2022-10-16 archive

This chart says every logarithmic pullback of the current size has come during a recession. That last green box should have ended to the left of the last red candle.

On my first day in "France," I went to the Russian embassy. The taxi driver let me out on the sidewalk right in front of some cop that looked like Rod Williams. Some liitle kid standing there, a mutant alien most likely, what some call a zeta, smirked at me. The embassy was closed except by appointment and I left right away. The RTC started on the way back to the hotel after being completely calm. Certainly the taxi driver was an agent who took me to the rape locale. When he dropped me off at the hotel, he told me I had "left my phone in his car" and he handed it back to me. The graphical glitches on the phone screen started immediately afterwards. That was a Friday.

Over the weekend, I saw they had a Russian Visa Center in Paris and I went there Monday morning. Before I went, the the Sam Hyde facial mutilator and ant afficionado (I assume) intercepted me in the lobby, possibly unintentionally. Over the weekend the TAPPING had started and they put the PAIN INFLICTOR implants on a couple of my teeth. At the visa place, the fake Russians SEE-UH heckled me and electrocuted my scrotum before refusing to process my visa application. They also put the DUPI back in. The one who denied me was, I believe, one of the assholes from Alliance with a fake mole on his nose seeming to allude to a feature on a man who may be Evil Dad (or not.) Another fale Russian in the visa center was the Rod Williams lookalike that had been Ekaterina at the Long Island Marriott where my implant situation reached a local maximum (which has not been subsequently exceeded.) When I got back to the hotel, Sam Hyde purposefully intercepted me in the lobby. A few minutes later, I noticed a giant new bump on my temple and since my facial mutilator (Sam Hyde) was on-site, I assumed he gave me a new mole implant. I believe he must have injected me with water, however, because the bump went away very quickly. I am glad that the new-mole-implants-on-my-face program is currently suspended. Then I flew to Madagascar as a guess for a location that might not be replicated in Antarctica.

BOY HOWDY!!! I SURE WAS WRONG AS FUCK ABOUT THAT! While they may not have the whole island cloned, they certainly have the capital cloned. I went to to Russian consulate right away when I got here and I may have met two authentic Russians there. One told me he could do the 30 day tourist visa but I told him I wanted the 3 year one special for USA citizens. He told me he didn't know what I was talking about and told me to come back Thursday. I wonder if I could have gotten the 30 day one at that time and I fucked it up? I went back on Thursday and Helene and her friend were immitating the consular staff. She said there will be two weeks for provessing. When they finished mocking me, they electrocuted my foot for good measure. On the way back to the hotel, some weird behavior I had noticed in the people o the street was confirmed in the familiar cloud bullshit in the sky. While they can't have the the whole world copied in Antarctica, they can definitely have a wide radius around every major airport. If I can't get out of here, I guess God agrees that I will definitely get killed anywhere else. I am still hoping to leave and I expect to be successful but I am currently on a two week delay for a (possibly unnecessary) visa processing wait.

For the visa application which I guess I'm going to be submitting to Helene, I needed a passport photo. I went to get it and while I was waiting for them to print it, Mark Shin showed up to activate some brand new DICK ZAPPERS and DICK PAIN INFLICTORS that I got while giving about $50 to the beggars who stood there and watched them turn my brain off and take out my dick on the sidewalk. I got food poisoning that evening and I forgot to lock, chain, and block my hotel door, and I woke up Friday with a new ULTRA DEEP URETHRA PAIN INFLICTOR despite the ones associated with Mark being taken out almost immediately. This new one is staying put so far and they are hurting my dick with it in synchrony with the obnoxious sounds they are making in the adjacent rooms.

Yesterday it seemed like I saw the main asshole from Alliance and his assistant in the lobby of the hotel. The shit spray which had been absent started about 30 minutes later and I think that is no coincidence. I was trying to fill out a visa form online last night but someone kept fucking up the internet so I went to use the wifi at the airport. Someone in there mentioned zetas and I do believe there's about 50 mutant alien zeta agents hanging around my hotel. This morning I tried to get some water in the stores outside and each bottle had the damage indicating poison until I asked for the old display bottle in one merchant's display. Unsurprisingly, that one had no damage on it but I expect my ability to find clean water will be greatly degraded for the remainder of my time here. Not having a car limits store options and the taxis are probably all zeta rape boxes now.

