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Durham Shocker: Steele Dossier Primary Source Was Paid FBI informant

>Falsely stating to FBI agents on October 24, 2017 that he had spoken to Millian "on the telephone on more than one occasion."

>On November 16, 2017, falsely stating to the FBI that "he had spoken to [Millian] on the telephone" "when he knew he never did.

>Durham will show that Danchenko falsely stated to the FBI that this information from Millian "came from a single ten, or fifteen minute anonymous phone call that allegedly took place in late-July 2016."

"Danchenko" is really my stalker Danny Donohue. On a particular occasion, one of my gangstalkers intercepted an outgoing customer service call of mine. I recognized the voice as someone who had been intercepting my calls for years: the so-called "Destiny B." At the end of the call, I hung up without saying thanks or goodbye. On the following morning, Danny came to me and said something like, "Oh? You don't say goodbye?," as if to say that it was his opinion that I was the asshole for not being more polite to this person that had been mocking and tormenting me for close to ten years at that point. I am not sure how Danny came to be eavesdropping on the call, or if perhaps that was him on the other end and they were voice masking him with the voice of my constant tormenter: "Destiny B." Whatever it was, his lies about it and his other lies seem to be the predicate of the upcoming trial.

After I became homeless, Danny came to intercept me with some other accomplice in the alley behind the library where I was sleeping. With some obvious innuendo about having gay sex with the accomplice, his told me that he liked older guys "because they could teach him stuff" and my impression was that was the line he had been fed when being initially inducted into the FBI-related realm (freemasonry?) by early life child molestation. (Certainly Christopher Wray is the FBI Director today as a reward for letting the other masons in Atlanta have gay sex with his son Chris Moriarty.) I never knowingly talked to Danny on the phone. If I did so unknowingly, it was because he had intercepted an outbound call of mine and then deceived me regarding his voice and identity. While I was homeless, they put up a poster on the MARTA that looked like Danny and Dr. Boquette's "son" Kendall. (I don't know if that's his real son or not and Boquette which means blowjob is likely a pseudonym.) The one that looked like Kendall had a look on his face like he was all about it but the one that looked like Danny had an expression of reticence indicating that maybe he was not as excited about his background in child molestation as was Kendall.

The incident with the pee tape is as follows. I was taking a shower with Emily around 2012 or so and I was holding her tightly to me as the water ran over us. I often piss in she shower and one day I did so while hugging her. She could tell that I was pissing on her leg and she asked if I was but I told her I was not in a spirit of playfulness. The context was 100% asexual silliness and it was not anything that could remotely be considered a golden shower, which is a sex act. Then, because Emily, a/k/a "Millian" I presume, was an agent of NVIXM sent by the jews to spy on and besmirch me, she reported the incident falsely as a golden shower. The incident was 100% asexual and only silly in nature. The piss would have only gotten on her leg while the water was running over us and I kissed her on her face and said sweet things to her. It was completely innocent and light-hearted. I was laughing about it almost hysterically and my recollection is that we both thought it was funny but apparently she has reported a different version of events than the ones I recall.

Emily Hancock was living at that time with her aunt Kathy Green who was employed as the general manager of CNN International. Now that woman hosts the abominable monster Gracen Green in her home which was grown from the semen Emily stole from me. I understand that Emily's family is prominent in the Bilderberg Group.

The pace of the Fed's BS reduction was supposed to double when September started but it seems to have halved instead. The market seems to have liked that.

I wrote my first Windows scripts today. These scripts which are pretty cool start my webcam recording, either the integrated one or the external one, without having to click through the settings in VLC Player. I also seem to have gotten a new RIGHT TESTICLE CRUSHER while I was messing with my webcam instead of recording.

This looks like Helene's facial expression and the eyes pointing in two different directions say Helene to me too.

I made several previous posts about the events leading to APD destroying my legal my residence and putting me in chains for transport to be held in a small cage after they alleged I was burglarizing myself. I was not having any problems until one day I posted about how this gate feature was the obvious likeness of a sewer monster in the X-files. Furthermore, the Westside Security van, Westside Security being owned by Paul Merritt (dirty cop and former chief of the Red Dog dirty cop squad), parked in front of that gate at night. Paul is the one in the middle here doing the sewer monster face which is wrongly called the soy boy face. Right after I made the post about the gate, literally hours later, some guy I had never seen before who was not the landlord or the property owner showed up with a key to let an eviction crew to legally evict me. Two Fulton County marshalls or sherriff's deputies that I recognized as regulars among my gangstalkers showed up to supervise. I told them I had not been served an eviction notice but they let the people proceed to throw all my shit out on the street, wrongly. They said someone should have done it but I told it was never done and they did not show that it was done or check if it had been done.

