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In the Bible, it was Peter who denied Jesus three times. In real life, it was the Israelites who denied me three time and thereby precipitated my current condition. Also, in real life, as I am a homeless person without even regular toilet facilities, the Pope sits in the throne of the guy who denied me three times, sitting there up to his neck in gold.

The guy is discussing a head and shoulders pattern.
I hope this pattern does not form.

Two years later what has Trump done? He fingaled the money a little bit, big whoop. Everyone who was operating with impunity after 9/11, those retained in full by Obama (to my great disappointment at that time), still have their jobs and impunity. Did Trump even attempt to attack the deep state? No. How about draining the swamp? Nope. Did he even have a guy with a pump go and look at the swamp to see what the deal is? I doubt it. Did Trump suck every Israeli dick he could get his mouth on? Yup. Even then, and even when I don't think it matters who controls the Congress when the deep state controls everything, I would rather see the democrats lose again.

Who but the Sovereign Lord God has the power to destroy this city?

Listen to me Jim. It's not the fucking Russians and the Chinese that are fucking everything up. It's the impunity of the officials in the domestic agencies. We don't need space weapons, we need simple, regular bullets and people to march into the offices where these officials enjoy their impunity. The reason the oath says "enemies foreign and domestic" is because both kinds of enemies exist and when you only talk about fighting the foreign ones you increase the impunity of the domestic enemies by reinforcing the status quo of their impunity with your purely outwardly directly rhetoric. For instance, these criminals at Exide almost certainly enrolled me in some fucking agency without telling me about it, and the reason they did that is because they are evil and they wanted to say that I am with them. The agents of that agency should all be killed and killing more foreign enemies with fucking space weapons is never going to improve anything on the domestic front because you will have the same evil doers enjoying their impunity while they act out their various fetishes of pathological sadism.

Seven years ago it was October 2011. I had recently read about the superluminal neutrinos in Italy and I said, "If there's going to be a big thing in physics then I guess I should try again with my 2009 paper." During the rewrite I said to to the very smart, very cool man Dr. Jang that I thought some experiment had ruled out extra spacetime dimensions. He said, "No, I don't think so." I checked and he was right! Then I added some extra dimensions to my model. That {aleph, H, Omega} structure across a single fifth dimension perpendicular to spacetime is what turned into the neighborhoods of plus and minus infinity and the neighborhood of the origin along the real number line which I have been working on lately. I met with Dr. Jang around that time on the day of the 100th anniversary of the first Solvay conference and I was very excited about physics. Occupy Wall Street had been going on for about a month and by seven years ago today the guy had already told me that he was the main guy behind Occupy when I was at Jacaré's house one day. Elaine was like, "Blah blah blah the Comorra," and Fabio (Clemente not Gurgel) was like, "Yeah I'm from Sicily, I'm the main guy behind Occupy." Next week will mark the seventh anniversary of the day my protest began: November 5, 2011. Here I am seven years later, still with no redress.

I mean... what the fuck does it matter who I am talking to?!?!? Why is she bothering me with this bullshit? If it was against the rules to talk in the library then I would be so happy but they don't have that rule. Why is she singling me out for this, "Who are you talking to," harassment? I don't see her asking anyone else who they're talking to, nor I have I ever seen another patron of this library bothered with that kind of obnoxious harassment on any occasion and I have spent many, many hours in this library. She's doing it to be a cunt to me on purpose. Later on, unless she kills herself or is lucky enough to die in some freak accident, or she has someone who loves her that will give her that gift of a merciful death, I am going to make her understand that she was very, very wrong to harass me as I sit here abiding all the rules of the library.

The staff at this Dunwoody library is already starting with their harassing bullshit. I was sitting here at the table following all the rules of library and the fat cunt who will be slowly tortured to death came and got in my face telling me that cell phones aren't allowed. When I told her I wasn't on the phone, as was obvious since there is no phone near me, as she could have verified without disturbing me or entering my personal space, then she began to question me about who I was speaking to. I do not come to the library to be the subject of her interrogations; I come here not to be disturbed.

