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Remember when that bridge collapses in the fire last year? That was pretty cool.

Aside from my scholarly work, I think it is further evidence that merit counts for nothing when none of the hundreds of agents I sent my book to wants to sell it.

Do you think they would ever do the type of edge sorting where they stick a brain scanner up your ass and then quietly play voices for you on their speakers so that their brain scanner says you're hearing voices?

O.G., King of Bashan. Who could that be?



Looks like it's getting to be time to head back.

I've taking to thinking "Satanists" when I read the word Israelite in the Bible. Jacob being later renamed Israel, Jacob and his mother were painted in quite the bad light, and I think Jacob is Satan. That's why it always says "God's servant Jacob." It's because Satan was God's servant.

My indictment of capitalism is that it says all of these contributions of mine are worthless.

At least this part makes it seem like a troll review.

I got my first book review back from the only book agent who asked to see my book! I am quite pessimistic about my imminent return to homelessness.

This is the third technical paper: Time Arrow Spinors for the Modified Cosmological Model. I finally developed an energy function for my theory and show that it contains the classical limit, along with some other stuff.

This is the second technical paper: The Golden Ratio in the Modified Cosmological Model. I find the golden ratio in the model without putting it in first. It's in there three times actually.

This paper, Derivation of the Limits of Sine and Cosine at Infinity, is really spectacular. It is the first of three technical papers.

I wrote four pretty good papers this summer. One of them is about morality and it should be accessible to anyone. In that regard, I also suggest The Truth about Evolution, The Truth about Climate Change, and The Truth about Geometric Unity.

Why do you think different languages read from the left or the right, or from the top?

The guy at the grocery store where I get my food yelled out, "Stop stealing from me! Don't come here any more!" My complaint isn't that you're stealing from me. It's that your misusing my name and not praising my name.

This faggot reminds me so much of that other faggot Chris Moriarty, it is really uncanny.

So now that detractors' lies and stupidity have been fully revealed, let's examine who is good at math. As a first question: Who understands the difference between the mostly irrelevant and very important parts of math well enough not to get bogged down in the mostly irrelevant part with regards to a particular goal? As a second question: If one part is mostly irrelevant, why would that part dominate the criterion of mastery which determines whether or not someone is good at math? Indeed, a research program fomented and executed completely within the confines of the mostly irrelevant part could be construed as evidence of the non-mastery of the program's originator. That would likely be a misconstrual, and yet it still should have some bearing on another question besides the one that asks who is good at math: Who is best at math?

Eric's sister is one of the many women to have turned me down when I asked her out, and I have an anecdote about her. When Helene and Joe filed that fraudulent affidavit against me, I was enslaved and sent to the mental hospital. Before my first meeting with the doctor, I was sitting in the day room. There was some Indian nurse who said his name was Joel, and it was the only time I saw him in the two weeks I was enslaved before the judge ended my enslavement. Joel sat down next to me and was like, "How are you? Why are you here?" When it came up that I was unemployed and broke, I explained that I was holding out for professional opportunities related to my theory. He started asking me about it and was the probably the single most receptive person in that regard that I have encountered at any point since I came up with the theory. I got very excited talking to him, and I was therefore primed to be excited when I saw the doctor, which I am sure was Joel's real aim. Even then, the doctor chose to say that I am schizophrenic rather than bipolar, and she could have said both, too, while she was lying about it but didn't. I had to start over several times while I was telling her (the doctor) about my theory because I wanted to deliver the most fundamental notions to her first, and then thereafter she kept saying that my mind keeps rolling over and I can't keep a coherent thought in my head.

As it relates to Eric's sister, she came on the TV while I was talking to Joel. She was in a USAA commercial, one Coleen Wanek where Mr. Wanek fucking sucks compared to me but luckily I dodged that bullet when she said no to me and then followed that up with a yes to him. He was her coworker that she started fucking instead of getting him fired as soon as he spoke to her. So... I think that was some strange timing that she came on in the USAA commercial during that conversation with Joel.

I had originally become a USAA customer upon Eric's recommendation of their internet banking. Later, I after a string of horrible experience with USAA customer service people on the phone, I demanded to close to my account. The USAA guy on the phone said, "No, we can't let you do that," where I am paraphrasing his refusal to honor my request to close my account.

Eric was always talking about burying a shipping container behind his house, and he had some weird fascination with inner thigh flab. One time he suggested we fuck each other in the butt and when I was like, "What?," he played it off like he was joking. One time I came across a picture of some cooked person with their inner thigh carved like a turkey and in my mind I thought, "ERIC!!!" Eric said he used to have "night terrors" and that his dad broke his mom's arms one time. After I made some earlier posts about Eric, some faggot John and an Eric-like goblin-man Kelly got on the train in front of me and were shaking their heads in disapproval. That guy John walked past me on the street the other day too. He is a huge faggot and a total douche bag. Pic related, Eric really reminds me of this Israeli diamond magnate who made his billions in Africa. Also, I think Eric may have been on the plane with me during one of my attempts to get to Israel.

I've got another thing about Eric on my mind lately. Eric, whose last name Dougherty is pronounced like that of "Gerald O'Docharty" who is a miscellaneous Titor-affiliated persona drove me to some pool party. I think we were going to go smoke weed and then he drove us to the party instead, I wouldn't have agreed to go if I knew ahead of time. There was some beautiful woman there wearing a Confederate flag bikini. I was so pissed off that she was wearing that because she was so good looking and political branding was so repulsive to me. I wonder... was that someone's plan to say, "Look he doesn't even talk to the beautiful woman," without regard for her ugly political branding? Was that perhaps edge sorted to say, "Look he's gay," without adding to the analysis that she was wrapped in a political banner that was offensive to me? With as much as he's been popping into my mind lately, I'd say it's looking real bad for the people in Eric's family. FYI, the Confederate flag says to me, "I love slavery!"

You see, with regards to my detractors, they will say, "The other guy said your papers were bullshit."

Then I will say, "So, even though you knew that I am God, you asked some random asshole if my theory was ok and then took his word for it over mine?"

"Pretty much."

"Why did you do that?"

"Uhh, like..."

