After briefly dwelling on who might have been the accomplice wearing the Shit Cunt disguise today, I arrived at whoever was the one who said, "I bet on the child-molesting catholic church," meaning that even that cult of gay child molesters seemed better to him than me, and now he regrets his lack of faith and wilful decision to rebel against the house of David. Someone recently asked something on 4chan about how I got interested in math to begin with, and I cited the recollection of positive math-based interactions with Dad when I was a child, and perhaps that's who this was. Next to him in the gym was someone wearing an Armed Forces Appreciation Day shirt which reminded me very much of the dad-affiliated acronym EDIMGIAFAD: every day in Middle Georgia is Armed Forced Appreciation Day. So, I wonder if I didn't end up in Shit Cunt's clutches after previously being in this other man's clutches because he sold me to Shit Cunt. In the Bible, it says Esau's birthright was detestable to him and he sold it to Jacob, and then the rest of the Bible goes on to say many times that the Edomites are going to get destroyed. Although it is not obvious why the tribe of Esau would not be called the Esau-ites, the name of the Edomites seems well-suited to the EDIMGIAFAD acronym that a certain dad-affiliated person likes very much: the Edimgiafadites. Was that the man in there today? If so, I think his birthright was detestable to him and he sold me to his brother, who is Satan. If he was the one that said the child-molesting catholic church seemed better to him than me, then I was detestable to him indeed!

They tied the joke knot into my pants string again when I was in the bathroom at the gym today, and they put hair all over the toilet in the toilet stall while they were doing it. After that, Shit Cunt appeared again with the evil trainer, and they made sure to get right in front of me and peek through the equipment at me as I was about to start my timed exercise, which they would not have done if they weren't evil. It must have been someone else wearing the Shit Cunt disguise today since this one didn't have a secret service agent following him around like the other one did on the day after the ranting psycho intercepted me on my walk.

The one who the pope was saying was my "great councilor" was also there today dressed like a like some kind of goat fucker or something, and he was wearing the bright red Rothschild shirt again like he has every other time I've seen him there, like he's some fucking moron that only has one shirt or something [/s]. The red-shirt goat fucker was keen to obviously nod his head YES when I commented about how it was him whose fraud was so well praised by the Successor to the Prince of Darkness. I noticed today that I got this fourth blister on my hand at the same time as the other three while I was in the gym last week. It had kind of suddenly appeared in the middle of the kettlebell set after which I immediately felt the herpes sore appearing on my lip, so I think this was another attack. There was no irritation preceeding the blister as one usually encounters, so I think this was an act of violence against me during that missing 18th set I described previously. I took this picture while I was in the gym, and after I left I noticed a new amputated pit on the back of my finger. As soon as I noticed it, a bloody red scratch appeared next to the new amputated pit. When I went to Walmart to get lunch, someone had put more queef stink in my car and two women hecklers were waiting next to it when I came out. The whining dogs together with the interceptor in the store suggested that I had bought poisoned pudding, so I threw it away. Instead, I went to the Cookout where they put one ancient, desiccated french fry in my cheese bites, and in my cajun fries, again doing the pairing technique. My car also got totally decorated with hairs sometimes after I left the gym. When I pulled in the drive in lane at the Cookout after noticing the bloody red scratch appear next to the new amputated pit on the back of my finger, the woman in the car in front of me was keen to put her fingers into her sideview mirror to make me look at her pantomimes of my new wounds. I think the Cookout was probably poisoned too although I don't feel terrible enough to be certain right now.

Other than that, I think they are using the RAPE HATCH in my room to give me new WRIGGLERS again. I got about a dozen new MID WRIGGLERS and OUTER WRIGGLERS since I left the last hotel, and the LEFT EYELIF MEGA WRIGGLER is back again now too. There was some small red box that appeared as a glitch in the RD.html loader-poster.exe I made this week, and then the same small red square of shit appeared in the bathroom sink a moment later when I went to the bathroom.

