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Jacob is Satan and Peter denied Jesus three times.

I didn't leave that many instructions.

And yet who do "we" cluster around as your leader and praise?


This observation follows trivially from the meme context. However, something which I view as trivial and yet others struggle to come to grips with is this: it is a very special property which prevents the heart from being killed, and people who are not the heart do not have that special property, nor do their progeny, and they should be careful to make sure the heart doesn't hate them and want to use them as the example of what happens when you go against the heart. That example is going to get made, and yet those non-heart people without special properties fail to grasp that it is wiser not to encourage the heart to use them and their people for those example purposes. Indeed.

It's less funny when you realize that they unironically thought God would be an average douche bag like them.

Recently I was opining that it's hard for me to see what kind of transition we could go through to take us from where we are here with these anal implants electrocuting my anus all day and hecklers ridiculing me on the streets every time I step outside, and hecklers ridiculing me all day when I stay in too, to where the Bible says we will be. That being the place where the obedience of the nations is mine and I inflict pain on suffering on my enemies many times in proportion to what they have given me. However, as people play more and more with time travel, more and more the people in the future will tell them only I am good, and that they are evil, and the fate of the universe depends on their obedience to my every command. I think this is a realistic transition mechanism.

It was me.

Is my paper 1% as good a the potato paradox? Let's see what Reddit's opinion is.

Since I have identified Mike and Ryan by name, let me do them justice, and also do justice to the Jews and the Scientologists. Mike bar Benjamin is pretty cool, but if he was ridiculing me on purpose at the behest of my enemies that is a capitol offense, and I also have exterminating all Israelites on my mind even in the absence of Mike's ridicule. On the other hand, Ryan bar David is an insufferable piece of dog shit that I can't stand to be around.

I saw a cyclist and a film crew near the park today. This post will remind me to water board them, let starving rats eat their genitals while they watch me crucify their families, and then crucify them too after I scraped their families' filth of the crosses I set up.

What if I'm in Atlanta-Georgia, Nevada and the town is filled with poisoned pussy and they're criticizing me for not trying to poison myself?

This table says that Atlanta, Georgia got almost double the average amount of rain this summer. That seems inconsistent with my experiences. I can't rule it out altogether, but the rain around here has seemed real sparse lately. That might be because I'm not in Atlanta, Georgia but rather I am in Atlanta-Georgia, Nevada.

Btw, the two people that I think are Netanyahu and Miscavige's sons are Mike Bixon and Ryan Aiken.

This makes more sense to me every time I see it.

After a few weeks of calm, my anal zapper has begun to electrocute me incessantly once again. I had one foot zap today too.

The reason I think nationalism is an inferior -ism is because it says, "Let's have solidarity with people who look like me," while my own inclinations toward solidarity say, "Let's have solidarity with people who share my ethics." When you choose nationalism, there is a tendency to say, "Those people are ethically justified in their actions by virtue of their outward appearance," but I disagree completely. I don't care how you look, I care how you act. For instance, a lot of whites who are lowlife pieces of shit hate blacks (and other whites do too who suffer from only superficial philosophical problems) and feel like they are inherently justified in what they do due to their outward appearance, but I totally disagree. White is not right. Right is right, and one is no good proxy for the other, and it is ideological cancer to believe that it is. Not only that, as a white person and as a Jew, I feel like I should be more critical of whites and Jews whereas the nationalist tendency might be for me to give whites and Jews a pass on their ethics simply because they are whites and Jews. I totally disagree. Pic below, some people might think that means I should be content with the company women who are not supremely beautiful. I'm not, and I can tell you for sure: it's talking about what I said here, not about sexy things.

Not only that, but did they look in the Torah, the Talmud, and the Bible, and see that God hates sorcery, and then kidnap me and put me in a fake city that is a mecca of sorcery, and is designed as school to encourage thet which I hate? Nice rape. I will repay many times over, and they have no concept of the brutality I will put on them, nor on their loved ones who likewise fall short of my glory.

If I'm understanding correctly, Helene fairly well got me with the triple rape. First she raped me in the ass when I was a child and then people said, "We can't let him have his inheritance because of the way of he turned out after she raped his asshole." Then she raped me again by killing my friend and they said, "We can't let him get rewarded for his hard work in science because it will call attention to that time we killed his friend." Then to justify not rewarding my work, they raped me again by making everyone hate me so that people ridicule me every time I go outside, and also when I stay inside with the speakers in the shitty house they put me up in. Not only that, everyone thinks she is great.

Which one of the people I know took this picture?