Where is Angela Merkel today? Just as I am disgusted with the Jews for having a woman as their leader, the German's choice to position the men beneath a woman disgusts me equally. The female leader is the choice of the untermensch. If these memes which lately suggest that I myself am German have any merit to them then I will be compelled to correct the Germans' egregious misconception of the natural order as I am compelled to correct that of the Jews. However, since I know that Helene does not like the Germans, refusing to buy anything made in Germany, casting dispersions on German cars throughout my life, casting dispersions on Hitler throughout my life, even going so far as to refuse to buy items that have writing on them in a Germanic font, the Germans are in a much better position than the Jews.

As I was walking by, the man commented, "We do that to everyone." It is not hard for me believe that and I do not see any incentive leading me test whether or not that is true. My counterpoint is this, "I kill all of my enemies and their children," and while the children might get merciful deaths, the enemies will certainly not. Therefore, I suggest to them to reevaluate what incentive they see in that moment of self-glorification versus the downside of what I am promising them. I think it is unlikely that I will be able to convince them to come around to my position through reason and the compassion of me taking the time, over and over, to explain it them. Instead, I will explain it to them with fire and the gnashing of teeth where both of those things are only soft euphemisms for what will happen to them when I give them to the real torturers and forget about them.

This post will remind me to flay and drill the feet and teeth of whoever giggled and said, "Is that inappropriate?," as I was coming in from giving my rant about, "The only right thing to do when you see me is to shut the fuck up." As a caveat, I don't mind plain speaking but most people around here don't speak plainly and even then there's a chance that I won't like what say and I'll kill you for it. Where it says, "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge," I can tell you what that means to me, the Lord himself, is that if you think making snide comments, underhanded comments, or obfuscated comments such that your words are blended into other words with ambiguous phonetics, then that says to me you are not afraid at all. My solution to this is going to be the unmerciful death of everyone who does it. Although very few people take my word for it when I explain to them what the beginning of knowledge is, I don't think it will take too many horrible cries of anguish from mutilated bodies hanging from crosses before start to get the gist of the point I was trying to make. What odds they see in it, I do not know. However, I see clearly how to convince them that the odds are in their favor; I will do it with the lamentations and suffering of those fools who were not only unafraid, but were so infatuated with themselves that they sought to demonstrate their brazen lack of knowledge by poking me.

New all time highs tomorrow!

One day there will be a high volume day.

What would you say are the chances that the person who was inserting typos into my facebook posts to make me look stupid was the same person who raped me deeply in the ass with a thermometer when I was boy, causing extreme pain in my lower right abdominals as she destroyed my inner muscular chain causing me to be a weak, weak child, and later a poor marine in no small part because I couldn't march evenly and was too weak to do many pullups, to the same end: her desire to make me look stupid when she herself is one of the most epically stupid people of all time? Indeed, I wonder if they have rewarded her at every turn for unending attacks on me, going in with her sinfulness at every chance.

Who is paying Helene to gangstalk me every day? My instructions are to always kill all sorceresses and they do the opposite, enabling her to the ten millionth degree while they leave these torture devices implanted in my body and do not give me the resources I would need to get a doctor to get them out. If someone came in here and machine gunned her down I would laugh so hard, and I would be glad to be rid of her. She disgusts me and I am angered that you allow her to enjoy my presence, and the other Jews disgust me for having a woman as their leader. Not only do you pay her to fuck with me, via disrespectful actions that I hate, but you refuse to pay me for my own work which is actually constructive where Helene's work is nothing but glorifying her own ego while she can before that time comes where I exterminate the Jews and laugh at her about how I did that to them in no small part because she liked them while I hated her. If the Jews were doing the right thing, which they are not, they would always kill all sorceresses but instead they enable her masturbations. I will destroy them, and I will rub her face in it. Because I hate her so much, and her people are the Jews, I will exterminate them.

