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I remember in 2009-2011 time frame, all the analysts were saying, "The next crash is going to be catastrophically horrible," and, "If you think this one is bad, the next one will knock your socks off." Where did those guys go? Did they change their minds? I haven't seen any articles titled, "This one will be way worse than the last one: it will be the prolonged global depression that everyone was talking about during the last crash."

I know Helene must revel it in when she antagonizes me and I tell her that I will kill her children. I wonder if her friends Judy, and Carolyn, and Carrie, will likewise revel when they know that I will wring the blood from their own flesh that I cannot wring from that of their accomplice Helene. I wonder what quaint smirk they paint on their faces as they tell themselves that I won't go to great lengths to see their children defiled in the most malicious and disrespectful fashion. I wonder how they will feel the perceived superiority of their vaginas and menstruation, to the extent that they are even able to menstruate in their conditions of advanced age, when they tell themselves that some other Catch 22 will protect their children like it protects Helene's son, which is me, as far as I can tell.

I will scour the Earth for them, and leave no stone unturned, and I will pour out my wrath on them. Carrie and Judy and Carolyn: I will hunt you forever and your clans will perish. I will not give you the merciful death, nor your children; I will defile you, slowly and maliciously. I do have some regard for Helene but I have none for you. I will extract an outrageous amount of suffering from the fruits of your respective wombs, wombs that are likely by now shriveled and barren, and also I will pour this out on the second generation of your grandchildren as I mercilessly root out every trace of allegiance to Helene. Next time you see her antagonizing me, think also of that time when I will antagonize you. While she is too weak to antagonize me with anything more than words, I will repay her words on your children with metal and fire: Judy, Carolyn, and Carrie. Yes... what's done is done and what is to come is yet to come, but even then, how many of your cousins also have children, Judy, and Carrie, and Carolyn? Will they be glad to see you rah-rahing Helene's vileness? I think not. What's done is done, and the number of Helene's actions is already very high, but how much higher will her cheerleaders watch it rise, and how long can they blot the images from their minds of their own daughters strapped into those nefarious gynecological chairs? Helene has no prudence, do they have any? I doubt it.

I will be surprised if the doinkus makes new daily highs today. Maybe they will do it to spite me, but one day they won't have the power to do that any more.

I have noted previously an apparent divergence of the Japanese government from certain western ones with respect to scientific matters. I suppose soon enough I will have more evidence on which to judge this divergence.

I see they rejected my third submission as well, without so much as an email notification, likely another one that would have contained no valid reason. I was thinking that it would be awkward for the French to help me in this way as Karen's family is named after their country, but now there is no issue. I have two papers as yet unrejected by PRIMS, I wonder what the Japanese will do.

No reason given. Usually, I think, they give a reason.

Sub $50 oil means the next handle lower is $30 oil, and that can't be good for stocks. I'd say sub $50 oil will be a catalyst for another leg lower in the market.

The way the chart is running through all the technical stops in such rapid succession is, to me, indicative of the "deleveraging" process which has been described in relation to the transition from expansion to contraction in the economy.

This time last year, I was finishing the first of two books I have written recently (both of which are pretty good: please buy the second one). I had been familiarized with the Prophecy of the Popes a few years earlier and it was on my mind during the completion of my first book. For the most part, the final pages in the book line up with the final Popes mentioned in the prophecy. For Pope 167, the code is "from a castle on the River Tiber" and on page 167 of my book I describe Tipler sinusoids where the likeness is between Tipler and Tiber. It goes on this like, with many notable perfect matches and others where I cannot decipher any link at all, until the final page of my book: page 268. The prophecy says that the 268th Pope will be the last Pope and the code is "Petrus Romanus" where page 268 of book begins section five denoted with a roman numeral five: Pentus Romanus, and where the likeness is between Pentus and Petrus. The prophecy calls me "the dreadful judge" and I think it rightly does so. Often they say Rome is the city of seven hills, and I think I've heard it called that outside of this prophecy, but I also notice that Jerusalem is very hilly. However, if the Vatican is occupied by the apostles of Satan, I have to ask, "Why not both?"

I recently made that post distinguishing the sin "lust of the flesh" from ordinary human affection, which is good and not sinful (and is distinct from other varieties of sexual immorality including breaking girl's hearts casually and making promises with no intention to keep them.) After that, the Pope made some comment, "Homosexuality has become fashionable," but I take that in my own opinion to mean that the Pope views slavery and the torturous desecration of human beings as something which is nothing more than a trend in fashion at present.