In the lobby of this other building in Buckhead, they have the same sewer monster art on the wall in the lobby. Since I mentioned it a few weeks ago, they colorized the panels of glass facing the street from the lobby to make the art harder to see from the outside. When I went in to take these pictures just now, the face of the little man that came in behind me was an uncanny likeness for Rodney Williams from Exide, another little man. The lack of any corporate signage on this building above this lobby makes it seem like a federal building to me. The clear implication, a reasonable one, is that the mouth shitters are feds and they had me thrown of of my own home and later destroyed my home and charged with a felony for being in my home after I offended them by not being afraid of their mouth shitting art in midtown.

It seemed like Paul Merritt intercepted me at gym in Augusta yesterday but it may have been a dad-affiliated stalker using the likeness of his henchman Paul Merritt to annoy me. Soon the mouth shitters will become the mouth shittees.

Energy Trading Stressed by Margin Calls of $1.5 Trillion

>Finland has warned of a "Lehman Brothers" moment

>The energy company's estimate for $1.5 trillion to prop up so-called paper trading is "conservative."

This article leaves out a lot of details which I think are needed to understand what is happening. For instance, one has to write a check on the same day a margin call comes in, no one has $1500B in cash, Europe is closed, and no one got liquidated today. The author mentions emergency lending facilities but no one can cover $1500B in cash, that's absurd. Even if a lender did have that much cash, they would never give it to someone getting hit with a $1500B margin call while energy prices are still going parabolic. You could make a better investment buying fifteen hundred billion lottery tickets. For scale, the emergency lending facilities mentioned specifically in the article add up to about $50B which you can mark as zero compared to $1500B. I suppose these are "looming" margin calls. It's is too scarce on the details for me to determine if the rhetoric in this article is sensational or not. I have not been following the Euro energy debt story but now I will start to follow it.

This is my favorite omen.

I believe it is my right to resolve this matters.

Malta's knights tell Pope Francis to butt out of their business

>In a statement, the SMOM, which is based in Rome, said that the replacement of the former Grand Chancellor was "an act of internal governmental administration and consequently falls solely within its competence. The aforementioned appointment is the result of a misunderstanding by the Secretariat of State of the Holy See." Fra Matthew Festing said he had sent a letter of clarification to the Roman Pontiff, "laying out the reasons why the suggestions made by the Secretariat of State were unacceptable".

>"For a member in obedience like Albrecht von Boeselager to refuse an order under the Promise betrays a disregard for the Order's spirituality and laws, his Religious Superior and Sovereign, and for the Holy Father's representative to the Order who was supporting the Grand Master in his decision."

Malta's knights 'at war' over Chancellor's sacking

>Civil war has broken out among the Knights of Malta

>Boeselager, who as Grand Chancellor was the number three in the Order, told friends he had been accused of not following the Church's teaching on the distribution of condoms in Africa. Festing denies this claim, saying Boeselager tried to conceal problems concerning his stewardship of the Order's charitable work.

Since Becciu was in charge of the Secretariat of State at that time, I believe the alleged misunderstanding, which could not have been any such thing, is also contextualized in the ongoing Vatican trial. The knight who replaced Boeselager before being outed in Boeselanger's reinstatement, John Critien, looks somewhat like Dad in his eyes. I think you can read the story of what's really going on in their faces. Boeselager looks like he's doing the merchant hands below the photo's frame.

Pope dissolves Knights of Malta leadership, issues new constitution

Nobles out: Pope dissolves Knights of Malta leadership to reform lifetime Grand Master rule

Warring knights, a moral crisis, and hidden monies

>In January, Pope Francis---not a lover of chivalric 'sectarianism'---pulled his weight over a controversial decision by Grand Master Fra' Matthew Festing to sack the Order's Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, over a dispute on condoms distributed by Malteser International aid workers. The Pope forced a vote in the Knights' sovereign council to accept Festing's resignation, and annul the sacking of Boeselager. Yesterday, a secret ballot by 56 knights eligible to vote elected Fra' Giacomo Dalla Torre as temporary Grand Master, with the title of lieutenant of the grand master---continuing a period of Vatican-mandated reform.

