This $30.5B in September QT reflects less than one third of the announced $95B and the slope of the line reflects no pace increase despite the Fed's plan to double the pace of QT in September.

I put the zip tie on the door to my hotel room to impede the rapists. It took a only a couple of hours before the manager of the hotel showed up demanding that I open my door for him, complaining about water leaking downstairs which probably doesn't exist. It seems like it must have been a RAPE operation since he showed up almost immediately when I secured the door. The RD seems much worse now.

I just got a bout of sudden toothache throb simultaneous with an LRAD attack. This suggests that I have a pain inflictor implant implanted in my tooth now.

Some people in /ng/ were saying that they got Jenna pregnant with my stolen semen again and they were going to try to use the piglet she shits out as the basis for an alliance between two parties. Whoever is the counterparty in that alliance is going to see their entire race exterminated and I believe those are the Italian jews. Obviously, the people involved in trafficking my semen will see their respective races exterminated as well and whoever is the representative on the side of the alliance representing my semen will also see their race exterminated. These people think it's out of the question for me to start over from scratch in the new age, and that I will be forced to carry their buckets of toilet slop with me, which are their children, but I do not need to and will not. Instead, I will destroy them and make of mockery of their wrong thinking that they might have had a blessing coming from me.

Vatican Process: Interrogations of Defendants Concluded (translated in Edge)

Iran deal's fate comes down to "one huge obstacle"

>The European official said the Iranians are convinced the U.S. could simply tell the IAEA to make the problem go away, but both IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and the Biden administration are adamant that the agency's concerns must be adequately addressed before the probe can be closed. Those concerns relate to uranium particles found at sites by UN inspectors. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly flagged those sites after Israel's Mossad stole the Iranian nuclear archives.

>The Iranians pushed back, claiming that Israel planted the uranium particles and that the U.S. and European powers could solve the issue politically. "As long as they think [Secretary of State Tony] Blinken can just pick up the phone and tell Grossi to drop it, we won't get a deal," the European diplomat said.

I too am convinced that my problem with rape particles implanted all over my body persists only with the blessing of the USA. I am convinced that the officers of the USA that keep my father's son in constant sexual and psychological torture are the same hypocrites who call me a monster over my intention to revisit such things on their children many times over. The suggestion that they are doing this to me apart from my identity as my father's son is preposterous because I never had any crimes to begin with, e.g.: Crossfire Hurricane was not properly predicated, etc, etc, etc.

Rather than this being a new demand of the Iranians, I think it would have come up as a last minute clarification over what had been assumed. My advocates would have said, "When you stop fucking him, you're going to stop raping him too, right?" Then, put on the spot about it, the juden and the USA would have said, "Well, no. We're going to keep raping him after we stop fucking him. Why are you suddenly raising this new issue?"

Hong Kong cardinal's trial adjourned before defense can call witnesses

>the magistrate adjourned the trial when defense lawyers attempted to cross-examine police witnesses called by the prosecution.

>He and his co-defendants were then charged with failing to properly register their 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, which offered financial, legal and psychological help to people arrested during the 2019 protest movement.

>The prosecution said the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund had raised US$34.4 million and that some of the money was used for "political activities and noncharity events,"

>When the defense tried to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, defense questions were overruled as irrelevant. The trial was adjourned before the defense could call witnesses or make its case.

>Although no details of the agreement have been published, Zen has been a relentless critic of the deal since before it first was signed in 2018. He has described it as a "sellout"

The adjournment in this other Vatican trial yesterday before the witnesses were cross examined matches Perlasca supposedly not being on the list of witnesses in the Becciu trial. This adjournment upon cross examination also matches Tirabassi refusing the questions of the civil parties in the other trial. Indeed, the Prosecutor Dad (Diddi) and IOR President Mom (Mammi) names in the Becciu trial are mirrored in the Cardinal Joseph name in this other trial. I believe Joseph is the name of the Antichrist or the Man of Lawlessness whose revealing should herald the Day of the Lord. The "psychological help" cited above seems like the kind of thing that jews and catholics would call the constant rape, torture, poisoning, and mutilations that are the main features of my personal problems. The language about the bad deal reflects the Iran deal which Trump cancelled in 2018 and I believe one or more of my antagonists named Joseph were using the Trump persona to work against me during the 2016-present timeframe, and possibly before that dating to the consecration of the abomination Barron Trump in 2005.

Becciu trial, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca is the first witness of the prosecution, but not included in the list

>In the afternoon the hearing was dedicated to the final interrogation of Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former official of the administrative office of the Secretariat of State accused of embezzlement, corruption, extortion, fraud, abuse of office. The interrogation of the Promoter of Justice Diddi in particular focused on the network of relationships with a series of people who acted as advisors in the investment landscape in London of the Secretariat of State. Tirabassi, asked about who had given him the assignment, said he had received it "verbally from Monsignor Perlasca without a formal signature".

I find it interesting that that the BoE's emergency QE program had to kick in at the very moment the Vatican's fraud trial over "a London scam deal" recommenced. Certainly USA markets liked the new QE in British news today but this one Italian article was the only one I could find regarding what happened in Italy today and the details were scant. One wonders if the brink of the implosion of "the entire UK social safety net" was tied to certain revelations regarding the fraud at Exide which is the real subject of the Vatican trial.

Something Broke: "At Some Point This Morning I Was Worried This Was The Beginning Of The End"

>As part of the "temporary and targeted" operation - which will be neither temporary nor targeted - the BoE suspended the proposed QT program to sell gilts,

>Incidentally, there will be no "end" of this "temporary" bond buying operation, because the moment the BOE even hints at pivoting back to QT, the bond market will go bidless and implode.

>it turns out that we were this close from another "Lehman" collapse, only this time most if not all UK pensions were facing total annihilation.

>Today, we saw just this bailout in action in the UK. We expect to see a similar bailout in the US over the next few weeks, because - once again - it was never about inflation, and always about what the real bosses want. The other lesson - which needs little commentary but is far more terrifying - is that we now live in a world where yields rising to 5% - just five percent - risks not only the entire pension system but also threatens the collapse of all social stability buffers. We bring this up just in case someone still naively believes that the Fed will keep hiking oblivious to the devastation its latest actions have ushered in.

Strangely, this article concludes opining on the Fed's rate hike trajectory without commenting on the Fed's planned but already non-existent QT trajectory, which was the real issue in the UK: they had to restart QE.