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Interesting that even with Wells Fargo's big continuation of its fake account scandal this year it is still out performing "scandal free" Goldman Sachs.

Upon returning to ARC this evening I brought my bag to my bed and then showered without incident. I went down to the front desk and encountered the man who handed the new battery to me after throwing the previous battery under the table where the curtain hanging around the table obscured the battery's destination. I asked him if I could have my battery back. He would neither acknowledge taking the battery nor deny it in the way that one does when one wishes not to lie at the same time wishes not to tell the truth. (The things that come out in situtations like that are lies of omission so there is an irony in the superficial intent not to lie.) The manager of the ARC (pic very much related) then asked me what I was talking about. I told him and then he shoulder checked me as he walked by. I said, "Excuse you!" He said, "Watch who you're talking to." I said, "Why should I watch who I'm talking to when I say, 'Excuse you?'" He said, "You better watch it!" I said, "Why should I watch it when I say, 'Excuse you?'" Then he grabbed me by the shirt, shoved me against the partition, was joined by the man who took my battery and another man, and they all shoved me out the front door. I did not receive a refund of the $10 I paid for tonight and I did not get my battery back. I had no problems with the homeless people at the ARC but the staff stole my battery, battered me, confiscated my deposit without cause, and then put me out on the street for saying, "Excuse you," when the manager shoulder checked me.

I'm browsing through a book about the Governor's mansion at the library today. It caught my interest because the fraudulent affidavit signed by Helene and Joe which led to my involuntary detention in 2014 said that I was going to launch an attack on this mansion in Buckhead. Flipping through the pages I see most of the nice photos were taken by my old training partner Chris who is a professional photographer. We may have even trained together as blue belts and I see all his photos of the mansion are dated 2014, the same year as Helene and Joe's fraudulent affidavit.

I checked into the Atlanta Recover Center yesterday to stay for two days for $20 dollars out of the ~$96 dollars I can find on the ground each month due to my food stamps. When the security guard was checking my bag he threw my laptop battery under the table at his station and then handed me back a different battery. Today when I attempt to charge this new battery that the ARC agent gave me after stealing my old battery, Windows is displaying this unaesthetic icon in the system icon tray. Since it was the agent of ARC that stole my property and not one of the other homeless people I demand that ARC return my stolen property so that I am not forced to look at this ugly icon for the remainder of the time I use this computer.

Godaddy is rerouting to the Mexican version of its site.

Math is a rock. Ego is sand. Hear my words and believe them.

I had a series of dreams where I moved away from Alliance. In each dream I would find myself somewhere away from Atlanta and I would realize that I had messed up because I couldn't train jiu jitsu anymore. In one specific case of this dream I thought I was in jail. I was in a room with painted cinder block walls and there were metal framed bunk beds. Upon waking I thought the room was the graduate student office in the physics building at Georgia Tech but now I am quite certain the location in the dream was one of the dorms at the Atlanta Mission. The student office at GT didn't have these kinds of beds but they were exactly like the beds at the Atlanta Mission. In the dream I was just sitting there feeling like I had made a mistake and then Jacaré came in and said, "Oh man! You're in hell!" Then I woke up. (Even though I am not training right now, I feel pretty good about my decision to leave the school and I am not feeling any regret.)

I recently got suspended from the Atlanta Mission for two weeks and the last dorm I stayed in was Q dorm. I was laying on my bed by the door and I thought it was weird that the guy in the corner of the room was wearing a large poofy brown parka on such a warm day. Without speculating too much, I will say that I think the Atlanta Mission is a torture hotel with secret rooms and passages and the huge poofy parka was covering up some secret thing in the corner. The guy put the parka on his bunk across the room from me and I noticed at that time that the parka material seemed like thick brown leather where upon first glance it had seemed like some thin synthetic fabric. I watched the parka on the bunk and noticed that it seemed much smaller and less poofy; it seemed like a medium sized bag and I couldn't see sleeves or any parka features. It seemed to move as if someone or something was inside the leather bag while no was was touching it and the bed was still. The man who put it on his bunk oriented it so that a small aperture in the bag was pointed at me and the aperture looked very much like the face of this tardigrade in the above image. I did not investigate at the time and was quickly put out of the building back on the street for an unrelated event.