When some psycho recently approached me on my walk to start ranting about a homeless guy in a hospital gown pushing a cart, I walked past him without stopping. However, I immediately felt like I was getting blisters on my feet as soon as I passed him, and I think he must have attacked me. I have been doing the same walk with the same shoes and socks for months with no blisters, and now I got these two giant ones on my feet at the same time I got a giant herpes sore on my face, which some people sometimes call a blister. This person intercepted me on my walk the day before Shit Cunt showed up at the gym. Obviously not unrelated, the frizzy hair interceptors suddenly appeared to start amputating my nose and poisoning my food more so than they had been on the same day this person intercepted my while I was walking. I'm pretty sure the blisters on my feet and on my face are a two-fer like they do making sure to place pairs of hairs near my toilet so I won't think it was just one random hair. The herpes is not very painful, but these blisters on my feet are quite painful.

Left foot blister

Right foot blister

Herpes sore

"Winter Is Coming" For Leveraged Companies

> A "purge is about to happen."

Hunter Biden Indicted On Multiple Felony Tax Charges Including 'Office Expense' Deductions For 'Over-The-Hill Strippers'

I very obviously caught them using the RAPE HATCH this morning. After I had rubbed my herpes cream on my face, I wiped what was left on my thigh. A moment later, I sat down on the toilet and observed that the smear of herpes cream was still firm and solid white. Then I glanced at the bathroom floor where a bunch of biological filth was placed, including at least two hairs that could not possibly have been mine and weren't there last time I inspected the floor, and then I glanced back at the smear of medicine on my thigh. In what had seemed to me to be less than five seconds, the medicine had warmed up enough to become almost totally clear, and it was no longer firm but had become runny. When I went back out into the room, the RAPE HATCH rapist had put a bunch of shit all over the carpet and bed.

I bet Shit Cunt was liking it better when this was a five digit number. Soon it will be a three digit number.

I think they had tranny Evil Emily next to me in the gym while Shit Cunt was doing his tryhard thing with his teeth from the step machine. I found a new amputated spot on the bridge of my nose again today (my good camera is out of battery right now) and that's probably what he was doing his tryhard thing for. Maybe he was just delighted to be rubbing tranny Evil Emily in my face with her simulated rotten pussy cheese queefs, or her authentic tranny hole cheese queefs.

The deformed leg stalker from the gym also walked by me about 2 inches away in a different disguise today. When I immediately called afters him, "Six feet!," he tried to get back in my face to ask what I meant. However, I held my arm out to stop his approach, and I felt very good about it because he was clearly meaning to get in my face again to ask what I meant by telling him to stay six feet away from me.

I think earlier this week they were saying one of the Satanic tranny deceivers from Alliance is one of the guys that's wearing the Pope costume these days. He said he achieved the blue belt in jiu jitsu, and I think his implication was that he had achieved it in some year earlier than 2023, but it probably wasn't earlier than 2023, in fact, and even if it was, he had set himself up above me with a black belt, not a blue one. Peter is Israel, whose name was Jacob, and whose foundation of evil is in disguisecraft, so I find it to be in good order that the man wearing the disguise of the Successor to the Prince of Darkness, who is also called the Father of Lies (if that's not Shit Cunt Evil Dad), would be simultaneously plying his deceit with words and costumes.

When I did my last set in the gym today, my right nut started to hurt, and the RD seemed worse when I left. At the store where I bought some milk, the cashier said something to the woman in front of me about how she has to pay attention, which was weird and acontextual. Then when I came back to the hotel and undressed, I found the same joke knot tied into my shorts string that I've found tied into my shoelaces on several previous occasions. When my nut started to hurt on last exercise, the Dumpy Jill interceptor had just appeared, and she said something about how she was "born into it" as if that makes her like one of the slave clones that I will not find guilty.

Rafaelle "Rod Williams" Mincione was also in there stalking me today. He got right in my way on purpose a few times, and he appeared before me to smile and do the "number one" motion with his finger when I was recounting the time tranny Evil Emily was in attendance at the anger management class where I was forcibly sodomized and smeared heavily with what I assume must have been the shit that came out of my asshole while they were forcibly sodomizing me. I made some comment about, "How else would I have know to hate them?," and then the minion "Mincione" made some comment about how he had had to teach me something as if it went over his head that I was talking about hating him and his people. Maybe it went over my head that he was mocking my message of hatred, but I think he was trying to separate himself from the people I learned to hate in this long ordeal of mine.

I watched that thing about Falcon shortly after I moved to Dunwoody.

