I was hoping not to see a bunch of obvious fake clouds in the fake sky when I got closer to Omsk today, but it did not work out that way. How it worked out was that I saw all these fake clouds when I woke up, and then when the bus stopped in Omsk I noticed that one of my most-hated Rod Williams had joined the other stalkers on the bus by taking the seat right in front of me. I think I detected a few friendlies on the bus too, so that's good. Hopefully there is an exit somewhere to the east out here. My next bus trip tomorrow is going to take me through Kazakhstan: Omsk to Pavlodar to Novosibirsk. I hope the passport police don't give me a hard time about leaving Russia and re-entering on the same day. I think I will probably leave on the seventh and re-enter on the eighth without any problems, however, as long as this info about USA citizens not needing visas for brief travel through Kazakhstan.

Fake Clouds 1

Fake Clouds 2

Fake Clouds 3

Fake Clouds 4

Fake Clouds 5

Fake Clouds 6

Senate Rubber Stamps Debt Ceiling Band-Aid; Biden To Sign Into Law 'As Soon As Possible'

>Senate was a lock for approving the deal to raise the debt ceiling, which will be suspended until January 1, 2025 while spending will remain 'roughly flat' for the same period of time "when factoring in agreed upon appropriations adjustments"

I think suspending the debt limit until 2025 rather than raising it is setting the stage for the government to blow the deficit up in 2023 and/or 2024 with more emergency spending like what they did for COVID. Certainly, there is a loophole in the bill which allows them to not conform to the stated budgetary constraints but then still affords them the freedom generated by a suspended debt limit

FBI To Finally Hand Over Biden Corruption Docs Under Threat Of Contempt

>They didn't seem to mind creating 'misimpressions in the public' when they launched the Trump-Russia investigation despite knowing that the Steele Dossier was a complete fabrication.

The subpoena for this document was issued immediately after the most significant mutilations on my nose occurred. At that time, early May, my impression was that they were saying "Biden" ordered the people following me home from the store to fuck off so another group of people following me could amputate half of the tip of my nose and carve a large S-shape onto the bridge of my nose. I think this order is the real object of the "bribery" in the present context.

When Wray initially defied the subpoena, his son was arrested the next day: Chris Moriarty given the alias Daniel Penny. The reporting on the Neely incident began on the Tuesday after the mutilations occurred on a Saturday, and the murder is said to have taken place on the Monday between. So, therefore, there is some notable confluence when the Penny arrest happened right after Wray defied the subpoena, and now the grand jury began hearing evidence against Penny on the day before Wray was finally strongarmed into submission. Since Wray's son is this murdering "Penny" character now, I wonder if Wray was forced into compliance under threat of contempt, or if it was under the threat of actions against his son.

The account of the Neely incident made it seem like Wray's son used the rape ray to turn my brain off for about 15 minutes while they amputated these parts of my nose. This is referenced by Penny's nose ring and it was reported as him putting the chokehold on Neely for about 15 minutes, where "Neely" references the FBI also turning my brain off to put the first of about 1000 electroshocks into my penis in the events that were reported as Chauvin "kneeling" on Floyd's neck. (This is why you can see Pepe on Floyd's forehead.) What really happened was that Chauvin approached me disguised as a woman and then agreed to suck my dick for money, but then he turned my brain off to stab me in the penis and begin to administer remote control electroshock to my genitals. This event happened in "Albuquerque," and that is why "John Paul Mac Isaac" brought the "Hunter Biden laptop" to the FBI field office in Albuquerque. The secret NSA CCTV footage from inside my car filmed the FBI doing it where they thought they were free from being recorded.

I got to the bus stop 90 minutes early and the bus never came. After it was three hours late, I finally got ahold of someone who told me that I missed the bus. I definitely didn't, and she told me that it was a small car that came today, and I might have missed it. I told her that I booked a seat on a bus with power, reclining seats, and internet, and then she changed her story to say that it was actually an 8 seat Mercedes bus that I missed. I definitely did not miss it. I was sitting in the right place for five hours at keen attention waiting for it. If they turned my brain off while it was there, then obviously I cannot speak to that but I did not notice any missing time in my frequent clock checks. She kept saying, "I called you, and you didn't answer," but the ticket I bought did not require answering the phone as a precondition for boarding. It said the place of boarding and the time, and that ID is required. I met all the requirements and they fucked me anyways. She kept insisting that the bus came, but it DEFINITELY did not. Maybe since she knew my phone's ringer was off, she told the bus not to even go to the stop since I didn't answer, but answering the phone was not included in the terms and conditions of the ticket. She tried to rebook me on the next available bus on the 5th, and that REALLY pissed me off. However, I then discovered that I was dealing with some retarded, knock-off independent bus line and there are other buses leaving every day in the direction I want to go. That means I could have skipped the week I spent here. It is too late for that now, but I have another ticket leaving in less than 12 hours. So, maybe tomorrow will be the day.