I came up with a theory that immediately led to a free energy device, world-changing. Not so much as a "good job." Actually get called stupid for it. Have a friend, he gets kidnapped and tortured and they put the videos on the internet next to other videos of my ugly girlfriend letting other guys fuck her in the ass in my bed while I'm out even though she never lets me do that. After friend gets killed, Netanyahu and Miscavige send their sons to come join the gym where I work out, where I knew friend from. Netanyahu son constantly pestering with how he's constantly fucking all these beautiful women, saying it just to irritate me even when it's not true. Miscavige son being a little bitch in general. Desperately search for a very good looking young woman for years, never find one. Always, "I have a boyfriend," even though everyone knows that all good looking go from one man to the next without breaks in between. Try to make a life in physics, get expelled from college over begging for sex. Get raped in the ass by mother with an anal thermometer, they put her in charge of the government, don't let me run the government because I turned out weird due to her anal raping me when I was child. Other people break into my apartment, literally rape me in the ass while I'm drugged or hypnotized, or incapacitated with a spinal implant. Get unwanted anal implants that electrocute my anus. Get unwanted foot implants that electrocute my foot. One time, see amazing woman at coffee shop. She touches my hand a lot. Ask her out, "No I have a boyfriend," exactly like the last ten women I asked. Why did she touch my hand? She probably wanted to let dudes fuck her in the ass on my bed. After she turns me down go to other coffee shop. All the woman harshly cringe when I enter over what a cunt the other woman at the other coffee shop was. They make it extra obvious that they all know who I am but still prefer to suck some other guy's dick. Get gym membership, talk to other women there. They all say no and many were sent there to say no. Ask coworkers, all say no. Even though invented free energy, lose apartment, all earthly possessions thrown in trash. Spend year on street. Get hit with hammer, assaulted and battered many times, get stabbed and sliced. Find out I'm in a fake version of Atlanta where the sun doesn't give sun burns, probably all the women here are selected to be the type of person that is detestable to me. They all work for my enemy and if he told them to let dudes fuck them in the ass in my bed while I'm out they would be just as happy to do so as the others were. While all these women turn me down and while I'm homeless my enemy makes millions of dollars selling my sperm to women who would rather pay for his dirty hands to go into their vaginas than to let me fuck them for free. Trump grows Barron from my sperm, won't even help me out when he's the President. Enemy can make money selling my sperm but I can't make money inventing free energy, and while there are women who don't care about money, there aren't any very good looking women who don't care about money. Finally get off street, move into gang stalking house where speakers in the walls constantly heckle me. Roommate uses my anal zapper to electrocute my anus every time he comes in. Most of the women I was with say I was the best they ever had and that my dick is amazing, and no woman wants it. However, plenty of women will pay top dollar to get my sperm from the sperm thief. Try to get money by getting job, get fake job for enemy's cuckold fetish. Be the greatest man that ever lived, all the women agree that I am shit tier man. Try to write a book to make some money. Agent loves book, sees people gang stalking me, decides to join them by shitting on my book with a fake review instead of just saying no. Enemy says, "We sent you plenty of good looking women," but none of them were in my house, and they all had clothes on, and if I had tried to take their clothes off I would have gone to jail, so what he means is, "I offered to let me watch you beg these women." And this is just the stuff on the surface. I don't even know how bad it really is.

The problem isn't what I do, the problem is that the women cluster around my enemy and they believe his lies. The truth about what I do doesn't matter when the women choose to believe the lies instead, and when the other men do not correct the women's misconceptions. The truth always has value, but what value does the truth have when everyone prefers to believe the lie? Not much when it comes to attracting a good looking woman. All the good things I've done, I have still never attracted one even one time. Even in the instances where I beg, most of my results were that even the not too good looking ones don't want anything to do with me. Pam was very good looking, but did I attract her or did she come to me as the agent of my enemy? The latter, I think. As I have said many times, I believe that when I can add standing on top of a mountain of the corpses of my enemies to the list of good things I have done, then I will have no problem attracting good looking women and they will seek me out instead of seeking out my enemy as they do today. This is what I want: I want them to come to me. I do not want to ask for what I believe ought to be offered. There is some threshold a man can pass where the women will seek him out, this threshold is known to exist, but as long my enemies' lies carry more weight than the truth, I cannot pass this threshold, and I do not want to beg anymore. I tried begging plenty, look what it got me. Even when I was begging not simply for the woman's attention but was instead begging for the opportunity to throw money at the woman for a few mere minutes of affection, look what it got me.

I wonder if people say this about me. I wonder if all the things I dedicate to myself to to try to attract a good looking woman amount to "not even trying" in the eyes of my detractors. I try every day, and every day I fail. No matter what I do, the women all prefer some other guy. Every time some women wants to find a man, does she come to me? No, she goes to the guy that owns the night club, or whatever, and pays homage to him. No matter what I do, the women all prefer that guy and his place to me and my place. Since that guy is usually a lowlife piece of shit, this situation is very offensive to me. Still.. when they want a man do they come to me? No, they go to him.

Haven't seen one like this in a while.