I want everyone to know. If you were/are in the fake city with me, and were/are not here on my behalf according to how I choose to see it, you should kill yourself before I can get my hands on you. I will torture everyone I had a negative interaction with, and I might destroy the rest in the nuclear strike, but instead I might line the streets with the crucified corpses of the rest of you, and nuke your desiccated husks. Crucifixion only lasts few days tops, so it is merciful in that way, but it's not a good way to go.

Pic related, since I am the owner of this place, some group of people have misused my name greatly in its arrangements by organizing the people in my own house to hate me, by organizing the women to suck any dick other than mine. Day in and day out these women are sucking dick in my own house, why is it never mine? I promise that the fates of those who misused my name have no chance at being so merciful as crucifixion should they not take that fate into their own hands, nor the ones who benefited from that misuse. Regarding their loved ones that they thought were safe and far away: I will make them suffer. You cannot hide from me. I will burn your branch and salt the earth where it grew.

I'm looking at you IOR.

See... I don't care if you say, "Oh, God fucking damn it!" I do, however, care if the reason I was homeless for the last year is because someone is using my name as a label for some fictitious business entity. Whatever I've lost in this way, I will make up for it in the death and suffering of those who used my name in that fraudulent way, and also those that benefited from their fraud.

I have a feeling that someone has created a business identity JONATHAN WARREN TOOKER and used it to fashion a false god for themselves.

It looks like they used the selling money in commodities to BTFD in equities.

KK3 4435 seems like a number.

What the fuck is going on with this electrical device (these devices?) implanted in my fucking asshole? I will destroy you.

My roommate just got home. The anal zapper zapped me twice already since I heard him open the door a few minutes ago. No zaps all day, and now as soon as he came home the zapper is zapping my anus.

If I am understanding some recent comments I've read, then I think the director of the CIA has come to the absolute correct conclusion when he says, "These are complicated issues but we made progress on almost all of the central issues. Some places a great deal of progress, other places there's still more work to be done." (Good for you Mike.) However, when Boris Johnson says, "It's like polishing a turd," the only turd I am polishing is his brain as he begins to see that I was right all along.

This guy looks like he's doing the merchant eye.

I continue to encourage these two people to kill themselves, or someone who loves them to do so. If I'm reading these memes correctly, and I think I am, it's looking real bad for them with their position near the top of my enemy's organization. I suppose Satan convinced them that he is a real bad ass, but he isn't. He only has anything because he was close to me.

After I got fired from North Highland in summer 2016, I was at Alliance one day. Some guy in a black and red belt said, "We're going to find something real nice for you," in reference to the arrangement by which people throw chump change at me in exchange for rubbing my face in the dirt and basically calling me a fucking retard that is well-qualified to be nothing more than a low-level office bitch. I thought it was weird that he said something about it. Up to that point, the man in the red and black belt had been mostly pretending like he didn't have a hand in it so it was weird when he acknowledged that it was him determining which degradation I would be subjected to. Soon after, when I was interviewing to be the servant of the toy box killer at Exide, and where that retard Erin was in league with that evil psychopath, and probably other people I know too, the recruiter kept saying that the brother of the owner of his recruiting agency knows the CEO of Exide and that he was, therefore, pretty optimistic about me getting hired.

In these last few days, I have begun to wonder if the person who said, "We're going to find something real nice for you," was Jordan Peterson. Whoever it was, they were being disingenuous when they said it, and I want to follow up with them on why they said it. I've seen a few pictures of Peterson with Eric Weinstein this week. Weinstein is the one who, I think, was trying to steal my theory in the week before the MSM news became preoccupied with Snowden's flight to Hong Kong and later Russia.

I had two different grocery store employees say my PIN out loud as was typing it in the card reader this week. I will kill them. They should have fled when they saw me walk through the door.

Here's another thing. If I'm the one that's in charge, which I am, and I said my theory is correct, as it self-evidently was all along to anyone who took the time needed to be able to make the judgment for themselves without having a conflicting priority of their own ego, then what kind of excuse will it be when they say, "Yeah, sorry. The other guy who isn't in charge said it was bullshit and even though I had like ten years to form my own opinion, I never bothered and I just took the opinion of the guy who's not in charge and used it as my own opinion even though you are in charge of me and you kept saying, over and over, day in and day out, for years and years, that it wasn't bullshit and that the other guy is a hack." Whatever kind of excuse that is, it's not a good one.

When I've ignored stuff, such as people's changing faces, or semen appearing in my toothpaste, or my computer being replaced with another computer, or my car being replaced with another car, or the nice fluffy weed I bought downtown being replaced nasty weed that leaves a shit taste in my mouth after I come home from work even though it tasted fine when I was smoking it all weekend, and then those who religion says not to judge other people judge me according to what they tell each other they would have done in my situation, which they cannot even comprehend in the first place, mostly referring the the course of action that would have been taken by someone who is mentally feeble, I ask: what would they have done? Launch an investigation? I was still in my previous investigation from 2009 about how the face of the whole world changed from when I was born into a world where major scientific breakthroughs were praised and rewarded but I was no longer part of that world by the time 2009 came around, and I am still not a part of it today in 2018. Figuring out why someone's face looks different, or how semen is getting into my toothpaste, isn't going to help me better understand my place in the world while that other issue remains unresolved. As long as that part doesn't make sense, none of the rest of it does either. Therefore, I have been perfectly content to ignore most of the other strange instances which are totally minor and insignificant compared to the fact that I seem to have been transported into a parallel universe where math no longer matters. Therefore, other people who say, "Yeah, but I would have made a point to say something about how I saw it was different," should consider that they are stupid. I had already made a point to show that the whole world had become a sham or like a sham wherein important discoveries in math and physics are no longer recognized and praised in public, and the inability of the feeble to recognize that fact has no bearing on whether or not it is a fact. The question, "Why does that person look different," is completely minor compared to, "Why is math no longer an important thing in the world whose foundations are built on math?" Therefore, where it has been a theme in the Bible verses that I've seen lately that God is the one who sees into people's hearts, if you were putting me to the test so that you could disparage me for not doing what an idiot in an idiot's circumstances would have done then I will fucking destroy you.