This semen scheme that got approved when the new Pope took over (and that made P2 "PayPal" guy Musk a lot of money) was called "the failed oil extraction venture in Angola" in the recent (and ongoing) Vatican "trial of the century." It was a successful (up to semantics) semen extraction venture in Antarctica when the catholic church vet all their money and all their flocks' lives that their by-now failed murder conspiracy against me was going to succeed.

You can see Tesla stock really took off when I moved to that apartment in Dunwoody where they started stealing my semen on an industrial scale to sell it through Tesla. I moved there after Helene kicked me out of the condo I was renting from her when I could no longer pay rent after she got me fired from my job at Georgia Tech by telling sick and malicious lies about me. This issue of my semen being Tesla's real cash cow is why Tesla had like 3 or 4 general counsels quit in one year: they found out what Tesla's real business model is and got out of there, ASAP. All of those billions Elon is reaping off his stock come from selling my stolen semen. That's also why Tesla encountered "surprise Model 3 production delays" due to "certain parts being made by hand" when I became homeless in 2017: they could no longer suck the scum out of the drain in my sink and it fucked up their business model. Also, the reason Tesla started charging more for "black paint" after I started to grow my hair out is because they were selling GM-ed black haired babies grown from my stolen semen for a premium.

Behind Tesla's Production Delays: Parts of Model 3 Were Being Made by Hand

Tesla has lost its top lawyer for the third time in the past year

Tesla's black paint just got $1,000 more expensive

One of my first experiences with gangstalker heckling came shortly after Helene kicked me out of her condo when I could no longer pay rent (after she used her CIA tentacles to insert a batch of malicious lies into my file Georgia Tech to get me fired from my job), and then I moved to Dunwoody. I watched a documentary about this guy Jonah Falcon and his giant dick, and then in the Goldberg's Deli the next day, someone in the restaurant yelled FALCON! for no reason. That was around 2013, and "Falcon Oil" certainly gets it name from that early gangstalking operation.

Vatican trial, Mincione's lawyers: the truth bent for a goal [translated with MS Edge]

>"I think I've given important elements of evaluation. Here there has been an outrage of the truth, of the person, of his professional reputation, of the alleged predatory nature of Falcon Oil's due diligence, of the role of Credit Suisse"

>Among the various other points discussed, there was also the "total removal of the Credit Suisse entity" from the considerations made, "which was not only the custodian bank but also the trustee of the Secretariat of State"; the choice to underwrite investments with a certain risk

English here.

The Canary Just Died: Sudden Spike In SOFR Hints At Mounting Reserve Shortage, Early Restart Of QE

Although this article is pay-walled, I can comment on its title. After the Vatican ordered that its funds should be withdrawn from Credit Suisse and returned to the IOR (pertaining to the 2016 Exide fraud), there was sudden wave of bank failures to which the Fed responded with this spike in QE, and the Swiss government forced UBS to buy Credit Suisse though it did not want to. Now I sent another email on Nov 20 about Helene's 2007 fraud, and then UBS CEO started making "out-of-nowhere" public remarks about a potential UBS failure. (I think the point of this article saying the UK banking system was "safe" after the Credit Suisse failure was that the UK banking system hinges on Helene's 2007 mortgage fraud rather than Exide's 2016 hiring contract fraud.) The imminent UBS failure will cause at least the failure of even more, bigger USA banks, and it will max out the Fed's QE capacity when the Fed tries to gloss over everything with a liquidity tsunami. If the Congress doesn't gift the Fed another several trillion dollars like it did with COVID (detailed here), that will be the clanging death knell for the dollar. With no more dollars to shield themselves with, things should then deteriorate suddenly and horribly for the jews. Mainly, the severity of the risk here is implied by the fact the UBS declined to buy Credit Suisse because it was "toxic," then the Swiss government made them do it, and now UBS' own, greater toxicity will be revealed pertaining to Helene's 2007 mortgage fraud.