I see the woman in the Kavanaugh thing is saying she may have been raped. Regarding my own instance of "may have been raped," it comes down to whether or not Randy and that other faggot were in my apartment. If they were, they in there for rape. Them being in there when I "woke up" is what made me think I must have been dreaming. There's no reasonable explanation for why two men would have been in my apartment.

It is mindboggling to me, to an extent, that these people can remember to put those things on their heads but they can't remember what I did for their ancestors. I tried to help you, Israel.

You know I how I made that post about the people who came over to get my internet turned back on? I found a shekel on the couch where they were sitting. I am glad that my internet is on, but if it gets to the point where someone says, "But we gave you some money," I'm going to have to ask, "Aren't you the reason why I don't have any money?"

It looks to me like the Israelites are doing everything wrong. Not only that, they could have done everything wrong by sending me nothing, but they have chosen to do everything wrong by sending me rotten meat.

TL;DR: God said, "If you don't act right I will kill your children and smear shit on your faces and throw you in a pile of shit."

Wondering what thing will happen to get from here to there.

Looking forward to that day.

If I'm entitled to free housing, why was I using my salary to pay rent when I could have been using it to attract a good looking woman? I know that must sound petty to the people who are suffering and dying but it is my heart's desire.

Another weird one.

After finding out today that I am not in special internet land, I thought I should hide my IP address because I've been getting a lot of torrent violation notices in the mail. I switched my torrent client to to Vuze, which is Azureus, and it is pretty good. I like the native I2P option, and that is why I selected Vuze I have come full circle here as Azureus was the first torrent client I used when I learned about torrents. Torrents are a great technology, and I have enjoyed many torrents over the years.

I was surprised that my internet got turned off today. I am unable to pay any of my other bills and they are not getting turned off so I was expecting unlimited free internet too. I went to go pawn something, and the person at the pawn shop said they didn't want to buy it. On the way home, I asked someone if they knew where a different pawn shop was, but they did not. However, their friend did buy my thing. I said I needed $55 to get my internet turned back on and this person I met then paid my entire bill of about $120. I am quite certain that this person I was with today is the person on the left, and I have an inkling the the person on the left and one of the people to the right are the one and the same.

Now I wonder if the debunked report was the one where Bob said I was an asshole or if it was the one where they said I might be allowed to earn money for the work that I do.

Wild stalling.

When I first went to Alliance it was the first place I went since leaving home where I felt like I fit it, and I felt like the people there liked me. A lot of places I go I get the, "Get out of here weirdo!," treatment, subtle as it often is, but not at Alliance. Jacaré was cool to me, and very encouraging and friendly. It was the best place I ever went and still is. It was the only place I ever went like that.

Weird chart today.

This week the memes said that Omarosa was one of the people using the Emily Hancock persona to invade my space. Since Emily is a likely sperm agent, and Trump is a likely sperm client, and Omarosa was working in the White House even until just recently when Kelly fired that person for what he called court-martialable offenses, the whole thing reeks of "collusion."

If only you knew how much more qualified I am to deal with how bad things really are than any other person living on Earth.

It's weird how degenerates can read the Bible and come away with the idea that it's important to be a faggot but it's not important to treat other people the way you would like to be treated. It's fucking weird. Why even read that book if you're not going to pay attention to what it says?

I tell you what else about this data transfer project at Exide. We were doing the migration from SQL Server to Salesforce and they were talking about sending the data 900 miles around the moon to put it into Salesforce. I said, "I can use the native ODBC connector in SQL Server to to do this project in about an hour after he email the structure of the Salesforce tables." My manager said, "Nope, security." He was totally bullshitting. I had no was to say, "Rod, you are just citing security here in that ambiguous fashion because as the one in the dominant managerial role you know there is no way I'm going to say, 'Rod you fucking liar, you want to send the data through 900 million filters to make sure the customer never gets the data they want. You ambiguous "security" comment regarding the native connector is the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard, and you are only getting away with it because else around he is fucking retarded and that is the only reason you have the auditors convinced that you are maintaining a relational data. The reason you have the referential integrity constraint disabled is because everything you do is fraud, you fucking piece of shit. It will take 3 months os Sandy iteratively telling me 900 lies to do it the way you want to do it. I can do it today with the ODBC connector if the guy gives me his table structure. Then Sandy won't be able to fuck everything up by giving my wrong and falsified project reqs. You fucking liar, fuck you die.'"

