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I like it.

Game of Thrones s07e04 is probably my favorite overall episode of Game of Thrones. Nice.

I am surprised that the google memo didn't include what I think is one of the most obvious causes for sex imbalances in the workplace. Women, if they didn't eat too much when they were young, can often get paid just for being pretty, or paid to be a wife/mother, and these opportunities are not available to men at anywhere near the same rate that they are available to women who didn't eat too much when they were younger. If these opportunities were equally available to men, then they would pull an equal number of men out of the workplace, and this leading cause would then be complimented by all the causes mentioned in James' meme memo.

I wonder if the man that just came over to me to hover where I am laying and hold his camera over my face was one of the people in the apartment where the sperm agent lived. He could well be the sperm agent himself. I have been seeing him a lot down here and I was wondering where I recognized him from. This would be the apartment in Dunwoody of the sperm agent who came to the leasing office after I returned from my travels. I wouldn't want to confuse this sperm agent with Emily who also is a suspected sperm agent. That is offensive to have the sperm agent hover over me with his camera in my face and light up camera eye flashing bright lights in the night. I wonder if he is trying to weasle his way back in with the organization I hate by offending me with his presennce.

FULL DISCLAIMER: I did say that I wasn't afraid to look stupid in an Occupy Atlanta meeting on the fourth floor of the Peachtree and Pine shelter which I doubt will actually close this month and I will be surprised if it proceeds as scheduled. The context was the post-op phase of Operation Free Copper and the other people were asking what I would have done if I hadn't been able to get Copper out of jail. I told them I wasn't afraid to look stupid.

Presented for your consideration: evidence of closed timelike curves.

In my previous post I mentioned that I would be reluctant to start another romantic relationship because I would just be counting on the nicety of the group that harasses me to decide not to do it again for some reason. Me being the way I am, I see destroying that group as the next logical step. I believe the final analysis will show the group that was telling Emily to be a bitch to me, a group she obviously liked a lot more than me for some reason, was the same group I was working for at Exide. I hate that group. I want them to all die. They have demonstrated that they can interfere with my life wherever I go and I am not going to just hope they decide to play nice with me in the future.

US citizens don't even need a visa to go to Israel but I was denied entry as many as three times. I went to the consulates in Atlanta and Manhattan, and also the embassy of Israel in Washington DC and no one would tell me why I was not allowed to enter Israel or make Aliyah.

How about an Emily post? I started dating her in the summer of 2011. I was simultaneously dating three Emilys at that time. One of them was not a good match for me, one of them I broke up with because I didn't want to get tied down into a serious relationship, and then despite my original intention I did end up getting tied down with Emily Hancock although that was never what one might call a serious relationship. I broke up with Emily after about two weeks but then she sent me some video of her doing stand up comedy and I thought that was intersting and admirable so I gave her about 900 more chances after breaking up with her that first time. I did very much dislike Emily's bullshit but at the same time I did very much enjoy her passion which was exceptional (to say the least.) It was obvious to me that someone was telling her to be a bitch to me and I never figured out who it was. One day after she was being a particularly huge bitch she asked me, "Why are you with me?" I said it was because she was so interesting and she remains by far the most interesting person I met on OkStupid. Who was telling her to be such an outrageous bitch? Maybe Helene, but I have no idea. Did OkStupid set me up with three simultaneous Emilys on purpose or was that a coincidence?

Emily was very interesting but I still have not discovered that which was the object of my interest and I seriously doubt it was Emily's own scheme to fuck with me so much. And how about Emily's teeth? I met one other woman in the spring of 2011 or maybe late 2010 who had those some plaque caked teeth and she offered to to support me as her non-working live-in pseudo-husband after about two weeks but I declined. One time when I was flying back from Arizona Emily picked me up at the airport and she had hickies all over her neck. She seemed genuinely sad about it but it didn't bother me because I never asked her to be monogamous and I am certain whoever that was wasn't giving it to her as well as I was. I never did find out what made her so interesting. One of my internal complaints about the women I was meeting at that time was that none of them seemed to have a colorful personality and were more like an intermediate grey shade of a person (for the most part, there were notable exceptions such as the woman who introduced me to the Daddy game ~winks~) but Emily was very colorful and I liked that. After she refused to quit acting stupid for a year and a half and I told to leave me alone and I stopped answering her messages shortly after I moved to Dunwoody. I thought I would start dating Julia at that time but she reposnded to my text negatively and asked me not to ask her again so I didn't.

Here are the actual final events with Emily: Emily had kept saying how she was going to get kicked out of her program if she didn't break up with me and improve her grades. The context was her program at KSU but I suspected that whoever was telling her to be such a bitch was threatening to kick her out of their cult if she didn't break up with me. Then one day Jacaré and I were sitting on the side of th emat together and her made some comment like, "You have to kill it right away." He was talking about neutralizing the grip in a certain position but he could tell that I had been struggling with whether or not keep Emily around. I was conflicted because I could tell she liked my affection and I did not want to throw her solely to whoever was making her be a bitch to me but I decided if her main loyalty was to them and not me even after that entire relationship then she didn't deserve any loyalty from me. I killed the relationship right after and I count that among very many good pieces of advice given to me by Jacaré. One of the last things I heard from Emily was that an 18 wheeler ran her off the road on her way to Florida. That also didn't bother me because the wages of sin is death and she didn't even get hurt. I thought at the time it was a message to her cult to back off. This was near the end of 2012 and Emily's birthday was the Mayan end date: December 21.

One time Emily came to my new apartment in Dunwoody after I had told her that I didn't want to see her anymore. She was banging on my door for an hour or more and I was just sitting inside waiting for her to go away. I did absolutely confirm my door was locked but after a while I heard her call my name from the kitchen. How did she get in there? I suspect that whoever later opened my door for someone to ejaculate into my toothpaste (and who knows what other things I didn't notice) was the same one who opened the door for Emily that day. I told her to leave. She would not leave. She said something to me about trannies and for a moment I recognized her face as Jed's face and it was quite odd. She would not leave after entering my locked apartment and eventually I had to drag her by her feet to get her out. She was clinging to my couch and I started to pull her pants off trying to drag her out. Seeing how that could become a rape allegation, I stopped and told her to get out over and over.

Since Emily is pale, pale, pale white any time you touch her she gets red marks but they quickly fade. She did leave upon my repeated insistences and must have immediately taken pictures of the marks she got when I was trying to drag her out into the hallway after she illegally entered my apartment. Like I said, I did not insist because her pants were coming off and I did not want to go there. Helene obtained those pictures from Emily and used them as evidence against me at my involuntary detetnion hearing at Peachford. How did Helene get Emily's pictures? What prompted Emily to take those pictures in the five minute window before the little red marks would have gone away? Was Helene the one telling Emily to a constant bitch to me while we were having all that fun sex?

Emily would constantly scream and whine, and I while I was with her Helene also started screaming and whining a lot when we spoke on the phone. It was very obvious that she was jealous that I would put up with it from Emily but not from her. How did Helene even know about Emily's bullshit to be able to be jealous of it and imitate it? You can go back and listen to Helene and I's weekly calls and you will clearly see where she starts the Emily impersonation shortly after Emily and I began seeing each other. Several times while I was with Emily I thought I recognized her eyes as Helene's but this was before I knew about masks and disguises. What do you call the reverse of an Oedipal complex? Also, did Helene, in her role as a professional psychic for the government, report that an attack against the WTC was going to happen sometime in the next six months on September 10, 2001? If so, one should understand that as the context for why Helene is looking away from the WTC in this mural featuring the likenesses of Helene and Joe.

Now I assume whoever was telling Emily to be a bitch to me will tell the next one to be a bitch too and I would strongly prefer to first find out who was telling Emily to act like that so I can destroy their organization completely before I try to get another date. However, matters of practicality also enter into consideration and it may take a long time for me to identify and destroy that organization along with all the seed it planted.

After I returned from the place where everyone started calling me El Arcón, I went to the apartment office to get my spare key. I had thrown my keys away expecting never to return. While I was down there, my other neighbor came into the office. I have mentioned my across-the-hall neighbor who later got evicted for illegally entering my apartment, my neighbor who screamed in my ear one night through the wall, and this would be a third adjacent neighbor who came to the office. He reminded fairly well of Emily's friend Leo. He said something like, "I'm the one that's been getting the sperm, does that make sense?" I made the throat slicing gesture and I was too flustered from my travels to give his statement the attention it deserved at the time. He definitely said something about going into my apartment to get sperm but I can't remember his exact phrasing. He moved out immediately after that. As a context for his sperm statement, when I went into the the office to get my spare key at that time the apartment manager looked at me and said hello but then she got all serious and seemed surprised. I guess her eye implant or whatever told her I was El Arcón and then once that diseminated over the local network the sperm guy realized he had been fucking with the wrong person. I expect the destruction of that man, his roommate, and other accomplices will be legendary.

I bet. Does it seem weird that none of my allegations ever get acted upon, including my allegations about the mathematical nature of the universe? It is probably becaue you are still trusting the main criminals to investigate themselves. I see Kelly was saying, "Country first," but I say fuck that. Justice first.

Echoing the Marines’ credo of “God, Country, Corps,” Kelly said he expects all of them to put country first, the president second, and their own needs and priorities last. What about God though?

He told me the woman was the worst one. I am concerned that the excitement of a real happening can be an intentional emotional inducement designed to distract attention away from the crimes of the deep state.

At first during the 2016 Presidential contest I thought Bernie would be better than Hillary but the DNC colluded with their donors to make Bernie unviable. I became a Trump supporter before that happened but it seemed like there was no way that there would be a President Bernie. One night at jiu jitsu either Jacaré or someone slightly younger but similar looking was instructing class and as he was putting strong forward pressure on the knee on belly position he smiled at me and said, "You're fired!," in the context of what he was saying about the dominance of the position. You get two points for knee on belly in jiu jitsu. I thought he meant that he liked Trump and he was doing Trump's meme that I liked and was hoping to see. I stopped being a Trump supporter after he became President and was a complete do nothing, and remain anti-Trump as long he remains a do nothing. I might not have understood the context of the original comment about Trump and Trump may think that chasing the deep state's laser beam is a worthwhile effort, but it appears to me that he has not acted favorably on any of the issues that are important to me.

These hecklers in downtown Atlanta. They are like the hecklers back in Dunwoody except they are unable to enter my apartment when I have to go beg for money, or when I go out for any reason. One night I was up until about 4:00am and I thinking about what a bitch Sandy is. As soon as Sandy crystalized in my mind the woman in the apartment adjacent to my bedroom screamed something. It was some creepy sound and I was suddenly overcome with images of what may have been insects and a disembodied colon. Whoever it was that screamed at me for thinking about Sandy did it very loudly and couldn't have been more than one foot from my head when she did it. I was laying in bed and my head was against the wall that I shared with that apartment.

I saw an enormous red headed 4-chan looking woman enter that apartment one time and my other neighbor who was later evicted for entering my apartment without my consent while I was home made a fake comment like, "Oh wow, who is that. I've never seen her before," and it was like he was trying to antogonize me with her creepiness. He lived across the hall and had many different young children with him while he lived there. So these hecklers down here can do it as much as they can, but they can't do it as much as they could when I was living in their building and working in their office.

If the leaks that are always in the news lately comprise my posts AND the constant "leaking" of my brain scan data to everyone around me, then on the latter I will say this: If this is psychotronic and not psychic then there is a very easy technical solution that never gets enacted because the technical proficiency of the "deciders" is so low that they never ask for it and just take endless rope-a-dope from their "technical advisors." This kind of thing, identifying technical casuistry is something I enjoy, and I am better qualified to carry out these analyses than any other person or team of people. I enjoy this but I have been faulted for bluntly identifying this kind of casuistry at Nexidia, Elavon, LexisNexis, and Exide. I was never given the satisfactory component of the task where I get to do the remediation. That is the part where I will excel the most. Instead I was always fired or given the task I hate the most: to just watch everyone else believe or pretend like they believe these obvious lies. I hate that and I will not abide it.

P.S.: Just beleive or now I was correcting my typos and I had missed the "S" in the word "say" so it appeared as only "ay." As I moved the cursor to the word, the woman on the street called out "ay!" It was very obvious, it always happens, and I wonder if sometimes they are using sound projection devices to make it seem like more people are heckling me than actaully are. It never ends but it is a lot less down here. Still it is too much and the hecklers should repent lest I judge them unfavorably.