The bus to Shell Beach is about an hour late already, unless I'm not waiting in the right place and I missed it, which I hope is not the case.

Conspirators For The Constitution: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition

>When freedom of information and transparency are stifled, then bad decisions are often made and heartbreaking tragedies occur---too often on a breathtaking scale that can leave societies wondering: how did this happen?

>The challenge is holding the government accountable to obeying the law.

It was suggested to me that a new legal brief was filed against me today with the intention to stop my escape from Antarctica, mainly due to the exact reasons stated in this article, which is stunningly apropos. On the second point about obeying the law, I have this rhetorical question to ask: If the government says that speech is illegal terrorism, should you stop talking?

I think it was in 2020 that I went to the emergency room at Northside Hospital in Atlanta to complain about the electroshock implants in my dick. They gave me an X-ray, and then they came and told me, "Sorry, we spelled your name TOOOKER on your patient bracelet so we need to give you a new one that says TOOKER." Then they attached the X-rays that showed the metal in my dick to the old bracelet and had me involuntarily committed to an insane asylum on my second bracelet due to "paranoia." That wasn't the only time I was involuntarily committed to an insane asylum. On the day after Flynn got fired from his job as the DIA Director in 2014, Helene and her accomplice, who is probably Biden now, filed a fraud affidavit against me in Dekalb County, GA. In it, they bore false witness against me and probably slandered or libeled me too. Then, under the authority of my rapists' fraud affidavit, about six or eight cops rushed into my apartment and hauled me off to the slave hole in Hannibal Lecter restraints. It might have happened another time too, but maybe only twice.

When I was in the slave hole in 2014, the doctor, Dr Sanne, asked me why I wasn't working. I told her that I had done some great research in physics while I was working on my PhD, and I was 100% committed to getting my academic career back on track after being wrongfully expelled from college. She asked me what the problem was getting my research published, and I told her I didn't know. She asked me to speculate, and only then did I say, "It's probably the government or something." She seized on that as if it was my psychotic belief, and "the government, etc" was the focus of all of our subsequent talks. Although they are not allowed to hold you for more than 3 days in GA under the authority of the kind of affidavit my rapists filed, the asylum held me for 11 days as they petitioned the state to have me become a long-term involuntary detainee. I asked the doctor why she was trying to fuck me, and somehow I ended up asking her if she thought I was paranoid schizophrenic. She told me plainly, "No," but then said I was probably, "Schizoid or schizotypal or something." That means that her job is to give people diagnoses, and the hospital is going to fire her if she doesn't write on the form that every single person she sees is suffers from some psychiatric disease that they can charge for "treating." After she told me in no uncertain terms that I absolutely was not schizophrenic in her medical opinion, either Helene told her to write down that I actually was schizophrenic, or Helene disguised herself as the doctor and wrote that bullshit down herself. Years earlier, Helene had disguised herself as the student justice administrator at Georgia Tech to have me expelled following her conclusion that he-said/she-said in the absence of any further evidence was a "preponderance" of evidence supporting the she-said version of things. So, there would be precedent for Helene falsifying the documents in the insane asylum because she had already done so at Georgia Tech, at least. The fact is, I asked that doctor if she thought I was schizophrenic, and she immediately told me that she did not. It was almost a scoff when she told me, "No," as if that was preposterous. Indeed, that is 100% preposterous because paranoid schizophrenia is the single most debilitating psychiatric disease that exists and I don't have it. Just my ability to write coherent sentences on a regular basis pretty much rules out any chance that I might have the single most debilitating psychiatric disease that exists because disordered thinking is the number one symptom of that disease.