Helene is laughably ridiculous when she covers her limbless pickle body in a female costume and acts "nice" and then goes and covers her pickle body in a male tranny costume and tries to act like some tough guy like she's not the same crazy female psychopath regardless of her disguise. She is like a kindergartener playing dress up; I do not see how she has people that take her so seriously (other than that's she's a notorious serial killer which isn't what meant by mocking how stupid she seems to me when she tries to act like a masculine tough guy.) Helene thinks she has men all figured out but, never having had testicles, she doesn't know the first thing about it.


Intraday bounce confirms downtrend.

This post will remind me about the malicious woman that sat in front of me at the library today, the couple with the man in the black hat, and the other woman who sat behind me later.

That was quick.

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I have two different favicon files than I use for my wenbsite: the V for the news aggregator and the quantum computer for my blog. Although both have shown up as the V in my bookmarks bar for a very long time, today the quantum computer favicon file loaded. Therefore, something happened. I got used to the two Vs, and now I got rid of the quantum computer favicon.

I'd bet that this faggot who just sat down next to me is one of the people who is going to be regretting not giving his loved ones a merciful death when he sees the fate I leave them to. The device in my foot zapped me as soon as he sat down. It is likely that happened so I would have to sit here knowing that my enemy still harasses me, even unto this day. I could already tell that from when I woke up on a piece of cardboard behind the train station this morning but, being that kind of faggot, I guess he has nothing he would rather do than bother me. When my turn comes around, I will not bother him; I will leave him and his people to his enemies and forget about them.

There's going to be another high volume day one of these days...

Please find in this post anecdotal evidence for the existence of the room temperature IQ group's extensive enablement.

While I have had no one acknowledge any of my important contributions to mathematics and science in the 10 years or so since I started publishing them, I have had already literally dozens of people put their hand on their lower back in front of me to mock the indignity I am put through simply to even eat. It is highly irregular in my estimation that there is such an extensive network of people who know that I stopped cramming the food down the front of my pants and started putting it in the back. I have only recently started doing this and already everyone around me is seemingly aware and motivated to mock me for it, and seemingly no one is aware that I have solved several of the most important hidden mysteries of the universe, and those that do, if there are any, certainly offer no praise. There is some network that watches my every move and mocks the indignity of my situation, and there is not another group who watches everything I do and recognizes my many valuable contributions to math and science.

These people who mock me in this way, at least one of whom had a gay black ring on his finger when he put his hand there (as did the cop who stopped me before my recent trip to jail for gathering food), will be quite surprised to learn the punishment for their mockeries will be that I take away their share in the tree of life. This means I will put their children to death. Though I likely will not torture the children to death for the simply mockery of their parents, I will definitely torture, brutally, those who mocked me in this way, after I make them watch their children die, and after I mock the sadness they feel at the death of their children. I will make believers of the remnant; they will know that those who sought that moment of self-gratifying mockery were unwise to do so because the wages of that mockery is anguish and lamentation. They still don't believe it, but when I do it to them then those who see me do it will believe that I will do it to them too if they seek to mock the indignity inflicted on me by enemy and his many, many, many servants.

El Mencho is Joel Steven Collins, either Jr or the third. The Mexican front man for Joey, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, has a meme name. Joey was my main training partner at jiu jitsu. That's the "Nemesio = Nemesis" part. In jiu jitsu we say, "Osss," for some reason and that is the "Oss war = Oseguera" part. Cervantes, in my opinion, means that the guy who is the public face of the El Mencho persona one of the "Servants = Cervantes." Joey got this name "El Mencho" after Helene and I toured some of his refrigerated warehouse space by the air port. He gave her some flowers and she said, "Ohhh!!!! I like Joey, he's such a mensch." Joey and his family have a business, the Collins Brothers Company, a/k/a Coboco, that delivers food to all the restaurants and Trader Joe's around Atlanta. I think you can find the real El Mencho most days down at the State Farmer's Market in Forrest Park, GA where they have the hub of their business. Joey's dad, Steve, once told me that he bought so many watermelons that he turned himself into a watermelon mogul. I think they use the watermelon shipments to traffic human children. I think they wrap them in celophane in the fetal position, give them a little breathing device, and toss them in with the loads of watermelons. Since the children and the watermelons are both mostly water, I bet they show up about the same in truck scans.