What is the real meme about sanctuary cities? Several times I have gotten the gist that my discoveries would have been recognized long ago except that I was always living in a sanctuary city that wasn't zoned for that kind of thing. If Dunwoody is a sanctuary city, is Atlanta too now? What about Milton? What was this recent nonsense in the news related to sanctuary cities? Are they just going to rezone every place I go?

Someone in the park told me they got their identity stolen and that embodies what it means to believe the lie. No one stole my identity. How could that ever happen when my identity is my own? What may have happened was that fraudsters filed fraudulent paperwork and that the banksters abetted the fraudsters by not doing due diligence on the fraudulent paperwork, and thereafter the banksters and fraudsters may have colluded to deceive third parties. No one stole my identity. Someone is trying to commit bank fraud and I'm not letting them get away with it. I worked for the banksters until I emailed the data to the person on the project I deemed best qualified to decide what to do with it, and that may have been the Windows administrator. Ethan had previously requested error records on another project and on the project with Pao I made the extra effort of diligence above and beyond with my emails and Lync data transfers. The project entered the completion phase immediately upon my actions so I efficiently expedited the ETL process. Then Robert fired me a few weeks later for not taking my 168 hour work week seriously. Now I'm homeless.

Elavon could have made me a work from home employee without ~200 hour weeks but instead they saw best to send me on my way. Did I help Elavon? If so, why was there no compensitory reciprocity? I made slightly more money at LexisNexis and I didn't have to work more than forty hours but where there was only one of Rhonda antagonizing me all the time at Elavon, it seemed like everyone (figuratively everyone) in the entire LexisNexis office was some kind of satanic acolyte eager to demonstrate how they can constantly pester me. Instead of reciprocity, I needed to jump through the hoop of their bankster nonsense about the how the file being one minute late was such a big deal that I should live in state of constant dread that the fucking alarm was going to go off again. Since I wasn't at work I thought I should not have to live in a constant state of stress that I would lose my job if that phone went off and I didn't handle it correctly, which was always the tedious analysis that would show the file was one minute late again. Sometimes an important file would be one minute late and I would have to call a coworker for back up support and it was totally fine if they chose not answer the phone while I would constantly call three or four group members over and over at four in the morning where I would have been sleeping if I was lucky enough to fall asleep after the phone rang at three because the other file was one minute late again also, and after also dealing with it again at midnight, etc. Then after being unable to get any sleep (not every night but even when the phone didn't go off the constant state of dread at being enslaved in the whole scenario for less than minimum wage was persistent) I would also have to go into the office and let Rhonda harass me with witchcraft or psychotronic devices all day.

I cite these conditions as contributing to my present protest against labor conditions. Why has no one ever offered me any employment consistent with my talents and/or interests? I went to graduate school specifically because I did not want to be a computer guy in an office and then after I made a close approach to the highest possible degree of academic success I have been unable to achieve even a modest level of financial success. My financial success is entirely disconnected from my success in the workplace which, given my discoveries, is greater than any other person extant. Instead of meritorious compensation for being the single most economically productive person on Earth, there is currently no one on Earth whose compensation is lower than my current non-existent compensation of zero. I do have my health though and I take it as evidence of my ascendancy that they are altogether unable to take my health or my freedom. I am the King. There is no other explanation. Helene always told me that she was the Queen and I was the Prince but I believe she lied.

One of the first times I saw Jacaré in a video was the first jiu jitsu world championship. It was in Rio in like 1995 or 1996 and all the coaches were sitting on the side of the mat, maybe near a table. The video panned by so you could see all the famous jiu jitsu guys and each one was wearing a white t-shirt until they got to Jacaré who was wearing a black t-shirt and he was the only one not like the others. I liked that because I am also like that, and usually that is a big problem for me when I go places. Alliance Jiu Jitsu is one of very few places I've gone where I never got asked to leave. Even like I have already been expelled from Dunkin Donuts in my brief four months of homelessness, that always happens.

Well into my notoriety Jason Lapene started training again. He had trained a long time ago when Jacaré first opened an American school but he had already stopped by the time I started in February 2003. One day he, Jacaré, and I were sitting against the wall and Jason was asking me if I believed that Joey was just a country bumpkin and I said it was hard to tell with Joey but either on purpose or inadvertently he helped me a lot. As an aside I will say that I have the information that I have somehow, but I am not sure if people were giving it to me to help me or if God was tricking them into giving it to me so he can use me to destroy them completely. Also, as context for the question about Joey, Jason, Jacaré, and I had discussed the problems of coyotes around Atlanta mauling children to death. I was surprised to learn that it happens but Jason assured me that it does happen.

Jason brought Jacaré a poster for his birthday one year and he put it up in the school. It says, "Know your roots," and it has the lineage of jiu jitsu masters by which Alliance jiu jitsu came into being. It was Jigoro Kano, Mitsuo Maeda a.k.a. Kount Koma, Carlos Gracie, Helio Gracie, Rolls Gracie, and then Jacaré. The poster was made from pencil drawings of famous photos of these people and the first five drawings looked exactly like the first five people in the lineage but the drawing of Jacaré barely looked like Jacaré at all. Jacaré laughed and told me that Ben Sutherland had doctored his teeth in photo shop. Jacaré had a chipped front tooth. However, when I became homeless a few years later that drawing did look exactly like the person who was teaching class that I was calling Jacaré at the time but I now call Carlos. Since this is very suspicious that Jason accidentally had Carlos drawn instead of Jacaré, and then Carlos may have started having me call him Jacaré, which maybe plenty of people do (I have no idea) I am compelled to point out that Jason is a good likeness of the former President of Panama who got into a scandal relating to Israeli spyware and malware. He was apprehended in Florida this summer. Jason told me his uncle got brutally tortured to death in Gautemala.

I went to visit Jacaré in the hospital one time and I saw on the hospital room the name was C. Cavalcanti. It may have been Carlos in there on that particular day but he told me Jacaré's name was Candido-Romero Maia Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque and that it was actually longer but they couldn't fit it all on the birth certificate. João Pessao was a great President of Brazil and maybe that was Jacaré's grandfather or great grandfather. His uncle was assassinated while running for President. I think Jacaré's family home in Rio is near the Presidential Palace or maybe the the palace of the governor of Rio state. Another time at Alliance I heard him on the phone having a dispute about his SkyMiles with Delta because they got his name slightly wrong. There are two famous brothers in MMA Antonio-Rodrigo and Antonio-Rogerio Nogueira and I wonder if there are two people Carlos-Romero and Candido-Romero. I always liked the name Candido. In the Brazilian accent it says "Kanji do" and sometimes the kanji says jiu jitsu. I'm getting to a point here, and in this post I will speculate about a relatively specific set of events comprising a conspiracy.

How did I get all these jobs where I touched all this important data? I think they were setting me up. In the past few days I have wondered if they are talking about me when they say that Wasserman-Schultz kept "Awan" employed until the last minute. They made a comment recently that Awan "has been strolling around the capitol for months" and I have been down here homeless for about four months. It is well possible that Wasserman recruited me into her anti-patriarchy campaign unbeknownst to me. I am concerned. The place I worked at LexisNexis was actually called LexisNexis Risk Solutions and perhaps the people that I hate saw that I was going to kill them so they found a "solution" to that "risk" by setting up a fake career where I never quite knew what was going on with my projects because nobody ever documents anything plainly and lying during meetings is the norm. Whatever other nonsense they have put me through, might it not be so that they can later say, "That guy?!?!?!? Are you kidding we can't let that guy have control over the accounts that have his name on them." (Obviously they would probably omit that last part.) Why does "The Japanese Gameshow" have my old toys in it? The toys I recognized in the Japanese gameshow were all ones I left at Helene's house after I moved in with Joe in 1993. Did they try to frame me for their own crimes by making videos with my toys and then having me do who knows what in their offices after I leaked their data at Elavon? Did I get access to that data at Elavon because of Jacaré's paperwork that "got lost?"

I mentioned that at Elavon Robert had told me that he would want to know what was in his accounts on a few occasions. Also, there was one time in summer of 2012 where I got arrested because the booting agent in the parking lot near my condo was saying that I had to meet him at his car instead of him coming to my car. They sent me to Fulton County jail instead of Atlanta city jail just to be troublesome. The previous time I was arrested for "obstruction of officer," the arresting officer checked the box for domestic violence which meant that I couldn't bond out of jail on the weekend and I had to wait to speak to a judge on Monday morning who immediately threw out the outrageous charges.

The second time I went to Fulton County jail and paid my bond around 5:00pm. The guy said they would let me leave in about 15 minutes and then they changed shifts without processing me. Around 4:00 am I was complaining that I had paid my bond almost 12 hours ago. The female officer told me not to play with her because I would lose. I told her that if she worked there then she already lost. She said, "You know what?," and put me in a padded solitary cell with blood and fecal smears on the walls and floor. I yelled a lot and they let me out after about an hour and then let me out of the jail pretty quickly. While I was in there Helene prominently appeared in my imagination to ask if I was ok and I told her I was. She later told me that she had had a transorbital amnesia on the weekend that I had gotten thrown into the disgusting cell. When I posted about that while at Elavon, Robert very much knew which weekend in 2012 I was talking about. I don't know what Helene had to deny with a claim of transorbital amnesia. I imagine she had a visceral reaction to thinking that I was in a padded room in a torture dungeon and not in the jail, and that she called a system halt on torture while she checked it out. I would like to think it was because she loves me so much but I feel like it is probably that she would lose control of the assets that are in my name if I die, or that if someone made a video of her son getting tortured then that would mean she could no longer be the most vicious person in torture videos.

Another time at Elavon I was daydreaming about killing Dr Sanne from Peachford who had lied to the judge during my hearing. Someone a few cubicles over said, "Yeah we'll send her to the basement," to see if it would make any images of any torture basements that I know pop into my head. I don't know any basements like that and no images popped up and I made it very clear that I have no intention to send anyone to the basement. Everything I do will be done in the open. I think after Elavon established that I didn't know I was the owner of the accounts someone decided to try to steal them from me even more than they had already been stolen from me in the way that led to the situation where I didn't know I even had them. While Jacaré was applying for US citizenship he made the comment that they lost all the paperwork he had submitted years ago and he was having to resubmit it. I got the impression that the paperwork was the paperwork showing who is the owner of the accounts. However, if Carlos replaced him after he resubmitted that paperwork then perhaps he has been out of sight because they do not want to acknowledge the paperwork he submitted. It may be that Carlos is now the US citizen that Jacaré became while I was Elavon. Chuck Mason, Humberto Borges, Jacaré, and I went to his US citizenship ceremony. They were calling countries in alphabetical order but they skipped Brazil and then called it last. We rode to the passport office in Jacaré's car and on the way up there Jacaré was saying, "They were asking me all these bullshit questions. Like, 'Are you a fucking terrorist?.' Hahaha," and we all laughed because it was funny. I may have only laughed on the inside but I knew what he meant and he doesn't joke much.

What happened on that weekend in 2012? Did Helene remotely detect that I was in a torture chamber-like room and call some kind of system halt in the torture realm? She probably thinks she is doing me a favor by keeping me alive but never giving me control over the things she had control over while I was a child. The story of Peter the Great tells a similar tale about how his sister tried to take the power when he was a child but ultimately failed because Peter was the male heir and she wasn't.

Unsurprisingly, Trump turned me down for my GI Bill and veterans' homeless shelter today. I am not surprised. I want to get a degree in math and I think I already have so many extra hours at GSU that I can finish this other degree in three semesters. My notification today was from VA form 7131, and I am still expecting a decision on my DD 293 that could also get me squared away but I am not holding my breath. Please let me know if you would like to pay for my fall semester at GSU as a Georgia resident: jonathan.tooker@gmail.com.

"here we go again" meme seems like it might be referring to the previous dissemination of most of the information that has appeared on this writer's new website. That is troublesome that this information still has not been acted upon to produce a reasonable resolution. In the article they mention something being noticed last July (I left LexisNexis last June) but Wells Fargo didn't didn't notify investors until last week. Did they release this informastion or did I? I mentioned that I thought the CTO at Exide was speaking to me backhandedly in a call just before I quit. He was talking about how they'd had some problems but it was going to be ok, it was basically the schtick I had gotten from Bob at LexisNexis, but this call actually started tossing figures around and I was offended to think he thought I might entertain a settlement offer on the order of thirty million dollars. I think the large delay in settlement is that I am going to demand payment in blood and I am going to get it.