I have recounted an event several times previously: I was in the shower sever months before Jorge became the Pope and there was a sensation of a few men's faces in my mind's eye. Two of them I recognized and one I did not. Then, months later, I recognized the Pope as the thrid man. It wasn't until years later that I realized the first man was Satan, and now I am quite confident that the Pope is plainly in league with Satan and that explains why he like the pedo priests so much... and how he could be so detached from my teachings that he views human slavery as a fashion statement.

I began watching the Mr. Rogers documentary recently. Now I think Mr. Rogers was a giant pervert. The name of the guy "Mr. McFeely" was too much for me to deny it. Then, coming as it did on heels of my learning about the Toy Box Killer who called his victims "toys," there was that scene in which Mr. Rogers was talking about the arms and legs and pieces coming off of his toys it was too much. Sad to say it... Mr. Rogers looks like a bad guy now. From the first moment of the documentary, I said, "Oh, Mr. Rogers was a giant homosexual," but by the time we got introduced to Mr. McFeely, who has a meme name like "Snuffy" on Sesame Street, it was too much for me for not believe it: the bad guys won WWII (but they will lose WWIII.)

NASDAQ in the dotcom bubble is a good example of hyperbolicity followed by a crash. Bitcoin has done this a few times.

You can see the brief hyperbolicity in the SP500 during the last bubble was followed by a much sharper crash than the non-hyperbolic run up to the dotcom crash, and the financial crisis was so good for the economy that it gave the entire ensuing bubble a hyperbolic structure.

Next month will be the biggest since Lehman, at least.

I was dreaming about high school last night, and the colonization of alien planets. I know it is common for people's dreams to be set in the locales of their youth; Houston County High School and my step-mother's parents house off of River Road in Tucson are very common for me. Not completely unrelated, the other day I saw a woman at the store and made a post about how pretty she was, and that person obviously reminded of the prettiest girl in my high school. After I made that post, I walked by the librarian's desk and some fat, disgusting, man-shaped, purple-haired lesbian probably, said in a tone of disdain, "Jell?" I still don't know how or why that happens, that these gangstalkers gangstalk me as they do, but I assume they have at least an inkling and some of them read my website. I will destroy you. With a great many people, I will pull you up in my net. I will throw you on the land and make known what you have done. Every video you made, I will show it. Every wrong you did, I will repay it many times over with the glory of my righteousness.

For the ten millionth time in my life, I've got a song stuck in my head. What's different this time is that now I wonder if there's a bank of stalkers somewhere blaring it on the speakers behind their psychic antenna.

A common criticism of Christianity is to point out how it doesn't make any sense for the the father and the son to be the same person. However, in the case God as an older man refers to himself as a younger man by the word "son" then it makes sense perfectly well. God is the alpha and the omega: the beginning and the end.

This post will remind me to defile the man who irritated me on the train yesterday as well as the woman who said, "He lookin, he lookin," as I walked into the store today, and the couple sitting in front of me in the cafe.

Last month, I made a post about how the Italian restaurant near my house had a rusty old gate feature which seemed like a cleft palate monster. Not too many minutes after that, the cops showed up with some short little tiny man and they threw all my stuff out on the street and gave me a criminal trespass notice about returning to the house they threw me out of. Today, in the Sandy Springs MARTA station, I noticed two ad posters at the north end of the platform. The adds were for SAE institute and I noticed that the 215 Peachtree address is immediately adjacent to the 191 Peachtree building wherein is located the 191 Club for rich perverts, and not too far from the 133 Peachtree building which is also called the Georgia-Pacific building after the Koch brothers' company which is the main tenant. (The 133 Peachtree building is the architectural inspiration for the House of Evolution in One Punch Man and it is highly to mysterious to me why one wall on this skyscraper has no windows. This is consistent with the hyper-jail concept presented in One Punch Man.) Likely there is a criminal enterprise inside that 133 building connected to the criminality of the paying members of the 191 club in the adjacent 191 building.