Last night it seemed like Jeff Cummings intercepted me on my way to the airport. He was very friendly but I do not know if that's because he was being deceitful or he doesn't know that I intend to kill him. Mark had also been very friendly and that was certainly to express his scumminess. On the plane from "France" it seemed like Chris Moriarty (severe DEEP URETHRA ZAPPER and LRAD when I typed that name) was the gay stewardess and I think Tony Barker and Daren Roberts were among the stalkers encircling me in the French airport while I was waiting for my flight. Those people from Alliance are like a leech that has attached itself to me which I can't get rid of. I am going to kill a lot of them when I take control of the government so that it will not constitute any criminal activity which might jeopardize my visa application! Although one man up there at Alliance was always saying it's fine if people just want to go there to train, it seems like he was the only one who felt that way about it. For some reason, it seems like half of the members there feel entitled to follow me around and torment me for the rest of my life. (This reason is abbreviated as USA, I am sure.) I expect their managable torments against me will be replaced with their own unmanageable torments, ones much more severe and longer lasting.

Right now I have several new DEEP URETHRA and TEETH implants. The RAPE DICK may have gotten worse gain and I can easily persist in this condition indefinitely. I hope my Visa gets approved, however, and I can find refuge from the SEE-UH hecklers in a part of Russia which is consistent with intuitive notions about geography. Maybe they will take this shit out of my dick and teeth sooner than my next flight. I hope they do.

AUGUST: Pope orders all Vatican offices to deposit funds in Vatican bank

>The papal order makes it clear that Vatican offices are not to maintain separate bank accounts in non-Vatican institutions. The policy clearly applies to the Secretariat of State, which moved fund through other institutions to carry out the ill-fated London real-estate deal that is the basis for the current landmark criminal trial.

Credit Suisse Shares Hit Record Low, CDS Spike To Record High After CEO Letter Backfires

>And CS credit risk has spiked to record highs this morning, topping 280bps at one point - basically disallowing the company from any investment banking business.

Funding Panic Imminent? Fed Quietly Sends $3.1 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line

>Remarkably, this was the first time the Fed sent dollars to the SNB this year, and the first time the Fed used the swap line in size (besides a token amount to the ECB every now and then)!

>The next logical question obviously is: why does Switzerland suddenly have a financial institution needing $3 billion in cheap (3.33%) overnight funding. We don't know the answer, but have a pretty good idea of who the culprit may be.

Cue Dollar Squeeze Panic: Fed Sends A Record $6.3 Billion To Switzerland Via Swap Line

>Remarkably, this was only the second time the Fed sent dollars to the SNB this year, and was also the largest single USD swap transfer in history!

Vatican silent on Credit Suisse accounts

>The Holy See has declined to comment on whether the Secretariat of State has complied with a papal order to move all accounts to a Vatican City bank.

>The deadline came as a Swiss bank with a long Vatican history, and multiple ties to the current financial scandal, has come under scrutiny for mounting losses and its collapsing share price. Issues at the bank have raised questions about whether Church funds remain on deposit there, including in accounts that were frozen as part of the Vatican's own investigation into the Secretariat of State's financial affairs.

I notice that ZeroHedge makes no connection to the Vatican trial in its reporting. This is like when no one says that the problem in the UK Gilts market is that (basically) Elizabeth bet the pension system on me getting killed but then I didn't.

I don't have my laptop where I had my FTP password saved in WinSCP so I was trying to reset it. I wasn't getting the reset link in my email so I chatted with my hosting provider. He told me the problem was that my hosting account was registered to some bullshit address bridgettaylor045@gmail.com in 2016. I told him I had never used that address and this website didn't exist in 2016. Indeed, I had used GoDaddy for everything until I switched to namecheap last year. However, I noticed the date he cited was after I had signed the fraud contract at Exide (the Strzokian insurance policy) but before my first day at work. This must be when I was disconnected from the internet because the Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ are bitter poison to the USA and its officers. These events culminated in the termination of my first website occatl.net in December 2016 after I became convinced I had been disconnected from the internet. The end of that website became the first page on the chronicle of The Lord and his works.

I cannot get this copy of the Benghazi video to play in the lobby of my hotel here. I wonder if all of my files and records will disappear if I can get to Russia.