I'll mention one time I thought that the executive from Elavon was speaking to me over the phone. Elavon is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Bank and inasmuch as all banks are the same (that's why they're uniformly called banks (I did see the CEO of US Bank in the elevator one day; he seemed ok)) I have no I idea what kind of fuckery they could have been up to. Whatever it was, they stationed Rhonda's cubicle right next to mine on purpose. While I was there Robert repeatedly made the comment to me that he would want to know what was in his accounts if he were me. I thought he was hinting at the global collateral accounts, or some trust of which I am the trustee.

It was during a year end review of Elavon's year over year performance that I thought the exectuive may have been speaking about me. He said that customer satisfaction had gone from 69% to 68% and I got the impression that Elavon was somehow providing a service to me as their client while they simultaneously had me on 24 hour duty for less than minimum wage, and then estimated that I was 68% satisfied. I want to point out that this might have been a day dream alone and not also the reality. Furthermore, the executive who was the speaker mean mugged me when I first got hired, fuck you buddy, and I would have given them a 0% satisfaction rating. Why not assign that tall beautiful woman that followed him everywhere to sit next to me instead of Rhonda? Robert mentioned something about the KGB one time, we did have a .vor file in our ETL process, and later at Exide the VORDATE was the system date plus or minus one.

Today I'm still wondering what lies the people around me believe. No one has told me anything yet. Clearly the people who were trying to kill or hurt me are still in charge and it seems they have shuffled their staff enough so that they, once again and still, believe that the group I hate is actually the group that I love. They are so wrong. The group that I hate is the one that does not treat others the way they would like to be treated. It is frustrating how Americans sow murder and mayhem all over the world on the slightest predicate of a percieved threat but there is apparently no threat great enough for the members of the American politburo to start hurting each other's careers. Are they afraid of Helene or Carlos whose powers are derived only from their proximity to me? Why play nice with the domestic enemies if not because the group aligned against my plan is running America's innermost ring of secret power while the other rings of power flee and hide? Domestic enemies are much more dangerous that foreign enemies. The oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, an oath that has already been reneged upon completely by the cowardly inaction of those whose duty was to act, implicitly calls for the occasional massacre of Americans and certainly the careers of America's domestic enemies are a small, small price to pay. Since no one is losing their career, and no one is losing their life, it is as if America is pretending that it doesn't have any domestic enemies. How foolish. What lies do they believe?

I am tired of people stealing my memes. One of the things that immediately turned me off to the Trump administration was that Spicer started stealing my memes in the exact same way that Hillary used to. Did anyone see Helene on the train with me today? I couldn't quite be sure who that was but it seemed like some familiar eyes behind the mask. There is an old dilapidated building near Five Points that has the HENSE tag on it. I wonder what happened in there before it was abandoned. I feel like I probably know who Hense and Sever are now. Also Helene used to call me Nunu Bunkenshterner but these days that kind of says ZZ Bunker.

This post is about North Highland. I got hired over the phone to do a data migration of the data of the Atlanta Food Bank from SQL or SQL/Oracle to Salesforce. I think this was really a migration of data related to investigations of sick videos. Much like Sandy Bushey at Exide, there was a woman involved with the project who knew what all the non-intuitive key linkages between tables were. The scope of the migration was to organize the data so it would not be spread across these non-intuitive linkages in the new Salesforce data system. Unlike Sandy, this woman was very friendly, warm, cooperative, and demonstrated complete competence in all of the large system of linkages. There was one database object [dbo].[SYCDEFIL] that was unlike all of the other database linkages. The linkages to this table were double obfuscated through two layers of obfuscator keys. The phonetic analysis of this table says "sick defile."

The project documents were large Excel tables that were made intentionally hard to read by having the active palette area be much, much larger than any possible computer screen. Since the data was related to the food bank, there were columns devoted to DFACS data, and other government data sets that would naturally be associated with the videos.

At Exide we had an issue tracker and it may have been rooted to alter the item tracker audit trail in the same way that Rob had rooted all Windows reporting with his Sharepoint admin privs. However, we started with a certain set of issues that never got resolved. Sandy would say only verbally in the meeting that issue XX was getting merged into new issue Y. I would document the change in the audit tracker for the new issue number and also in the old issue number. Sandy appeared not to like this. I began to document in the audit tracker every single time she told us the wrong thing in the meeting, or when she told me the wrong thing when Rod told me to her ask her after the meeting because her ignoring me fifty times in a row in the meeting was taking too long. Every time we had a meeting I was able to document more disinformation that originated with Sandy.

Sandy was outrageous and part of my current protest against labor conditions is this: The behavior I have been fired for over and over and over is so minor compared to so many of my coworkers' infantile refusal to ever write coherent or consistent statements in complete sentence form. What is the point of requiring your technical staff to have attended university and even graduated university if not to ensure that they are able to conform to the rudiments of the English language? Why is my behavior deserving of repeated immediate terminations when compliance with ordinary standards of documentation and communication are not required? Sandy would demonstrate extreme disrespect when she constantly told all the lies that I constantly documented in the audit tracker. She showed disrespect both by lying and in her expectation that her obvious lies would fool me. It is likely that her expectation to get away with these lies in the long term is closely connected to the "workflow" of Rob's nintex script. When I brought these issues to Rod's attention he told me that I can't write that because then someone is going to come ask him about it. Rod exercized no oversight over Sandy and he was her subordinate in my workflow.

I know everyone complains that their coworkers are stupid but if the emails become public it will be obvious that the egregiously unprofessional tone of the feigned brain damage and/or illiteracy of my coworkers far exceeds my ordinary, healthy male behaviors. I am constantly criticized for my tone in the office but the tone of illiteracy assumed by my coworkers is apparently fine. I take it as extreme disrespect when my coworkers expect me to believe that they are unable to read. This is how managers undercut my arguments to which they have no rational rebuttal; they pull rank by threatening my money with their verbal reprimand, "Watch your tone." I am done playing that. You watch my tone.

The earliest Exide issues I worked on were already several months old on my first day at Exide. They were old enough to have started while I was still at LexisNexis. Sandy quickly rolled these first issues into new issues and it wasn't until I had been there for a few months that I went and looked at the audit tracker for the original scope docs. The issues that were open and assigned to me when I first started were never resolved while I was at Exide. I wanted to find the scope documents because I was tired of Sandy always telling me what the scope was but then telling me it was different. It was obvious they were giving me absolutely nothing to do and that I was only in the office for them to harass me and to perhaps attach my name to something I would not want it attached to. I went back and the oldest docs on the project looked like scope docs from food bank. There were fields, ostensibly related to returned batteries, that said that "customer abuse" and "not analyzed" and other things that seemed to confirm what I had already suspected about the TNA and INA reports.

We met the client at the food bank and I got there plenty early. I waited in the parking lot for my coworkers to to arrive but I didn't see them so I went into the lobby where they were sitting. My boss Cliff, who was evil, unlike my supervisor Chris who was pretty cool, gave me a dirty look because he didn't know I had been waiting out front. Chris gave me the old, "Dig around in the system," when I asked what to do. Here I will go off on a tangent. Sometimes they say to have a look at the code and see if it does what it's supposed to do. I hate that instruction because if I read the code the only thing I can take away from reading it is what the code says. If the code is wrong you need to give me the project scope so that I can compare what the code is actually coded to do against what it is supposed to do. This argument seemed to mystify everyone I made it to at any office I worked in and there was always a withholding until the last minute of the project scope. This has nothing to do with Chris, Chris notably never gave me any stupid instructions and seemed pretty locked on about how SDLC should be, and also that there is no need to give me fool's errands to keep me busy. I do not enjoy fool's errands. This means I could have been daydreaming about math a lot instead of constantly redoing the same thing over and over until the deadline where I do what I would have done if they hadn't told me the wrong thing to begin with.

Cliff put me on the spot to develop an SSIS ETL job in one hour. Clinton's friend Aaron Schauble, not to be confused with Bull Shaw, has a physical therapy practice. I had already hurt my wrist doing tabata burpees on a hard floor and then Leozão cranked my wrist and popped it pretty well from the bottom when I was trying to pass his half guard by grabbing his collar and stuffing the leg. Then my wrist hurt for like a year before I went to the PT and it got better real fast after that. Aaron wasn't there and Clinton said Keaton Kramer was a good PT in Aaron's office so I went and he mobilized my wrist. He chatted me up and I mentioned how nice my career had been going since I improved my resume with a lot of buzzwords. I think the people in the office are in the same network with Cliff and got word to him about my career strategy. Then when I went back Keaton was making a weird motion with his thumb when he was mobilizing my wrist and I got a wart there the next day. I wonder if Keaton Kramer attacked me with a biological weapon while I paid him to mobilize my wrist. That time we chatted about the power outage at the airport. I think Cliff gave me this aggressive diagnostic assessment because someone in Aaron's office reported what I said about my resume and thereafter word came to Cliff, likely via the Church of Scientology.

Cliff put me on the spot to develop the basic ETL job in one hour in SSIS which I had never used before. I googled it and did it, and I demonstrated that I was able to check the compiler log to iteratively solve all the things that were buggy. I think Cliff and Chris were watching my screen in the other room. I finished and built the job to successful compilation in about 50 minutes. Cliff came to my desk and was like, "Oh well!!! I think I have enough here good bye!" He was really crabby about it. Chris smiled and was impressed that I did it in 50 minutes. Note well, I had upgraded my resume to reflect my honest skills, strengths, and abilities. That night after Cliff put me on the spot this guy got arrested and I thought I should attend his trial to see if it was actually Cliff. The faces were very similar.

One of the issues in the Salesforce migration at North Highland was that sometimes they can put international data into domestic data tables by writing country names into [COUNTY] fields. This also came up during the Salesforce migration at Exide. It was clear that we had international data with state names like "MEX" and when I told Tim about the [COUNTY] field I saw a little lightbulb go off above his head. When I first started at Exide Tim made an odd comment to me, "I saw the whole thing." I took that to mean that he saw things I am still waiting to find out about that were happening in the spaces around my life.

This is post is about my time at Exide. The recruiter who got me the job told me that his boss was the CEO's brother and that they hooked me up. In hindsight I do not feel like they hooked me up, quite the opposite in fact. I plan to destroy the Church/Synagogue of Satan so I do not see any value in learning how to work and play nice with Satanists. Like I said a few times, when Rod opened the door it was immediately obvious that he was a Steve lookalike but some people just a look alike. If I was going to have beg for money not liking the guy's face wasn't going to be a big problem for me. I had to come for a second interview with John Radzikinas. He seemed evil and was using his psychic, psychotronic, and/or psychological techniques on me during the interview. This second interview was further confirmation for me that I was not in the right place at Exide. John's techniques were the same techniques I grew to hate at LexisNexis.

The people at LexisNexis would pester me unceasingly. Be it a Monday, the workers a few cubicles over would call out to me what I did on the weekend, even if it was completely within the privacy of my own home. When they would catch my attention they would all start cackling, "Ooooohhhh yeah girl. He listening!" I guess they have a meter that will tell them when they catch my attention by repeating the private details of my life to me that they should have no way of knowing. This never stopped at LexisNexis and I will go back and select the hecklers for inquisitive processes. One thing Bob Foreman would do during the three week ECL class at LN was to start waving his finger around such that the motions of his fingertip became jarring to my internal equilibrium. Then he would shake his head disapprovingly like I failed the test. John Radzikinas did the same finger trick and shook his head in the same diapproving way during the second interview at LexisNexis. If they wanted to me resist whatever they were doing, they should have said, "See if you can resist this thing I am doing." After the interview with John, Tim brought me from John's office to Rod's office where he sat at the desk and intimated to me that he was the real boss, or he was the one "hooking me up" with the job. I would later find out that Sandy was the real boss and no one had hooked me up with anything that I wanted. My coworkers at Exide would my pester me with comments about my personal life in the same way as the people at LexisNexis had. I am glad they did this because if they hadn't I might not have known that their families should be exterminated.

When I got to Exide on my first day of work Sandy had a giant note on the whiteboard in her cubicle. It was raised so that the giant note written in blue marker was visible to the entire bank of cubicles. It said, "Send M3," and had what looked like a bunch of account numbers written underneath. None of the information on her whiteboard was formatted to be consistent with anything in the work flow that I saw at Exide. I saw no names of database objects or report objects. I think it was the information for the contract for my assassination and that Sandy, Rod, and Co. were trying to murder me.