The truth about Idlib, which I believe is the ID library of "Merchant IDs" associated with what is called the OPM hack, the MIDs being the MIDs I was working with as an employee of US Bancorp's credit card processing subsidiary Elavon, is that after I had used Excel to email (and Lync) the data to internal customers at Elavon and Lexis Nexis, they hired me at Exide knowing how I do it. I did it again, except I did it with SQL 2008 QA data while I and my internal customer were under the impression that this was the PROD data. I later learned that Exide's PROD system was in SQL 2005, a system to which I did not have access, and therefore I likely created a fake real copy of the ID library where people might think it was the whole thing on the basis of it being bigger than their existing files. I think my interactions at Exide were structured to make me think that my customer wanted the data from the SQL 2008 system. I likely put my internal customer under the wrong impression that I emailed him PROD data, but really that was QA data. I only learned about the SQL 2005 system later when the Sharepoint administrator, who I will not forget, changed the data source in one of my SQL reports. David had asked me to create a report to some specification but then it turned out the specification was for the SQL 2005 system of which I was unaware. I repeatedly asked my supervisor Tim and manager Rod, "Come on guys, it's obvious that SQL 2005 is the real PROD and you have me totally in QA." However, they danced around it and because I was in the position of inferiority there as the one grubbing for the few dollars I earned in that meeting, I had no way to correct their repeated insistences to change the subject of the conversation.

I was out for a walk just now. Some woman flossed her romperkins blouse at me and this post will remind me not to let anyone in her family exist in the future.

Laying in bed today I was affected with a sensation of anger. I went to sit on my porch and one of the landscapers is one of my main gangstalkers, he is the one I associate with the Lucas Lepri persona. That person followed me all through my homelessness, even in the homeless shelter. I feel like I am still in a homeless shelter, and my condition of abjectly indigent poverty continues while my book is unpublishable, apparently. Even if they hiked my income $10k/year, I would still be below the USA poverty line.

The gangstalking where I live now is as unmistakable as it ever was. I feel totally certain that the main people who derive enjoyment from doing this to me are homosexual perverts.

This Go Fund Me thing with John and the iniquitous couple reminds me of that thing a few years ago: "The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit." Helene was very strangely insistent when I mentioned it to her that she didn't think it was a real thing. At the time, there was speculation that the Krim murders were related to a story about the lawsuit which appeared on the internet. It I recall correctly, after "the nanny" murdered the children, she stabbed herself in the neck so hard that she broke the knife on her vertebrae. This last part is just the scuttlebutt, the first part about Helene's forceful insistence that the lawsuit isn't real very much happened an was quite strange.

This paper, btw.

Does anyone remember the story of Passover? I will not spare the child, but if you try hard to convince me, and by that I don't mean try hard to convince the servant of my enemy that claims to be my representative while working against me at every turn and hoping that I die before I can show everyone his crimes, I might tell the Angel of Lord to pass over your house without killing everyone. This is unlikely, I think that whole branch should be burned to the roots and then the soil there should be salted with cobalt and iodine, but in the story it does say that the Angel of the Lord passed over certain households. It also said that God told Abraham at the last minute that it was ok not to kill Isaac, but I'm not going to say that. However, when it comes to the mother, father, and other children, and uncles and aunts and cousins, I would be willing to hear pleas. Will anyone make one to me? I doubt it, though I feel certain that they will plead that exact case to my enemy.

I guess they're saying, "Why pay him for his book when we can steal it and not pay him?"

Regarding causal racism. When they say it's bad, I think those are the hateful racists disappointed in the casual nature of the racism. Certainly I have said a thousand racist things. I've said the N word in front of several different black people over the years, and even once on accident in front of one of my black friends in a way with a strong negative connotation, but that's my casual or conversational manner of speaking. I don't see what the big deal is. It's the hateful racism that's a big problem. It's a big problem because it leads people to say, "I don't have treat that person the way I would like to be treated because he is green with blue and red stripes." Casual racism differs from hateful racism in this regard. Is casual racism even racism then? If you define racism as a priori bad then causal racism does not conform to that definition. One might define casual racism as the normal prejudices of a person without any nefarious overtones. What is the big deal about not being super PC about everything? Who cares? Actions speak louder than words, except in the minds of those who seek to twist the words. I guess there might be a recording of that time I was ribbing Joey about his girlfriend being Mexican, but really it was that I was saying he should try for a hotter woman. I've noticed that the negative things people say about others are often the insecurities they have, and this was a good example of that because this is a major issue for me. I am disappointed with the women they have offered to me and nearly equally so in the employment.

I repromise my earlier promise to spend the rest of my life searching for these abominations that I hate, whose existence is the highest form of contempt and cuckoldry. I want them all to die, I want the families they were born into to die so that other people can't say, "Look what we did to him and lived to the tale of."

If Trump is not guilty of collusion then he is guilty of the worse crime of saying, "Haha, look what I can do and live to the tale of." Here I'm talking about his efforts to breed cancer into the tree of life.

If this thing in the church is as momentous as they say, then maybe the church will soon reveal the man of lawlessness.

Then like 900 million other things too, and I bet none of them will convince the infidel to repent and betray his fellow infidels. However, my advice to the infidel is this: turn from evil and help God give your fellow infidel to his enemies so that you might find mercy.