AUG 22, 2022: Pope Francis instructs Vatican entities to move all funds to Vatican bank by Sept. 30

FEB 9, 2023: Credit Suisse Craters After "Staggering" Bank Run And Warning Of Continued Losses

FEB 21, 2023: Credit Suisse Crashes To All-Time Low After Regulators Probe If Chairman Lied About "Stabilizing" Outflows

MAR 8, 2023: Balance Sheet Trends

MAR 16, 2023: UBS, Credit Suisse oppose idea of **forced** merger, Bloomberg News reports

MAR 19, 2023: UBS agrees to takeover of stricken Credit Suisse for $3.25bn

>Swiss government **forces** through takeover at well below market value amid fears of global banking crisis

After Shit Cunt showed up this week, but before they blew up the house on Burlington St, they poisoned the ice cream at the 7/11, the chicken nuggets at the Aldi, and the milk at the Harris Teeter: all newly poisoned this week. I'd say Shit Cunt was highly successful in his effort to recruit the local judenhelpers (pic related), and I will be rather surprised if blowing up that house gets anything un-poisoned. Just the other day someone on the radio was saying to avoid the perishables at the store, but I guess they're poisoning everything again: perishable and non-perishable. (RD got much worse while typing this.)

Massive Explosion Destroys Home Of Crazed Man In Arlington, Virginia Neighborhood

It's pretty ridiculous how fucking crooked my nose is now. This is like the third or fourth time they did the amputation attack on that same spot by now. My nose isn't even straight directly from the side anymore.

This is not what my nose used to look like, at all. They have catastrophically disfigured my face, and this isn't within a million miles of "not leaving a mark." I think on the previous amputation attacks, they were using a liposuction needle (or something) to amputate the soft subcutaneous tissues, but now with these very deep dents on my heads and nose, they are obviously amputating the hard (or harder) tissues, to the extent that I am not well-trained in human anatomy. Still, there's only a finite amount of nose tissue on my face, and the parts they already amputated didn't grow back, and now they're taking much bigger bites of it, and more frequently again as well.

Overall, the issue is that there is only a finite amount of nose tissue, and there's a lot less of it now than there used to be. If everyone keeps saying it's fine for them to amputate pieces of my nose and scalp etc, there's going to be a lot less of it soon than there is now.

The whole texture of the bridge of my nose is now like a WWI battlefield where it is used to be smooth and normal before what have probably ben six or more amputation attacks on this part of my nose. If they are allowed to keep this up, there's not going to be any actual nose tissue left under the skin on my nose. And... all of this because the original pit amputation rape surgeon declared himself innocent when started this thing that has almost certainly not stopped yet. If anything, it is suddenly much worse with this new pit on my nose and the one on my scalp last week being the deepest ones.

This latest dent on my nose seems like it's even deeper that the one on my head, in fact. These photos all show the extremely prominent mole that got implanted on the bridge of my nose long before they started amputating pieces, and this mole is meant to make me look like a catholic, if I'm not mistaken.

Very deep hard tissue amputation 1

Very deep hard tissue amputation 2

Very deep hard tissue amputation 3

Very deep hard tissue amputation 4

Very deep hard tissue amputation 5

Very deep hard tissue amputation 6

Very deep hard tissue amputation 7

Very deep hard tissue amputation 8

When I use my finger to feel this newest giant pit amputation on my nose, it feels unambiguously like they removed either a big piece of bone, or a big piece of the hard cartilage. They must have done the same for the giant dent that appeared on the top of my head last week, about which I have already posted.

Israel Expands Ground Operations To Whole Of Gaza, Seeking "Total Victory"

I think what they're kind of saying here is that they intend to amputate so much of the structural tissue under the skin of my nose that one day I'll touch my face to stop a sneeze or something, and then I'll totally smash it because there's nothing left underneath, and they'll say I destroyed my own nose and it was probably just weaker since the tissue starts breaking down in your 40s.

I think these almost-10,000 remaining hours for the child-raping jew will be sufficient for them to amputate a lot more of my nose, an amount with which I will be greatly dissatisfied, if the child-raping judenhelpers enable it to continue next year as it has all year this year.

And now, even though that first rape amputator surgeon has seen what it means that he declared facial amputations as allowable, meaning that he's seen that they're going to keep amputating pieces of my nose every few weeks probably until my whole nose is gone, he still insists on his own innocence. That one is Satan.