I sat next to this other guy Rob Webb. I thought that was a fake name because our office was on Webb Road. Rob was the Sharepoint administrator. I uploaded many reports to sharepoint for daily automated email distribution. Many times Rob would use his administrator level privileges to change the properties of my reports. After I had caught onto his little tricks I eventually caught him having updated my report by using his admin sneakiness to not update the "last modified by" report metadata. After that time Exide's internal clients thought they were downloading the report I developed because it said it was last modified by me but it was actually last modified by Rob. Rob looks like a sickly Jewish Tim Newport and it is likely he and Tim are in league. After I had been there for a while and emailed their database to the guy they weren't giving it to, Rob added a strange note to his profile in Lync messenger. It said that he was having problems with his nintex script and it was not loading like normal but he needed it "for the workflow." I think the nintex script, or the Ninja Tech script, is for murder. Someone came to Rob's desk to ask what he needed help with script for and was asking very vaguely. I thought that guy was probably my friend trying to get Rob to say something stupid.

At first when I got to Exide Rod and Tim were having me always wait for Stefan, who was an off-site employee in Paris. I think this was a persona played by people in Atlanta such as Steve and Joey Collins. It was obvious that Stefan was giving the me the run around like Jesse had while I was at LexisNexis. I started sending thorough emails to Stefan to avoid the problems I had seen at LexisNexis, and right after that I stopped hearing about Stefan or having to ask him for anything. When I started Stefan was my point of contact for many things but once I started demanding correct rather than incorrect technical specifications in Stefan's emails, then my point of contact became Tim and/or Sandy. This person's name was Stefan Valere but when I did Outlook's "check names" for Stefan there was no Stefan Valere in the system. There was a Stefan Molyneaux but I did not interact with him.

Here is an important point: I have sent large datasets to internal clients at several companies. I think Exide hired me to do this again, except to send a wrong data set. I was never in Exide's PROD system which runs in SQL 2005. The data I sent at Exide was from a SQL 2008 system which I doubt was even their QA system. I think they understood my efficient ETL protocols and hired me at Exide to use my standard protocols to send wrong data. This would be very easy to orchestrate because I do uniformly conform to standard ETL protocols.

One day Rob invited to me an office party in the cubicle right next to mine. He was telling us about his new son whom he called "Bit Bit," "Baby Bit," "Bitty Baby," "Baby Bot," etc. He really liked "B" and I think he chose his fake last name Webb because it says "We BB." When he concluded this long string of BB names for his baby, who hopefully is not grown from me, he said, "...or as a certain person calls him: Malcore." He looked right at me when he said as if I was the one calling his son Malcore and he also mentioned that his family had just met with the congressman at the country club. Although Rob was well aware of my intention to smash his new son's head against the ground he said to me one day, "Wanna see a picture of my son?" I said no and he stuck his camera over the barrier into my cubicle. I think the photo was not his baby but my sister Erin's baby.

Erin's baby is very recognizable. She named it some name with characters from a non-standard character set so that translated to English the baby's name is "From Helene Granule." In my previous post I mentioned that the Zika-associated microcephaly is, in my opinion, due to gene editing and I believe Erin's baby is also the product of gene editing. I was able to easily recognize the baby's gargoyle-like features in the picture Rob showed me. However, as there were many Zika babies maybe there are many gargoyle babies too. I think Erin's naming her baby "From Helene Granule" is reference to her being under the ultimate influence of Helene through the cult she has joined, and that Helene's granule is the unnatural DNA in my father's grandchild.

The Exide office is in the same little office park with Milton city hall and also the Milton police department. Halfway through my office we moved into the police's building and there were several doors that I could not open. I believe one or more of them may have opened on the way downstairs in what was supposedly a single story building. When I began seeing that "quick run down" meme I felt that when I was in the office I was always a hair's breadth away from being hooded and dragged into Exide's dungeon in a "quick run down" action, and they were just keeping me there should the balance of power ever tilt back their favor where they felt like they could get away with doing that to me, their King.

The entire data system is a farce at Exide. Their data cubes are populated through multiply layered views and source tables linking to views in different schemas and databases. There is no referential integrity constraint. I believe the system I was working on was pure fraud designed to impede the efforts of Exide's auditors with unreasonably complex data linkages that do not even link to relational source data. This is a great way to get auditors to waste time when they track down data linkages that didn't originate in a relational data set. That is a fool's errand. One day in the break room one of the other workers from another department was saying to me, "Yeah well it seems like if we're running a business and we add up all the numbers over here, and then we add up all the numbers over there then everything should balance out." I said, "That's only true if you're using a relational data set," and he was VERY surprised to hear that the data was non-relational. He had been trying to sift through the cube assuming that at some level under all the complexity it must make sense, but that was a faulty assumption. Who knows how many months or years he had barking up the wrong tree. I told him that if the data had to be relational then Sandy's job wouldn't work any more. I left the break room to see Rod marching down the row right toward us. That was the only time I ever saw him there and I expect he was hearing me inform his auditor that the data was not relational.

Sandy Bushey's job, in conjunction with Jean Krainik and others I'm sure, is to make Exide's data non-relational. If Exide chose to adhere to even the weakest standards of SDLC best practices then Sandy's job would have to go away immediately. However, Exide makes no effort to conform to any SDLC best practices and everything, including the architecture of their cube systems, is non-standard. It must be noted that the business value of these data structures, when they are not fraudulent, is derived almost entirely through their standardization. Having Exide's internal customers' data requests pulled from the cubes I saw is a way to easily give whatever fake data you want to give those customers. Since there is no consistent dataset due to the lack of any integrity constraint, any time the customer second guesses data the people in the business intelligence department (where I worked) can say, "Yeah you're right there's a problem over here let me fix it." Then they just send fake data that fixes the issue that got raised.

As an example of how stupid it is at Exide, consider the task that I worked on that led to me emailing the other guy the whole database. They were migrating from SQL to salesforce but they had to set up some big thing. I suggested the ODBC connector (or whatever) as a way to connect SQL and Salesforce but they said no and I should do it how Sandy was suggesting. We worked on this for a month or more and the resolution was that I downloaded the data from SQL, loaded it into Excel, and then sent the Excel files via email. That month of work could have been accomplished in 10 minutes with the ODBC connector, but then Sandy wouldn't have had that extra month to build the latest iteration of the parallelized fraud channel that Salesforce was being introduced to close.

One night I made a comment on Twitter about Helene being malicious and then one of the malicious office workers, a woman, said to me in the morning, "Oh his mom is making him clean up trash." Rod may dress as this woman, and even Joey may have worn that costume one day. In a meeting Rod and Tim were talking to me about how they both "cum from both sides" and then everyone started using the "building material" phase that Rod brought up in that meeting. In another meeting Tim said that Joelle gives him front all the time, and I took that to me that Rod is getting the back. This is very frustrating that they wave it in my face but will not give it to me. One day when I came out the bathroom Tim and Joelle were lying in wait and she stuck a Star Wars lunch box in my face. It was irritating that she views me as that guy who is sexually aroused by star wars. I see that guy post all over the internet but that is not me sweetie. I felt like she was offering to let me go down on her. She must have answered, "Yeah," to my imagined, "No" about a dozen times. Her insistence was remarkable. I was adverse because of the lunch box and also because if she is the office prostitute then I didn't think that is good first service to offer. The lunch box pissed me off because she was basically calling me a man-child while giving who knows what to Rod and Tim who are on shit tier compared to me. However, I am sure they have their acolytes convinced that they are very important manly men. I never received instructions about how to schedule time with Joelle, she just stuck that fucking lunch box in my face when Tim herded her in front of me.

Another thing was the technical lead analysis. This had to do with batteries supposedly and it came up in almost every meeting. I think the technical lead analysis is the option for killing (with lead bullets) that I am now totally committed to. Dave said to Sandy regarding this one, "That's just between me and you." Dave gave me several offensive SQL diagnostic skill assessments. They were so fucking simple. I was HIGHLY offended that even in 2016 people were still convinced that this writer's brain don't work good, and that I'll get turned on by Star Wars, and that if they bullshit me with unclear speaking then I will be too confused to catch them in their lies in mywritten follow ups. How do so many people get me so wrong? We were talking about the technical lead analysis one day, and lead was pronounced like the metal. Then Rod, seemingly out of nowhere made a contrary comment calling it the technical lead analysis with lead pronounced the other way as if to say that they still have a technical lead in whatever race the lead analysis was related to.

Cindy Bynum was a coworker who was wearing masks. Sometimes her face was like three inches in front of where it should be and she was the tag along of the girl who said "Oh his mom is making him clean up trash." Merkel may have appeared dressed as this garbage woman one day, and if Putin came as Rod, then certainly Merkel did too. Merkel looks a lot like Rod. Erin may have also dressed as the one that could have been Merkel. I really hated that one. She is evil. She was pestering with me her psychic powers, elementary concepts of agitative psychology, or array of psychotronic devices very frequently. Merkel may have dressed as Rod, and Putin may have come Exide as Rod and also to Alliance as Jacaré. I thought one day that Trump came as Dave Morrison but now I think it was the man I saw in Kathleen on the day after Christmas. The eyes were very distinctive, and Joe and Trump have similar eyes. I had become recently accustomed to the smaller of the two or men I know as Joe and Dave was very large. However, the man I saw the day after Christmas was much larger that the other one and I think that man came to Exide wearing the Dave costume.

What else... Stuart Aspey seemed like a fake name, and I assume Debbie Bautz (Bots) is the person or knows the person who calls me schizophrenic when I post about my research. The emoji "XD" associated with "le schizo vixra may mays XD" seems to be the signature of Exide's bot farm. Also, hearkening back to Nexidia I thought that Lee Duh's job there was to make social media posts under various sock puppet personae.

Sandy always lied. One of the main objects was the XDMCU (MCU means business unit) but it took me weeks of asking Sandy dozens of times to get her to clarify betweem XDMCU, STMCU, SDEMCU. and SDMCU. Notice how all of these sound exactly the same. This is phonetic ambiguity so they can always say the wrong thing and then later just say that you heard them wrong. (Keep in mind that Nexidia has the technology to to search for text strings in audio recordings so chronic wrong-speaking will be a tactic against that kind of analysis.) No one ever asking for clarification is the keystone in their fraud system. They will assume, "Oh Sandy must have meant STEMCU," but why would anyone ever give that liar the benefit of the doubt when all she does is lie, and every single meeting is about, "Oh what Sandy said at the last meeting was wrong." Who knows how long they had been keeping up the farce that someone other than Sandy was the boss. I want to be real clear: where I was working Sandy was the boss. There is no question. She says whatever she wants and no one calls her on it and I suppose that was why Dave was so keen to move forward with the technical lead analysis. One morning before a meeting Tim and I were chatting. I was complaining that offices require college degrees because they want employees who can write in complete sentences so what was Sandy's problem. He told me that was a low blow and that I wouldn't believe how high in their organization Sandy was. I didn't think it was a low blow. Write in complete sentences you cretinous wench.

One of the main things I worked on was an update to some report that had fields "Facility Type," "Facility Classification," and similar but no one's data was making sense down stream. (The three star general of the Army in charge of underground facilities has come to Alliance in Dunwoody several times and his assistant came to my black belt ceremony. Jacaré was a founder the Army's combatives program at Ft Benning so the pretty much the whole Army is in the Alliance jiu jitsu association now.) I worked on the report and I noticed the fields in the report were not the fields in the project document. I took a screenshot and asked Sandy if the obvious fact that the wrong fields were linked to the display in the report should have failed one of her test cases. She started to act like she didn't understand English. I raised the issue in the meeting and Rod pulled up my obvious screenshot on the monitor on his desk. He and I both asked her if it should have failed her test cases and she would not answer. We spent five to ten minutes where Sandy would just not use English in the standard way. Rod asked her over a dozen times, she never answered and Rod was fine with that, and we just started talking about something else.

This was a theme in every corporate office I worked in. People are gaming the office etiquette that I can't say, "Stop changing the subject Witch! Answer my simple question." They just keep changning the subject until the meeting ends or until my tone of making merepeat myself five hundred times becomes irritated. At that point instead of changing the subject to some irrelevant technical detail they can change the subject to my unprofessional tone. I think the tone they use when they ignore my simple questions dozens of times in a row is the real unprofessional tone and it is very disrepectful to pretend like you don't understand English. I will destroy corporate culture.