A few days later I was walking over a bridge over the highway in front of the Georgia Power building and I saw a wet cardboard box crumpled so that it appeared to have a small aperture exactly like the one I had seen in Q dorm, and then when I took a few more steps I also noticed laying on the bridge some other brown leather bag highly reminiscent of the material I had taken note of upon a second glance at the man's huge poofy parka once he laid it on the bed. I think the parka was used as a cover for them to bring a bagged person up into the dorm from a secret entrance for whoever was in the bag to have a look at me and I am not sure why.

This brings me to another dream, one much more disturbing than the feelings of regret I felt in the dream sequence mentioned above. There was someone in a black leather bag and they didn't have arms or legs. This black bag had a strong S&M theme and there was a silver zipper for the mouth. Someone told a woman that she had to go be with the person in the black bag and she was horrified exclaiming, "Not Bizarro!" In the dream I got the impression that Bizarro was the name of the person in the black bag. She was horrified but the person in the bag, who I prefer not to call Bizarro, seemed glad to have the company and did not seem malevolent. I subtly felt that the person in the bag was being tortured psychologically by the repulsion shown towards his tortured body. At the time I thought perhaps it was an expression of my own frustrations at the repulsion women have exhibited toward me but now that I have seen this bag in the mission followed by the staged image of the same bag on the bridge I feel like it is something more than a dream, possibly prescient or more likely a sad vision from afar. Those of you who have read my novel-in-progress without my permission should know that this dream was the inspiration for the chapter I called "The Devil."

I remember that one time Jacaré was telling me that back in Rio when people would call his house and his mom would answer and they would ask for Jacaré but she would say, "I don't have a son Jacaré, my son's name is Romero." I've been thinking about masks and twins lately, and also photoshop. I know the pictures of the people in Alliance have been distorted in recent years and it didn't used to be that way. I recognize my best friend in the picture above. As far as I can tell, this is an an unaltered photo of him unlike other photos I have referred to which seemed like they were altered. He had a heart attack training with Cobrinha one day and I don't know if he ever came back to the school. Below is a picture of my friends and I.

This clown looks like it was designed over Chris Studwell's face. I noticed Eric Dougherty's face on one of the apes in Planet of the Apes and I remember that when Chris first came to Alliance Joey told me that Chris was special ed and that he knew because he works with people like that.

If Republicans are surprised that Trump went with the Democrats then they should consider that I figured that out in January and if they are just noticing that 230 days after the inauguration then they should consider what other things I could do 98% faster than them as an autocrat.

UPDATE: If that was really Helene telling the room that she handles stuff for me then I want to clarify that she does not. She might handle stuff for herself but she doesn't do it for me. Recall that I quit Exide about five to ten minutes after Sandy intimated that Helene was my coworker. I was not even willing to accept dealing with the possibility of having her as a coworker so there is no way I would ever delegate tasks to her.

After I got kicked out of school I got into a nice routine doing jiu jitsu twice a day at least once a week and doing at least one class six days a week. Then Nexidia hired me for Carina and Xuefei to be my boss and also that the other women Lee Duh and Liz Adkins, who may have resurfaced at Elavon as Lee Adkins, should be positioned with superiority relative to me. I was fired about five minutes after I solved the problem of looking in the SQL log. I got called into the meeting room where James filmed me getting fired under the pretense of the me leaving early instead of letting Carina and Xuefei be my boss all day. I was fired about one week after my coworker Troy Surdick returned from conferring with the Israeli police and this was around the time of the Israeli embassy strike over low pay.

The issues at Nexidia were specified NIA 1234 with the 1234 being the issue number. Xuefei had one mislabeled CIA 1234 and the description said that, I think, that my delete command was getting caught in an infinite loop and this was a persistent problem for them. They fired me and I decided not to work. Helene asked me what I was going to do if I didn't get attention for my theory. I told her I might go to the state capitol in downtown Atlanta and use a hammer to smash a public facing window to call attention to myself. Shortly after that she and Joe signed an affidavit which led to my involuntary detention. In the affidavit it was alleged that I was going to go to the rich residential neighborhood Buckhead where I would scale the fence surrounding the Governor's mansion and then run in front of the guard shack in an effort to make it all the way across the very large lawn to the residential facade where I intended to break a window with my weapon. That affidavit is completely false.