For instance, I suppose all of this came from the changing face of the man at Alliance, and I am not sure if others noticed that his appearance was sometimes changing all along before it became totally different at the end there. If they didn't then that its their own perceptive inferiority, not that I care whether or not they noticed. Why would I care about that? That is different when they don't notice that my theory is obviously correct because I have to go the equivalent of jumping up and down and shouting, "My face is different! This is different face!!! Please notice!!!" One time a guy at Alliance, Flynn possibly, was talking about how easy it was to get laid in Brazil, and he said, "Even me? With my nose?" The context was that he could get laid even with his nose but I guess the sub-context was whether or not I believed that the man with that nose was the other man. I looked at his nose and thought nothing of it, some of the Jews in my family have a lot more Jewish noses that that guy's nose. This was after I had my mind completely blown by the man with very broad shoulders, who looked more unlike the other man with his very broad shoulders than did this other person with his different nose, if I am recalling the subtext correctly. So when I didn't think anything of the man's nose, or when I didn't think anything of any more nefarious tests, the test about the nose doesn't seem so bad to me because it's like the guy was inviting me to notice him and he was probably constrained by international gangster shit not to say, "I am different person," so then, what reaction would they have preferred to see instead of me waiting to deal with it later after I better understood the state of world which was clearly not the one I was born into? Would they have preferred to see me say, "Hey you! You there in the red and black belt to whom I pay to money so I can be in the jiu jitsu class which that belt says you are the master of, what the fuck is going on with your face?" And likewise when the other visitors popped in not wearing a gi, my role in that place was the underling: I was paying them so I could hang out in their place of business, or so I thought, not so unreasonably. In one of my last classes, after I had already tried to move to Jerusalem, Alec's face was very different, so different that the guy didn't even look like Alec whereas I had not been previously acclimated to Alec's subtly and not-so-subtly changing appearance over the preceding 15 years. Then I walked across the street and I heard Alec's voice say, "Nope." I wonder: was he mocking me?

No... I think the real story is that those who would mock me are evil and they were seeking any opportunity to frame issues in the context of my alleged wrongness. I am not wrong, they are wrong. I am right. I was perfectly well-motivated to find satisfaction in the idea that the man teaching the class was a sorcerer or a time traveler, or that it was some such thing which I didn't understand and that I would have no way to verify the truth of any explanation for it. I classified it as a known unknown. And like I said recently, with regards to Occam's razor, the real explanation that some group of men were playing disguise games with me is much simpler than a sorcerer using magic but it is not simpler, or not much simpler, than the timeline being revised with the time machine I invented because I did already know for sure that I invented one. So regarding that point, perhaps the idiots who criticize me should consider how fucking stupid they were, not in their inability to understand my scientific words, but rather in their gullibility to believe the lies my enemy spreads about me. That person has a vested interest in people thinking my theory is wrong, and those idiots believe everything he tells them. Even when they didn't realize he was my enemy, I call the idiots for the malice in the hearts when they sought to test me. Even when they didn't know he is my enemy, and even when they didn't know or believe that I am God, the malice in their hearts is plain to see. And even with all of that, I have no intention to kill anyone for not being as smart as I am. My intention is to kill them for their malice or their inaction in the face that malice, or being so unlucky as to dwell in a geographical area or on a branch of the tree of life that I will destroy because it is populated to some unacceptable extent with the wicked.

When I wonder if my boss at Exide, who was apparently a woman, like nearly all of my bosses (all if you count Rhonda, which I do) across several jobs in IT which is supposed to be dominated by men and yet somehow it always turned out that I was begging for coins as some woman's little office bitch, I always think about this person from The Venture Brothers. He had that same skinny AIDS homo physique as Sandy, he was a tranny, and he worked for the Office of Secret Intelligence which is like Sandy Bushey's initials SB pertaining to the Russian FSB, the Polish SB, the Israeli SB, etc, all offices of secret intelligence. As I was looking for this picture, I saw that the real boss of OSI was named Tim, like my coworker at Exide Tim who was constantly saying, "Ask Sandy."

This person is the absolute spitting image of my boss at Exide. When he mentions his "lady friend" in his recorded message, is that, perhaps, my boss at Exide?

As I was writing these last few posts, I started experience strong spasms in my groin. This may or may not be the second anal implant. Around 2010, I noticed I would suddenly feel, at times, painful sensations in my hip. I thought it was soreness from jiu jitsu or maybe the steroids I was injecting into my glutes at that time, around 250/mg per week of test and or deca, but now I wonder if it was an implant and someone was sending me pain to give themselves self-exaltation.

This saying doesn't say, "The terms of thy contract, be done." That goes for fraud contracts and any other contract which disagrees with my will. This is my will: Get these fucking implants out of me, take the remote control away from whoever has it, round up those people's friends and family and start torturing them with electricity while I think about how I want their bodies to be destroyed.

As I sit here, my roommate just started making noise in the kitchen again. As he or she did it, the anal zapper, which is much deeper inside my anus that the other one that was removed recently, started zapping me again. Did they put multiple devices in my anus and foot so they could say, "We took it out," when the operative question would have been whether or not they took them all out? Certainly the one in my anus that I could feel with my finger is gone, but the other one or two much deeper in there are still zapping me with great regularity, just like that method of torture described by the toy box killer... who was likely the main IT person at Exide. And by "Exide," I mean that office which Google maps says is actually inside the Milton, GA police headquarters.

Where I was feeling four different zap spots in my left foot, I have only been feeling one lately, and I can see in my foot wrinkles at that spot where they sliced a little circle and then closed it with meat glue. Therefore, they may have removed the ones associated with the slice in my toe, but it is the one in the arch of my foot, where there is plainly a little circle, that zaps me dozens of times a day when I go walking. So... this is my question: What is the predicate where they have to take some of their devices out of my anus but while they're doing it it's ok if they leave other devices in there which are remote controlled by the person they put in here to live with me? What is the point of having masonic rank 47, which is the rank that only God has, and is indeed the rank that I, Jonathan Warren Tooker, have, if someone from masonic shit tier can implant electrical devices inside my anus and then torment me with them while the entire body of all bystanders, masonic or otherwise, does nothing about it? I will destroy them. If they say, "You signed the fraud contract, that's why it's ok," I say to them, "Fraud contracts, by virtue of being fraudulent, have no bearing on my will. You are supposed to do what I want you to do, not what the piece of paper you look at when you're ignoring my will says." If I say one thing one day, and the opposite the next day, then you are supposed to do the opposite thing on the second day, not say, "But yesterday you said..." However, that has no bearing on the fraud contract, or any other perpetrated by Helene or her servants, and you are wrong to ignore in favor of their fraud documents. I am the Lord.