Regarding the facilities in these problematic reports, I explained that everything I had done for weeks came down to Sandy telling me the wrong field names. After that I began asking for her test cases so that I could verify my own work but she never sent them. Rod never asked her to do it. The reason I wanted her test cases was as follows. If I had her test cases while she was telling lies in the meeting then I could make a stronger argument than just calling her a liar and supporting it with my own documentation. It would be better to call her a liar with her own documents and she never produced them. Everything at Exide that should have been written was verbal, and then he-said/she-said was the main topic of every meeting. I bet Sandy's test cases don't exist and they just keep making revisions until the downstream customer gives up and gets as little data as Sandy and Jean could send them.

Everything data related at Exide is not standard and if you want to get the answers I suggest torturing any of the group members; they are all in on the lie and I bet most of them would immediately collapse under the threat of immediate violence. This is very important: casuistry is a powerful tool in IT. Very many times I have seen people give vague answers and then the other person never asks for clarification and just assumes they will be able to figure it out later. Don't give people the benefit of the doubt. If they are using sneaky language it is because they know exactly what you want but don't want you to have it; don't assume in good faith that the vagueness is simply due to the ignorance of the speaker. Assume bad faith. Don't trust, only verify. There is no burden to efficient communication, if they are being unspecific it is because they are lying or incompetent and in either case you should get them out of that role. This was a theme everywhere that there was one set of written instructions somewhere but then the real instructions were always given verbally in meetings so that there was no accountability for people giving wrong instructions on purpose.

Exide was terrible about the verbal instructions. Above I mentioned several of the business unit names and there was another one. They had just converted [DimBusinessUnit] to [DimBusinessUnits] (with an S) but there was no effort to be clear about which was which when everyone would mumble and misspeak the end of the word so that people were always getting sent off in the wrong directions. In one meeting when I was calling Sandy on her bastardly evasiveness Rod said, "Well Sandy you have to remember why we made these changes to begin with." He was talking about the changes that made every object in their data system have two or three other objects whose name might differ by one letter but is phonetically identical when the speaker doesn't make a particular effort to enunciate the unique part of the name. Rod made his comment as if he was agreeing with me that Sandy should stop fucking it up but I think what he meant was that she should remember that they did that to hide their fraud and that she better not help me unfuck that fraud.

One day I came in and Steve or a Steve lookalike was sitting at Rod's desk. The man was much larger than Rod who is small but the face was the same. During the meeting the creepy woman who made the comment about Helene making me pick up garbage was walking down the hill looking at me through the window. When I sat down that day I immediately noticed that it was not Rod at Rod's desk. I looked out the door of his office and there was some weirdo staring at me but he immediately ducked behind a cubicle. This may have been the Secret Service officer who walked next to Trump during the inauguration. As I was getting off on exit 11 from 400 that morning someone had parked next to the off ramp. When I drove by they released some kind of horrible energy but it bounced off of me. It may have been the essence of two squirrels that had been tortured so strongly that they became disembodied. The meeting with Steve was about five minutes after that and I think they meant to use that squirrel energy to make me uncomfortable going in so that Steve could act like he caused the discomfort that was really caused by the squirrels. I have no idea what they were doing on exit 11 northbound that morning but I clearly saw some wraith-like appartition flash in the extreme periphery of my vision. Notably the energy was brown but usually those flashes in my extreme peripheral vision are black or white. This energy was distinctly brown and then five minutes later I sat down in front of "Steve."

Steve gave me his creepy stare, which is very creepy, but I didn't let it bother me. Sandy was in the office and she was also pretending like this person was Rod. I was pretending it was Rod because of the money begging situation I had gotten myself into. Steve saw that I was unphased by his stare. He experienced strong tremors in his hands as he retreated from his attempt to intimidate me with a scary look. I do not understand how so many people could have taken the wrong measure of me where they think Steve's face will scare me, or where a Star Wars lunch box is going to arouse my interest, or that Dave's kindergarden SQL tests are good gauge of my technical expertise. You have the wrong man with that stupid nonsense. I say this may have been a Steve lookalike because the wrinkles on his face didn't quite look right. Steve may have had plastic surgery to impersonate "Sean" who just came to the office from Ireland as the new CTO. Then he may have had someone else get plastic surgery to look like old Steve.

In one meeting with Tim, Sandy, Rod, and I we talked about SP's and Sandy tried to say I was an SP but Tim said, "Not in the cube he's not." No one said "suppressive person" and I had not heard the acronym SP before that in any context related to Exide, but I felt like they were saying I had been labelled a suppressive person but not in the underlying data system. Also, I was wondering if Satan was somehow the root word of the word Scientology but now I am speculating that Scientology may be the root word behind the word Satan. Since there are two adjacent vowel sounds in "Scien" followed by a "T" it is easy to envision an extra "T" being inserted between those vowels over time so that it becomes Satantology. Satantology: "Don't have thoughts, you might notice our lies. Instead of thinking, be very quiet and see if you can hear us lie."

In January I saw something disturbing 4chan. Someone had octupus tattoos all over their body and had ripped open their scrotum. Some other man was having intercourse with flesh that was exposed through the ripped open scrotum and it had very strong Emily memes all over it. It was disturbing to me. The image was independently disturbing but the ether memes in the background were extremely disturbing. I also read a story about someone selling slaves on the darknet. They said they would blind them and mutilate them but you could still get them pregnant and I wondered if that was the kind of thing Exide was selling as a battery. These memes were very disturbing and then Trump got elected but did not return the support I had lent him during his campaign. Sandy said to me, "Yo Momma don't work in this office boy." Months earlier she and Tim had both made comments that they were not able to identify my parents in their systems and that it was probably because they work in that office. By "work in that office" I think they meant that they are agents of the cartel whose corporate front includes Exide. Following Sandy's January comment, I immediately honed in on an Indian woman as a likely Helene lookalike and then a Laura Kershaw look alike walked by. Seeing that I had gone full circle back the bullshit from Elavon, I quit right then.

One time when my friends and I went to a jiu jitsu tournament in LA it came to be that Steve and Joey were staying in the same hotel as me. I was going to ride to the venue with them and Steve told me how he had hip surgery and the doctor said there was going to be one little scar but he ended up with a giant long scar. Joey was near the door behind me and Steve was near the bed. He pulled his pants down a little on the side so I could see the long colorful scar. Around the time I was quitting Exide I was talking about how maybe the person at Rod's desk wasn't Steve, but that Steve was now Sean the CTO from Ireland. I said the person that I know as Steve has this very distinguishing scar and then this other story came out about the head of the Russian cyber unit. Mikhailov was arrested during a meeting with other FSB officers in Moscow, and was taken from the room with a sack over his head.

Steve had told me that in the group of people he plays poker with there is one guy who does something for the government that's so secret he can't even talk about it. This other article connects the FSB event to the DNC emails that I mentioned in my previous post:

Whether or not their cases have anything to do with the Russia's involvement in the hacks targeting the US 2016 elections remainnclear. Fancy Bear, the group named by US cybersecurity companies as being behind the hacking and leaking of damaging emails from top DNC officials, has been tied back to the GRU, Russia's main foreign intelligence agency. Cozy Bear, a group also believed to have been within the DNC's system, has been linked to the FSB.

It was around this time I first became aware of Bogoff. I saw this picture of this guy with a deformed face and he reminded me of the devil from Rosemary's baby. This was not one of the Bogoffs but someone else with a weird face like that. My sister's baby looked like this person. I suspected that the complete story behind Erin naming her baby "From Helene Granule" was not too unlike the story from Rosemary's baby. In the photo the weird looking man had a much younger looking weird man next to him. The younger one looked like me and I wonder if this deformed man had already grown a child from me many years ago. Then after this I started seeing the Bogoff memes with their "quick run down" thing. I recognize the Bogoff's faces as people that I know and the grotesque features of the Bogoff photos seem to be the meme of this other groteque person I saw standning next to a younger grotesque person that looked a little like me.

My belief is that Exide is a front for a human trafficking cartel. These activities are facilitated when the same people play different personae in the office at Exide and down at farmer's market in Forest Park where the Collins' business is headquartered. The delivery routes were very important at Exide and I expect that is where they deliver both drugs and batteries. Batteries may be used to power off the grid torture chanmbers. We had two big reports at Exide: the TNA report and the INA report. TNA is already a well known acronym and I think that report had to do with the activities of the cartel related to selling sex. The other report, INA, stood for industrial something and I think that reprt has to do with the activities of the cartel selling slaves and torture.

I have skipped the post about my brief time at North Highland and I will make that post next. It is important because some of the oddly formatted documents I saw at North Highland looked just like some similar documents I saw at Exide. One such document was supposedly about battery diagnostics but it had fields like "customer abuse" and "not analyzed" that seemed very sexual. When I make the North Highland post I will also state the connections to Exide.

In the cartoon One Punch Man, Saitama destroys the House of Evolution in one quick blow. I think this based on the real events that unfolded when I posted the map of the FEMA site. I think they were making medical abominations there and at Exide I felt like the FEMA site was one of the "facilites" that was in the report Sandy was fucking up. In the meeting one morning Tim was calling in from somewhere and he said, "I just make whatever they tell me." It seemed like he was saying that he just does whatever torture or splicing they tell him to. The facility in One Punch Man was called the House of Evolution and the main database we used at Exide was called Evolution. I saw a picture of what looked like a seal grafted onto a person whose arms were sticking out and I got the impression that this was the sort of thing that Exide does at the FEMA site.

The fat ugly blond woman. This is the one who made the comment to me that the unending harassments I was enduring in their office were the product of Helene sending me to go pick up garbage. In addition to constant comments about my personal life that my coworkers should have had no way of knowing, they were constantly putting psychotronic or psychic pressure on me. The fat ugly blonde persona sat in a whole bank of other people who would do that to me and tell me about my private life but she was the worst one. It was very uncomfortable and none of them will survive. Their people will perish. I think Jared Kushner came in dressed as one of the members of that group one day. Jared reminds me very much of Clinton Gouveia whose family owns a produce business in South Africa just like the one Collins owns in Atlanta. Obviously the produce business is a natual home for human trafficking I wonder if there is some connection between Jared and Clinton, and between the produce businesses in Atlanta and South Africa. I read somewhere that a lot of Europe's cocaine travels through South Africa. Furthermore I wonder if there is a connection between Sandy Bushey's fake initials and the Polish intelligence service SB.

I put the image at the top of this post because I think they were selling the human trafficking victims as blood bags (batteries). Certainly many victims were tortured or used as sex slaves but I think an important market is old women who want to drink the young people's blood for its rejuvenative effects. At Exide they were always talking about sending the batteries to the smelter and I think that was a code word for getting rid of the bodies. To end this post I will say that I had Mr. Coffee coffemakers at home and on my desk at Exide. The glass vessel at Exide quickly became stained brown and I suspect they put something in my coffee. I used the same brand of coffee at home and my coffee pot did not become stained. I noticed after leaving Exide that my teeth seemed slighlty stained. One morning I noticed Sandy waving her hand with her big gaudy ring over my coffee and I suspected poison. That evening I felt a cold sore forming and I went to urgent care to get some anti-viral medicine. I was able to stop that outbreak but then they got me with something else a few days later. I became ill with the same didease that Helene had poisoned me with years earlier. One time after she visited Atlanta I became horribly sick and she made a comment about how Laura had become horribly sick after the last time Helene visited her. However, when I was poisoned with that same virus later at Exide my body handled it a lot better and it was not as painful as it had been the first time.

On my last trip to visit Helene I suspect she attacked me with yet another biological weapon. I got a cold sore the week before I went to AZ and I think that was actually an innoculation against what Helene was planning. When I got there I quickly got a powerfully runny nose with lots of clear fluids. I recognized the onset of viral symptoms but since I had just had a cold sore the virus that Helene gave me did not work as expected. On the second or third morning of that trip Helene was asking me how I was feeling and it was obvious she was disappointed that I was feeling fine. She pointed to the small remnant of the blister in the corner of my mouth and asked what it was. She knew full well what it was and sneered when I told her that my lips were chapped. There was an understanding that someone had leaked her intent to poison me and had protected me by inducing the lesser blister while I was still in Georgia. Helene obviously didn't want to kill me, she just likes to see me weakened and in pain. It's probably part of her cuckold fetish and I am most concerned that Helene was dressing up as Emily to have sex with me. When I went to Ben Gurion and the guard there who looked like Helene was telling me that he had been coming to the US to have sex with me dressed as a woman named Darlene, I thought the Israeli agent was actually Helene admitting what she did backhandedly. She may have been able to fulfil some requirement of admission of her crimes by saying that she told me what she did while not admitting that she was costumed as a man while she did it. Since no one would have the authority to unmask her, and the name Darlene would be obscurred to protect the privacy of US persons, no one would know that I would have had no way to know what she was talking about or that she didn't actually tell me the real truth. What obligation is she under to confess to me when she is allowed to do it wearing a costume and referring to some Darlene. I have never been with a woman named Darlene.