You picked the wrong cup you fucking idiot. What faggotry are you invested in where you could read the story and then think it would be the fancy cup? Not only that, you didn't just pick the fancy cup, you picked one of thirty fancy cups and you just grabbed the one you liked the most. So you not only ignored the part where it was obvious that it wouldn't be a fancy cup, you said, "It's the fancy cup that I think is the best!" Get over yourself you fucking faggot.

Jacob, you fucking piece of dogshit, I'm coming for you. I am your God. There is no God apart from me. You should kill youself and your loved ones. If you do not heed my advice, then you will regret it when I give you to your enemies. I am your God, do what I tell you. Kill yourself. That thing in your mind that tells not you not to kill yourself and your loved ones is your own evil. That instruction does not come from me. Listen to me: kill yourself.

When I got arrested at Exide, I thought the guy in the jail was there in some gangstalking capacity. I said, "You remind me of Chris Ehrenreich." He said, "I've never been Chris." Just now, some other gangstalker and I were chatting and he suddenly reminded me of another gangstalker that I despise greatly. I said, "Are you Billy?" He said, "I've never been Billy." Pretty gang-stalky.

I don't know who is repsonsibly for McDonald's sensible, generous dining room policy but I want good things to happen to them.

Last night some guy introduced himself to me as Jake. After essentially propositioning me for gay sex, he told me that he likes when his secrets stay secret. This infidel, even now, has no concept of all the entire future history of humanity watching everything that unfolds in this: the end times, or the time of the appearance, or simple the period. None of secrets are secret and he is too stupid to comprehend. Everything thing he did is already known and I intend to increase the proportion that know. If I have information which is critical to him, information he thinks of as his secrets, then I will make sure to tell it to anyone who will listen, and tell it anyone else too. Fuck you Jake, you are going down. Everyone else probably hates you even more than I do.

Besides God saying that the Mahdi will have the same name as him, God almost seems to imply the existence of a hypercomplex neighborhood around doomsday. My detractors, those that criticize me for not conforming to the pattern of this world, are those who want to perpetuate the state of oppression and tyranny that the world is currently in. They oppose my change initiative, and apparently my irrigation project as well, and certainly my intention to totally destroy them for those two former opposing positions.


It is balanced on a knife's edge below the 200DMA and above the YTDavg. My Gartman says it's going up next week: new all time highs. Hopefully there will be a high vol day next week. Whenever the next high vol day is, I think it will go down that day. I bet a lot of people are waiting for it to hit avg volume by noon one day so they can smash the sell button.

This line of red pixels above my number says to me that, unlike last week, the market did not close above the 200DMA this week. #Darn

This was the final email I got from Exide. Although I had already requested the documents in the week prior to October 1, Mr. Gay has ignored my document requests. Even the way he denies fraud is highly lawyerly. My accusation was that they put terms in to the documents which were totally unrelated to what Rod and I had discussed, namely that I would be the lowest ranking SQL bitch for the IT department of their commercial electrical battery manufacturing operation. I feel quite certain that I requested these documents before the fraud agreements were terminated and I have not been given the documents I requested (below).

One of the main reasons I get irritated by gang stalkers, a certain subset of them, is that in my mind somewhere I feel like they are coming to annoy me with their proximity... and then they go somewhere else and say that they had a meeting with me and I just didn't really say anything and/or gave my silent consent to whatever proposition they had in mind without explaining it to me clearly via documents that I can verify with various third parties. Just today, I tried a different McDonald's and it seemed to me like probably Helene a/k/a Rodelene Williams, Rod a/k/a Rodney Williams, Tim, and Sandy were all up here to gangstalk me. Why do they go out of their way to do this? I feel quite certain that there must be more to it than simply to bother me by saying, "Haha, you ain't shit, you hate us and here's us shaking our asses in your face you little faggot. What you gon' do you pussy ass little faggot?" What that other thing is, however, eludes me and I cannot see where the breakdown is that they might be able to report to someone, "Yeah we had a meeting with him and he just didn't really say anything." Also, if Sandy is the Toy Box Killer, why did they let him out of jail to go be one of my gangstalkers? I think he should be tortured to death, and his people, and Sandy's too if she is a different person.

