11-23-17 archive

Volumptuousness, though technically a neologism, is the same as it ever was.

I knew this woman named Nikki. She hung out with me for about week but I think she was more focused on cocaine at that time. You might say she broke up with me, but I only saw her for a week or two. I was frantically trying to get her to come over on the phone one night and she wouldn't come back. She said, "It's not like I love your dick or anything," and I was surprised to hear that because it seemed like she really did. She sounded serious when she said it. I knew Memphis around that time, he was a cool guy. The day after I first posted this Spinx photo he showed up at Alliance after not training for a while. He seemed surprised. I was working at Nexidia at that time. The next morning Liz and the submarine guy were talking loudly saying, "Oh wow! I guess we're just going to have to let the executives handle that one." It has been several years. I guess they decided to ignore it. I knew another woman around the time I knew Nikki. I saw her a few times before we did anything sexual. She reminded me of Jenny McCarthy and she was very nice and passionate, but I told her I was going to see Nikki on the weekend and that was the end of it. I was doing steroids at that time and it was making me very hormonal.

I met a woman on OkStupid. She offered for me to be her live in non-working husband after about three weeks. She had the same plaque problem on her teeth as Emily Hancock. It was exactly the same.

I knew this woman Laura and I saw not too long ago that Lauren Southern is a confirmed reptilian (and also that S.E. Cupp started doing Laura's meme) so I wonder about her and her secret sister Brenau sorority. She already had Eric's baby by the time I was with her. We went to California and I sat with her at the bar in the hotel and we had a threesome with some other woman. I was very happy about that and even though I didn't win the jiu jitsu tournament I sure felt like a winner. Jordan and Laura became acquainted that weekend, and Jordan and the other Emily became acquainted as well, but I was never acquainted with any of the women Jordan knew.

In addition to these posts below, I did have sexual relations with several other women.

I met Kimberly by the pool at Viewpoint. She was nice but she friend zoned me. I tried to kiss her a few times and she never let it happen. I pulled her close to me one time and she pushed me away quite firmly. I never tried anything again, and she never pulled me back toward her. She was a dentist and she said her dental technician complained about my inappropriate behavior. I didn't do anything like what she said. Kimberly was always talking to me about Emily when I was trying to talk to Kimberly about herself. I think I may have seen Kimberly in the library the other day. If that mural on the wall of the flayed amputee holding his limbs up in a defensive posture is a mural of my friend then she is going to have a lot of problems with me. She showed me a picture of her in Bono's limo one time.

I met a woman by the pool on Howell Mill once. She did me a favor but wouldn't have sex with me. I think I saw her at the Atlanta Open jiu jitsu tournament many years later. I met another woman by that pool. I went up to her apartment with her and she was saying something about taking a day of from work for an all day sex fest. I asked her to go out with me one night, I didn't touch her that first day. She said she was visiting her family that evening. She lived in my apartment complex near a club Compound and I was hanging out on my patio the evening she declined my invite. I saw her walking back from the club with some dude that night. It didn't seem like her dad. She wanted him, not me.

I knew these three women named Emily, all at the same time, all from OkStupid. I did not hit it off with the blondest one, I did not want to get stuck in a relationship with the best looking one, and then Emily Hancock did snare me with her interesting disposition. One time after she was being a huge bitch to me she she asked why I was with her and I told her it was because she was so interesting. Indeed. Emily was very interesting. I wondered if Emily T was related to Liz at Nexidia who shared the name with the man Lee who exclaimed, "Yes!," when I first loaded those error records from Citibank into Excel on my local Windows machine at Elavon.

I was at the children's home in 1996 or 1997. Truett Cathy was touring the premises and he glanced into my room with the staff. We made eye contact and he looked away real quick and the expression on his face changed a lot. I was probably 16.