I am unemployed. I have no business concerns of any sort. I saw this article on Drudge this morning and the meminess irritated me. This article seems like it has a lot of memes in it. After I had tried to fly to Israel two times I was speculating that the conspiracy at Exide blocked me. Rod sent me an ether meme that was like, "Well you're still employed here until you come fill out your termination paperwork." Fuck you Rod, I will prove you wrong. I went to get my termination letter off of my google drive just now but strangely I couldn't find it. Luckily I have been carrying it with me as well.

I am totally unemployed. I had no other job when Exide hired me and I quit in January at which time I was completely devoid of employment in any specific or technical sense, and certainly in the general sense. I have no job. I do not have any coworkers. I have no income. All the people who heckle me constantly may be at work and they may believe that they are justified in their unending harassments because I am, in their minds, at work in the permanent role of hecklee. If they believe this, or any variant that involves me being something other than completely unemployed with no business interests of any sort, then they are wrong and I will demonstrate this to them with reason or violence. If they do it for some other reason then I will also use reason or violence to make them stop. I do not care what they believe. I care what they do.

The critical reader might theorize that it is impossible to prove someone wrong with violence. However, rhetoric is a triangle so there is always a parallel argument not based on logos and it is always reasonable to carry out a realistic appraisal of all possible argumentative strategies.

LexisNexis supposedly has a proprietary computing technology HPCC and they have a proprietary language that they use ECL, and they have a custom ECL IDE for coding and compiling ECL on many vast arrays of HPCC servers. I think their naming their language ECL is to capitalize on E=5, C=3, so that their language isn't Enterprise Computing Language; it's 53-language. When I pointed out to my coworker Jim that the affluenza kid, Ethan Crouch, had those same initials it seemed to momentarily blow his mind. That was around the time Ethan got found in Mexico with his hair dyed black where I assume he and his mother had been illegally repping my numbers internationally. His mother reminded me of Rebekah Brooks of the Fox News phone hacking scandal.

To understand my opinion of LexisNexis one must have seen that movie about Robert Hanssen where the CIA set up an entire fake office for Hanssen to work in while they investigated him. In my opinion, ECL is a stupid useless language since SQL already exists and I doubt HPCC is even a real technology. The ECL IDE was a master class in poor UI design. I got forced on one day to go to a class about the IDE. They were demonstrating some stupid useless feature and Tim, who I hate and will kill if I take over the government, kept being a brown noser asking questions over and over about this stupid useless feature that the class was about. At that time I realized that the real purpose of the class of was to see who is stupid enough to take the IDE seriously and I made a comment to that effect in my imagination. The guy who was giving the class was doing it remotely through a projector and he agreed with me. While Tim was being stupid as fuck running his mouth I imagined myself saying, "You can't be fucking serious," and although he had been speaking through the projector to Tim, at that time he interjected, "No clearly no." Obviously the speaker was backhandedly agreeing with me while continuing to entertain Tim's idiocy. They were running the brain scanner a lot and I hated that. LexisNexis is some kind of incubator for larval and nymph stage satanists. I have said that I think that name LexisNexis comes from an earlier designation of the organization as Lex's Nexus

Since I think ECL and HPCC are bullshit, I should say that I think LexisNexis' business model is to sell the data that the NSA illegally collects. There was a small bank of computers off of the main hallway that were not normal workstations. There was one guy particularly in there who gave me a bad feeling because he looked just like Steve Collins but shorter and with wavy gray hair. This may have been Rod in disguise. This man always wore a blue collar shirt and blue jeans and I suspect that bank of workstations was used for listening to illegal surveillance. Each station had a nice set of headphones. This man who looked like Steve followed me into the breakroom to watch me make my coffee one day. Though I had just put my new container of half and half in there a few days earlier, this man's gaze made me uncomfortable so I sniffed my creamer. It was nasty and I think that guy did something to it and then wanted to film me drinking it with his camera eye, or his camera glasses, or his camera contact lenses, or his camera phone with the aperture peaking just over the top of his shirt pocket.

My first three weeks at Lex's Nexus were in a class to learn ECL with Bob Foreman who I expect was using an alias because "Double B 4-man" doesn't seem like a real name. He was always going on and on about how great David Bayliss was and that if we ever heard David Bayliss' voice we should instantly recognize it based off of his recorded instructions that we listened to in class. Furthermore Bob could imitate David's unusual accent perfectly and it is likely that Bob is David. Furthermore based off that person I saw at LA Fitness after Hillary lost I would say that Bob, who once referred to himself in class as a Nordic prince, is a bald man and was wearing a wig while he always kept one eye halfway shut during these three weeks. One day in class my fellow new hire, Jim Farbolin, who was likely an FBI agent, made the tiny penis sign to Bob very prominently when he was asking a question and Bob responded not to the question but to the tiny penis hand sign, "Yes! You got it. That's it," as if to tell Jim that making the tiny penis hand sign is the key to success at LexisNexis. It was very popular there and this was before I made those posts about Sheryl Sandberg and Marisa Mayer always making the tiny penis sign in all their pictures. Since I chronicled those events I have seen that sign a lot less. When I google imaged those two executives at the time of my earlier posts they were making it in almost every photo and now it is hard to find even one such photo.

After the class was over I went to my normal cubicle which was right next to someone who was the spitting image of Julian Assange. The guy's name was Don and one day after I had been there many months I was watching a YouTube video of the Heaven's Gate cult leader. I was struck by how much the guy's mannerisms and way of speaking seemed just liked Don, and that he looked not too unlike Don. When the video was over, it was only about 15 minutes, I imagined myself saying, "Damn Don that guy is just like you," and Don immediately responded aloud over the cubicle barrier in a creepy yet funny tone, "MMMMMMMyyyyyyeeeeeezzzzzzz!" How did Don know what I was imagining and how did he know what I had been watching? While I was working there he said his grandson was born in Florida and they named him Roman Alexander so I will have to go back and check if they used my sperm. I have very much daydreamed about impregnating thousands or millions of women but my intention was always to do that with the women of my choosing and after I take over the top leadership position. I am concerned that someone (Carlos) is trying to say that they are doing God's will by picking and choosing from my imaginings and implementing them with their own flavors. That may be someone's insane cuckold fantasy to impregnate vasts swathes of women with my sperm while denying me the ladylike affections that would normally go hand in hand with the impregnations.

The Zika story came out while I was at LexisNexis. Jacaré is from Recife and that was the area impacted most directly with the deformed babies that got blamed on Zika. It was completely obvious to me, even with my rudimentary understanding of epidemiology, that the birth defects were not caused by Zika. At the time I suspected poison as a likely retaliation against Jacaré for helping me so much. Now I wonder if Carlos was stealing my sperm to grow a batch of babies from me among his relatives around his hometown but someone messed up the DNA. This someone could be Helene if this was all part of her cuckold fantasy, and also the Bogoff are reputed to be in charge of all earthly DNA editting so perhaps Helene or Bogoff poisoned the families in Recife with gene editted sperm. Furthermore, I am not sure how Joe and Jenna fit into all of this because we were out of touch for a long time and I was not receiving many memes from them. I am really concerned about this and it is my intention to kill every baby that was grown from me in this fashion. My plan was to have lots of babies with the women of my choosing, not Carlos', Helene's, Joe's, or anyone's choosing but mine and mine alone. I will decide who the Children of God are; no one will interfere. After envisioning various scenarios of large scale artificial insemination schemes I also planned to impregnate these women via direct deposit and not via whatever cuckold's Rube Goldberg that may have been set up. I do not want to create a mechanical baby factory. Furthermore I am concerned that they may have been producing humunculi with my genetic material as well.

LexisNexis had almost no good looking women working there. It was a striking statistical anomaly that such a large office could have so few PYTs working there. However, I had already decided to stop asking women out pending my ascension into leadership. That happened while I was at Elavon. Even though I hate Starbuck's I stopped for coffee there one day. There was a tall gorgeous blond woman working at the cash register who initiated way too much body contact while she was giving me my change for it to be anything other than a clear signal of interest. She looked like Nicole Kidman. I went back to flirt with her. I told her that I had meant to call her the other day (we both knew I didn't have her number) to see if she wanted to go hang by the pond and feed out the ducks but that I had been unable to do so because some bandits on horseback stole my phone and rode away with their cowboy hats. She told me she didn't like ducks. Certainly I am aware of the criticism that I always ask women out too fast and since she was so good looking I made a real effort to be charming and then I went back to ask her out a week or so later. She said no and told me about her boyfriend who probably doesn't exist. It really hurt because I wasn't even bothering her but apparently she had rubbed all over my hand like that because she wanted to join the large group of other women who can make posts on 4chan about how they kicked me in the balls. I am certain that the feeling I experienced at that moment induced multiple orgasms in whoever is orchestrating the conspiracy against me.

A few days later I went to my regular non-Starbuck's coffee place and all the women in there hung their heads in shame and it was obvious they were so embarrassed for me because they had already heard about how the other woman did it to me. It is frustrating that they make it so obvious that they all know about me and gossip about my public acts but still uniformly refuse to give me what I want. Weeks later I was at that other coffee place and the waitress leaned over a lot giving me my coffee and I was pissed off that yet again they were teasing me with the good looking one and then sending one that looked on the verge of starvation to give me a view of her bony sternum. (How about an aesthetic upgrade instead of a downgrade?) I felt like this one was leaning over in the same fashion that the earlier one had rubbed my hand except it was like, "No you can't have the good looking one, here's an anorexic."

I purposefully didn't look down her shirt because I was pissed that they were trying to downgrade me again to the less good looking one. A few weeks later I go in there and another one leans way over for me while she's getting my coffee. I felt like she was doing it to see if I would look since I hadn't looked at her coworker's. I did look because she did not look like she was dying of anorexia and had nice boobies which are generally something I enjoy, unlike starvation. I went back and asked the voluptuous one to go on a date. She laughed at me and said no, and then a few months later someone stationed her with some little bitch-dude at Moe's when I went to lunch. She walked by and said to the little bitch she was with, "Uhhh... he like... wanted to date me." She was a real cunt. FYI, I didn't want to date you bitch. I wanted to fuck you but I was asking nicely. Right after that there was some story about Iranian vessels not respecting the space of the US ships due to some "unprofessional encounter." When she turned me down was when I decided to stop letting women kick me in the balls. It was obvious they were all talking about me and I can't imagine what lies they believe that make them always say no to me, or else what pagan cultural norms they treasure where they know the truth and still reject me. I saw the bony sternum girl a year or two later and she had gained enough weight to be like a nine. She looked so different that I didn't even recognize her at first and I asked, "Where do I know you from?" She just shrugged and didn't acknowledge recognizing me. I had already walked away by the time it dawned on me that she had tried to give me a peak at her flat bony sternum.

Back to Lex's Nexus... She didn't start at the same time as the rest of the new hires but Amy Huang ended up sitting right next to me when she got hired. She is the most vile, disgusting person I met at any point in my professional career of begging for money in offices. Rhonda was a bitch but Amy was fucking vile. I have no idea what kind of trash she must have been looking at on the dark web to come up with those vibes. She got pregnant during my year there and if it is an abomination grown from me then I will absolutely kill the child in a world government with me at the helm. Under no conditions will any of my children's mothers look like Amy who is completely disgusting. She told me at one point that she wished she didn't have to eat and I asked if she would prefer to just absorb nutrients through her skin and she got very excited at the prospect. That wasn't an example of her vileness; it was just an anecdote. Her vileness was just in her vibe in general. Rhonda felt evil and disgusting but Amy felt evil and wretched. Rhonda was much more powerful that Amy but that may be because she is a crone-like hag already but Amy was still in a pupal phase or something. One day Jim asked, "Who thinks we should kill Amy?" He enthusuatically raised his own hand. I didn't because I was begging for them dollars but I know that feel.