If the French helped me with their journal, I would be so happy. I would rain blessings on them forever.

Elections aren't too interesting to me this time around. I am against Hillary & Cohort, and since Trump has not attacked Hillary & Cohort, and likely he is in collaboration with the sperm agent, and he probably signed off on me getting thrown back out on the street, I am against him too.

Looks like it found support at the 200DMA. My prediction for tomorrow is that 200DMA will provide support, the 100DMA will too, and the line will at least test the 50DMA.

Flirting with 200DMA = 2,768 (red).

Revised manuscript sent to BLMS.

I was remarking recently regarding the unsatisfactory priorities of the guy who runs the drug cartel. It seems there is no limit to the number of people he will kill over a few dollars, but he does not kill any of these people to keep them from entering my proximity for the purposes of ridiculing me with their words and remote controls for my anal rape devices. Indeed, that is hardly ridicule when they operate the rape devices; it is rape. He watches them march up to me and do it, and he probably sends them to do it and laughs at me over it, and becomes aroused at the magnitude of his wickedness. I know the instructions he has say that the company of The Lord is supposed to precious thing and yet he still does everything wrong.

I am officially a totally homeless person again today and I see this story in the news at the same time. I guess those who have forsaken me are reporting that my filthy state of homeless indigence and nearly maximal indignity are some nice thing they are doing for me, like a luxury resort. When I first became homeless last year, they had some similarly simultaneous story about Bill Maher's son Shia LeFaggot going to live in a cabin in the woods while I was sleeping in the gutter. Also, after they evicted me yesterday, someone stole my toilet paper, and now I will have find something else to wipe my ass with when I have to shit in my third world living conditions of no electricity and no running water. Not only that, winter is coming and they already stole the warm jacket I had. Furthermore, in this state of homelessness I am subject to the constant company of those that I hate, and I am sure they are saying, "No it's cool we hung out and we had a positive transaction," but what really happened is that they took away my private space and electricity and forced me to live even more strongly intermingled in the huddled mass of human filth which populates this place, and what they call a positive transaction was really just me hating their proximity to me at McDonald's while I have no better place go. I will kill them all. The day of my wrath is coming.

Bolsonaro looks like Manafort to me, or he reminds me of him, Manafort being someone who I think betrayed me. Haddad looks to me like, or reminds me of, Fabio Gurgel who I like very much and I hope good things come his way. Bolsonaro looks not unlike Helene either.

This rusty old gate feature at Bar Amalfi, which I read as "Bar A Bad Son", keeps popping out to me as some creepy cleft palate monster when I walk by. It's not quite so noticeable here, but walking down Ethel from Hemphill, the rusty gate feature seems quite in contrast to the rest of the decor... and it looks like a cleft palate monster.

All of these things, they are supposed to offer them to me. Instead they say, "If he doesn't want to beg for it then he should he go without." These are the teachings of Satan.

Like a brazen prostitute, they do not even know how to show shame.

I have never seen a sin offering, and I have seen much sin.

Certainly no one brings me this, and so much of history depends on those times they sought out the defective animal as their offering.

No one brings me any food at all.

No one brings me cooked food.

Looks like it will test the 100DMA. My hope upon hope is that it provides resistance and then the 200DMA does not provide support. If it does, then I will enjoy seeing my enemies humbled.

The reason people hate me so much, in large part I presume, is because the grand scheme of things says I have the right the wield the real ban hammer and they know that I will not join in with them in their evil, but will I hit them with the thermonuclear permaban in an expeditious manner. They do not want me to do that, and they are fighting against me, even unto this day.