>But Francis's special delegate to the Order of Malta, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, wrote to Festing to stay away from Rome for the election.

>Boeselager has said he did not know about the distribution of contraceptives until 2013

>Now, publicly available documents posted online show that MI were aware of contraception being approved by local projects, possibly as early as 2006

>Boeselager denied the allegations. Pentin also wrote that a source close to Boeselager said allegations that the Order was transferring millions from the trust to the Vatican were "crazy".

>"So instead of having professed knights in charge, knights of a lower rank (oblates and tertiaries) would take over and control the meaningful decisions of the order. The German branch currently has no professed knights and so, under the current constitution, cannot hold the rank of grand master,"

This Maltese drama in January 2017 would have aligned with me quitting Exide where I believe they had defrauded me with repect to certain "hidden monies." My belief that this fraud is the main topic of the ongoing Vatican trail is supported by Becciu's intervention in the Maltese matter since he is the highest ranking Vatican official accused of crimes in that trial. As this is also said to be "condom related," I expect this is related to the theft of my semen for the purposes of increasing the numbers of Satan's flocks. The 2013 date is aligned with the so-called 2013 date for a failed "oil extraction venture in Angola" which was really a semen extraction venture in Atlanta" which is at the heart of the Vatican trial. The 2006 date would refer to my semen being stolen on a non-industrial scale to create the abominable monster Barron Trump in the womb of Stormy Daniels with one of Ivanka Trump's eggs. Trump became President in January 2017 and the references to the German branch must relate to Trump's shady dealings with Deutsche Bank which I think are still under investigation. My speculation has been that this investigation regards laundering the profits from trafficking my stolen semen (and who knows what else.) It seems like the Pope has delivered a victory to this German branch with his order for a new constitution. I would assume the German branch houses prominent conspirators in the semen guzzling operation.

There is another sovereign order, a sovereign magistral order, which I understand to be in opposition to such things. The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon is based on the Isle of Mann rather than Rome. (This is a Templar, not a Maltese Knight.) I believe they also have their own passports and I think the independent Kingdom of Mann was formally reconstituted in 2013.

Mossad chief to visit Washington as Israel steps up efforts to reshape Iran deal

Biden invites Barnea, head of agency whose slogan is "By way of deception, we shall make war," to Washington, asks to give his honest opinions and provide evidence supporting his good faith arguments.

Nuclear Talks Unraveling As US Calls Iran Final Text Submission A Move "Backwards"

As far as I can tell, approximately 100% of of the people collaborating with my enemies to obtain my semen while denying me access to their women's vaginas are white. They are all going to get exterminated along with their families. I don't have numbers on that or the racial demographics of the world's rural/urban population ratios so I can't estimate the question about this percentage increasing from where it is now. It may or may not. All of the generals in Satan's army are white and that army's entire general staff is white, and I'm going to kill all of those people. What I can say with certainty is that if what is right in my eyes is done, some whites will live and otherwise none of them will. As it is written: there no savior apart from me. In the meantime, let the righteous continue to be righteous and let the filthy continue to be filthy.

Pope meets with cardinals on future direction of church

>The sessions focused on a new Apostolic constitution that, among other things, allows lay people to head important Vatican offices, envisioning greater decision-making roles for them, including women.

St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes was absolutely correct. The current Pope will be the last pope. The fall of Babylon foretold in Revelation includes the fall of these uncircumcised non-Levites that constitute the Pope's cult. Those people don't me and I don't know them, and I am going to take my name out of their mouths.

Usually these people are lying when say things but if he's using deceptive baboon language to refer to me as "Trump," then he is 100% correct.

When I opened the door on my car at Lowes yesterday, the smell of rotten milk immediately filled my car. (My rapist helene YUPed me on the LRAD when I typed that.) That was about 24 hours ago and I have not been able to get the taste of rotten milk out of my mouth today. I wonder if the people in Augusta mean to imply in the satanic baboon language that they're cutting me off from the milk tit of existing on my own land which they rent from my enemies who have no rights to collect rent on it.