Fucking Tim Newport. I don't want to type everything because it will take too long but I remember it all if anyone wants to ask me. The scope of the project Jim, Tim, and I were working on at LexisNexis was that the states were sending their worker's comp data to LN so that they could assemble a national database for anti-fraud purposes. However, the actual project was likely a continuation of the events that began when I emailed the error log from Pao's dataset. Even though nothing at LN was called a MID, one day Tim started asking me if I knew about the MIDs. I told him I was familiar with the concept. Around that time I posted the anonymous mask on my old website and went to work the next morning. That day Tim was trying to act like their data was too sensitive for me to be working on because I put anon on my website. I told him that the way I got the job at LN was that I emailed Pao's MID data and then immediately got a 50 percent raise to work at LN but it was weird that we were still talking about the MIDs because supposedly it was an unrelated project. He said he thought I had only been working with US data at Elavon, I'm not sure how the fuck he would have known that, but I told him no. I said the data I had emailed was in plain text and I had seen international addresses in it (in hindsight I am not 100% sure about international addresses, that may have been another of the many datasets I touched at Elavon.) The OPM hack happened right after I leaked this data but my effective ETL protocols at Elavon may have also leaked the Panama Papers data. Tim left the room but came back five minutes later and gave me a dirty look. He was obviously pissed and I suppose I hurt his organization with my ETL activities. Hopefully the wounds I inflicted were mortal but that org clearly hasn't died yet.

Instead of talking about the data from the 50 states, Tim was always talking about State, as in the State Department. As in I would say to my boss, "George should we do this the way it says in the project scope?," but then Tim would interrupt, "Well we're just going to do it however State wants it." I never learned ECL or wrote any ECL code at LexisNexis. Tim wrote all of my code.

We had this other group of incorrigible fucks, Jesse and someone else down in Boca Raton. They were always lying and fucking everything up and I bet they were personae rather than real people. I am very keen to know if my coworker Jim was also playing the role of my off-site coworker Jesse that was constantly lying about everything. There is no way I can do justice to the incompetence (or competence in obstruction) of the people at LexisNexis without the email threads. I hope they become public. During one phone meeting when I was really putting Jesse on the spot Jim declared, "Well I'm just going to go ahead and shoot myself then." I couldn't decide if he was going to shoot himself from the frustration over no one conforming to ordinary standards of intraoffice communication and documentation or if he meant that he was going to shoot himself if we were going to make "Jesse" stop fucking the data up. I think that the people in Boca Raton may have been AI email bots that absolutely could not give straight answers because they were programmed to communicate like an illiterate retard with traumatic brain damage.

One day someone from our QA team got the project manager on a phone call with us. Although her name at LN was Sharon Maloney I immediately recoiled in disgust upon recognizing Sharon's voice as Rhonda's. Tim really thought Sharon was a bigwig and he would say her name with awe. I think my sister Erin may have come to Lexis Nexis dressed as Melissa Newport, Tim's mother. However, just as I look like Alexander Romanov, Tim looked a lot like Nicholas Romanov so I would not be surprised if his mom really did look like my sister. I really hope the emails from my time at Lexis Nexis become public. People were so disrespectful to me there it was outrageous. One day I sent an email to Sharon to tell her that I was investigating bad faith in the Risk Metrics project and I wanted her input. Immediately my boss and his boss told me not to send emails to Sharon or anyone on the QA team such as Neil. I assume that was because our emails as contractors were not FOIA eligible but Sharon's emails are subject to FOIA. George was my boss at LN and he seemed like an alright guy but when I was complaining about bad faith actors he went on record saying, "I don't see any evidence of bad faith." I have no idea why he said that and it pissed me off. If the emails become public it will be obvious how George was absolutely lying through his teeth about not seeing evidence of bad faith.

They told me that my contract wasn't getting extended. Tim had successfully bullshitted them for a full year and we didn't get anything done. If the calls are recorded you will note that every week for a full year Tim told QA that we couldn't send them the data yet because there was just one little thing but they would definitely have the data by the time of the call next week. We had that same conversation every week and none of our data got sent to QA during the year I worked on the Risk Metrics project at LexisNexis. No one ever confronted Tim on his pushing the deadline back a few days about 100 times in a row. On my last day at LN I posted something about some show I used to watch in the 1990's on my website. It had Antonio Banderas and Katherine Zeta-Jones in it. That weekend that Grimey girl got killed on a Friday and then they had a big shooting in Orlando on Saturday. I couldn't help but to hope that some of the people from Boca Raton had been in that nightclub that night. Haha, fuck you.

In my last week at Lex's Nexus I realized the irony of that sign in the lobby, "Fraud knows no bounds." It sure doesn't!!! During that first three week ECL course Bob had intimated to me that LexisNexis had fucked me over by reporting my data incorrectly and that they were going to be ok but they might not be growing too much for a while. FYI: That was Bob's opinion. My opinion is that they won't be ok. Far from it. Eric Trump and/or Joey may have come to LN to wear the Tim costume and I may have seen John Brennan in the hallway one day. I thought Tim looked like a cross between Joey Collins and Chris Moriarty. Interestingly the parent company of LexisNexis was also the parent company of the publisher of El Naschie's paper about fractal dimension that catalyzed so much of my own research.

Around the time of the lows in commodities houses Glencore and Freeport--McMoran I was criticizing their businesses sharply. Despite the global commodities rout these companies did great and I wonder if their market caps were inflated specifically to refute my opinion of their solvency. Glencore has always been an interesting company to since I learned of Marc Rich's pardon by Bill Clinton after receing a recommendation to do so from Eric Holder who recently started working for Uber. The slopes of the price of the commodities traders are much higher than the slopes of the relevant underlying commodities. Where did this additional integrated market cap come from?

Elavon was the only place I worked that wasn't completely fucked up. I have no idea about Elavon as a whole but Robert's ETL group that I worked in did conform to ordinary standards of documentation and communication. My problem working there had to do with the back to back 24 hour shifts. Many times while at Elavon I was forced to work 168 hour weeks which made my supposedly lucrative salary less than minimum wage (during those weeks).

The group was an ETL group sending and receiving financial data so there was an on call person who had to answer the phone. That duty rotated among about six people and I hated it. The phone would rarely stop ringing and whenever it did ring the issue was almost always that the file was one minute late. Everyone in the group seemed like they thought it was a big mystery why the files were always late but it was obvious to me. The sender of the files was waiting for the transaction time frame to close when they should immediately send the file but instead they would run their own fraud script on the clean data and then send the fraud data. These data files contained credit card transactions and Elavon sells and supports debit card swipe machines. I made the point several times that in the 21st century we have advanced computer technology that can send files on time and Robert probably told me to watch my tone.

I asked out a couple of my coworkers there and they both turned me down. I got a membership at the Concourse Athletic Club (next to Elavon) and asked out several women in there. They all turned me down and I feel certain that someone was sending at least some of those women in there to turn me down on purpose. When I was stretching in there one day some guy came in wearing a suit and was looking at me from across the room when he said, "Hi, we're from Executive Behavior Modification." I will definitely follow up with him on that. After about a year at Elavon I asked my coworker who was married because I thought she had been jocking me pretty hard but she also turned me down and reveled greatly in doing so. I was hesitant because she was married but then I moved forward because I felt like her signalling was so positive. I suspect that one, Sirisha, is in the same satanic coven as Dr. Sanne from Peachford. They are both from Hyderabad. I will follow up with all of them unless they kill themselves first which would make that impossible and then I would only be able to follow up with their loved ones, close, and not so close associates.

There was plenty of office bullshit at Elevon, particularly asking me to do things two months early even when the project scope always gets revised until the last day meaning I need to redo my hour of work ten million times instead of doing that single hour of work one time once the project scope revision deadline had passed. However, this is typical office bullshit and none of it rose anywhere near the level of the bullshit I would encounter elsewhere. I liked Robert a lot; he seemed like a good guy.

Although everyone in my cluster of cubicles on the seventh floor was a technical person, after I had been there a couple of months they hired Rhonda Capone and put her right next to me. I had been watching Boardwalk Empire around that time and I had the name Capone stuck in my head for weeks before she showed up. She probably chose her alias from my brain scan data. Every day after that when I would walk into the office, if Rhonda was there I would immediately feel an uncomfortable feeling under my left eye (above image taken from google image search "pure evil.") It would only happen when Rhonda was there and I suspect it was her witchcraft. I will be happy to show her how her witchcraft (or her array of psychotronic devices) holds up against my violence. Rhonda was clearly a mini-me of Helene and at the same time they hired her they hired a mini-me of Laura Kershaw to be Rhonda's tag along. I think Rhonda sent her daughter to sit at my table at Safehouse the other day (July 2017) and I will investigate but I will be unable to add the daughter to my list of future inquiries because she was already on it.

The unique identifier on everything at Elavon was the MID, or Merchant ID. Robert explained to me that US Bank and Citibank were in a partnership in Brazil but Citibank was treating US Bank like a vendor rather than a partner. I was working with "Pao" from Citibank who routinely ignored my emailed questions, answered them wrong many times, send improperly formatted garbage data to me many times, and was just a person that I grew to hate. I wonder if this was the same Pao from Reddit and I hope to be able to follow up on that soon. Anyway... I have told this story several times so I will be brief. I built an ETL job in Datastage and received the file from Citibank. The job was such that Citi's data would only go into our data if we already had an entry in our data for the MID in the Citi data. There were possibly millions of rows rejected from my job so Citi had information on millions of merchant accounts that US Bank didn't know about. For context, a MID is an ID on a credit/debit card reader that businesses use to send financial transactions electronically.

Pao had been so difficult during my development cycle that I thought she wouldn't like it if I also sent all the rejected rows to my internal clients at US Bank. I went into the linux backbone system of Datastage and converted the error log into CSV so I could load it into Excel. Then I emailed it and sent it via Lync to everyone that had ever been on any email thread related to the project. On that first day when I first loaded the first batch of error recs into Excel the guy a few cubicles back from me exclaimed, "YES!"

Soon after, Robert told me I was going to get fired for not taking my back to back 24 hour shifts seriously and I should quit to avoid that. (Dear Robert, Thank you very much for the heads up.) I did and Lexis Nexis offered me a job during my terminal two weeks at Elavon.

I was really pissed off about those 24 hour shifts. Robert was trying to tell me that I was only working while I was on the phone but he was wrong as fuck. Firefighters are working while they wait at the station waiting for a fire and other people's entire job function is to wait for a phone to ring so they can answer it. It is possible to work an entire carreer doing nothing but waiting for phones to ring and answering them so clearly one is on the clock if one is unable to do something besides answer the phone whenever it rings. I hate the sound of vibrations or tones disturbing the peace in my private residence and certainly I always keep my ringer and all notifications turned off on my own phone. When there is no peace in my own home because I am selling my entire way of home life to Elavon who unceasingly violates my quiet tranquility with the ringing on-call alarm for the file being one minute late again Robert is provably wrong in his assertions about what constitutes being on the clock. I told him that if I wasn't working then I would have been able to turn their phone's notifications off or go away from the computer I need to connect remotely to see that the file is late by one minute again. (If they had been running the fraud script before the deadline to send the file there would have been data inconsistencies because the fraud data would have inserted while real data rows were still being added.)

Another good thing I did at Elavon, with the support of other group members, was to find a code error that was doing international currency conversion as 100USD = 1JPY. The correct formula is 100JPY = 1USD and I hope someone was unhappy that I nuked their fraud code. Furthermore, I criticize Elavon sharply for having billions of dollars in a slush fund at any time but still being so stingy that I was often getting less than minimum wage with my master's degree from Georgia Tech and having already unified gravitation with quantum theory. My year at Elevon was a slow year for my research.

This is a BONUS post about my brief stint at Career Builder. I was pissed after Nexidia fired me and I didn't want to go beg for more money. Then Helene and Joe filed a fraudulent affidavit in which they claimed that I was planning an act of assaultive violence on the Governor's private residence in Buckhead. That never happened and Helene and Joe are fucking liars if they signed something that said that. The real issue was that Helene was badgering me on the phone one day and I told her that I if it came to it I might go to the state caiptal building downtown and break a public facing window with a hammer. Note well, my intention has escalated since then from breaking a window to destroying cities with nuclear weapons. While I was detained at Peachford under Helene and Joe's fraudulent affidavit Helene tried to initiate a proceeding to take legal guardianship of my assets. I have no assets so I assume that this was to formalize her theft of the assets that are still in my name. I expect that these assets are variously known as the Black Eagle Trust, the Five Star Trust, and/or the Global Collateral accounts. Luckily the DeKalb county judge who came to the hearing at Peachford agreed with me that my involuntary detention should be terminated immediately. I would like to give her a hug.