The first female leader of the Israelites appeared when they turned to evil. I recently mentioned that I am unlike Helene but I do feel that my best qualities in science and mathematics come from the interest in virtue demonstrated by Joe during my childhood. However, I would change the legal adult age to 13 from 18. When I left home in 1999 I was not doing very well. Now I have done very well and I feel like Jacaré put me on this course. I have been feeling Joe's memes on my laptop but I do not know to what extent other people impersonate further people or tell lies. I would not put a woman in a leadership role.

I have speculated that the microcephalic babies in and around Pernambuco, Brazil resulted from poison and not the Zika virus which has been around for decades without causing an epidemic of birth defects. I think it is likely that these babies resulted from an attempt to grow abomination babies from me and the mothers were intentionally inseminated with defective sperm. Jacaré is from Recife, Pernambuco so I assume Carlos is as well. If there are many thousands of these microcephalic babies in Brazil, and the "goods" stolen by Sara are my sperm cells, and the German submarines are really my genes, then it is likely that there are many abominations in Israel that are fully consecrated. Furthermore, my children are priceless so I dispute the $110,000 label attached to Sara's fraud. I will scrape the schmegma of this abomination off of the entire world.

I saw this image on the wall in the library. It is the spitting image of a scene from this movie where the malicious Japanese lord mutilates a woman by cutting her arms and legs off. He cuts her tongue out and rapes her in front of her husband before killing him and leaving her alive.

This was another piece of art on the wall.

I thought that you could remove these wooden bannisters and attach any contrived thing to the concrete walls through the metal moorings behind them. It seems like you make a crazy maze in the library. The elevator shaft in the library would, if extended directly downward, lead into the Peachtree Center MARTA station where I recently caught a train that was confirmed to me as being "the fake train from the side tunnel."

If I recall correctly, it was Joey who recommended this movie to me. I think if people around Atlanta don't like that I am putting my observations on my website then they should abide patiently. They should consider the truth that I am the Landlord and they are occupying my property without my consent.

Rod Williams or his lookalike, or someone disguised as him or his lookalike, or a robot designed to antagonize me with his likeness is following me around today. I do not know if it is Rod himself today (Rod is likely Spicer) but I do know that on certain occasions the persona in front of me now is occupied by a real person that occupied on occasion the persona of my boss at Exide. He followed me to the homeless shelter and he makes a point of always walking out of the hallway as soon as I check in to secure my bed in the afternoon. I hate that he does this; it demonstrates disrespect. He has done the same thing this morning by following to where I now sit, first walking in front of me when I was facing the other direction and also sitting in front of me now that I have reoriented my position. His disrespectful demonstrations of constantly surveilling my whereabouts are daily and almost unceasing.

While at Exide I witnessed Rod signing documents and I noticed that after he wrote his full name, he would then go back and add an additional mark on the D in Rodney. Given my recent speculations about name changer tools that use deceptive fonts to change information in PDFs, I now speculate that the Rod persona writes "Rodney Williams" like that to make it look like a real person wrote that signature in historical documents that had a real name covered up with a fake name "Rodney Williams." Cretins in the intelligence analyst community should know that PDF is the format most vulnerable to containing malware in all of software and that Joe is much better at computers than whoever the cretins have vouching for the authenticity of information that is rendered (in any format) on a monitor connected to a Windows computer. Joe is a Windows specialist. Given the timing of the suicide of Robin Williams, and also that CNN had a Robin Williams poster at the top of the escalator behind the front door when I walked through the other day, I suspect the real name was actually Robin Williams but it was covered up with the fake name Rodney Williams as I have speculated that James H. Taylor was originally Joseph Tooker in the image above.

Joe could use this tool to easily change "Joe Tooker" in any reports about his crimes to "Jon Tooker.

The wages of sin is death.

My intention in this regard remains the same. The favor shown to those families by whomever took it from me and distributed it will be repayed with death. The favor of that person is a curse from me. Those are not my children. I will destroy them and the families they were born into. If they wanted my sperm then they should have let me put it there myself.

I hope I have sufficiently demonstrated that I have a good memory.

To whomever is managing my life: I hate you. Your children won't survive. Even if your other works don't offend me, I will destroy them.