Not only that, but my own parents' names are Joseph and Helene, and it looks like the N has been left of Heli here like it was left off Jah in the last one. Not only that, but my own protest started on November 5, 2011 when I was 31 years of age. Then even more with these two missing Ns between my name Jon and Helene's name, Helene used to call me Nunu Bunkenshterner when I was young, and Nunu means NN. Then there was that time Mt. St. Helen's exploded as Helene was going into labor to birth me on my birthday: May 21, 1980.

Not only do God and Jon sound similar if you pronounce the G the other way, but it almost says in the Bible that God's name is Jon.

Among my own names, it is interesting that Jon is to Jonathan as God is to Gedalia.

Me personally, I think God is really smart to say, "I will kill your children," instead of, "I will kill you." As a parallel from my own life, I think about jiu jitsu. Why would you put pressure on the guy's shoulder when you can put pressure on his face? God would be stupid to not to put the pressure where it will be felt the most. God is not stupid, and good for God I say. We don't want the culture of those who don't act right in the tree of life.

Hey... remember that time Christians were going on and on about how God is all-powerful and omnipotent, etc... and then right there in the Bible it says that God and Jacob did jiu jitsu but God could not overpower Jacob, and even specifically that God is a man? And then remember that other time my Hebrew name is God and my jiu jitsu instructor is named Jacaré and, following the naming convention of Team A and Team B in jiu jitsu competitions, my own story likely includes a Jaca A and a Jaca B where Jaca B sounds just like Jacob, especially in Romance languages, and even Jaca A sounds exactly like Jacaré?

This is the last few lines of the absolute last page of the Bible. When John says that God will take away the share of those people in the tree of life, what could that mean? When I think, "What is my share in the tree of life?," the only thing that make sense is for it to be my descendants. Indeed, the whole story of the Bible is creation and then God promises a few people that their descendants will be more numerous than the stars, and we follow those guys through early history. Consequently, I am drawn toward the idea that when God was inspiring the Bible, he wanted the last thing in there to say, "If you don't act right, I will kill your fucking children and your descendants will number zero."

I would like to see a sequel to The Truman Show in which Truman goes back to the set and kills everyone, and then also all of the people off the set who watched it.

I started watching Disenchantment. I really liked pic related joke, derivative as it was.

Supporting Trump sure did work out for me over these last two years of my life, the worst by far! While this is heavily influenced by my own choices, I lay the blame at Trump's door because he refuses to declassify that information which will vindicate me. Still, considering that the democrats did the same thing for a lot longer than two years, I hope they lose in the election. As much as I would like to see Trump broken and humbled, there is only figurative room for one at the absolute bottom of the bottom and at this time I would prefer to see a representative of those who did it to me 2009-2016 down there instead of the representative of those who did it to me 2016-2018.

They should make a cookie dough ice cream that's like 50/50 ice cream to cookie dough. 60/40 maybe.

I went for a walk today. The gang stalking activity is markedly increased.

You see... even after God sent plagues against Pharaoh, each time the Lord hardened his heart and he still refused Moses' demand to let his people go. Over and over, the Lord sent plagues, and Moses demanded that his people be set free, and the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart each time until he sent ten plagues, and then Pharaoh relented and conceded to Moses, and let his people go. Then they were in the wilderness for 40 years.

I made up a story to try get a deal. No one is buying my book though. No deal except homelessness.

Well... now I think it is right again. Hopefully I have a more definitive opinion in the next few days. That would have been (will be???) a nasty kick in the nuts to have my first serious research error on the same day they throw me out in the street again. However, being on the streets again with this new result will be better than being there without it! I hope it holds up!!!!!

I've been reviewing some of these criticisms of my result about sine and cosine. I am leaning toward agreeing that my result is wrong and stupid. I will keep looking at it though because I hope I can save it. That would really be something if I lost my book deal in the 4chan post I made about it!!!

How long will they leave me out here? How long will will they refuse to pay me for my work? When they come to me, they will say, "Yeah, sorry about that. Please have mercy on my children."

(A) Soliton-induced relativistic-scattering and amplification

(B) Oil crash on giant laser nuclear fusion news.

This is another path by which I can move into a state of food and home security, and lucidity as I cross a gargantuan publication milestone and am allowed to interact with the other people doing research in my area. If they let me publish this paper, which does contain a Hamiltonian, then that will be a signal that I should write up the valid parts of the recent critiques I harvested on 4chan, on which I shall henceforth abstain from inanity in perpetuity, and then submit it. Then someone would write a news article about my research. Then I would send my book to agents with a query letter, "I am in the news for my scientific writing, this is me, and I have this book I want to use to generate life-sustaining residual income."

This really hit home with me today, I have been enticed to say that I want to do these things to these other people's children, even down in the pit, but I am against that sort of thing. I am so angry that these people hate me so much that they are risking falling into the hands of their enemies whose hands I describe as my own in my rhetoric. I have no personal desire to be a torturer inflicting direct torture on children or adults. It is disgusting and I hate it.