I got hired and the manager seemed like a cool guy but everyone in the group was not to my liking. If the guy that followed me to the elevator to smirk at my displeasure when I was getting fired is reading this then he should be aware that if he kills himself there is no way I will be able to follow up with him on his actions.

The boss had one of the group members give me a tour and tell me what work was like. He said it was cool to come in late and leave early as long as the work gets done. He said he usually worked about 9:30-4:00. I did get one email from the boss that hours were 9-5 but obviously no one was working 9-5. He had told me to show up around 9 on my first day and I got there around 9:10. I was waiting in the lobby until about 9:30 because that's when the girl who was meeting me got there. The manager was offsite that day.

On like the Wednesday of my second week I got there around 9:20 and the HR lady and my boss asked me to come into the conference room. They fired me and she accused me of gettingthere late, leaving early, and taking long lunches even though I had not yet taken a lunch break at Carerr Builder and sat at my desk all day every day I went there. Fuck you bitch. The manager was fine with me but the HR lady came out of nowhere and fired me for not working 9-5. A lot of them were working like 10-3. Note that I was never given even one task at Career Builder so it is wrong to even say I was working 9:20-4:00. I was just sitting there wasting my time listening to office bullshit for cash instead of thinking about my theory in relative solitude as I prefer.

I was unable to find the original article I read but there was a man in the 1980s in Arizona who distributed a lot of child porn on computer disks in Arizona. I speculate that these videos made it onto digital media in the following way.

The Gemini Lounge was Roy Demeo's hang out and he was running a pornography business out of it. This is known and the torture and murder in there is well known. I assume since they were torturing people in there they were putting that on video too and selling it for shekels. The man in Arizona who got blamed for the disks looked pretty similar to my dad and my dad would have been among the top computer guys in Arizona at that time. He had a business Unitronics that he sold to IBM for millions of dollars in the 1980s. I do not know about any pornographic activity on the part of Joe but I see a fairly direct pipeline from the VHS in the Gemini Lounge to the disks in Arizona. Also they were using their circuit boards to build signs that had flashing lights on them and I beleive they were shipping cocaine out of Arizona hidden inside these signs with flashing lights.

Obviously I hope I am wrong but I am probably not. The man busted with the disks looked enough like Joe to be his older cousin. I think it was a meme in NYC decades ago to "kill Roy" as in to stop the fucking torture videos and I hope Richard was on the same side of that issue as I am. One of my first acts as supreme leader will be to kill Roy. Also, since I don't have anywhere else to put this blurb I will add it at the end here. Over Christmas Joe was showing me pictures from his own childhood but I recognized several of the images as doctored images from my own childhood.

I waited for the MSM publication of my discoverer's accolades all through 2012 and 2013 before finally getting a job in 2014. I was thinking that the money would cure my boredom. I interviewed at Nexidia for a job and didn't get it. During the interview I think the guy was putting psychic pressure on me and I am not sure why they do this. I felt this pressure in several later interviews with other money-doler-outers and in hindsight I can't quite tell if they were putting psychic pressure on me or if my mind was drifting because I totally didn't give a fuck about anything that ever got said in any job interview I went to. Why do they do this? What the fuck does he care if I have psychic powers if my job is going to be to type on a keyboard and jiggle a mouse with intermittent mouse clicking? I guess it is part to see if they will recruit you into their psychic thing and part KSW: keeping Scientology working. None of the places I worked seemed to care that the entire office was basically bullshit but instead everyone was really concerned with psychic powers. I didn't get the first job but then I went to another Nexidia interview for a much higher paying job and I got it. It was a QA job.

My desk sat between two of the least attractive women in the office, Carina and Lee. It may have been in my first week there that the three of us went to lunch. On the car ride, Carina was driving, her and Lee were talking about how they wanted sperm donors to get them pregnant. In my head I imagined myself loudly saying to them, "Yeah sure I'll cum inside you," but I didn't say anything out loud. This was basically my first public appearance since getting kicked out of GT and I wasn't going to offer to fuck my coworkers on our first lunch. Now that I know everything I know, I will have to go back to make sure that they did not get pregnant with my sperm. I have concerns that when I imagine myself saying things there is someone else out there acting as if I had made a binding declaration of intent with my imagination. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I didn't open my mouth and no sound came out then I didn't say anything and that is true even if your brain scanner said I imagined the words with a power level over 9000. Obviously I would need a lot of legal research before I would have gotten some random woman pregnant because I would not want to be at risk of being forced to pay child support and very many other factors would have come into consideration. If people have been taking my day dreams and reporting them as my declared intentions then I will kill all of those people. N.b., I have imagined impregnating women many times but after all of those imaginings I have always decided against it.

There were a few good looking women in the office. I was flirting briefly with one while I was standing near the copier and she said, "I'm going to have to start thinking about my future." I couldn't decide if she meant that as a reference to the douche bag I had seen her walking around with earlier or if it was a reference to me getting fired from the School of Physics for asking a woman out and then getting fired from the School of Materials Science and Engineering for asking out two other women. She was very good looking and friendly and I hope some of my children's mothers will look like her once I decide to have children.

Carina and Lee were in a roller derby league and they were always talking about Mulder. I never knew who they were talking about but I got the impression it was me. Nexidia had an algorithm developed at Georgia Tech that allowed them to search audio recordings for text strings. This would be useful if one wanted to search YouTube for all videos wherein the words "marshmellow sandwich" are heard. Nexidia very much liked to use the repeating "C" in names for objects like "CoreCodeComponentClass" or whatever. I think Cicada 3301 was ongoing back then with the big mystery that led to my personally identifying numbers and the viXra numbers of the papers I had uploaded. One time I was using Nexidia's printer to print a copy of my paper Ontological Physics and someone around the corner yelled, "I can understand that!" It seemed like he was voicing his disagreement with the prevailing trend to say that my research was nonsense.

Nexidia had a little user interface that they sold to clients to be able to the search the audio files in their own data. For instance, a call center might want to search to see if representatives were always giving a warning about a call being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. There were way, way, way too many people working there for the search UI to be the full extent of their business. I think they employed hackers to search the audio recordings of companies that were not their clients. One can see how that would be very lucrative.

Carina told me that she was logged into the system as a super user and every user in the system was known to her except one.

LAST NAME: Comcast

The user Comcast Comcast has full access to everything but no one knew who it was. It was only a couple of weeks after Carina told me about this anomalous fellow Mr. Comcast Comcast that the Comcast-TWC merger was announced. The timing was very suspicious and this was coming right on the heels of Snowden's revelations about the mass search capability of the deep state. I assumed that Mr. Comcast Comcast was making money with his anonymous admin-level access to Nexidia's search systems and if the noose was closing in on them they were doing what corporations always do to avoid blame and obfuscate responsibility: mergers and acquisitions.

During this time it was obvious that Carina was not serious when she would send emails like, "I have to work from home today because my cat is sick and I have to take him to the vet but he is hiding under the bed right now and it will impossible for me to come to work until he decides to come out." I began working from home afternoons and that was nice. They gave me a diagnostic assessment where one of my QA test cases led me to something that said, "Look in the SQL log." I looked there and saw the problem and got fired about five minutes later. The previous week another person sitting next to me, Troy Surdick, who I though looked a little like Jimmy Carter, had been to Israel to visit with the Israeli police. Did they tell Nexidia to fire me? Did Nexidia realize that my technical ability far exceeded the QA bone they were trying to throw me? Did Helene realize that Nexidia was a pipleine into the secret government work she needs me to never touch if her lies are to hold up over time and then use her vassals in the Israeli police to badmouth me to Troy?

Whatever it was, James (my boss) was pointing his camera right in my face when he fired me and I thought it was a dick move. However, James was pretty cool and not a dick and he may have followed me on Twitter. I think the jobs I got after this were in ETL, a nice step up from QA, because of the technical proficiency I demonstrated at Nexidia. One week earlier my suprvisor Xuefei had given me a non-terminating reprimand during which she declared that she wanted someone who could read her mind like Carina. I wanted to ask her what the fuck email was for if everyone was going to communicate telepathically but I didn't say that and I didn't think I would be fired the next week.

I have also wondered a lot about this plaque in Poland. As I recall there was some dispute over whether this other Kuklinski was a hero or a traitor and I expect that the ambiguity hails from intrigue in Operation Gladio.

The Spy Who Saved The World- The Tragedy of Colonel Kuklinski

This video is the inspiration for the title of the show Mr. Robot. I think it also what is sometimes referred to as John Titor's secret song and that last little part at the end always makes me think about Richard claiming to have killed Roy.

When I watched The Ice Man in the 1990's, which was an interview with Richard Kuklinski, I was surprised how much he looked like my dad and how all his mannerisms were exactly like my dad's and the way he would purse his lips was absolutely exactly like how my dad does it. I have mentioned that last time I went to Warner Robins there were two different men there that I called dad. The one who came outside on the day after Christmas looks enough like Richard Kuklinski to be his brother Joseph. Furthermore, the one that I spent Christmas day with, whose nose was quite different in profile, may have been the inspiration for the Splinter character on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I recently noticed how much innuendo that show has in it. There is Krang who is just a brain that controls a robot, Shredder is a ready made gore video, the enemy organization is the Foot Clan and just last winter Carlos was telling me that when he torutres people he usually starts with the foot. Actually he said this in the middle of class one evening and not just to me but he was looking at me when he told me. I am glad for his candor and it was not a threat or anything. What is the reality behind TMNT?

When I was in college I noticed that I was particularly attracted to women with a certain mousy look, for lack of a better term, and I think I must have gotten this from positive memories that nose on my dad when I was much younger. However, I do not think that that one is my biological father. The man I met briefly on the day after Christmas looked like I could have been his genetic progeny or perhaps that of his brother.

Before I got shadowbanned on Reddit and while I was very active on /r/physics the main user interacting with me was /u/RICHARD_KUKLINSKI. Driving around in Brooklyn with Helene and Laura Kershaw one time, in the 1980s likely, they were showing me my dad's old house and then like 500ft down the road they pointed to a building that used to be the Gemini Lounge. Helene and Laura went into some detail with me about how the mob used to hang people on meat hooks in there. I've read that a lot of the people in the Gemini lounge back then were Jews using Italian pseudonyms and I did receive the meme one time that my cousin Joel Cohen went by Roy Demeo which is a name that means "King of May." Also, I read that Richard Kuklinski worked for the de Cavalcante family though I feel certain that the public story is not the real story. Richard claims to have killed Roy but my cousin Joel only passed away a few years ago.

I was reading this thing (linked through the image) and I would say that instead of of Martians it is was the Scientologists (unless this guy was crazy.) Also, instead of technology that is millions of years ahead I would have have suspected advanced computerized applications of Schumann resonators that have existed for decades. In The Cult of the Witch Queen by Richard S. Shaver, which is fantastic and you should buy it today and read it right away, the bad guys have these superpowers and they have a ray that they can read your mind with as long as it's pointed at you. The entire conspriacy in that book is more or less like what Kyle describes here. However, the reason I am making this post is because this image from his manifesto is absolutely recognizable to me. If you saw my Twitter posts you'll recall that after my recent travels I thought it was odd how I kept seeing these powerful ideograms. The two main ones were a sinister rabbit and a turtle like this one except it was usually smiling. The turtle was never sinister, please be clear about that. The rabbit was sinister; the turtle was friendly. It would have a really friendly smile on its face whenever I would see it except for one time when I saw it on a rock in the East River when it looked like it was horrified and in pain.

The first time I saw the turtle ideogram on my travels, some girl was sitting in front of me on the plane. It looked like she had a small jar or something tied up in her hair bun and when I looked closely this ideogram appeared in her hair plain as day. I did a double take and it appeared again with an even bigger happier smile. I felt at the time like the girl had a jar of fluid contaning some disembodied tortured essence of a being, and it must have been someone I knew because it seemed so happy to see me. The bump on the top of the head in the image is not something I saw but the main facial part is a match.

Jacaré was telling me a story about one time back in Rio. Some guys had done something wrong, maybe they killed someone's uncle or something on some rocks near the ocean. The guys got taken up to the top of the hill and got tortured and one of the dead man's nieces (or something) also tortured them. He told me that the woman was the worst torturer. The point of the story wasn't that they had tortured the guy before they killed him, it was that the woman was the worst one. This wasn't Carlos telling me that, this was way back when I was like a purple belt maybe. I beleive him.

Establish a new world order with me as the supreme leader.