As an example, they moved me to a different bed in the homeless shelter because the person in my bottom bunk provoked me into yelling at him/her to stop shaking the bed. Then he shit his pants so that I would have to smell his nasty shit while I'm laying in bed. Now the person below me is shaking the bed with the same rhythm to let me know it is still the same person fucking with me, and just now they have shit their pants again and filled the room with the same distinctive stink so that I can be assured the person who was fucking with me in the other room in disguise A is the same person doing it here in disguise B. The smell of the feces I can smell right now is very distinctive. It smells like bile and is somewhat sweet or acrid like perhaps the shit of someone who isn't eating because they just smoke crack all the time. Even now, I prefer these literal feces particles which this person has willfully deposited on me to the figurative giant gobs of shit Rod and Sandy were flinging in my face on a regular basis. I would prefer neither, but the chart above makes it pretty clear that I have improved my situation. I would bet at least $5 that the person filling the room with this rancid fecal smell is Helene but I only have about $0.12. Helene or not, the stink of this person's rancid ass along with the rhythm with which they shake the bed assures me that the one upstairs that I tried to move away from is also the one down here with me now. Thus, your children will die. Their children will die. No one in the future will care that I exterminated them. They will rejoice at your demise. If they followed me from Dunwoody down here, and from one bunk to the other, then they would follow me anywhere else I could go: to another job, to another homeless shelter, to another apartment. The only solution is to extirpate their execrable race from the face of the whole Earth forever.

A while before opening the new location of Alliance HQ on North Shallowford but after Jacaré bought the property Helene was in Atlanta and since my apartment was across the street I took her to see it upon her request. Although the school was not yet moved, as soon as we pulled into the parking lot Elaine also pulled up. She was wearing a lacy black outfit unlike her ordinary attire and was extremely friendly toward Helene almost taking a pandering interest in each of the few words Helene said. It was odd and Elaine was uncharacteristic in many regards that I thought were odd in addition to the odd timing of her pulling into the parking lot right after us. Some time after that when the school was open I was sitting with Jacaré on the mat and Elaine came over to us. She said to Jacaré, "Oh you didn't tell me," and I understood her comment to mean that he didn't tell her who I was. I responded laughingly, "He didn't tell me either," and I mention this because her complete statement was, "Oh you didn't tell me. I'm going to bite you." Some years after that I noticed that one of the Bogoff memes where they are wearing bomber jackets (below left) is almost certainly modeled on a picture of Elaine and the person introduced to me as her mother so what she meant by "bite" could have been non-trivial (or not, it seemed like an ordinary casual comment at the time.) I mention all this because on the day in the parking lot it very much seemed like Elaine thought Helene was someone higher than her in the pecking order of whatever power network is the relevant one. Furthermore, in one of the last jiu jitsu classes I went to the person I am calling Carlos made a point of turning his back to Elaine when she came out of her office.

When the President of South Korea (above left) was arrested for giving information to a foreigner in a satanic cult that she described as an old friend, that very much seemed like Helene. This cult probably extends into the 1MBD scandal, in which Saudi Arabia is a major player, through Rosmah Mansor (above right) and I only mention that to point out that Helene's tentacles extend very far, but they do grow from her body which is in the United States. If it was her network of power that I was most directly attacking with my own efforts to gain control in the world then that is sufficient motive for her to be the main culprit in the events to which I am only referring indirectly. I have not received any Helene memes from North Korea and I do believe I have correctly identified Helene as the Devil.

Also, since I have mentioned the Bogoffs here I will mention one other thing. We did have someone train at Alliance for a while named Bogdan Grechka. After I recently heard about the Bogoff meme I googled him and his reference to bloodsport seemed a bit exactly in context. Way back when I was blue belt and we had an MMA team at Alliance I was talking about American style MMA versus Brazilian style Vale Tudo and Elaine said, "Oh me and Jacaré like it with a lot of blood," and she really emphasized the blood over the fighting. I have also noticed Jacaré's face in the Bogoff memes (right). My neighbor Avis Jorgenson who I now think is Elizabeth Windsor had a nasty little dog named Gretchen.

Upon further contemplation, I can't tell if this is a mockery or an expression of solidarity.