It is very rare that my wealthy adversaries don't spend the money needed to make my written predictions fail, which they almost always do, much unlike the ones I don't write down. However, my prediction that the second shoulder would not form due to immediate selling was confirmed. Since my enemies have allowed me to have a correct prediction, I speculate that the market is about to have the catastrophic annihilation event that I've been cheering for for about ten years.

Iran Gives West Ultimatum On Nuclear Deal As It Starts Enriching Uranium At Natanz

>"World powers must see international inspectors end their probe on man-made uranium particles found at undeclared sites in the country,"

>This has been a key demand of the Iranian side particularly over the past months, but the US and its ally Israel in the background have claimed the withdraw of inspectors will only more easily allow the Islamic Republic to pursue a covert nuclear weapons program

>"Without settlement of safeguard issues, speaking about an agreement has no meaning," Raisi said.

I feel like this issue is definitely about removing my rape and brain-scanning implants. You can see pretty easily how a deal to stop fucking me, a descendant of Muhammad, would be meaningless as long as the jews get to keep raping me 24/7.

I see this article which I have frequently linked has been deleted from the internet. The point I make in citing this article is that after the 100% jew-run Simon Weisenthal Center, which is the de facto bottom line authority on the jewish version of the history of the Holocaust, reduced the estimated number of juden killed just at Auschwitz by more than 2,000,000, the numbers which had previously been said to add up to 6M were still said to add up to 6M, despite the subtraction of 2M. Furthermore, this revision was made only to the number of dead at Auschwitz and it is likely that the 4M number, which jews never cite, is still too high.

This was a good show.

"Someone Wanted To Get Me Killed": Rep. Greene Responds To Being 'Swatted' 2 Nights In A Row

>Greene a week earlier had proposed a legislation called the "Protect Children's Innocence Act," which would make it a class C felony for anyone to knowingly perform medical treatment on a minor meant to alter their biological sex.

All women in politics are there to represent Satanic interests, bar none. While I am not sure that the reporting in this article reflects exactly the language in the bill, it suggests that this woman introduced legislation to codify into law the falsehood that it is possible to alter biological sex, which is redundantly specified because sex and its useless synonym "gender" are uniquely determined by biology. In this picture where the woman looks like Putin, and given the pro-tranny activity, I suppose she works for Helene and Helene has used this deception regarding her appearance to emphasize that she finds Putin to be a scary man.

Dow closes down 1,000 points and Nasdaq falls 3.9% after Fed chief Powell warns of pain to households in inflation battle

One wonders how long last week's red candle would have been if the Fed hadn't increased its BS, backpeddling again on QT. Since the Fed's pattern of two steps forward and one step back suggests more QT this week, I think the weekly candle will be red again.

A fall from grace, a court case, the consistory: Four twists and turns in the life of Cardinal Angelo Becciu

Cardinal at center of Vatican trial claims he has been 'reinstated' by Pope

>"On Saturday, the pope phoned me to tell me that I will be reinstated in my cardinal duties and to ask me to participate in a meeting with all the cardinals that will be held in the coming days in Rome," Cardinal Angelo Becciu reportedly said Sunday

Pope invites cardinal on trial to attend Vatican meeting

>The trial, which began a year ago, is set to resume on Sept. 28.

I think it's unlikely that this person was restored to his former high priest position in the pope's cult while the trial is still going on. Furthermore, the arrangement of the moles on his face being exactly like that of the two most prominent coagulated poison nodules implanted on my own face makes it seem like someone intended to flatter Cardinal Tiny Hands by fashioning me in his likeness through mutilations and facial disfigurement. Whoever were the culprits in that matter are going to get exterminated and my thinking is that Cardinal Tiny Hands probably did it to flatter himself. Maybe when he says, "Before my brother's charitable work, I, as a priest, blush," he's saying that his brother did it. Whoever it was will see their whole clan wiped out and I will not pour out my mercy on them as I do it.