When I was younger I watched sitcoms and eventually learned that the chance that the fundamental situation on the show might change due to the twists and turns of the story in a particular episode was extremely small. Whatever happened in the episode, the show was going to be about the same in the next episode. That feels like my life. Honestly, asking me to tone down my rhetoric feels, to me, like the Cardassian trying to get Picard to say there are five lights. That was something I heard a lot on OkStupid: "Tone it down!" To that I say, "No, you tone it up."

Since my enemy is picking and choosing what those who would give me money can see, he can choose to show them material in a way that will make them want to or not want to give me money. I am not in control of what he chooses to do. He can choose to make it happen or not happen. It is totally dependent on the illegal cherry-picking of the data that he does to keep everyone else from hating him as much as I do. What I am charge of is my response to all of reality, such as those months after I had sent my book to agents when I wasn't making death threats and they still weren't buying the book: April, May, June, July.

They say that poverty is one of the worst things for creative intelligence.

By the normal processing rules, my paper would have appeared on arXiv today.

...says the representative of agency which got me expelled from college.

I saw a terrible image today. It was a cat in a birthday hat with a cupcake, maybe with a birthday candle, and also the cat's face had been severely mutilated. It was disturbing and I can imagine whoever was taking the photo saying, "What?!?!?! I can't make you have fun!," as if to intimate that the cat was being a party pooper.

I hate my enemy. The only way I could love my enemy is if someone I loved betrayed me and kept it hidden from me. This is another big disagreement between biblical Jesus, whose name is not my name, and me, God. I notice that it was the Israelites who denied me three times, and in the Bible it is Peter who denies Jesus three times. Is Catholicism, the church built around the Throne of St Peter, an Israelite racket? Also, how did Peter get a throne while I am hobo? Also, where Jesus talks about the poor and moral virtue a lot like I used to back in the early days, but now I only talk about totally destroying the seed of the infidel teaching fear of the Lord to those who will be in the remnant, I can see how the last thing the rebels put into history before they lose access to their rebel time machine was, "We should have said yes to him earlier when he was saying that other stuff."

I saw some guy tonight. At the end of our conversation, I wondered if he was someone else I knew in disguise because he was flexing his neck veins. The veins in his neck were not quite like the other guy's which I remember as being just one bigger one. He asked me what I've been doing with myself, and I told him I've been selling my food stamps every month and buying weed with the $100 I can get because it's not like I can have a life for that anyways. Then he said, "You could use it to get a job." I thought that it was an eccentric suggestion that I should use the dollar I can get to sell myself back into bondage for $~1x10^1/hr after becoming homeless avoid the condition of bondage even at $~5x10^1/hr. I don't love money that much. I would rather say, "Being your servant is not my place the universe," from my dumpster hidey hole than to say, "Ok, I will serve you in indignant hardship for pay on the order of $10^1/hr."

During that year of homelessness, I was sliced with a razor in the shower at Gateway, sliced with a razor near the library, punched in the jaw at the library, and hit in the mouth with a hammer at the park where the claw end scratched my neck pretty well, tackled multiple times. All likely by those people getting paid to wear costumes around me.

I went to Gateway and they refused to give me a shower and then those people got shot in Las Vegas. It makes me feel like I am Nevada, and those were the people spending the money the earn pretending to be the other homeless people I interact with. Today, I went to a rec center that I know has a shower, and they said I couldn't use it, and that I could only go to the bathroom that doesn't have a shower in it. As much as I hate Gateway, it is not an ethical issue for me like refusing to lend a veneer of professional conduct to their satanic gang stalking, which as far from the golden rule as possible. One I just hate because I don't like it, the other I hate because I'm helping my enemy be less obvious. I addition to all of this, I still wonder if Exide put fraud documents in my employment package. Unlike those documents with which I was bound in court the yesterday, these Exide employment docs do not reflect the verbal transactions between Exide and I. Regarding those binding documents in court that got me evicted yesterday, I think that was probably Cesar and I talked about. This is the major distinction between non-binding fraud docs and terms that the two parties have discussed.

This on hold status is a real bad sign! That was quick too.

I would overwhelmingly prefer not to live on the streets. Please hook me up.

After the school shooting in which this person allegedly died, I made several posts about he is the spitting image of one of the gang stalkers at the homeless services facility where I was taking showers during my homelessness. This is the same facility where I was wrongfully denied access to the shower one time by one of the gang stalkers, and then the massacre in Las Vegas happened immediately after, I assume in retaliation for the over-the-top gang-stalking where they weren't just heckling me but were denying me access to basic homeless services. Since the gang stlakers have been deleting posts from my log, I don't know if those posts are still on here. Yesterday, the judge ruled that I should be thrown out of my home onto the street again to live in filth and indignity, and then I walked home. When I got home, I was sitting on my porch and I am fairly certain that this person pulled up in front of my home in a red truck to leer at me maliciously, as if to say that all the misery I endured is about start all over again. I tell you, these gang stalkers are not going to like it when the tables are turned. I also tell you... when I wonder why God does this to me, I have to think that it's because I still don't hate my enemies enough, and that is really something because I do hate them very much.