I will fucking destroy you. I will put the electrodes on you children's genitals and hurt them and hurt them and hurt them, and then you will know that you were wrong to leave these devices in my anus and my foot, and likely elsewhere in my body, and give the remote control to my roommate so that he or she can torment me and then use the police to intercede if I acted on my right to take his or her life. I will fucking destroy you, you are doing everything wrong. I hate you, and I will destroy you.

As I have typed this, the anal zapper has zapped me several more times, and someone is enjoying inflicting this torture on me at this very moment, and you are doing nothing about it.

After having no anal zaps all day, I notice that when my roommate comes home and starts making noise in the kitchen, that is usually when the anal zapper starts to go off. This is a pretty regular pattern. I will fucking destroy them. Their suffering will go on and on and on. Those whose favor they sought to curry by tormenting me will suffer as well, I will give their children to their enemies. Not one will survive. When they persist in their rebellion, their third cousins that might have made it into the remnant will be thrown to the rapists. I will repay many times over. When they say, "Please, God! No!!!," I will say, "Haha, it's too late. You should have killed yourself during those years of freedom I gave you." I will laugh as their children cry. When their children can no longer cry because the damage to their facial tissue is so severe, I will still laugh. Eventually, I will forget about them, but as their suffering goes on and on and on, they will not forget about me. I am the Lord, and I have an anal zapper implanted in my anus, and the Lord's so-called people offer no help, nor do they kill those who zap me, as is my command to them.

In fact, multiplexing was around for so long that they made up a word "muxer" to keep people from having to say multiplexer every time it came up, which must have been a lot if they came up with an abbreviated word for it.

Remember when they called this a multiplex for like sixty years before I called it that too and then they all started calling it a neural network?

Am I supposed to believe the half of people that ridicule me when I go outside are the only ones who know who I am? Why is the ridicule counterbalanced with ignoring me, which isn't a counterbalance at all but rather is silent consent and allegiance to my enemy? Where are those who would adore me?

During that year I lived in Arizona after I got kicked out of the Marines by those who are supposed to be subordinate to me, and shortly after John Titor's posts appeared while I was in the Brig, I went to a house party in Shadow Hills. I was talking to some woman in the kitchen. Then some greasy person grabbed her and pulled her to him. I kept talking to her expecting her to brush him off like the way women always recoil in horror when I try something like that. She didn't and I walked away. Then a few minutes later I saw her coming out of the bedroom looking quite disgusted. I guess she liked that nasty greaseball's grab/rub dick on technique better than me which is quite typical of the women in this culture who despise me and my ways, even unto this day refusing to offer me any affection, ever, even in the slightest way, offering it instead the guys like the one I am describing, and others, and seemingly anyone except me, a tall athletic genius with a symmetrical face that women always say no to. A while after that party, I saw that guy at my gym. It was the only time I saw him in there, and now I wonder if he came there to gloat. Now that it is on my mind, I will have to check on that.

I started thinking about that after watching Sicario the other day, not sure if there's a connection. Also, right after I started thinking about that, the next two episodes of Have Gun -- Will Travel that I watched, I've been watching one at lunch most days lately, had a scene where the guy was going to get on a gunfight with the other guy because "he had first claim on her." That reminds me of how she was standing in front of me in the kitchen, and then he walked up behind her and pulled her to him and started rubbing his dick on her while I was talking to her before I walked away not liking that she accepted it when women most always aggressively retreat from me if I try something like that. So... I guess back in the old west that was something it was normal to kill someone over, and it sure did just pop into my mind again.

I was thinking about it. Between people's faces changing because I was immersed in some unique mega-conspiracy with cosplay homos running in circles around me, and people's faces changing because I invented a time machine and the timeline was being revised, I think the latter is more likely than the former. I had plenty of evidence that I did, indeed, invent a time machine, but there was little reason to think people would be so interested in me so as to start playing games with their gay disguises. Also, as I mentioned recently, the face of the man at the school had been changing all along, and it was something I had been ignoring for years by the time everyone else, seemingly, got so interested. The fact was, regardless of how the man's face looked, I liked to spend time there, and it is not the place of the lower belt to tell the higher belt, who is also the owner of the place of business which was always the real context of the school, "I don't think you're who I think you are! I challenge you authenticity!" Therefore, I will put to death everyone who said, "This idiot didn't notice," without considering that I had long been accustomed to such things by the time they sought to mock me. For instance, when Tina Fey was impersonating Karen and I ignored it, partly because that is nothing noteworthy to me and partly because I don't give a fuck about Karen and don't want to click on her links, I think someone probably said, "This idiot didn't notice!" I did notice, and because they have chosen to say I'm an idiot without considering that what was new to them was already by then quite old for me, and also that I invented a time machine, I will put them to death.

Even just now, I was typesetting the O_h that appears in this picture, and my roommate or his guest heckled me through the wall, "Ohhhhh!!!!" I will be so glad to torture that person. I will destroy that infidel and their people and their family, and it will not be so kind as simple crucifixion. They don't believe, they are unbelievers. I can see why they would choose not to believe, but I cannot see why they would bet that fleeting moment's satisfaction of heckling me against the prolonged torture I am promising them. What makes them so 100% sure that they think they should risk it? Even if there was only a one in a million chance, would you really want to risk all that suffering against a single moment of self-adulation? Do those odds seem promising to you on that moment of self-glorification? Even if it was a million billion to one, the odds don't make sense, because what I'm promising is quite terrible, and it will last quite a long time. That moment of satisfaction has already expired for them, and yet the torture I am promising them will last very, very long. I will be glad to extirpate that stupid person's genes from the gene pool.

