Overall, I am astonished to see the extent to which my rapists and torturers were torturing less than the maximum amount they would fine profitable when weighed against the consequences. For some reason, they were taking it easy on me for a very long time, and now is suddenly catastrophically worse.

Hopefully, I will finish the second edition of my Bible book this week: The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible. However, I am somewhat dismayed to see this anomalous formatting in the draft that I printed to read for the final edit. The footnote switches to the bold font at the line break but there is no formatting in my source .tex file which might suggest that this should happen. I am concerned that there are unprintable characters in the .tex now leading to this formatting error. When I view the PDF in the browser, I do not see it and luckily Amazon will give me a print preview option to check on this before I get the new version online (on the fake internet where no one buys it, I assume, because the word of God is bitter poison the powers in the USA who censor me.) Still, it is most bothersome that this formatting error appeared when I printed the document. As I am in "Russia" now where they do not have Amazon, it will be difficult or impossible for me to order an author copy of a new version to check the formatting physically as I have done for previous versions of the the first edition.

I made a thing.

I was looking at getting a password manager. This auto-generated "jigsaw" password that popped up first thing and the "fake" one that followed do not inspire much confidence.

UBS To Buy CS For $2 Billion; SNB Offers $100 Billion Liquidity But UBS CDS Blowout Regardless

>UBS CDS have widened by at least 40bps (so far)

>there will be a very unique material adverse exit clause: if UBS credit default spreads jump by 100 basis points or more, the deal is off!

UBS Offers To Buy Credit Suisse For $1BN In 0.25 Per Share Takeunder; CS Balks At Offer

>the current terms were unfair for Credit Suisse and its shareholders

I finished watching Stargate SG-1 and now I don't really have anything in mind to watch. However, to the extent that my value as a man is often impugned by the Satanists, I feel good that I possess in a way the superpowers of Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c. I am the super genius physicist, I am the one who deciphers the ancient texts, and I am also the one who feels pretty confident in fisticuffs with an average man on the street. Those things were enough to make three pretty good characters on the show but they are not enough to make more than the biggest piece of shit that ever lived in the eyes of my enemies. When I get out of Antarctica, I think the record will show that no one else was ever raped and tortured here as much as I was, barring cases of actual murder and classical torture. The conclusion to draw from this data can only be that the people around here think I am the absolute biggest piece of shit ever to get sent down here. Otherwise, someone else would have gotten it worse than me but I do not think anyone ever did, barring those cases of escalation which I was saved from due to my life being valuable, unlike these other people's lives. I think I saw someone say the other day, "Why don't we just shoot him in the head?," and the answer is the one I just stated. Whoever asked that can't do it because my life isn't worthless like his life is worthless.

I just snapped in irritation when the taxi driver brought me to some place other than where I had specified in the taxi app. In hindsight, now I can see he was trying to give me a better drop off point and was not doing what I thought he was doing, which was setting me up to get raped and or/poisoned with a non-standard taxi route, or fucking my trip up in some way for some other reason. Therefore, since I believe I misinterpreted, I wish to express my fondness for his intention to give me a better drop off point.

"The Fed Is Broke" - Gundlach Likes Gold, Fears "Expanding Wars" Most

>"The Fed is broke. The Fed's balance sheet is negative $1.1 trillion. There's nothing they can do to fight any problems except for printing money. They have nothing left. The Fed used to send money to Treasury. Now Treasury sends money to the Fed. We're at this point in time where we don't have any road left to kick the can on our mismanagement of finances and monetary policy."

Julian Assange's brother and father speak out over his detainment, call for charges to be dropped

Last time the Fed's balance sheet reduction initiative failed, they had to do COVID to get the maximum allowed balance increased. At that time, the had less than $1T in spare capacity and right now they only have about $2T in spare capacity. I expect that this chart will run right up to the limit, and the conclusion will be WW3 or another faked crisis used as an excuse to increase the maximum balance beyond $10T.

Netanyahu Forbids Ministers From Meeting US Officials Until Biden Invites Him To DC: Report

I felt another new ZAPPER on my dick, next to what I thought was a new SCROTUM ZAPPER, as I was posting this article. The TPI implants revved up when I was in the taxi with that person yesterday and they also seem much worse today. One thing I can say about that is that it would be unusual for them to wait so long to start using new implants against me. Usually they do it right away to rub my face in it. +DIFFERENT RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ULTRA ZAPPER+

I had been trying to imagine some positive context for the lack of NODULE IMPLANTS in my asshole lately. I was wondering if perhaps the 500 new WRIGGLERS I got were someone's lashing out in a tantrum after being denied the ability to continue to implant NODULES in my asshole by anally raping me in the aftermath of the balloon shoot-down. I was clearly 100% wrong about that because I just found another new NODULE implant at 9:00. I had been deliberately not engaging the sigil of protection outside to see if something had changed, and I can see very clearly now that it did not. Now I have new NODULES and 400 new WRIGGLERS. I thought the person who drove me to the Republic of Georgia last year intercepted me as a taxi driver yesterday, and he is good suspect for who might have done it. As I was completing this post, I believe I felt a new RIGHT SIDE SCROTUM ZAPPER as well.

I wish to take a semi-victory lap on some of my predictions for this year. Although I did change my mind about the stock market crashing after I read about the effect of the Treasury's "extraordinary" debt ceiling aversion measures, my initial analysis showed that something would break once the Fed's balance drew down around $750B. By an elementary linear analysis, I correctly placed that in the spring of 2023 and that is approximately the BS drawdown shown in the chart above. I predicted that750B QT was when the stock market would explode, so I was wrong about that, but I am pleased with my estimation that there was about $750B of slack in the Fed's balance sheet. My new current analysis is that this explosion in the Fed BS is mega-bullish on its own and ultra-bullish when taken with the mechanism of stealth QE imposed by the Treasury's debt limit avoidance measures. I am also pleased with my suggestion to buy options for selling WTI oil on March 23 at around $77.