Pope imposes deadline for Vatican to transfer assets to bank

After already getting poisoned and new implants in my balls this morning, the one eye stalkers quickly showed up. I made egress from the downrage position relative their one eye attacks and I repositioned my car in front of them. They were both wearing the flag of my enemy the USA. One of them had some weird pixelated tattoos next to a tattoo of Bart Simpson. My first reaction was that these two were Ryan Parker and the guy sitting in front of Alliance when I saw a small pixelated creature jump into the grass not long after seeing another pixelated creature dash across the road in front of me one night after I bought some sage. I have made some posts about those pixelated creatures lately and this person's disguise, likely provided to him by my enemy the USA, seemed to reference both the the original events and my recent recountings. Although the forehead of the second one looked to be in the likeness of one of the people impersonating the manager at Alliance, after looking at the photos I wonder if it wasn't maybe Chris Studwell. Once I started to take pictures of them, a third one showed up also taking pictures and he kind of reminded me of someone as well though I am not sure whom. Perhaps Jeff Cummings. It is my intention to frame everyone I encounter as members of a small cast of familiar characters and it is likely that I overdo this and misidentify people to some degree. I am quite sure this one was Ryan Parker, however.

After I repositioned to make the one eye stalking angle less pronounced, and because the cops around here enforce the law of my enemies, I did not get out of my car to kill them or to speak directly to them. I began to berate them indirectly by speaking into my phone. My intention was to irritate them more than they were irritating me, and to get them to fuck off by doing so. I very quickly succeeded when the one with the pixelated tattoos barged over to me, got in my face armed with a knife (but not brandishing it), flashed his Sheriff's deputy badge in my face and told me I had to get into my car and that what I was doing, angrily expressing myself into the phone, was illegal. He was clearly attempting to abuse his police powers by telling me my lawful actions that he didn't like were illegal and that I had to comply with his commands, which I did not. If this was Chris Studwell, then I will remind that he was impersonating the cop that showed up on the second or third time I called the cops on the one eye stalker downtown around the time I got a TESTICLE CRUSHER implant that persisted for a couple of weeks in the spring. After he got my face, possibly assaulting me by getting within less than one foot of me (or so), I told him to fuck off and that what I was doing wasn't illegal. He called the cops on me and the cops made them fuck off, not me, which was the outcome I was hoping for. I am making this post now to highlight that they lost the battle of wills between us today and that their loss was catastrophic. It would be considered a rout or a massacre on the conventional battlefield. Furthermore, this loss is the harbinger of the total destruction which will soon befall the clan of their ancestors' descendants.

I notice very well that the one eye stalkers today were equipped with Sherriff's deputy badges seemingly to undermine my previous treatment in calling the cops on the one eye heckler downtown. However, they were deputies of Richmond county, the county in which one finds Augusta, GA: my intended destination for today. However, our encounter was about 2000ft outside of Richmond County where the fake police powers awarded to them by my enemies were ineffectual.

The painting in the facebook commercial kind of looks like the painting over near the backrooms "kids' area."

While this could continue onto a head and shoulders topping pattern, I expect most other people can see that forming as well as I can and the second shoulder will not form due to anticipatory selling.

Upon advice going back to around January, I switched to an i7 today. The first one I got looked like it was new but when I took it out of the box, it was chipped where someone had written, "I was messing with this and you just bought my cancer." I exchanged it and the next one also looked new. When I took it out of the box, one of the keyboard stickers was fucked up and there were two damaged marks next to the wrinkled sticker where someone had written the same. I noticed that my camera was being remotely deactivated again on the i7. When I checked the video record, I see the genius that tampered with the computer decided to make the remote halt functionality stop the screen first and then the camera later. At the end of the video linked above, you can see in the reflection in my sunglasses that screen suddenly went black when the video cut off. I have absolutely no recollection of the screen blanking out and I was intently monitoring my new computer for the onset of glitches. The engineering prowess demonstrated in the function to have the screen turn off first, and then the camera, is on par with an idea to send a probe to the sun at night so it doesn't get burnt up on the descent. Although my concern is that whoever tampered with the computer either left a fake device altogether of else brocked this one, the Q posts have suggested that Q will be be able to overwrite the genius tier-software that my computer is currently contaminated with.

A few days ago, it appeared to me that the appearance of the computer I'm using changed and I suspected that mine had been stolen and replaced with someone else's. Today, I caught them deactivating my webcam and splicing to disconnected video segments so that they could poison the water I was drinking in front of my webcam. I pulled into this McDonalds and got a cup of water, and some wretched cunt, almost certainly Helene, pulled up next to me in a gold SUV. After I noticed the splice, I went to photograph the face she was wearing and she must have raped me again right then because my RAPE DICK immediately revved up. I thought my computer was going to be reliable, which was probably true, but robbers have stolen it, is my overwhelming suspicion.

