. (Not to be confused with Darlene Retta-Carra who would later pick my fliers up off the table and threw them on the ground (and further not to be confused with the Darlene mentioned to me by the passport officer in "Ben Gurion.")) I left the meeting because she was just some bitter old bitch and I didn't like being next to her.

After beginning Occupy in November I got expelled from Georgia Tech in December. Many years later I would go back and judge everyone on their actions. Many were surprised to learn that what would be a petty crime pertetrated against a nobody is actually a grievous capital offense when you do it to the King. They suffered horribly for a long time and regretted their decisions to rebel against The Lord God. His glory reigns forever and ever but thier children were forgotten. The head of every person who pointed their camera eye at The Lord was smashed and their children were eviscerated in the steets of their cities. Knowing their own fates, they sent their own children to die many times until the Lord killed them and they were gone forever.

The conspiracy has stepped up its agitative activities in response to my recent blog posts. I will increase publication and I will reiterate the key story arcs that may have been censored where I recounted them initially. Furthermore I will recount details that I may have omitted the first time around. What was once a mild sense of discretion has morphed into the belief that any morsel of truth that has come to me came to me to be revealed. I am glad that the conspiracy that antagonizes me has stepped up it activities. All of these people that I will hurt are putting their faces into the surveillance log and if they hadn't done that I might not have known to exterminate them later. I will be glad to record to their disguised faces because we can derive the existent persona from the OPM data.

One heckler did it very strongly at Gateway today making comments about how many unattractive women I fucked. Obviously that whole situation causes pain for me but he was intimating that it was somehow my own shortcomings that stopped me from achieving my goals in that regard. The view of The Lord is that the situation arose from the pagan culture that you teach to your daughters so that they should be repulsed by The Lord while they share their pussies freely inside the Synagogue of Satan. I will exterminate your children that they never propagate your cancerous culture into the future. I will torture you and your children to sow fear of The Lord among the righteous. Until that glorious day, remember the man from Gateway on July 19 and imagine his fate. Imagine how it can be the fate of your own children, or your nephews and nieces, your parents, siblings and pets, if you send them to ridicule me. I will you make cry. I promise.

This is a PSA for people who have cameras in their eyes: the Borg doesn't exist in the future I am building. If you seek me out to point them at me I will kill you. If footage exists it will be obvious whose eyes the cameras were in. If you think you are antagonizing me with your malicious stares for the good of your family, I will burn your family to ashes. If you think you are doing it to be a good minion of an organization, I will kill everyone in that organization. Someone may have lied to you and convinced you that it is ok to torment me within the specifications they pulled from their asses, but I intend to use radical and unprecendented violence to convince you otherwise. Therefore when they tell you, "Go point your camera eye at God," you should ask why that person is sending not just you to die horribly, but also your friends, loved ones, and professional associates. And the same for any malicious stare, camera or not. You will learn fear of the Lord.

I had been protesting for about 10 months on September 11, 2012. It was in August of 2012 that, after confirming my model with the fine structure constant in Febuary, I double confirmed it with a derivation of Einstein's equation. (In mathematical physics "double confirmation" is usually known as proof, but there is also a greater standard of proof in experimental physics called empirical confirmation. Both of these types of confirmation are usually viewed as important but not for my research because fuck me.) History will show that I did successfully unify quantum mechanics and general relativity in the summer of 2012 and that subsequent work has mostly related to the interpretation of and connector pieces for the unifying mechanism. PRL declined to peer-review the short manuscript submitted by me which contained simultaneous derivations of the fine structure constant and Einstein's equation, and I feel confident that Robert Garisto can shed some light on this abortion of ethics in scientific publishing.

Around that time I went to a meeting for Occupy Atlanta and someone there was shilling for their new Facebook group "The Partisan Brawl." I began posting there but I quickly noticed that it was a trap board designed to waste people's time into making posts that would be immediately pushed away from the top of the thread. I accused the people on the group's facebook page of being counter intelligence agents and then I noticed typos appearing in my facebook posts, and this is all documented in the YouTube link above. I began filming the typos because they were not the correctable sort. I would correct them and then they would reappear. Then my iphone's video was remotely turned off and since that happened in just moments, I assume someone was already monitoring me through my iphone. I said ipad in the video but it was really my iphone. About two weeks later there was an attack in Bengahzi and Susan Rice said it was over a video and everyone "on the ground" in Libya said they hadn't heard anything about a video. Before MSM stopped reporting on Benghazi they asked repeatedly, "Who changed the talking points." I think that refers to the facebook posts that were being changed in the video I made.