You can tell how many infidels there are when they say, "Let him live in the filth for a few more years, that will be good for our share in the tree of life."

I am G.F. too.

The truth about the Las Vegas shooting is that the guy wouldn't let me use the shower at the homeless services facility, and he pointed to a metal Raiders badge on his hat as he snickered maliciously. Then all those people got shot in Las Vegas, which might not be far from here if I am in a mock up of Atlanta in Nevada. Indeed, those were only the people that got killed because he made someone else mad by doing that, I intend to have my vengeance on this person and his people as well, on a greater scale than a mere shooting, and more brutally.

Since my last website turned into the first chapter of Genesis, that tells what a grievous crime it is, even among all crimes in the history of the universe, to take away from, add to, or change what I have written and posted here.

I recently saw a picture of Jeremy Corbyn wearing white shirt with black dots on it and it seemed like the kind of shirt Helene would like. It reminded me of when I saw this picture of Theresa May doing the stink eye. Her turquoise necklace says "American Southwest" to me as much as Pam's chain necklace says to me "sadomasochism."

That's some coincidence that "Strzok" got fired during the few days of the "Manafort" trial.

It's seems like everything about the Las Vegas shooting has been removed from my blog. I wrote a lot about that.

Aaronson's teenage student amazingly proves that Aaronson's strong beliefs are only "backed" by arrogance, bigotry

It's the kind of paradigm shift that is normally enough for someone's whole career

They say, "Oh, he thinks he should be rich, huh?" I do, but that is not my main complaint. My main complaint is that I shouldn't be dirt poor, essentially living as an outlaw squatter.

Rick and Morty had no problem making money off of my book. There was a bunch of content from The Weather Vane in that show, I had written the first part of the book several years ago, a while before the show.

As it is, it is like the women of the world would rather see me die without another affectionate touch than for one of them to make themselves available for me affectionately. However, I know there are other men in the world for which this is not true and women would prefer to make themselves available to those men than to see them alone everyday. Furthermore, I feel like the bar for me to make it into that other group is held artificially high by my enemy. That's likely the enemy that is selling my semen.

My old website turned into the first chapter of Genesis.

I've been trying to share my good word. These infidels bring me ridicule instead of technical criticism. They think that I won't torture their children to death for it, but they are wrong.

I see that several posts have been deleted from my log, and I expect that they will be restored.

They sure did get a lot of bang for their buck based off of whatever $2,000/day they were paying to enslave me at Peachford, all while refusing to hardly give me $2,000/month, and willing to pay the hospital for up to six months!!! For that money, they bought a few occasions of about 5-15 minutes of my face time with the doctor whose diagnosis would be entered into the record, and maybe longer on the first visit when she was asking for my information.

In terms of man hours, look out how many they put into it: like one or two man hours with that doctor. Then, consider the disproportionately large amount of man hours, much greater than the only one or two man hours that went into the diagnosis that are, apparently, required to refute the diagnosis which was based on as much as two hours of case study. If the labor in showing it was tantamount to one or two man hours of work, then it is illogical to require a vastly higher standard of work to demonstrate that my theory does have merit, and that the government is refusing to acknowledge it via a conspiracy of silence.

What judge says, "This one or two hours of work by the doctor needs to be balanced against thousands of man hours showing the theory is correct. Although it was sufficient for her to ignore the theory altogether when she deemed it wrong, you must counterbalance her two hours of work with thousands of hours of work. Your simple arithmatic demonstrations that you call "proofs" are not convincing to the court, I need you to present the consensus findings of the entire professional field of physics to counterbalance the opinion of this doctor. She says you are paranoid schizophrenia and it is not sufficient for you to fully demonstrate that your theory has merit in with only a commensurate investiture of effort. Although I must presume that you are of sound mind for me to have you in my court here today, I am somehow totally persuaded by this doctor's two hours of work."

Actually, I got it worked out, thankfully, and I am glad.

Some guy came in to the place I'm living and took my modem. I went and got another modem, but I don't think it's compatible.

Do you love money so much, and what it buys, that you do a job that you hate?

I will be glad to make an example of those who blocked my discovery in 2009, right when Manafort got that $1M in October. Also, those in 2011 should suffer, those who got me expelled from college over my serial raping. When I was suspended for two semesters, two times in two weeks for two different rapes, I was banned from campus with revoked student status, and I would have to reapply without my fellowship, loans, waiver, or assistantship; I was expelled in effect. Since I have no money, it is as impossible for me to get back into college in the wake of their actions as it would be if I had been formally expelled instead of merely exceeding the three semester suspension limit which kicks you out of the university, my own suspension being for four semesters.