Anyhow... I noticed these SAE institute posters at the north end of the platform in the Sandy Springs MARTA station. These posters feature a black man setting up a microphone for a white woman singing with her eyes closed. I noticed that the man has a tattoo that says "Jungle Boy" on his bicep and on his forearm is clearly the meme face of the cleft palate monster. Then when I looked at the woman in the poster again, I noticed she kind of has the phenotype of Rhonda/Helene, and it looked like she was taking a dump into someone's mouth and savoring it. The arc of the upper lip in the tattoo and the squinty slit-like eyes are pretty much exactly like the cleft palate monster which appeared in my mind when I looked at that rusty old gate feature at the Italian restaurant.

Kind of like pic related, except all female and only clean ones with naturally good eyesight and nice teeth, and probably thirteen of each kind, aged from infancy to around thirty.

"Collection" under the auspices of pic related prophecy.

Today when I was at the store, I saw a remarkably good looking woman. This post will remind me to use her as an example of one of the kinds I want my people to collect between the destruction of Jerusalem and pic related day.

I tell you... whose idea was it to drill my fucking foot bone to fix my gait instead of just giving me an orthotic support to put in my shoe? Whoever it was, they did it because they knew it would hurt and they are laughing about how it hurts. This time last year, I had the ability to stand from a seated position and then quickly move. This year, when I stand I experience terrible pain and have to gimp around slowly for a while before the pain subsides. Whoever decided that drilling my bone is what should be done, and not simply giving me a thing to put in my shoe, knew that it would hurt and they did it with malicious intent.

Last year, I could rise from a seated position and then quickly move away from that position. Now they have taken that away from me and I might never get it back. Last year, I could move around like a healthy human man. Now I can't because of this torture device they have implanted in my foot. Unlike the torture devices in my anus and other foot, this one is really fucking me up physically, not just psychologically, and they did it on purpose, and you are still asking them for my opinion instead asking me for my opinion.

Attempt to doink the daily doinkus fails at smart money time.

I would not be too surprised if it doinks above the doinkus tomorrow but if it finishes next week above the doinkus then I will be disappointed.

After I didn't go to court the other morning, I encountered two familiar looking gangstalkers on the sidewalk near the library. Listen to me you two: I will put you into defilement, and I will mock your parents with the way I defile you before I defile them on your deathbeds. Therefore, listen to me now: kill yourselves. When I say, "defile," know that I do not mean the torture of beating and cutting, I mean it in the superlative sadistic sense. This is what I have learned in the past few years: I was stupid not to hate my enemy and there is nothing too terrible that I can give them. One might say, "But Jesus says to love your enemies." To that I say, "Jesus is the thing I look at when I'm jerking off because you send the women to my enemies instead of to me."

Between El Chapo and El Mayo, it is not hard for me to believe that Chapo is in charge of the drug business while Mayo is in charge of the slavery business, and that it is mysterious to Chapo why they go after him for working with the farmers and yet Mayo, the slaver, does not attract so much attention. It's not hard for me to believe because I suspect the customers of the slave business are wealthier than the customers of the street drug business. I am so against human slavery, I cannot really do justice to my opposition with mere words. I am in total opposition to any philosophical predicate which justifies slavery with one exception: I will make slaves of my enemies and treat them like slaves. Yes, even while I oppose slavery, this is what I will do. I am The Lord.

I made a thread. It's got some content so I linked it here. Someone deleted my post about how I'm being raped 24/7 everyday and I added it again at the bottom.

A rapidly falling SMI during a bullish market means that smart money is selling and that market is to revert to a downtrend soon.

Often when I'm listening to my headphones and I make an error in my document production, one of the hackers on my computer plays a woman's voice saying, "Perfect." This week, I heard that same voice in the library with me, not in my headphones, and this post will remind me to defile that person. Also, this post will remind me about whoever was calling out, "Jonathan!!!," as I walked through the voting area.

I tell you what else. I will feel about 10,000,000 times better about my life if there were two groups in there (about a mile down the road from this library) fighting each other than if there was just the one group all in it together which it currently seems to me.

When I look at Ismael Zambada, my brain says, "Elaine Rito." It's the eyes and the nose and the mouth. I have also pointed out that a photo I've seen of "Elaine and her mother" is exactly like a popular photo of the Bogdanoffs where they are wearing brown bomber jackets. This photo was the over fireplace at Jacaré's house when Elaine was telling me something about the Camorra and Fabio Clemente was telling me that he was the main guy behind Occupy Wall Street. Years later, when I was posting some anti-human slavery material, one day following a certain post at Alliance Elaine made a comment with an uncharacteristically insincere tone. She said, "Yeah, ok! I'm just going to close my office." I think the post I made was about people cutting women's arms and legs off and selling them as slaves that you can get pregnant. I always thought the people up there were Los Zetas, but maybe Elaine is El Mayo too and they have Los Zetas and Sinaloa HQ in the same place. I can't say, "Elaine is El Mayo," with the same certainty that I can say, "Joey is El Mencho," but I'm pretty sure Elaine is a man at least.