When I think about Helene's motives for being the Devil all I can come up with is a malice fetish but in that case it does make a lot of sense. It would come from the giant chip on her shoulder over being a woman and it is consistent with what I know of her personally.

I assume I am understanding this picture correctly with his fingers down there but it is hard to see what he is smiling about. It is true that they have nuclear weapons but the North Korean weapons are all about 1,000x weaker than the 10 megaton weapons plotted here. In that case and in my opinion, those weapons do not constitute a nuclear deterrent. They say that in a knife fight you are going to get cut and the best you can do is to kill the other guy before he kills you. However, that is just a saying and it is possible to kill the other guy without getting cut at all. An example would be an overpowering nuclear strike on North Korea that is so devastating they are unable to retaliate with their primitive technology. In either case, retaliation or not, if I am understanding Kim's pose here then it is going to happen so it might as well happen sooner than later.

This post lists some errors rendering my website in Microsoft IE. There were some glitches loading the wallpaper near the bottom of pages, and exactly two images didn't load. It was the two images above on this page. I wonder if they will render now that I have pointed out that Elizabeth was not yet beyond her child bearing years in 1980.

Is the Devil's name Helene and that is why we say the Devil lives in Hell? We took these pictures at a wedding in New Mexico and the bride was healthy at the wedding but died of brain cancer soon afterward. When Helene worked at the 2 East unit at UMC in Tucson, the hospital in which I was born, several of the other nurses on her very small psychiatric unit died of brain cancer.

As I recall, one of Hitler's major grievances with Russia, if not the main one, was what the Bolsheviks did to the Romanovs. During 2002 when I was living in Arizona I kept feeling like my Zadie Sol was appearing in my mind and then when I started training with Jacaré in February 2003 I thought that it had probably been him since they look so much alike. I think I was standing next to Carlos in this picture below but they put Jacaré's face in afterwards. We took this photo right after I pulled up behind Joey and Steve's 191 truck.

Today I will speculate regarding genealogy and Satan's Christian name. Is it Carlos or is it Joseph? I notice that Carlos is not a name that appears in the Bible and when I read "Esau" it says that he saw what happened to his brother. I will speculate that Joe the Larger is in fact the brother of Richard Kuklinski and that when Richard has been quoted as saying of his brother Joseph, "We both have the same father," he was referring to Hitler. Furthermore, when Wikipedia says that Richard worked for the de Cavalcante family the opposite may as well be true because what would the author of the Wikipedia article know about it. Here I assume that the de Cavalcante and Cavalcanti families are related. Then if I am Joseph's older brother Richard's male heir that will mean Joseph has a direct vested interest in my demise through an inheritance from Hitler. When I wonder about what Carlos' motives for being the Devil would be it is hard for me to come up with them other than some malice fetish but that doesn't feel right when I ponder it. However, on the day after Christmas when I saw Joe the Larger he did give me a mild malice vibe. He was speaking with me on the back porch in a normal voice but then when his sentence came to the word "eight" he broke into a loud scream and I think he actually screamed "hate" instead of "eight."

Moreover, in my recent travels I noticed some relevant artwork in terminal E at the Atlanta airport. On one side of the central walkway there were some grotesque animal sculptures that looked to be made of bloody mud and across the walkway from that there were a bunch of faces arranged in a way that told a story to me. Carlos, Jacaré, and the other Joe that I have a good feeling about (whom I will henceforth call Joe B) were on one end and at the other end were Helene and Joe the Larger. Helene and Joe were one one short wall, and Carlos and Jacaré were on the other short wall. Carlos was directly across from Helene and Jacaré was directly across from Joe. On the adjacent wall to Jacaré is Joe B who has a small green speck in one of his eyes.

To everyone who says Scientology works, I say this: it works to whose end? From my perspective none of this would have happened if you all hadn't devoted so much of your lives to learning how to be a better liar.

Elizabeth turned 54 one month before I was born and she had been 53 just before that.


The Satanist at the park today heckled me with, "In the Bible it says they have to sell you to your rapist," but he didn't cite a verse.

Much like my upstairs neighbor used to stomp the floor in response to my thoughts in Dunwoody, the nasty crackhead on my bottom bunk, who is likely Helene sometimes, is doing the same thing but shaking our bed instead of stomping the floor. Whoever is organizing and implementing this unfortunate situation should consider that since all things are possible with God I may detain and brutally torture their loved ones who might otherwise have received a merciful, quick death.