Shortly after that I noticed Obama acting erratically during his 2012 campaign. One day I accused Biden of putting scopolamine into the cocaine he was giving to Obama. Scopolamine is a mind control drug supposedly. Although there had been talk about Obama being undecided on his VP, it was the very next day that MSM reported the "suprise decision" that Obama had already decided to keep Biden. Then Biden promised to go to the Republican convention in Tampa, which is the location of Scientology HQ, but did not go. It was never reported why Biden had committed to the the 2012 Republican convention but he did commit to do it and then reneged. Instead he went to Indiana, and shortly after that some suburban house in Indiana exploded and was completely destroyed, and now our next VP is from Indiana after the last VP went there fleeing my accusations. This may or may not have been before Twitter banned me and I used the hashtag #SCOPOLOBIDENGHAZI a lot back then.

To close this post I will state the obvious: if Sandberg, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, etc... kill themselves and their families today it is unlikely that any of them will ever face my inquisition.

I remember one of my mother's memes that she hated when people called her Mrs. instead of Ms. She really hates when people mispronounce her last name "Goodfriend," which I don't understand since Gutfreund is not spelled phonetically. Helene Gutfruend I assume is 87 and I, Gedalia Gershon, am 77. In another sense I suppose Joseph George Tooker is 37 and Jonathan Warren Tooker is 53.

I will crush their children's heads and cut the heads off their brothers and sisters. I will mow down their nieces and nephews with machine gun fire. When I identify the ringleaders I will use them as the examples that I torture in public when I teach about fear of the Lord. Their associates on facebook, the people who may have accidentally stood too close to them one time... everyone. I swear to God, it is my intention to kill all of them and to destroy their children so that no one in the future will ever do anything but cheer for the utter destruction of that organization which will no longer exist. I will rip the eyes from their heads and smash their testicles with my foot. No one from this attacking force will survive. Their line will end and the Earth will be better for it.

The lady at Dunkin Donuts was trying to do the creepy plant meme to me just now, after two other batches of creepy women came in today. Creepy plant lady doesn't know that creepy plant meme comes from my own mother's garden, as she is able to get the water to keep alive the "plants" in the basement by running the hose under the guise of watering her plants in the front and back yards. I'm pretty sure about that as far as memes go, and I further pretty sure this the reason that Hillary's server, initially recorded as being in the bathroom, later moved into the basement.


Recently I saw a picture on 4chan that looked like a modified version of a person I know Arthur Brown. He is the half brother of Joey Collins who I suspect dresses up as Big Bird in the child snuff version of Sesame Street. A few times over the years Joey made the comment to me that, "Art was born all grown up." Initially I took that to mean that Art was always responsible and avoided the teenage delinquency phase that Joey had but now I think he meant that the torture game was always natural to Art but Joey had to be cajoled into it. Furthermore, the mother of Art and Joey "went crazy" after being married to Steve Collins, the father of Joey and close friend of Art. I believe Steve dresses up as Snuffalufagus but must have someone behind him in the costume. I also believe he is the Atlanta child murderer from the 1980s that was never caught but, I somehow suspect, that was in a clown costume rather than an elephant costume. (Wayne Williams got convicted of killing two adults and no one was ever brought to trial for any of the child killings. Why? Could it be that the killer or killers were prominent members of the Atlanta business community?). The picture on 4chan was of a tanned muscular hairy man standing in front of a mirrored closet door in a bedroom wearing red underwear. The concept of being "rekt" is is a familiar one on 4chan and I recently noted that Art's business is called Brown and Brown Wrecker Service. Joey and Steve's business is called Collins Brothers Produce Company, or Coboco, and here is an image from their facebook page.

"Lucivando." I have speculated that Coboco trafficks stolen children by sedating them, giving them a little oxygen breather, and then wrapping up in saran wrap and packing them in trucks like watermelons, and likely among real watermelons. As a produce company they rent a lot of refrigerated warehouse space around Atlanta so I am also posting this familiar image from pizzagate.