I see Manafort's agreement to cooperate with Mueller predates my trip to Exide by about two weeks. I bet Manafort entered into that agreement with the understanding he would affirm Exide's fraud documents which would not be questioned had I not gone up there. Did they get questioned? Did they get terminated? I have no idea, the faggot from Exide, Mr. Gay, who may also be one of these gangstalkers in the library with me here now, refused to give me any paperwork and called the cops on me instead. Incidentally, the cop who showed up looked a lot like Joey, I wonder if the cop was him.

It is really something noteworthy how these infamous heretics who derive all of their power from the masonic rank that they have, and who have nothing else going for them, criticize me as if I too have nothing going for me other than that rank which means that I am God. I have actual accomplishments, ones that will live far beyond my lifetime. What can they say for themselves? "I raped 100 young boys," or "I killed 500 people?" There's lots of other people out there who can claim those credits. Yet for me, with the relatively singular credits to my name, they mock me as if I do no good things, they put me in the idiot group with idiots whose feeble faculties preclude any understanding of what I've done, and they refuse to praise my name as if the only reason to praise it was that the entire structure of human history says that I have the rank which only God has. Even today, they still refuse to do what it says. Therefore, I will kill them all.

When I think about Afghanistan, I think about the stories about how the Afghani men were keeping boys chained in their rooms for raping, and someone told the Army, "This is ok, that's just how they do it," and then the Army was like, "Ok, no problem with chained up rape boys. That's just how they do it."

I can tell you for certain: whoever is saying that child abuse is part of the culture and shouldn't be stopped is a liar and everyone who believes such obvious lies should be killed for stupidity. Same thing goes for whatever rape-like activities have been going on in my detention location: I am sure the rapists are telling the police, "No, what we're doing to him is ok," but they are lying and the people who believe the lies should be killed for incompetence, and the people asking other people for my own opinion should be killed for doing everything wrong. It's not ok; all child molesters should be killed.

I want you to hand over all your friends and loved ones to be defiled in public, and I want you to hand over documentary evidence of all your crimes, and, in general, I want the public to see you go through something at least 10,000x worse than what you've been doing to other people.

The reason I want this is so that I will establish myself firmly over my kingdom.

I'd say it's real unlikely, especially with options expiry in a few weeks, that S&P will close above 2700 next month. If it does then maybe my enemy still has some money.

One night after jiu jitsu, Jacaré, Manu, and I, and maybe Chris Moriarty and someone else, went to Canton Cooks next to LA Boxing. This was when my friendship with Jacaré was new and I was probably a blue belt. He told me about some guy he knew of in Brazil named "Caca na cara" which means "doodoo on the face." The gist was that we both agreed that the guy who liked to put plexiglass over his face to watch women poop was a degenerate. I wonder if Caca na Cara has since that time impersonated the man I went to dinner that night, or was that man himself speaking deceptively in the third person, and says that he is my friend when we both agreed that that person was nasty. It wouldn't surprise me. In fact, anyone who says they had "secret talks" with me might not be forthcoming in the fact that it was secret even from me that they were impersonating a different man at that time, unbeknownst to myself, a/k/a "secret," even if that man that I thought of as my friend met me under the circumstances of his own impersonation of a third man. The fact is, there is only one person I think of as "Jacaré" and he is the one who agreed with me that Caca na Cara was nasty, and I do not know if I have seen him over the last very many years, even since Jacaré's heart attack with Cobrinha. Everyone else who secretly disguised themselves as this person did so without my knowledge and, even then, the talks we had on the mat were seldom about anything other jiu jitsu and never exceeded the context of chit chat while we were at the gym where he was the owner and it was my place to show deference to the superior rank indicated by his red and black belt which he earned through ~35 years of study after receiving his first black belt from Rolls Gracie. Anyone that wore that belt without earning it under the rules of the IBJJF is a bad faith actor that deceived me regarding their identity, and even to this day I have no knowledge of such things, and I only write about them under the psychological pressure of very many lingering but unverified suspicions.