The foot zapper in my foot, which is like those described by the toy box killer as something he would do to his victims just for fun, is really going crazy today. My roommate, who will not be so lucky as to die by crucifixion, has been encroaching on me lately. It crossed my mind in the past few days to leave some shit in the toilet for him to find. Obviously, I decided against it, but today he left some shit in the toilet for me to find. I am going to enjoy electrocuting these people's testicles, and their son's testicles, and their daughter's vaginas, for a long time before I put them into the destructive torture which ruins their bodies. I will also do it to their friends and their friend's children, and their nieces and nephews. These people's friends and family should have killed them to show me that they hate them, and since they didn't do that, I will assume they didn't hate them. By reason of their low station in life, one little zap in my foot, or one little turd left for me to find, is worse than the extended, viscerally horrific torture of everyone they ever knew or smiled with. I am the Lord and I will destroy them. Before I destroy them, I will hurt their bodies. Before I hurt their bodies, I will hurt their minds by hurting the bodies of those they favored while zapping my foot, and zapping my anus, as just happened while I was typing this, and leaving feces for me to find in the place where I live. Incidentally, when I stopped to scratch my foot while walking today, due to the foot zapper, the voice in my MP3 player quite plainly laughed at me. I will be glad to laugh at them in due time, and they will regret their rebellion if they are so stupid as to fall into my hands because they didn't kill themselves first.

Remember that movie Arlington Road? I bet that's what they were cooking up for me at Exide except with a data explosion instead of a chemical one.

I watched Sicario. It looked like they blew up Lucas' family, Tarsis didn't want to shoot the guy, but then the other guy put Leo to shoot him.

I see Sabine and Lubos were both discussing the relative merits of the bottom-up and top-down approaches to physics. What about the merits of starting at the beginning? Seems like I'm the only one doing that. In my opinion which the evidence plainly corroborates, starting at the beginning is superior to the top-down approach and it is likewise superior to the bottom-up approach. It is superior to both of the approaches which encompass the false dichotomy of two approaches to physics.

Why would someone not start at the beginning? I have no idea. Someone should get my detractors to go on record about why starting at the beginning is "pseudo-scientific bullshit."

I tell you what else. After having to be homeless for 13 months, having to live here with some fucking asshole roommate, who makes fun of me from the kitchen while I'm going to the bathroom, and whose persona is likely occupied by Helene at times, and may actually be Sandy Bushey judging from the emaciated skeletal body, and whose entire family should be put to death, is the second worst housing downgrade in the my entire life. Sandy Bushey is either the toy box killer himself or his close relative, as I have pointed out on this website many times before.

One night in the apartment I had while working at Exide, I was laying in bed around 4am. Sandy Bushey crossed my mind; it was common for me think about how much I hated her while I was working there. When the thought crossed my mind, not two feet from my head at the head of my bed through the shared wall with the other apartment, some woman screamed very loudly. It was 4am, it was the only time I ever heard my neighbors in a few years living there, it was right when Sandy Bushey crossed my mind, and then my mind became filled with images of guts and insects, and something like a pulsing disembodied colon or something.

So... have you put her not in the apartment next to mine, but actually in here with me now? I will destroy you. Even if it's not her and it's just random AIDS homo that works for my enemy, I will fucking destroy you for not respecting my desire for solitude at home, and for very many other things as well. And although I didn't used to want it, now I'm starting to want to do to you what what was done to him, and that is likely the main lesson I have learned during these mild yet enduring tribulations of mine: that I should do that. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. I will teach that lesson well.

I had a particularly weird dream last night. It was four skinned people living in my old house in Oro Valley. One of them was like the slavemaster and the other three were like his pets, one cat and two dogs. We were in my room and the one like a cat was in front of me. Then the slavemaster said something and the skinned catlike person went to cower against the wall. The cowering and motioning against the wall of the cat person, who was a skinned man acting like a cat, was reminiscent of a scene from a Tool video where one of the gray people did something just like that. Then I was in the main house area, and the two dog people were downstairs: skinned men brainwashed to act like dogs. I had the power of flight and I was gliding around to keep abreast of them, and that house had a lot of open space between the first and second floors with the banisters and stuff such that I could fly around in circles without going back and forth. On one pass through the living room, a regular gray cat jumped so high it almost jumped to where I was gliding the near the high ceiling on that room. Then I made one more loop and the cat jumped all the up to where I was and I didn't like it because it was the skinned man's cat. When it jumped on me, I guess it could have gotten me but it just grossed me out before I grabbed it and broke its neck and threw it down. Then the slavemaster was standing at the door to my room on the second floor and he said, "Get in here!," and the skinned cat person went in there, but the two dog skinned people stayed in the family room. Then the slavemaster yelled quite loudly and meanly, "Get in here!," and then the two dog people went up there. That second yell was very fierce. Then they all went in my room and the door closed, and it was a super secure medical containment vault type door with pistons and stuff, and it was yellow with black wedge shapes on it. Then I woke up. It was very grotesque and the implied back story was very, very terrible.

Lubos recently recommended this talk Nima gave after I showed that thing about complex numbers and sine and cosine. At the end, Nima made some comments about finally getting past the bullshit and doing some real stuff. Now... let's be honest here. Between Nima's papers and my papers, which ones are more aptly classed as bullshit? I'm not saying that Nima's papers are shit, but I felt he was saying mine are, so if you had to say that my papers, pic very related, were shit or Nima's papers were shit, whose would it be?

Someone heckled me today, "Is he still mad?" That's pretty stupid because I have hardly begun to get mad as I bide my time. Everyone who I promised death will receive death. Everyone whose families I promised death will receive death. If you heckled me even one time, you and your family will receive death. That woman on the train who yelled, "Your dick isn't that big," at me like five times yesterday will receive death. Her family will receive death. Whoever has it organized so that the people I encounter offer me what I hate, and never what I want, will all suffer, and suffer, and suffer, and their children will too.