Banking sources said that in October 2009, one of the 15 Manafort-associated bank accounts in Cyprus received a payment of a million dollars and left the account on the same day.

I have wondered exactly what application of my theory it was that led to fusion energy. I assumed it was something with the advanced EM potential. However, they could take this negative mode from the negative frequency resonant radiation and point it into a boiler, and that might make a compact power plant. I guess they could probably tune it to put that mode on resonance where it is putting out more energy than is put in via the "soliton-induced amplification." If they did have free energy, then that would be a good way for them to prop up the economy: with a secret technology they have conspired to keep secret at the expense of the working class, and me as the inventor, who has been not just living in a car but living in alleys and under bridges and borderline homeless for so many years now. About one fifth of my life in this state since 2011, with no redress. Soliton-induced amplification was reported in 2012.

How about the one where they got me expelled from college, took all my money away, only then, after years of desperate, nearly fruitless searching for a very good looking woman, did they put a few in front of me and then say that I'm gay because I didn't say to her, "I am refusing to get a job and I am on the brink of homeless because I had this big scientific discovery but I got expelled from college for rape so I have to wait to get the money, but you know, you want to hang out? My mom pays my rent so we can hang in out in there but I can't do anything with you unless you want to pay for it because I had this big discovery and I'm waiting on the job offer and no one is giving me the money I would need to do that kind of stuff with you. I have some food stamps actually though if you want to buy some rice or some chips or something, but we have to wait until my card gets recharged on the 23rd."

Lately, instead of "le schizo maymay schizos" I've been getting a lot of comments that say, "Get help, don't come back." I am coming back, I will exterminate their seed. Everything they planted will be uprooted and I will salt the earth where it grew. I want to do to them and theirs the most massively brutal thing that was ever done.

With "Manafort's" fake trial beginning tomorrow, I feel a burning desire to kill every wretched, disgusting thing grown from my improperly harvested sperm that he sold in Ukraine, and also all the siblings of the thing, and the siblings of the mother and father, and all the children of the siblings of the mother and father, and also the grandparents so that everyone who sought to profit from Manfort's actions will instead be totally destroyed. Their family's name will be stricken from the book of life, exterminated in full, irrevocably, forever. Since they have chosen to give Manafort millions of dollars for my sperm while I am impoverished and homeless and while no woman would offer her pussy to me but seemingly plenty of them want to pay millions of dollars to have Manafort dig around in their vaginas with his dirty hands, I am very angry and to satisfy my anger I intend to completely burn that branch of the tree of life which offended me in this way.

I'm feeling pretty bitter.

I was watching a documentary about Hitler's family. It said there was some dispute about the royalties from Hitler's book. I wonder, is anyone earning royalties from my books? If so, that is almost certainly the Devil.

With all this housing insecurity and looming homelessness I remember those jobs I had when I used to be able to pay rent on a regular basis. Even though my real CV said I was the most successful living physicist, and my computer guy resume was full of notorious lies, they had no problem throwing money at me for my fake resume. Why not throw money at me for my real resume which says, honestly, that I am the best in the world at what I do?

Remember when that bridge collapsed in the fire last year? That was pretty cool.

Aside from my scholarly work, I think it is further evidence that merit counts for nothing when none of the hundreds of agents I sent my book to wants to sell it.

Do you think they would ever do the type of edge sorting where they stick a brain scanner up your ass and then quietly play voices for you on their speakers so that their brain scanner says you're hearing voices?

O.G., King of Bashan. Who could that be?



Looks like it's getting to be time to head back.

I've taking to thinking "Satanists" when I read the word Israelite in the Bible. Jacob being later renamed Israel, Jacob and his mother were painted in quite the bad light, and I think Jacob is Satan. That's why it always says "God's servant Jacob." It's because Satan was God's servant.

My indictment of capitalism is that it says all of these contributions of mine are worthless.

At least this part makes it seem like a troll review.

I got my first book review back from the only book agent who asked to see my book! I am quite pessimistic about my imminent return to homelessness.

This is the third technical paper: Time Arrow Spinors for the Modified Cosmological Model. I finally developed an energy function for my theory and show that it contains the classical limit, along with some other stuff.

This is the second technical paper: The Golden Ratio in the Modified Cosmological Model. I find the golden ratio in the model without putting it in first. It's in there three times actually.

This paper, Derivation of the Limits of Sine and Cosine at Infinity, is really spectacular. It is the first of three technical papers.

I wrote four pretty good papers this summer. One of them is about morality and it should be accessible to anyone. In that regard, I also suggest The Truth about Evolution, The Truth about Climate Change, and The Truth about Geometric Unity.

Why do you think different languages read from the left or the right, or from the top?