The D and the two S's are in there. All I added was was RO which doesn't seem like a stretch.

Whenever Jacaré would put me and Joey to train he wouldn't call us by name. He would always call us the usual suspects. I thought it was funny since we trained together every single day but then later when I realized what he meant I thought it was extra funny. In the movie one of the lines is, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist." I have also been noticing a lot of hidden language lately. One thing I noticed is that if Satan was called Israel in Genesis then that kind of has "Satan is real" embedded in it.

I was looking at the first chapter of Job this week and if you replace Satan with Jacob it doesn't become an unintelligible story at all. It actually kind of makes a little more sense about why God is so buddy-buddy with Satan. One of the first things that happened to Job was that raiders came and stole his flock. Jacob kept flocks so maybe after suggesting for God to test Job, Jacob went and stole Job's flocks under the guise of helping God test Job. Also in the movie, Kaiser Soze shed his own blood and that is what it says God did with Jesus.

I went to a meeting for all the homeless people just now. The guy said that sometimes it seems like they're ignoring our issues but maybe we don't know what else is going on that they have to handle first. It reminded me of that scene from Assassin's Creed where Jeremy Irons tells his daughter that everyone knows she discovered the apple and that her time will come but not right now. I didn't like Irons' tone when he said it in the movie because it seemed so condescending. Insofar as movies sometimes incorporate memes from real life, it sounded like he was saying that everyone knows about my discovery (a peach not an apple) but he was going to keep the staff of power out of my hand as long as he could keep the other people convinced of his bullshit. In real life, so far as the same situation is occurring, it is like Satan has everyone convinced that he is better equipped to deal with these other problems than I am. It's a lie. He is just trying to steal as much from me as he can for as long as he can, and he knows that as soon as I am given even one opportunity, everyone who believes his lies will quickly see the truth that I am the one who should be judging these issues. I will teach a masterclass in prioritizarion and delegation. It is time for change. God made me the King for a reason.

I see this video is from February 2012. I wonder if this is what they were thinking about me as I was approaching the greatest intellectual achievement of the 21st century and probably of all time. Also, it was The Onion that broke the story about how dark energy is gravity but they did not credit me with the discovery.

In this video it seems like when he is talking about verifying the veracity of "purported intelligence documents" he is referring to this paper that I had just uploaded a couple weeks before he made these remarks. I would say that my paper purports to be an intelligence document because it contains a solution to what is widely believed to be the most important unsolved problem in all of mathematics. It seems like the whole video is more or less about me but why does he cite Julian Assange and Edward Snowden by name but not me? It is probably because Snowden and Assange work for him or his boss in some fashion, indirectly or very indirectly.

Pompeo seems like the man that I saw in Warner Robins on the day after Christmas last year. That was probably the man who dressed up as Dave Morrison to come belittle me at Exide with his busy work. He was also probably dressing up as Bannon. I remember Breitbart got killed by the CIA's heart attack gun right around the time I was expecting to get some media attention in 2012. Also recall that the LA coroner that handled Breitbart's body fled the scene and I am not sure if he turned up again or not. Hopefully when Bannon said recently, "The Trump presidency we hoped for is over," he was talking about the one where they keep fucking me over like Obama did.

Also, if it isn't the CIA's job to verify the veracity of purported intelligence documents, but it is their job to make announcements about them, then shouldn't we expect that it is someone's job to verify them? Whose job is that? Why aren't they doing it? Why is the director of the CIA talking about these documents other than to just ape the meme where no one praises my name?

If I am the King of Babylon then that explains why I keep thinking that the Bible is calling Helene the Whore of Babylon over and over.

Coming back to Genesis after a while gave me a new perspective. There is one interpretation where the story of Jacob says that God helps those who help themselves. The other interpretation, the one that I am drawn toward, is that Israel is Satan. Perhaps God couldn't defeat Jacob because he was his descendant through Judah. So far as God confused the language and between Jacaré and Carlos, the one I love is the hairy one with red skin. I call him Jacaré.