One time I was playing Xbox at Jon's condo. Some woman came over and she was very good looking. She plopped down next to me on the couch apparently looking for affection and I was covered in poison ivy all over my arms and legs. I told her she probably shouldn't touch me. Incidentally, that woman Kim called me for some reason one night and left a voice mail for me. I happened to be in Arizona visiting Helene that evening. It was the only time Kim ever called me. I got some other woman's number at Georgia Tech. I called her several times and she never answered. She called me around 1am one evening. I guess she wanted a booty call but she called on a night where I didn't have any money or a car, and I couldn't get over there. One night Jon had a party. Eric and I took some mushrooms and went over there. That was the last time I did cocaine, I did one line that night and it made me throw up. Eric's car got towed and Jon's sister gave us a ride to my place. I had agreed Eric could crash at my place and I did not invite her in because it would have been weird with Eric in my studio apartment.

I knew this woman Julia. She came and sat next to me at jiu jitsu two times. Both times she sat on top of my hand with a lot of deliberate body contact between her butt and my hand. I took the hint and asked her out. I saw her a couple times and asked to go home with me both times. She said no. Much later, I texted her after Emily Hancock and I broke up and she said no and asked that I please not ask her again and I didn't. She joined al-Nurses after that. Her last name is Forester and I wondered if that woman Forester de Rothschild was her relative. The first time we went out it was Daren's party. Nina was flirting with me but I was there with Julia. Nina turned me down on several occasions but said yes to several of the other Alliance guys. She did agree to go out with me one time but then on that day when we were supposed to go out after jiu jitsu she just left and I hadn't asked for her phone number. Mike's sisters in law were there and they tried to put me with the skinny one but I liked the other one who walked away from me. That was probably after Julia left but before I got drunk and naked (or I could be confusing two separate Halloweens). Another time at Daren's party I asked Megan to go home with me and she said no. Then she was standing by the door staring at me like she wanted me to go with her but I didn't like it when she told me no the first time and I didn't ask her again.

I knew this woman Tanya at Xentel. She came over one evening. She showed up with her fat friend though I was expecting her alone. I asked her to sit in my lap and she didn't want to. She told me to dance for her and I didn't want to. She left. I knew some other woman. She was in my class at Macon State and she came over after class. We went in my bedroom and I kissed her. She got uspet and said, "Is this what you brought me here for?" Obviously it was. I said, "Pssh," as in "Are you fucking kidding me?" Then she said, "Pshh!? That's all you have to say?" I couldn't believe she pulled away from me. That was all I had to say. Then she left. I knew this other woman at Kirby. We had a different office party and she came home with me after. We sat on my couch and I tried to kiss her. She said, "I hope you don't think I'm here to have sex with you." Then, disappointed, I said, "No," even though obviously that is why I asked her to come home with me. Then I didn't try again and she left.

After Pam and I broke up I started using OkStupid. Some portion of women will say nothing happened because I was reluctant to initiate anything. The other portion will say that I am a sex maniac who can't possibly do anything other than attempt to initiate sex. They will say that I wrote messages to every one of them because I am a maniac and it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that I am a writer and enjoy writing. They will say, "He is desperate," and indeed they were correct. All these beautiful woman and they all preferred the other guy. They had no love for me, only scorn. They wanted the other guy, not me. Jordan copied my OkStupid profile word for word and fucked several of the women who wouldn't even agree to see me. Jordan is a turd. He was good at jiu jitsu and I thought he was funny, but his personality went downhill a lot while he lived in Atlanta. I don't know what happened. Something happened about his personality during the few years I knew him. All the women when I thought, "Let me just say good night and then maybe I'll kiss her next time," never wanted to see me again. I saw Rachel many years later and this is what happened with her: I took her to dinner and brought her home and she never agreed to see me again and I wisely did not pursue her like I had in Warner Robins. They will say, "If he wanted it then should have taken it," and then all the ones where I did try will say, "I didn't want him to try." I ended it with Pam in 2009 and then I got kicked out of college in 2011.

I knew this woman named Kim. I lived in Brookhaven with Johnathon, who I did not like, and Levi, who was pretty cool, and Marques who never bothered me other than leaving uncovered raw meat in the fridge. Kim lived next door. I talked to her several times and she broke up with Taylor, who was male. I took her out for drinks and she didn't want to come home with me. I went over to her house when they were all hanging out one time. Her friend Imran asked me to come outside with him and he was like, "Yo playa I'm Kim's homeboy and she doesn't want you here," so I went home. Some other time Kim did start walking with me from her house to my house but then she stopped and turned around. Then one night she came home with Johnathon and I looked through his window and she was on top of him with her shirt off. She wanted him, not me. Kim had a roommate Katie. She was very thin. I remarked to Johnathon's girlfriedn one time that I was not being very choosy about women's looks because I just wanted one that would say yes to me. Then her friend moved in for about a month but I was not attracted to her and nothing happened. I tried to get with Johnathon's sister's friend while I lived there but she wasn't having it and I left her alone.