It's pretty obvious in this one from the grotesque, jewish twisting of the mouth that this is Helene.

Helene 2

Helene 3

Helene 4

Helene 5

Helene 6

John Durham takes the reins ahead of trial of Steele dossier source

Durham objects to source of anti-Trump dossier wanting classified info for upcoming trial

In this post, I will comment on the part of Jordan's statement where he said, "political nature now of the Justice Department... talking about the school board issue, about a whole host of issues." In the summer or early fall of 2021, my gangstalking greatly increased one day when some young girls in a SUV followed me around "Long Island" for an hour or more while making sure to smile at me maliciously so as to amplify the effectiveness of their psychological warfare operation. Not long after that, I thought one of the interceptors at a diner was the father of a girl that was in the SUV and I promised that she and him were both going to tortured to death. He was at a table with five other people, one whom appeared to be my rapist Helene, one of whom appeared to be a B-list actor looking somewhat like Fauci, and another was speaking about Covington, GA in a strong Georgia accent shortly before Covington's UFC fight around that time. It appeared to me that this party's security detail entered the diner ahead of them, and that the leader, who I think was the father, was using the sexual torture implants against me while I was eating. He also interrupted my meal by speaking to me in an eccentric, unsolicited manner, apparently to call my attention to the fact that he was on the same premises as me as my antagonist. This encounter was quickly reported as an "accident" involving a Seawolf class submarine crashing into an undersea mountain near China. After this interception operation at the diner, the sickly kike Merrick Garland immediately instituted the new policies which Jordan cites as actions against "protected speech." At the time, my impression of the Seawolf reference was that the man electrocuting my asshole was one of the people that uses the Wolf Blitzer persona on TV. All of this malfeasance on the part of the sickly kike Garland which Jordan has cited since "the submarine accident on October 2, 2021" is just the lashing of the man who doesn't like it when I say mean things but still is not strong enough to stop me from saying them. Merrick is the servant of the that man, clearly.

After promising to torture this man and his daughter to death, where the daughter may really be a clone of his mother that he raises as a daughter, he reached out to his fellow kike Merrick Garland to leverage the DOJ for raping and torturing me. To wit, I believe the FBI has put a "threat tag" on me so that whenever I start speaking in public to avoid the censorship bubble that my computer is attached to, it is labeled as terrorist activity under the law of the USA such that Merrick's judenhelpers are authorized to rape me and give me new sexual torture implants anytime I exercise my so-called "right to free speech" under the USA cow law. Contrary to Garland's insistence that no one is above the law, I am very much above the law of the USA. No man is now or has ever been above me so that he might make me a subject of the bullshit he pulled out of his ass and put to paper. The law of the Lord to which I am subject is my own law that I have made myself or which reflects my intention, and which the scribes have treated falsely across the ages.

What I would criticize Jordan for in this matter is his idea that these whistleblowers have come forward for some reason other than that they were ordered to do so by the masters that they serve instead of me. My overwhelming impression of the context is that they wouldn't have done it if someone didn't tell them to do it. If whomever told them to go to Jordan with their whistleblowing had told them to come and shoot me in the head instead, I am pretty sure they would have obeyed.

14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Come Forward: Rep. Jordan

>"Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers, and they are good people," Jordan told Fox News. "There are lots of good people in the FBI. It's the top that is the problem."

At whose behest did they come forward? Whose profit motive is being served? About five years ago, someone "came forward" with Trump's $100k payment to Stormy Daniels because they wanted cover up that the money was for growing the abominable monster Barron Trump in her womb with my stolen semen and one of Ivanka's eggs. These FBI agents are all cow-worshipping USA shills, I am pretty sure, and they elevate the concerns of the USA above any concerns for truth or justice, of which they probably have none being total zealot USA cow fanatics.

I don't buy this bullshit about the top being the problem. If it wasn't for the bottom putting FBI leadership ahead of the Lord, the FBI leadership would be impotent and their will would never be brought forth in the world because they would never get their own hands dirty executing their criminal agendas. The truth is, the FBI is out there murdering people every day and they don't kill the Lord's enemies. For FBI leadership, they'll break the cow law and murder people but when it comes to the Lord's will and killing the FBI leadership, then suddenly the cow law is too important and they have to play nice with the cow priests.