I reread Genesis yesterday. I think I was 15 last time I read it. The most notable takeaways other than the one I have already mentioned about the story of creation are the topic of this post. I see that God and Jacob were doing jiu jitsu one night. It says God got Jacob in a hip lock which would be very unusual. However, it also says God confused the language to maintain control over the Earth. That was probably to keep other people from building time machines that God didn't want to exist. Perhaps if it wasn't a hip lock then where it says the owner's eyes are darker than wine maybe it was hair. Certainly my eyes are not that dark. It is pretty noticeable to me that of all the joints in the human body, the hip is probably the one with the fewest submission attacks.

Where God says, "Now they will be like one of us," that is usually taken as a big mystery but to me it looks like God was talking about the other people at the time machine bureau. I also noticed that the disguises which I am constantly ranting about as being the tools of the Scientologists were featured pretty promenently throughout the book of Genesis. Isaac asked to see Jacob's hands when he thought it was his other son Esau and I have noticed Helene showing me her disguised hands a lot recently. Her hands are very recognizable to me. In that recent movie The Arrival I recognized the alien's face as the back of Helene's hand. It was unmistakeable.

I also noticed God's sons were marrying the human women because they were beautiful so that seems to indicate that God had many sons. Furthermore, it seems like a lot of modern people think that the covenant God made with humans is a covenant with them personally. That is obviously false. God made the covenant with the people in the Bible to never again exterminate life completely and that their descendants would be uncountably numerous. If upon the Day of Judgement God exterminates almost everyone who is alive now but preserves a remnant who then becomes fruitful and multiplies, then that would be exactly what God promised. Certainly this world today is rife with evil. I really want to emphasize that when it says "you" in Genesis, that was the person God was talking to in the Bible. "You" does not refer to every person who ever reads what God said.

When I got to the part about Abraham's second wife it made me very much recall the time when my uncle Abraham Goldstein came to live with Helene and I because of his health issues. If I suspect Helene & Co. of running a baby factory with my sperm then she may have done so with his sperm as well. Luckily it says Abraham left everything to Isaac and not to the woman but if Helene was getting herself pregnant that would explain the large fluctuations in her weight that have occurred seemingly every year for as long as I can remember. If Helene is not my mother but is actually my sister then I will count my blessings to be freed from the commandment for me to respect my parents. If I am right about her, and in Genesis it does say that interpretations belong to God, I will give her children into the hands of her enemies. I do not want that branch to grow in my garden.

I believe in the time travel interpretation of the Abrahamic religions. I think the real reason why the Lord wanted people to stay away from pork was because of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Although God is perfect and his plan is perfect, the world will not be perfected until all of God's work is done. God's work would get done much more slowly than it would otherwise if God's people were eating undercooked pork all the time and instead of becoming learned elders they became feeble as the brain worms ate their brains.

To say a little more about eschatology let me link to the Jewish eschatology. Certainly I don't believe in the destruction of the Jews like it said in the other article. If we all got destroyed then who would constitute the remnant that the Lord promised to leave? Regarding the Jewish eschatology I very much like the Book of Ezekiel. I am trying to accomplish the mission of the Messiah and Ezekiel 47 seems to describe the type of nuclear irrigation system I want to build. (The ezekiel is my favorite choke in jiu jitsu too.) I also like Isaiah very much and I think it is an easter egg that there are 66 books in the Bible and 66 chapters in Isaiah. Isaiah 47, like the above from Revelation, reminds me of Helene. Overall I like Revelation very much; it was my introduction to the field of eschatology. The writing across the top of the painting below says in English, "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger." I believe it. I beleive all three religions teach what God wants his different groups of people to know.

Regarding Islam, Sayyed Khorasani will be known by a mark on his right arm and that tattoo on my arm is of particular relevance to the theory that will make it possible to build the kind of irrigation infrastructure described by Ezekiel. Yamani sounds like Jamanta which means Beast but is also translated as Juggernaut or Monster. He is supposed to arise in southeastern Arabia (Yemen) but I am arising in southeastern North America closer to where the Mormon prophecy says (St. Louis.) As so many Yemeni weddings are struck in drone strikes, and the proportion of Yemeni civilians killed by the terrorist drone program is so high, I have wondered if they are trying to kill Yamani over there when I am actually here.