Despite that, I believe there now exists some fraud paperwork that says the doctor came to a different conclusion. So, even while that alleged diagnosis is fraudulent and not medically valid since Helene is not a doctor, or since the doctor was under duress or some similarly invalidating external influence, the so-called "pathology" underlying my supposed illness was only that the doctor asked me to speculate on what might be the reason I was having trouble getting published. I told her I didn't know, and then when she asked me to speculate, I told her, "It's probably the government or something." That got parlayed into some alleged big psychotic delusion and persecution complex on my part, but that was no such thing. It only came up when the doctor asked me to speculate. Whether it's schizophrenia, shizoid, or schizotypal that was going to be the doctor's lie about my perfect mental health, all of the evidence for the disease comes down to my reasonable speculation that it might be the government causing problems for me as I try to get my research published.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not recall the exact words of my conversations with the doctor; I have used quotes in this post to paraphrase. Since her phone was in the room, at minimum, even though I was probably already in Antarctica back then, recordings of our conversations must exist. I believe the events were as I have recounted them with her request that I speculate after me telling her I didn't know what the problem with my research was, but I do not have a specific recollection of her request that I speculate. I think it is impossible that I might have blurted out to the doctor in the insane asylum where I was involuntarily held as a slave that the government was out to get me.

"Obstructionist And Unacceptable": House GOP To Hold FBI Director In Contempt Of Congress

>"While I have a call scheduled with FBI Director Wray tomorrow to discuss his response further, the committee has been clear in its intent to protect Congressional oversight authorities and will now be taking steps to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena," said Comer. "Americans deserve the truth, and the Oversight Committee will continue to demand transparency from this nation's chief law enforcement agency."

I'd like to give Comer the benefit of the doubt but he GREATLY demurred when he got asked on TV what he was going to do if Wray defied the subpoena. I thought it must have been no coincidence that Wray's son got arrested on the day after he initially defied the subpoena, but it seems like if Comer really thought that Americans deserve the truth more than Wray deserves impunity, then after they find Wray in contempt, they would send the Congress' sergeant to go arrest Wray's fucking ass. That's obviously not going to happen, so it's like what Comer is really saying is that Wray deserves to do whatever he wants, fuck the law and the people's right to know, etc, etc, etc. If he doesn't send the Sergeant at Arms of the House to arrest Wray, then I just can't see how finding him in contempt will "protect Congressional oversight authorities." Instead, I think finding him in contempt and then not moving forward with enforcement actions will concede that those supposed authorities don't really exist.

I think this is fantastic.

For a while, I had a bunch of Operation Ivy shirts. Then I had a bunch of X-files shirts. Then I had a bunch of Tool shirts. Then I had a bunch of Alliance shirts. Then I had a bunch of white V-necks. Now I have a bunch of black Wrangler shirts. Like Einstein, I just like having a lot of the same kind of clothes. Maynard took it personally when I was wearing those Tool shirts, however, and he wanted to torture me to death for liking his band too much. Years before that, however, I went to a Tool concert (the one Tool concert I ever went to shows how really into Tool I was), and at the end of it Maynard thanked me for "reminding him why he does this." Since that concert was in Arizona, he bought a vineyard in Arizona and opened some businesses there because he basically thought I was the coolest person that ever existed. I hear he was jerking off on pictures of my face after that concert too. However, once I started my Tool shirt phase (years later), someone told him that I was someone other than the man whose face he'd been jerking off to from that concert, and they made him hate me and want to kill me for being obsessed with Tool or something, which I was not any more than I am with Wrangler or I was with the X-files. I liked Tool and I jumped on the "OMG it's MAYNARD!!!" meme which was a thing in my friend group, but that was the full extent of it. Are Pepe posters really that into frogs? They aren't; memes are just a fun thing to jump on the bandwagon of. Still, Maynard didn't like it that I liked his band and he wanted to kill me even though the only reason he moved to Arizona at all was because he thought I was the coolest person in the world. Usually people don't like me (at all) so I felt nice when he thanked me at the end of that concert. However, I was never some crazy stalker like Travolta in this movie that they made about me and Maynard. So, Maynard is going to get tortured to death now, and I don't feel the least bit bad about it.

Ryan Reynolds is also going to get tortured to death, so I think that is well fitting.

Republicans WILL hold FBI Director Wray in contempt for REFUSING to hand over document allegedly detailing Biden's part in a $5million bribery scheme with a foreign national

>Rep. James Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley will still be holding a phone call with Wray on Wednesday

And after they hold him in contempt, will they extend to him the impunity to persist in contempt like they have for everyone else the Congress ever held in contempt?