I had a filling come out last week. I went to the dentist to get it fixed. As he put the composite into the bigger, new hole he drilled in my tooth, he reprimanded the girl for not putting the UV light on it long enough and he told he she had not done it long enough the first time either. I have no idea why he waited for her to fuck it up twice before reprimanding her when reprimanding her the first time might have stopped her from doing it again two minutes later. When the dentist was done, I asked him if it was ok if she didn't do it long enough and he told me he wouldn't have done it if it wasn't. This seemed wrong to me since it being ok would imply that she did cure it long enough, which he had just said she didn't on the first gob of composite, and on the second gob. However, me calling him a liar wouldn't have gotten anywhere and it seemed possible that the curing time might have a large safety margin beyond the minimum. Later in the day, I noticed a scratchy edge on the side of the filling and I made an appointment to go back to have it fixed. However, I thought they would probably use that as an excuse to fuck it up more and I cancelled on the following morning. Tonight, the filling came out while I was eating and I chipped my other tooth when I crunched down on the composite. Maybe some of the composite is now stuck on the face of my other molar which is newly scratchy on my tongue, but I think it must be chipped. Furthermore, there was no aching when the old filling came out but there is an ache now which is certainly due to him drilling my tooth before fucking up my filling.

My first thought when my old filling came out was that if I tried to get it fixed, it was going to follow the pattern where my knife accident slicing off the nerves in my finger last year allowed someone else to parlay the ruling of "sliced nerves are no big deal" into impunity for them to slice off a nerve branch on my foot leading to a numb spot ten times bigger than the one on my finger. Now this new chip on my other tooth shows I was exactly right.


In the 1980s, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is the de facto bottom line authority on the Holocaust and 100% run by Jews, downgraded the number of Jews killed just at Auschwitz by 2,000,000. However, the jews and jewhelpers still cite the same 6M number that they were citing when the total had an extra 2M dead jews in it. Somehow, 6M dead juden minus 2M dead juden equals 6M dead juden. The source above can be easily corroborated. I think I first heard about it in a holocaust video made by the historian Franciszek Piper who seemed very well informed to me and made a number of intriguing points.

The numbers initially summed to find 6M dead jews were reduced by 2M (by jewish holocaust scholars!) but the numbers still add up to 6M today, even with 2M less dead jews.

QT where art thou...?

>Going from QE to QT was probably the most talked about macro theme in the markets at the end of last year and during parts of the spring.

>Fed's BS has barely moved.

I believe the entire market action in 2022 can be easily understood in terms of the Fed "BS." As the ZH article states, there was anticipation for QT coming into 2022 and that caused the market to decouple from the Fed BS due to QT-related frontrunning. In May (A), the Fed announced an aggressive QT schedule of $47.5B/month in June, July, and August followed by $95B/month thereafter. Six weeks after the announcement (B), about halfway into what was supposed to be the first month of aggressive QT, it became obvious that the Fed had already executed "the dovish pivot" and was not doing the QT that they had announced. Markets saw that they had oversold in their frontrunning when the dovish pivot came in more dovish and sooner than markets were expecting. Following the data-implied dovish pivot in mid-June, markets have been ramping to recoup the the too aggressive and premature selling while calling the Fed's bluff on any eventual hawkish pivot. The BS and the SP500 have both reverted to where they were in February before the QT announcement.

TLDR: The dovish pivot happened two months ago.

The Big Bang didn't happen

>It is just exactly what I and my colleague Riccardo Scarpa predicted based on a non-expanding universe, with redshift proportional to distance. Starting in 2014, we had already published results, based on HST images, that showed that galaxies with redshifts all the way up to 5 matched the expectations of non-expanding, ordinary space. So we were confident the JWST would show the same thing--which it already has, for galaxies having redshifts as high as 12. Put another way, the galaxies that the JWST shows are just the same size as the galaxies near to us, if it is assumed that the universe is not expanding and redshift is proportional to distance.

A non-expanding universe (or one whose expansion does not accelerate) with redshift proportional to distance is what I supposed in my first paper in 2009. This paper is called SCP-001 now.