If I'm planning to give you death, but you have an enemy that will make you suffer more than I would, then I will give you to them. If your enemy wants your children, then I will give your children into their hands. None of them will survive. If you weren't tortured into becoming my enemy, then I will torture you to death. I will crucify their friends and family to satisfy my burning hatred for them. Everything it says about my wrath in the Bible is true. The wages of sin is death, and if you don't find a quick one, then I might give you slow, terrible one. Before I do it, I might do it to your friends and family to make them hate you for what I do to them because of my hate for you. Then when I do it to you, you will know there isn't a person left in the world besides me who cares how long you suffer.

If you're heckling me, if you're upvoting the content they make, anything, I will fucking kill your entire group, and I have little intention to dole out the mercy of a quick death to those who were so bold. They will be destroyed and the magnitude of their suffering will be great enough that it is remembered for a long time, long after the nuclear war which gives the merciful death to so many. If you consecrated the abomination with my improperly harvested genetic material, then you are sentenced to death. All your other children are sentenced to death. Likely your parents and brothers and sisters are sentenced to death, and their children as well. I will fucking destroy them. I am the Lord.

Nice chart!

I see my fake roommate's car is gone today although it remained here during the day on every other weekday since he moved in. I think Strzok's testimony is today, and I think the memes said Smaller Joe is the one who is helping me, so maybe I have Bigger and Smaller Joe confused, and maybe there are more than two of them. Whoever it is, that is the one which will be rewarded. Whoever they are that are helping me, they will be rewarded.

This picture of Erik Prince makes him seem like he could have been one of the people wearing the Rodney Williams disguise at Exide. That was the disguise that I think Putin wore as well, on at least one occasion. Also, Rodney Williams looked just like Steve Collins in the face except he was about one foot shorter.

Also, when they say, "So and so knows where the bodies are buried," that refers to the farm owned by Joe's father and uncles on the land where the Ashokan reservoir is now.

I see Bulger was captured right around the time I started seeing Emily Hancock and that the woman Bulger was with, Catherine Greig, had a name like Emily's aunt, the abomination-consecrating former general manager of CNN International, and likley Bilderberg-affiliated person Catherine Green. Also, Catherine Green's father died that week or the following week, according to Emily. I watched a few videos today and noticed that Greig didn't look like Karen Franks in several of the photos. Then they said that she had plastic surgery and then I saw pic related. If pic related is the woman after her plastic surgery, then she definitely got plastic surgery to make herself look like Karen Franks whose likeness is quite like this picture of Greig. Furthermore, I see Kathy Griffin, likely another Cathy Green (Kathy Green?) obfuscater persona and even her former coworker at CNN, is teamed up with Stormy Daniels who I think also consecrated the abomination giving birth to Barron Trump. Also, I see Bulger was living under the fake name Gasko, or Gas Co., which has more innuendo on it than I care to even get into right now.

Given that the company Joe worked for in Warner Robins is named IHS, what do you think are the chances that the total group of my enemies, Mueller included, is called the Jesuit Order and that they are nothing but a bunch of homosexual heretics telling themselves that, "You will be my disciples if you love each other as I have loved you," was in reference to penises going into men's mouths and anuses, and that the reason they saw fit to betray me so wrongly was because they know I have no interest in putting my penis into any man's mouth or anus, nor do I have any interest in receiving a man's penis into my own mouth or anus, and that the plain truth of it rendered their heresy plainly? If you look at the sex I loved, it was with a woman. If you look at what I obviously would have meant by that quote, it would have been that you will be acting in my name if you treat others the way you want to be treated, which is the opposite of the way they treat others, and epically the opposite of the way they have treated me: him whose name from which they derive all of their earthly powers.

Above is my initial prediction and below is the delay correlations which were observed. Since particle physics is a Hamiltonian theory, it has the property that once any two things are known, then everything is known. Since any 2D chart states knowledge of two dimensions, the value of anything else in physics (pretty much) can be calculated from that which appears in the chart. Below, we have four different charts with four different curves. If one put together the pieces needed to extract the fine structure constant from the given curves, one would extract four different values from each of the four of them (I assume.)

I noticed Lubos was writing about someone leaving supersymmetry to go work on B-mesons. After I associated my hypothesized accelerating time with delay correlations in an experiment they did immediately find delay correlations in the archived data from BABAR B-meson experiment. These delay correlations were the first observed evidence of what is called time reversal symmetry violation. Weird that people are leaving SUSY to work on that while they still haven't recognized my idea as being the progenitor for the re-analysis of the old data in which the time reversal symmetry violation had gone unnoticed during the active phase of the experiment. At the time of the initial observation of the time reversal symmetry violating effects, it was reported that the reanalysis was recommended by some "Spanish physicists" whose names might possibly appear in the arXiv paper linked above. I am quite confident that those Spanish physicists will agree that they were motivated to look for delay correlations after reading about my suggestion to look for delay correlations. Why the insistence to not attribute the origination? Usually, scientific actors go to significant lengths to properly attribute the origin of each and every little idea, and it is often a point of pride among physicists to know who came up with each little piece of every historical idea. Is the failure to attribute due to the fact that they are afraid of Joe and zeta nonsense?

During that Christmas 2016 visit, there was on TV that Johnny Depp, whose name I notice says John de PP, movie where he played Whitey Bulger. During the movie, Joe and Karen sent me memes that Joe is like Whitey. I had previously noticed that Bulger first became affiliated with the government as an MK Ultra subject in some prison test with LSD (or something). From there, he later went on to become the "crime boss," whatever that is, of Boston where he was working for the FBI as a rat (or something.) I think it is highly unlikely that the only instance in which an MK Ultra test subject went on to become the FBI-employed boss of a major USA city was revealed. Therefore, the total mafia network in the USA is probably comprised of those affiliated through the FBI with MK Ultra and the connection somehow came to light regarding Bulger, in a purely incidental fashion. Also, before Christmas 2016 when Bulger got arrested, I noticed that the woman he was shacked up with did not look unlike Karen.