I knew this woman named Pam. She messaged me on MySpace with the name Petasatus which I did not put together says Pedosadist until much later. She was very pretty and very nice. I enjoyed her company very much. We broke up when I wanted to try to see other people on the weekend instead of just her every weekend. I saw her for about a year. A few years ago when everyone was saying, "Yup," to me Pam also sent me a message or something that said, "Yup." I guess she wanted to let me know that she is in league with them.

I knew this nice young lady Dijana. She was in my chemistry class. I spoke with her in the library one day and she gave me her phone number. She answered or returned my call and came over to my place. We started watching a movie but then we made out when she wasn't watching the movie at all. We were together for about two years. I tutored her in her math classes and he did become very good at math. Now she works at a nuclear plant with her husband.

I knew this woman named Karen. I met her on Krog Street where we trained with Traven. I got her number but she never answered and I asked her out several times and she always said no. Then she did say yes one night and we went out somewhere. I asked her if she wanted to drink and she said no and I thought that meant she didn't want to have sex. So then we talked about reptilians and it came to pass that I discovered her ex-boyfriend had dated Lindsay. She dropped me off at the MARTA station, this was before I had a car, and she never answered her phone when I called or ever went out with me again. Then there was some drama with Traven and Karen and, through facebook, she invited me to a party at her house. She made a big show of glugging alcohol which by that time I had reversed position on and I didn't like it. I don't like how it symbolizes,"Look I want to have sex but I don't really want to say it so let me make a big show of getting drunk so that you, some predator that preys on incapacitated women, will come and take me as your prey." Then I got high. It was with the guy who dated Lindsay and Karen. I got too high and I was already drunk and I went home. I saw Karen's father later at the bagel place. He saw my jiu jitsu sweatshirt and asked if I knew Karen.

9/11 happened and I moved from Atlanta to Arizona to live with Helene, who I called Mom at that time. I was in a bad state from all the drugs I was doing and also Rachel was driving me crazy because I was so horny but she wouldn't give me no lovin'. Then I was selling vacuums in Arizona and we had the 2001 end of year office party. I went home with this woman. Her father was a police officer. I saw her a few more times while I lived in Arizona and she was nice as I recall. She told me that she thought Mike the Rapist from Kirby was an asshole because he had fucked her and her roommate and I thought she was lying. Then I asked him about it and he laughed and said, "Oh she does remember me." He went to prison for a different rape a few months later, this woman didn't imply at all that he was a rapist. Then I got some other job as a different salesman and there was this woman Jen. She was always talking about her boyfriend and I went home with her after an office dinner. That night she said to me, "You're one of those guys who gets anything you want." I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic. I am definitely not that guy, I hardly ever get what I want in the affections department, and even though everyone is having sex, the women always say no to me. Jen had worked at Sakura with the woman from Kirby. When I went home with Jen she said something like, "This other guy was over here and I told him if he didn't make a move on me right then then we couldn't be friends." That was also confusing to me because I couldn't tell if she wanted me to try something or if she was just being a bitch because she wanted to push me away if I tried something. I was pleasant and then I went home This was following closely after my experiences where Rachel would always go be alone with me but then rebiff my advances. In fact while I was standing in Jen's living room that evening, I felt strongly as if I was standing there with Rachel. Jen never answered my calls or went out with me again. Women will say, "Of course she wanted you to try something right then," but then who are all these other women who have gone to be alone with me and then pushed me away when I did?