The reader might ask what the first picture at the top of this post has to do with anything. After I returned from an attempt to go to Israel I had the impression that I had been to a bunker in New Zealand. I have been reading stories about the rich building bunkers in NZ for many years and on the trip home I saw something about "The magic of New Zealand's southern alps.'' It had some meme magic on it and when I got home I pulled up NZ in google maps. I immediately noticed the city Dunedin because earlier an oddly named road in my dad's neighborhood had caught my attention. The name of the road was Dunedin and that word also had some meme magic on it for me at the time, though I wasn't sure what it was. I did not know that Dunedin was a city in NZ and the word made me think of the Dunedain from The Lord of the Rings. However, after returning to my apartment from "Ben Gurion" the word jumped out to me on the google map of NZ.

I zoomed in on downtown Dunedin and went into google streetview where I saw very many memes that seem to (memetically) confirm my suspicion. I will post and describe them in the remainder of this post while acknowledging that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The reader should further acknowledge that sometimes Creepy Chan hides his snuff porn on a USB stick shaped like a cigar. The first picture at the top of this post is pulled from the steet view of Dunedin, NZ on a small circular road called The Octagon. The sign shows that the real estate agents are named Brown and Collins, just like Art and Joey and Steve.

After returning from whatever voyage I had gone on I came home to find that that Wikileaks released Vault 7, whatever that was, and the first thing I noticed about Dunedin after its name was a label for Vault 21.

After zooming in a little bit more I noticed the road around the park in the center of downtown Dunedin is called The Octagon. This was very confirmatory for me. While in the detention area at what appeared to be Ben Gurion several times the guards would ask, "You wanna go to the octagon?," or say, "He wants to go the octagon," and I felt like it was an inside joke for them. In fact I did want to go to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where they have an eight sided building but all tourists want to go there and I couldn't understand the tone they were using for my desire to go to "the octagon."

Continuing with the images pulled from the street view please note that this is all speculative and my intention is to state what the memes said to me when I saw these images.

This sign caught my eye, though Regent is a common word, because I had just asked the airport agent if I was the landlord and everyone started calling me El Arcón. In Spanish that means big chest but in Hebrew it means King (archon), and regent also means king. I speculated that the bunker facility under Dunedin, NZ is leased in my name. Also, I see that that the area of NZ around Dunedin is called Otago but that word caught my eye as saying, "OT 8, Go!" This is related to my speculations that it is only after reaching the rank OT VIII in scientology (operating thetan eight) that they finally do the big reveal to the cult members that they are actually the Church of Satan (or the Synagogue of Satan more likely), and that their good works programs are camouflage for that fine detail. Furthermore, there is some drama related to stolen wealth hidden in trusts such as the Black Eagle trust and the Five Star trust, and this sign could be a hidden in plain sight clue for those investigating trust fraud.

This "Alibi" restaurant would have an obvious double meaning if it was on top of the illegal facility. I suspect that this facility is a modern version of the H.H. Holmes torture hotel where you can go to commit egregious crimes in rented space underground. This is highly concerning for me if I am the landlord of that facility because I am against that sort of thing. They also have another restaurant on the octagon called the Terrace, which I did not take an image of but I suppose that is the terrace where people watch what happens below.

This has Art's name right in the title and it seems to me to relate to spycraft and the art of torture.

Bacchus is the god of ritual insanity and fits in very much with the theme.

The notable feature of this one is the feet and the art. The art made me think of the art of torture, and I think feet are already a meme in torture.

As I was filled with sadness upon returning to Atlanta, when I saw the woman on this banner it made me feel like she was emphasizing that which saddened me.

The logo for this restaurant is the logo of the Jigsaw killer from Saw. I want to emphasize that nearly everything visible as I took a street view trip had some kind of association. These associations are always present but nearly everything on this one short road, The Octagon, fits in pretty well with the theme I had in mind. Also consider that I found these pictures by zooming in on a random downtown area half way around the world. It is highly suspicious.

The activities that I suspect are "seriously twisted."

I don't think Kate Moss wrote that and it seems to say "Kate was moss here." Did kate turn into moss after being left in an oubliette-style fungal cultivator? The reader is encouraged to take the short walk around The Octagon in google's street view to note that more than half of the signs can be said to have these sorts of maligned associations. The density of these memes is notable, as was the fact that I somehow went right to the high density meme area in NZ without any foreknowledge other than the thing I had seen for New Zealand's southern alps.

Also, I recently thanked my father for bailing me out of a few situtations and certainly my mother, despite my very many worries about her pathological malice, has bailed me out of many more and I would never have made it without her help. However... as I said there are some grave concerns that I have.

...and certainly the activity I have described could never be carried out by a single individual acting in isolation.