Carnival Sunshine Cruise Ship Battered By Massive Waves, Leaving Multiple Decks Flooded

>Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine had a nightmarish experience as the cruiseliner attempted to return to its home port in Charleston on Friday.

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Lindsey Graham Over 'Killing Russians' Remarks

>The arrest warrant and him being placed on a 'wanted list' will of course remain largely symbolic, given Graham certainly won't be traveling to Russian territory or through its airspace

That seems notable to me that news about this ship having problems getting back to South Carolina appeared on the same day that Russia issued an arrest warrant for Graham. I thought one of the trannies on the Friday morning bus from Ufa to Yekaterinburg was Jake Sullivan, and now I wonder if the other one was Graham just a few days after his Mini Me fucked my face up at the driving test (where I also seem to have gotten a new ANAL NODULE or two in the course of my umpteenth aggravated sexual assault victimization.) So, I wonder if this arrest warrant might be less symbolic than the arrest article suggests. Last Wednesday when I decided to forego getting a driver's licence and take the bus to Siberia, perhaps some of the stalkers from the driver's test became stuck in a location which was suddenly less favorable than they had anticipated it would be. If that was Graham's Mini Me in the car with me on the 23rd, which I now believe it was, then perhaps he had to appear personally to secure her release from a location which became suddenly hostile to her upon my abrupt departure. Whatever it is or was, I hope misery and suffering befalls Graham and his family, and that they never recover from it.

I've made at least a few posts about how obvious it is that the junior US Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, is a mutant alien who was one of the people impersonating Emily Hancock in the 2011-2012 timeframe. The pouched animals on his tie refer to both the zeta program for making mutant aliens, also called reptilian aliens or something like that, as well as the overall condition of Krang-like disguisecraft. Somehow, despite hearing about how much Lindsay Graham hates "Trump" since probably around 2015 or so, I never noticed how much he himself looks like Emily Hancock in his face until today. I wonder if he hates me in part because I intend to see his beloved person tortured to death more horribly than a reasonable person could ever imagine, and to put her family into a similar condition. If that family is Graham's family, that would clear up some things in my thinking.

I don't know what it was, but this picture of Graham today reminded me very much of the person who was in the car with me when I got all these new implants on the 23rd. Maybe it was just the fresh memory of seeing that person's nose in the car and then again on Graham in this photo that I posted. That was the person about which I asked, "Was this person letting the rapper Fifty Cents fuck her in the ass on my bed, on my 'special' green bedspread no less, when I was leaving her alone in my apartment?" I got an overwhelmingly affirmative response on that, and now I wonder if that person taking that dick in the ass on my bed is a dearly beloved person of the senior US Senator from South Carolina.

Incidentally, I clearly recall Anderson, SC being the location where I first started getting electroshock implants in my testicles.

'Kevin Caved': McCarthy Savaged Over Debt Ceiling Deal

Since Kevin has now reneged on the main promises he had to make to get elected as Speaker, as was obviously going to happen, hopefully they will start voting on a new Speaker today.

Mitsubishi Among More Than A Dozen Companies Investing $73.6 Million In Japanese Fusion Energy Startup

Although there was a cute girl working at the hotel's reception desk when I checked in, now the man down there is an obvious Rod Williams Clan representative. Some third man came down to the desk while I was talking to the Rod Williamsite, so I wish to enter a reminder about the third man into my log as well.

It seems like my shoes, one of my shirts, and one pair of my pants all got fucked up in the last week or two that I spent at that previous location. I don't think that was a coincidence. Even if some of it may have been, I don't think all of it was. Particularly, I was searching on the internet where to buy a pair of the shoes I like in Russia, and then the pull tab on the heel of my shoe was suddenly destroyed, and damage appeared at the same time on a shirt and pair of pants. My feeling is that they escalated the property destruction program at the same time that they escalated the facial mutilation and ANAL NODULE program.

I definitely did not get out of Antarctica yet. They were mocking me with the ideograms in the clouds on my way here, and this giant alligator in the clouds outside my window when I got to the new hotel was more of the same. They had the LRAD already set up to CHAH me the moment I got off the bus in Yekaterinburg, and there was some guy dressed in all black waiting to take pictures of me at the bus stop too. After I checked into the hotel, I went to the store and a John Roberts/Steve Collins-themed stalker appeared in the store about five minutes behind me, repleted with LRAD notification of gangstalker activity in the store.