I knew this woman named Ginny. She was a artist. She was a very cool person. Her friend was dating Jed's old roommate. I said, "I hate that guy, he stole my best friend." She said, "Me too!" His name was Matt. One night after a rave in Atlanta, Jed, Matt, some women, and I went back to Jed's place in Athens. When Jed and Crystal and Rachel had that threesome the last thing I saw was Jed showing them a porno mag. I was with the other girl later at Jed's that night (morning) and when we were alone I did the same thing. Somehow she ended up with Matt that night. He was disgusting and I did not like him at all and I was surprised that she wanted him and not me. Then I thought about Crystal's sister that was there. She was talking to me about some porn actress that only does anal and blow jobs and I thought we would get together but then her and Crystal went into the bedroom with Jed and she was screaming obnxiously loud while they were having sex and I got very angry. Shortly before that I walked into the room where Crystal and her sister were and they immediately got up and walked out. Then Crystal came back and said, "No, no! It's not like you just came in here and then we walked right out." The fuck it wasn't. I went in there and they walked out, but when Jed walked in there they closed the door.

Rachel was some heinous bitch. She sucked a bunch of my friend's dicks while she I was pursuing her. Never mine. Every time I went to kiss her she pulled away from me. One time we were at Jed's house with Jed's girlfriend and they asked me to go get some Xanax. Then they had a threesome. One time we went to a rave in Atlanta and the people who I rode up there with Luke and Philip, left without telling me. Then everyone went back to Warner Robins and I was left in Atlanta. I took the shuttle home and then Rachel was in the room with Justin. Rachel has a lot to do with my assumption that if a woman witholds her affection to begin with she will likely continue to do so.

I knew this woman Kelly in California. She was nice. She was the second woman I was ever with. I was frustrated that I was not getting laid because I was thinking of Lindsay as my girlfriend and not talking to other women. I told Kelly I didn't want to be with her in a committed way. I saw her some time later, she wanted to have a threesome with me and some other dude but I didn't want to. She had a sister Robin.

I spent about a year and a half in the Georgia Baptist Children's Home in Menasville, GA. Joe let me go live with him again at the end of my junior year of high school where I had attended Pike County High School. Two of the counselors from the children's home got married that summer and Joe took me to attend the wedding. He told me he would pick me up after and he was late. I was walking around on their campus and knocked on the back door to the girl's cottage. They let me in and I was hanging out with about ten young women. One sat in my lap and we kissed for a while. Then she said, "Who would fuck him?" Carlene said she would and she sat on the table in front of me and we did it. The lights were on and I dropped my pants and did in front of the other girls. I lost my virginity and it was very nice. I wish Jessica would have been there but she had alread shipped out by that summer. I would hand her notes during my time at the children's home and she never wrote notes back. I liked Jessica a lot and I was always nervous around her. I was a virgin then. I saw Jessica many years later off North Druid Hills Road and then when Helene came to town a few weeks later she booked a room at that same hotel to let me know she was crazy.

I knew this woman named Lindsay. She was 14 and I was 17, and I had sex one time in my life. She said she didn't want to have sex and we never did. Somehow someone put me on the phone with her at the apartment where I was living during much of my senior year of high school. She told me she thought my voice was sexy and I got excited and told eveyone we did it and she didn't like that I lied. I kept in touch with her when I was in the Marines and I took her to a hotel when I went home on leave. When she layed on the bed I laid next to her and put my hand on her butt, on the outside of her jeans. She got angry. She yelled, "Do you think I want your hand on my asshole?!?!" Then she left. I saw her around Atlanta a few times.

I had a dream about a better time last night. How can I be the judge when we never proceed with the evidentiary discovery? Is the Society of Jesus absolutely full of infamous heretics? Joe was recently telling me that his recent employer was named IHS and I have been having a lot of doubts about Joe's loyalty to God recently. Namely when he avoids ever giving me a clear answer to any question I ask him. Just like Helene.

I read that only God has rank 47th degree in Masonic tradition and last Christmas Joe (or someone disguised as Joe or someone who naturaly looks like Joe) declared to me for some reason, and in the absence of any conversational context, "Forty seven!!!" I asked what he meant by and it he said he had no such recollection of any alleged statement. I asked Helene, who always told me that she was the Queen and I was the Prince, if I was really the King and she said, "That's just something in our family like a joke." Was the joke that she was telling me that I was the PRince when i am the King? She made the statement like it was just something silly she told me when I was a child but on the other hand I have to take note that things like being the King, or the Queen, or the Prince, are always just things inside the royal family.