Recalling also that the zetas were the mind-controlled sex slaves of the MK Ultra program, those victimized by the most brutal torture and brainwashing, one wonders what these "sources and methods" are that the FBI says would be so catastrophic if they were revealed. Is the FBI using MK Ultra techniques to make MK Ultra zetas that then serve as a slavelike network of informants, gangstalkers, and slaves given over to any given task? Whatever the truth is, I plan to put it all out there in the sunlight.

Also note the connection to the FBI through Joe/Strzok. Does the fake name Strzok say "Strong Z ok," as if to elucidate Joe's position that it is ok to use the strong MK Ultra torture to make zetas? Is that what Joe was doing underground in Tucson before we moved to Georgia? Did they use the "500 year flood" that happened in Middle Georgia right before we moved there as an excuse to build another underground facility? Was I seeing more than one Joe on that visit because they were switching through some secret door like they had in our house in Shadow Hills?

FYI: I am totally against slavery, and I am totally against torture which does lead more or less directly to death. I mean that in the classical sense of death, not some faggot's haha joke about brain death. Specifically, if I ever start to torture you, your cooperation will earn your death, there will be no hope for life once the torture begins. I do not want to send those vibes out to linger. So... as Strzok has so proudly followed the rules, which rules are those? Are they the real rules, pic related, or are they the rules of closeted gay faggot insider cool guy sex club? If the latter, as they are certainly not the former, those rules don't mean anything. Haha, also you will reap what you sow... many times over.

I think anyone who criticizes me for being tricked by the disguise nonsense, tricked to no end mind you, should consider that they were tricked by those people who told them that my theory was wrong, those that tricked them all the way onto the path that leads to death.

If Strzok is Smaller Joe, then I'd say there's a good chance that Lisa Page is, in certain cases, Karen's daughter with someone: Erin Paige, who seems to be a primary participant in the gangstalking endeavor which will end with death and misery for the friends and families of many, if not all, involved. She sent me some creepy tweet a few years ago: "You're being watched." I thought, "You don't say?!?!," as I had already been totally aware of that for several years.

At the beginning of Casino, Pesci's monologue makes you (me) think of holes in the desert being graves, but they are probably underground facilities. I recall that our home in Shadow Hills was built into a hillside where the adjacent gully was filled 20 feet deep and 20 feet high with tree branch detritus, and that gully was accessible along the road called "Via Entrada," which indicates entrance. While we lived in house A, it was some coincidence that the neighbor at house B was someone Joe knew from Brooklyn. We moved to Oro Valley around 1990-ish, but as I currently understand, Joe's wife's brother now lives in house B, with houses A and B being the two houses on either side of the gully. I wonder who lives in house A now? Before we moved in there, the resident was the owner of a business called Octopus Car Wash. I encourage Smaller Joe and Bigger Joe to repent, or to keep up their repentance if one or both of them, one the memes say, has previously initiated a timely repentance, if they are so inclined.

You know that murderer that Joe Pesci has played in a few movies? I also wonder if that character is based on Strzok's real person. Pic related, I could see pretty plainly a scenario in which "Smaller Joe" and "Bigger Joe" are these two characters' basis, and Home Alone's story's basis was the Jigsaw Killer maze one or both of them set up in the unsupervised underground facility when were living in Tucson. Shortly after we moved to Georgia, they put in that movie Casino that Pesci and his brother got killed out west.

Yeah? Which rules are those? I don't think they're my rules.

Also wondering if Strzok is a cosplay persona of the person I have previously referred to as "Smaller Joe" regarding my trip to Joe's house for Christmas 2016. Smaller Joe was the one who oddly exclaimed to me, "Forty-seven!," in the absence of any conversational context, and while I may have correctly guessed the statement's significance, I still don't know why he said it or what it means, or if I can use it to do something like smite the wicked. Among the other off-hand actions taken by Smaller Joe on that trip, also devoid of any interpretive or meaning-bestowing conversational context, was to slap down a photo of Jenna and Joe and state definitively, "We've got too much invested in that one!" Joe looked so much like Jed in that photo, I don't know if he meant they have too much invested in Jenna or too much invested in Jed. Either way, like the rules he claims to be playing by, I don't have anything invested in either of them, and I have no idea who this "we" that he referred to is. I suspect "we" defines the rules that "they" play by. It's got nothing to do with "me" and my laws and decrees.

Now I also wonder if Smaller Joe was the one who came to visit me in Atlanta ("Atlanta?") several years ago. It was obvious to see the two different ones during that Christmas visit since they were very different looking, but since there was only one on the earlier visit where we got burgers, it's hard to say. He did seem smaller to me but I wondered if he was merely older. We ate and talked, and then when we finished and were saying goodbye, he said, "I thought we would talk." Like some of the comments from Christmas, that struck me as odd because we had just had an entire conversation.

Also, I recall that time Emily broke into my locked apartment after banging on my door for an hour or more, shortly after I moved to Dunwoody and severed contact with her. Someone unlocked my door for her after she was banging on it for a very long time. When I was dragging her across the floor by her pants to put her out and relock the door, her jeans digging into her hip made a small red mark. Emily sent pictures of these slight red marks made by the waist of her pants to Helene who used them as evidence of my "violent" temperament after she and Joe had me enslaved at the mental hospital. Did whoever it was that unlocked my door for her do it expressly to be able to document an altercation between us? These photos were used in the DeKalb County hearing wherein Helene sought to extend my two week enslavement to six months, likely as the start of some permanent enslavement inside her own niche industry of professional expertise: the mental health rackets. Luckily, the judge did not extend my enslavement inside that building but I wonder if secretly the enslavement continued. While enslaved, I was surprised to learn that Helene was seeking legal guardianship of my assets because I do not, to my knowledge, have any assets. Since I do not know what assets these were, I do not know if Helene was able to have them legally transferred to her as a follow on action to whatever illegal transference she had affected by not making me aware of my own assets during my childhood. Likely, these assets are connected to Smaller Joe's exclamation, "Forty-seven!," which is the masonic rank that, I understand, only God has.