I understand that the reason why the jews didn't start attacking me with facial amputations until this year is because it wasn't until the rape surgeon that cut a giant pit under my eye in the spring declared himself not guilty for mutilating my face, and that the precedent he set is such that amputating pieces of my face is not to be considered a crime (because otherwise Satan would be guilty of it.) The first facial amputator rape surgeon decided that protecting himself from the consequences of sin was important enough that the door should be opened for anyone else who wants to start amputating pieces of my face too. Now my nose is completely fucking mutilated, and I have had a full blown nose job so that I no longer look like the man that my genetics coded me to look like. Furthermore, I understand that the one who declared himself innocent after mutilating my face with the pit under my eye was only alive to do so because he had already declared himself innocent after he installed the skeletal mutilator in my foot, which continues to cause me pain to this day, in addition the the severe, persistent deformities inflicted on the structure of both my foot and my collar bones.

In the Bible, it says the one who strikes the heel is Satan, and now, because Satan has declared himself innocent of his sin over and over and over, my nose is completely mutilated, and I have absolutely no reasonable expectation that this was the last piece of my nose they're going to amputate since they've been doing it regularly every few weeks non-stop since they carved that first pit under my eye with their unwanted rape surgery earlier in 2023.

I think the frizzy hair stalker yesterday was actually the nose amputation stalker. He was waiting for me in the CVS where they were playing the Rick Roll song when I left, and the jew that was waiting in the car out front was working in the gym today with the evil twin of the friendly trainer. The dog that was whimpering out of the window of the jew in front of the CVS was the one on /uhg/ yesterday, and I guess I didn't get the reference about why the dog was making that sound. I have now had a full rhinoplasty-by-a-thousand-cuts, and there is no way I could take a picture of my face like this again. In fact, the main mutilations on my nose are on the nice angles that this picture from two years ago showed. They have mutilated the tip of my nose to make a giant bifid nose deformity, and they have done a full rhinoplasty to the bridge of my nose so that it is no longer in the aquiline configuration. The DICK PAIN INFLICTOR was very strong again this morning, and they must have put the nano-razors on my dick again since yesterday. (3:00 MEGA WRIGGLER when I typed "nano-razors.") Some psycho approached me while I was walking yesterday to start saying a bunch of crazy shit about someone pushing a grocery cart full of Gatorade bottles that I be wary of, and I suppose he was the accomplice of the nose amputators.

New giant pit on bridge 1

New giant pit on bridge 2

New giant pit on bridge 3

New giant pit on bridge 4

New giant pit on bridge 5

Other photo 1

Other photo 2

Other photo 3

Other photo 4

It seemed like these jews were giving me shit today about not using conditioner enough when my hair gets frizzy. This is at least somewhat ironic given the frequency with which these same jews poison my personal care products.

When I was in Russia, I felt myself getting a herpes sore on my lip. I used Yandex to find a pharmacy, and I walked there. I was able to buy the herpes cream in less than five minutes for about $1.20 in Rubles. With a ten minute walk to the pharmacy and another ten minutes walking back, the whole thing took about 25 minutes.

I felt myself getting a another one yesterday, this time in the USA. I had to go to urgent care since you have to get a prescription for it here. After they took my vitals and put me in some room, someone started CHAHing me and they put a bunch of hair and lint at my feet, and the whole nursing station got involved in a loud conversation suddenly about how someone "just dropped something off." (They measured my height there as 6'1.375". I think he recorded 6'1", but I looked at the measurement and it was more than 6'1.25".) After I was waiting for about two hours, the doctor showed up and was with me for about one minute. After I told her I was there for herpes, she suggested that I should use a euphemism, such as the way she calls her own oral herpes "her friends." She asked which pharmacy I wanted, and I said I didn't care. Then she said she was sending the prescription electronically, which I have never heard of. I asked her if that was faster than just writing me one, and she assured me that it was faster. When I got to the pharmacy, the pharmacist assured me that the doctor had not sent the prescription. Then I went back to urgent care and they told me to get in line again, and that someone would come out for a moment. After I had been standing in the waiting area where everyone else was sitting, leering aggressively at all the workers who were doing other things, some woman asked if I needed anything. I explained it to her, and she told me that the person I needed had "gone to dinner" and that the person I was waiting for was clearly not going to be there in a moment. However, that person did help me, and I got the written prescription. Then I went to the pharmacy a second time. The pharmacist told me that my insurance card didn't have the "group number" on it, and I needed another card with that number. I said I didn't have it and that I would just pay. She told me the tube of cream that cost $1.20 last year would cost $670 at CVS (more than 600 times as much.) Then I went back to the hotel, got the other card with the number that didn't get printed on the copious white space of the first card, and then I got the medicine on my third trip to the pharmacy.