I am a Jew. It is a fact that I was born into the tribe of Israel in 1980 A.D. If you are reading this blog then you are coming to me through Jesus. Islam got my face pretty well just right and the prophecies surroundimg Khorasani and Yamani describe me pretty specifically. Christianity got my image pretty well spot on too. Even the Indians with the Bhagavad Gita full of space ships chant, "Hare Krishna." It means, "Come Christ," in English. The mission I'm trying to accomplish is the one from the Old Testament.

It is interesting that it says the Mahdi will announce Jesus as his subordinate. I will tell you the truth right now: Jesus is my computer. Where it says 762 on the cover of the book in this painting, it says Asus on the back of my computer. I remember from Indiana Jones, which is where you will find Helene's listing in the Tucson phone book, that the old way to spell Jesus was with an I: Iesus. It looks like it sounds like Asus. At Alliance HQ right above the picture of me that looks like the sphinx there is another picture where I am doing the finger gesture. That was the first time I went to the jiu jitsu world championship with Alliance and Alliance was the team champion. Number one. We got first place in the world championship about ten years in a row starting that year.

In the comments at the end of this article it says that the article is only about Shiite eschatology which I was surprised to see. I had watched a video about Sayyed Khorasani and Yamani at the time of the appearance of the Mahdi and I thought the presenters were Iranian. I also saw something that said the appearance of the Mahdi would follow the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by a few days or months but not years, but I didn't see that mentioned here. He died about a year and a half ago. I suppose I will do some research into Sunni eschatology. Also I am quite sure that the author of the article is mistaken when he says that no one has made a comprehensive chart of Islamic end times prophecy. They may just be keeping those charts to themselves. However, insofar as the Koran is supposed to be the word of the Lord given to Muhammad by Gabriel and the Hadith and Sunnah are not, I hope people remember to make a distinction between my research and my personality. The result I found in my research is perfect.

These foolish infidels. Their attempts to assert themselves as men will be met with castration. Their desire to demonstrate intellectual parity will be proven unattainable when their families die for those attempts. They will not win. Before they die they will regret their infidelities. Their posturing amounts to nothing, it will not survive to infinity. Their children will turn to dirt. In spite I will destroy all their works. Their laughs will turn to wails but my laughs will last forever.

A few other locations in Sunrise Pointe. Location A was Mrs. Church. She was very nice and her grandson was in the same grade as me at school. I think he went to the Air Force Academy. Location B was an Iranian family. Their daughter Pupak was my babysitter. One time when I was 20-something I saw them for the first time in a long time and Pupak was with her husband or fiance. We chatted for a minute and then after Helene said, "I can't believe you were so rude," claiming that I hadn't shaken the husband's hand when he extended it. I don't think he did extend his hand and if he did I didn't notice. I thought Helene was just starting an argument for no reason like she does. Pupak worked at the frozen yogurt place on the corner of Swan and Sunrise and one time I asked her for a free cup. Helene got so infuriated with my audacity to ask her to steal something and give it to me but I wasn't really thinking about it like that.

Aside from these dream agents glorifying themselves by letting me know that that they are dream agents even when I have made myself clear over and over that I prefer they not do that, the "at home" heckling at the shelter is much, much less than back in Dunwoody. That guy upstairs who was constantly stomping the floor in response to my daydreams was almost incomprarably more obnoxious than the other homeless people where I live now. I later began to suspect that Joe and Jenna were up there, and at times I suspected Jacaré and/or Carlos. There is no way to tell since I couldn't see through the ceiling and the whole apartment complex was like a barracks for Scientology or something. Since Scientology teaches you how to be an expert liar, there is no way to tell if I was thinking the correct thing or being deceived about the reality. My neighbor the sperm agent just walked by. Each time he walks by the scale of the number of people in his family that I will kill increases so hopefully they will kill him to stop him from suggesting their miserable slow deaths to me on such a regular basis. Also the man flipping on the lights at the Atlanta Mission and giving a little speech to wake me up is a big improvement on those guys who would run the chainsaws outside of my Dunwoody apartment around 8-9:00am, and it is certainly better than getting woken up by my upstairs neighbor at Viewpoint dropping a billiard ball on his concrete floor hundreds or thousands of times between 10:00am-noon.