When I was dragging Emily after she entered my locked apartment, her pants started to come off, and I stopped dragging her because I did not want her to be unclothed if the police came. While talking after that, Emily said something about a "tranniekins" and for a moment I thought I saw a flash of Jed's face on her own. I had also, back at Viewpoint, once thought I may have seen a flash of Jenna's face on Emily's, and now that I am more familiar with the disguise antics, those relied upon by Jacob/Israel/Satan so notoriously in Genesis, I wonder if they looked that way because it was, indeed, them.

When the doctor in the hospital, Dr. Sanne, asked me why I wasn't working, I told her it was because I had done some successful research in physics and I was waiting for those professional avenues to evolve. She asked why they hadn't already and I told her, "I don't know, I guess it's the government or something." She used this to tell the judge at my enslavement extension hearing that I was a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions that the government was out to get me and that I was, "a danger to myself and others." I will like to investigate the link between that doctor, Sanne, and my coworker at Elavon, Sirisha, and exterminate the families of everyone in that link. However, with disguises being what they are, it may have been Sanne herself on the day Sirisha sent me those Sanne memes. They are both from Hyderabad so the link is fairly direct, I am quite confident. Memes so similar don't come from people far separated. Also in that hearing, or else in one of the private meetings between Sanne and I, Sanne cited my having broken up with Emily as evidence of my inability to maintain personal relationships.

After almost a full year of my boss Robert hinting that I could fuck Sirisha, and after being turned down by several woman at the nearby athletic club where I went on my lunch breaks, likely women sent there to turn me down on purpose leading to the story about illegal Navy sonar testing being harmful to whales, and also turned down by two other women in the office, I finally got over Sirisha being married and called her. She turned me down hard as fuck and was a real sadistic bitch about it at work afterwards. The malice meme she sent me on the Monday I after I called her was exactly, 100%, the same malice meme that Dr. Sanne sent me when she told the judge that stuff. Incidentally, I had already asked Sanne in preparation for the hearing if she thought I was paranoid schizo and she told me that she did not, so I was surprised to hear it from her in the hearing. Also, the gym where all those women turned me down was the one where the guy in a suit came to leer at me and declare, "We're from executive behavior modification."

Likely, Helene and Joe being able to say, "He was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic," was among the best fruits of their fraud which only resulted in my own temporary, not extended, enslavement, but also possibly the extended enslavement and torture of my friend. Also, Joe was saying something about a "neuroma" in his foot at the time of the fraud, so that was possibly a code word for Helene's coercion. I asked him about it later and, before he could answer, Karen Franks wildly and loudly interjected some excuse that was inconsistent with what I had already heard and made me quite certain that there was something amiss regarding that which had induced Joe into willfully signing the fraudulent affidavit that led to who knows what. I tell you: I'd be real surprised if the pain in his foot, if there even was any, was as bad as the pain I would soon feel in my leg and hip.

I was watching Have Gun, Will Travel s01e11. At around nine minutes, you can see Paladin enact a much more forceful, more aggressive version of that which got me expelled from college.

It's not that what Paladin did there has become rapelike, it's that they used to tell women to shut the fuck up if they were so hysterical as to try to raise hell over something like that but nowadays they don't tell them to shut up in that type of situation. Instead, they praise them for whining and tell them that they are brave and strong to make formal complaints about frivolous bullshit. And what Paladin there was a lot different than I what I did. When I went in for the kiss, she pulled away and I didn't grab her. When I touched her butt upon our parting ways, it was not so jarring as Paladin's firm palm strike.

I think crucifixion is going to be a great way to start getting my point across. Before I get that point across, I want to make another point that I've made several times already. For many of you, and among that many certainly many still should be certain that I am referring to them, the most compassionate thing I will ever say to you is this: "Kill yourself now to save yourself the trouble. Otherwise you'll regret it when I kill you slowly."

When Strzok says, "I can protect the country on many levels," does he mean that Strzok is only one of many personae in the government played by his real person, whoever that is? Is Gary Cohn, perhaps, one of those other personae?

I see this person is wearing the symbol which was recognized in Pizzagate as meaning, "I love child molesters."

I noticed Operation Fast and Furious started about six weeks after I wrote my first paper.

I've seen a few times lately, "If Hitler was right then why did they get defeated by the USA and Russia?," seemingly with regard to the divine providence. I've asked this myself before and now I wonder if a near-term success in the European theater would have proven counter-productive to God's real plan to totally eradicate all of Jacob's descendants from the face of the whole Earth forever, not just those in Europe letting those who fled safely dwell elsewhere. Also, when I say, "all of them," I mean, "all of them save one,": The Lord God Almighty himself, a.k.a.: Yours Truly.

Now I'm wondering if this AIDS homo they put in here with me is also Helene, as was the first person they put in here. This person's gait seems amiss, and so do the trapezius, though the trapezius doesn't quite seem like Helene's... but that could be Helene's fake trapezius I'm thinking about. I guess I'm always going to be wondering about that until I'm standing on top of a mountain of the corpses of my enemies' children.

This faggot gives me an overwhelming Helene vibe in this picture.

I watched the original Wicker Man this weekend, I noticed that the cult dance is the dance depicted in the sculpture in front of the SunTrust building. I noticed the cults' burning man ritual is like Burning Man. Also, where the cultists were doing their dance around a May Pole, or an Asherah Pole, the ones near the SunTrust building are doing their dance around the Building Pole.

It seems weird to me that the possibility of Einstein's diary being filled with his objective observations is being totally ignored. IMO, by virtue of the fact that renowned anti-racist and world-class genius Albert Einstein was the author, it is highly unlikely that the remarks were not his objective observations.

Is that faggot Chris Moriarty cosplaying as the director of the FBI? I thought it was weird how similar their expressions are but it totally slipped my mind about the disguise thing.

While I'm on the subject, notice that I didn't push the can against me like a woman would push against me if I was pushing on her. There's more in there, and it's bigger at the bottom. Let the record show.

Both of these memes are Helene; one of them is sarcastic. With all the women getting Helene's face tattooed on them, they must think she is a real bad ass. The truth is, she isn't. She would have gotten killed for her bullshit a long time ago if it wasn't for her being my close relative. I am the one who is a real bad ass. She is just a woman in my family. I think this is going to get made real clear to everyone, especially those who idolize her, before too much longer.