I think they turned my brain off in the gym on Friday. I was doing 20 sets on my exercise, and I think the 18th got skipped as the evil twin of the friendly trainer sneered maliciously as he walked by. When I finished, I sat down and some stalker approached me looking like a dumpy version of Kole Smith's wife. She positioned herself next to some other woman to one-eye me when she said, "What's been happening?," and then the woman she was partially hiding behind started hackling me about the rape hatch. As soon as I left the gym, I felt the sore coming up on my lip, and I think they probably injected me with herpes during the minute I may have missed where I think my 18th set disappeared. I heard Kole's wife was one of the women who got pregnant by my stolen semen because she didn't want to get stuck having the horrible piece of shit baby that she figured would have come out if she had used her husband's semen. I wouldn't want to have Kole's baby either, but everyone who touched my stolen semen is going to get killed, and all their other kids, and I heard that Kole's family is on that list. I think the USS Cole bombing was strangely well aligned with the time Kole moved in with Mike and his would-be wife, Jill, in some apartment in Athens, GA, or it was aligned with the time of their transition into a "romantic" relationship after living together for a while.

It seems like the new thing now is for my rapists to put their filthiness in my mouth rather than on the toilet, and around the toilet. I was surprised to suddenly find hair in my mouth probably about ten times today, and it has been happening a lot lately. I believe I have secured the walls and the floor in here now, and the room is still open, so I must conclude that they have some trapeze thing to drop them down through a RAPE HATCH in the ceiling. Unfortunately, I did not get enough paper to cover the ceiling today, so I will have to finish securing the last surface tomorrow. I will be surprised if it persists after I have covered the ceiling. Right now, I taped rolls of butcher paper all over the walls like a new layer of wall paper, and I cut up some bed sheets and used safety pins to secure them to the carpet to avoid access by any trap doors where the pieces of carpet fit together. The RAPE DICK is very much worse lately. They're probably using the RAPE HATCH to give me new RAPE DICK implants in the room.

Just like on the morning where I got poisoned at the last hotel, I was surprised to find absolutely no one in the lobby when I went for coffee in the current hotel this morning. At the last hotel, the breakfast area was full every morning until it was empty on the morning O got poisoned, and there have lots of people here in the breakfast area here each morning too, until today when the normal coffee lady was gone and some ugly man appeared to try to give me coffee, which I assumed was poisoned and did not accept. The RAPE DICK got VERY MUCH WORSE recently, and it has not gotten any better in at least a day, which is disappointing since the de-rapists ought to be here by now. The implants in my testicles also got much worse again recently. UNLESS... I'm getting the new RD in the room, which is possible. I have most of the wall area secured. I need to secure the ceiling still, which I will do this afternoon or this evening.

To the extent that the sudden onset of more severe annoyances started when they poisoned my food at the last hotel, I bought a soda at this hotel last night and the hairs suddenly started appearing all over everything in the main part of the room almost immediately. I'm not sure if that was the soda, or if it was the subject of this "operation completed" post. I taped up one whole wall in the main part of the room, and I taped up the bathroom better, but I still had to pick up about 20 hairs, one appearing after the other, many obviously not mine, when I was inspecting the bathroom this morning. Outside of the bathroom, hairs were appearing all over my desk while I was attempting to study, and hairs appeared in the sink where I was pissing to avoid exposing myself to the suspected RAPE HATCH in the bathroom. RD is much worse this morning, and the woman in hall yelled TRAPITO ENTRAR! when she walked by my room as my new bout of annoyances was culminating.

UBS CEO says private buyer preferred outcome in case of rescue

UBS's head believes the bank is not too big to fail.

I feel like I recall that I had to go to a UBS office to sign Helene's fraud contract around 2007. The dates on these articles from last week seemed to align well with the email I sent to Helene's lawyer about my intention to have those fraud contracts voided.