I don't think these guys are going to make it.

The current e-mini contract doesn't expire until December 21.

It could be that since their existing fraud was revoked, they have simply opted for more a fraudulent version of fraud. Given my assessment of my enemy's position, if this option was made available to them I think it would be their top money maker. I would not extend this option to them but those who have forsaken me seem likely to do so if it is possible for them.

Baruch atta, I don't know it...

No reason given.

Bloomberg has no volume data for this week. Sorry to everyone who used to use Google Finance, I am quite certain they made it worse because I liked to use it so much. That was a great website before they killed it, and there is no similar free service on the internet, as far as I can tell.

However, Yahoo (left) says today was a very low volume day while FinViz (right) says today was a totally ordinary day for volume. Not sure what the discrepancy is.

Descending volume consistent with descending pennant continuation pattern.


Here's another question they should ask Simpson tomorrow: "Did you in the 1980s use a thermometer to inflict anal rape trauma on the subject of your more recent dossier?"

They said they thought I should send it to a more specialized journal due to the lack of broad appeal. This sounds like a reasonable statement to me.

Now that they have subpoenaed Simpson, and then after they don't ask him, "Aren't you really a woman in disguise and isn't the real dossier your attack on your own son," they should also subpoena Haspell and ask her, "Why are you putting Helene to fuck with Jon when he is above her in the grand scheme of things? Don't you know he is God and that God will destroy his enemies, and that you are putting the whole USA government in the service of God's enemies, like a fucking retard." Now... I don't know if Haspell and the CIA is the right combination for the identity of whomever is facilitating Helene's bullshit, but whoever it should get asked these important questions. If the CIA is the right agency, then they should also ask Haspell, "Are you another fake persona of Helene, or do you lend at times your person to Helene in an official capacity?"

It seems like the number of people who are real MMA technicians has gone down since the time I was real interested in it. Most of the matches are just two guys slugging it out and leaning against the fence. Pride and K1 both used ropes around the ring, and the ref would reset them in the middle from the position that becomes pushing the guy into the corner of the cage. Basically it's just two guys slugging it out, and I don't see much technique beyond the rudimentary boxing combinations of the guys who cannot hang with professional boxers, and wrestling shots of guys could not hang in the Olympics. Fedor's technique was really good, he knew Chael was going to block the haymaker so he threw two hard ones inside and it worked really well.

Also, the original rule in UFC was that gloves are optional, because the grappler might not want to put handles on his hands for the other guy to stifle his technique. The truth is, if a BJJ black belt, or even a purple or brown belt really, took some guys back who wasn't very good at jiu jitsu, he would always get the rear naked choke. However, the UFC rules about the handles on the hands make it look like taking the back is not even a strong position. If the guy is a good black belt in jiu jitsu, even with the pushing into the corner of the cage, he would always get the choke. Guys like Demian Maia are a good example of how the UFC makes the fight unrealistically skewed against the grappler.

Nice fight!

This is what the Sovereign Lord God says (modern translation), "Listen to me you fucking retards, I am telling you... if you don't listen to me, and if you don't do the right thing, then I will fuck your shit up, and I will give you dogshit instead of the nice things you were hoping for. Yes, I have already fucked your shit up because you have not done the right thing. Now I'm going to kill your fucking children because I hate you so much, and I will smear shit on your faces and throw you in the sewer."

I really don't see what people tell themselves when they say this guy and hippie Jesus are the same guy.

I went to go get some dinner at Target this evening. The security stopped me as I was leaving. Then two target employees and the cop they had working there dealt with me for about 20 minutes. Then two cops came and took me to jail. The first thing that happened at jail was that they gave me a triple decker turkey sandwich. So my question is this: why not just have the cop bring the sandwich to my house and save everyone some time and money?

Also, what percentage of the people reading this didn't already hear me tell the same anecdote like five times while I was in the jail?