Obviously, the guy on the right is based on me. I thought the other guy was just a joke not based on anyone but during my travels last week it was revealed to me that this is the likeness of Jenna's sponsor, or one of the prominent people on Team Jenna, which is Team Satan as far as I am concerned.

I think stocks will need to catch down to this QT next week. If they don't, I think the print of the above chart next Friday will show a lot of backtracking.


I flew to "Ireland" on Monday. The first flight to Chicago was fine. Some guy was acting weird at the gate for the second flight to Dublin which was obvioulsy a bad sign. (Reminder to kill him and his family.) On the plane, three filthy pieces of shit in the phenotype of Helene and the SS officer corps of her all-female ISIS battalion crammed into the aisle where I was sitting. They cranked my RAPE DICK up to about 11, immediately. I told the attendant their perfume was bothering me and she moved me to another row where Jenna seemed to be sitting with three empty seats next to her contrary to the three rapists crammed next to me. It was another bad sign that the attendant was being a giant cunt when I boarded and I expect her transition into a friendlier demeanor en route indicated that she thought they were going to kill me at the place they took me.

The man at Irish passport control was a pretty big asshole and I got to my hostel early in the morning, long before check in. I went to the cafe across the street to get some food and coffee. It took about 10 minutes for some asshole to pull up on his bicycle in front of the cafe to look at me with one eye past the edge of one window pane. He rode off and my testicles immediately began to hurt as the locals administered the testicular electroshock which I had been hoping to get away fron. Some other people showed up to start heckling me about whether a certain brown haired man was white and then I went back to the hostel whose common area had opened at 8:00am.

I started doing the rant in the hostel, quietly, and flipping through the pages of some PDFs I had printed showing my main results in physics and mathematics. Some familiar looking whore came into the common area and was trying to get my attention. I ignored her for the most part and she declared loudly that she "failed" me. She made about five to ten comments about failing me between when she stood up from her table and when she left the room. I'm not sure what she meant. While she was trying to get my attention, I was telling about Steve and the scar on his hip and the dungeon beneath his business. Then some guy that looked quite like Steve cane and sat next to me. I immediately left the hostel but I noticed that someone had fucked up my fingernail on the side where he had sat next to me. Clearly, the on-site rapists here still have the same rape ray to turn my brain off that the old rapists had. I went to the Russian embassy in "Dublin" to talk to someone about a Russian visa but it was a fake agency and the guy told me a bunch of wrong info contradicting what I had read about the visa process online. On the three mile walk back to the hostel from the embassy, I got several ZAPPER implants on the bottom of my foot and they put several black rubber bands in my path.

I tried to get a hotel out in the suburbs of "Dublin" at the Barberstown Castle. The people there were intially pretty cool. As I gave my rant in the restaurant, it was obvious that all the people who had been there when I showed up left and my rapists had replaced them. It seemed like John Roberts and my rapist Helene were among those that showed up after I did. The lady at the desk seemed to agree with me that several people she had never seen before had showed up pretending to be hotel staff and she let me cancel my reservation. Then I flew to "London."

I flew to Gatwick airport and got a room at the nearby Marriott Courtyard. I reserved a king room but the "trainee" at the desk with Helene-themed name Alina put me in a double. The lock to that room was broken so I requested a move. She moved me to another room where the curtains were broken and I requested another move. The third room was ok but it was obvious I was still in the rape hotel due to them squeezing three room errors into just two rooms. I was going to try the Russian embassy in London but someone put a snake ideogram in the elevator and they started poisoning my food so I left and took a train to Paris.

Things were so non-weird here, I decided to stop here. Things were so non-weird when I got here, I was considering the possibility that I had left Antarctica. On Friday, however, I took a taxi to the Russian embassy and thought I must have gotten kidnapped en route because the gangstalking stiuation was night and day before and after. In the evening I found out what had happened. My enemy Joe Biden had issued some new exectutive order concerning spying on USA citizens and USA-EU data sharing; he rewrote the USA spying law to counteract what had seemed nice about this place when I got here. I had gone to the store in the morning and eaten clean food with no hecklers but when I went again in the evening I got heckled by several adults and at least three robot children. My coffee, pudding, and ice cream were all poisoned on Friday. Today, they put the TOOTH PAIN INFLICTOR implants on my both of my upper front teeth and my upper left canine. The problem with the UPPER DICK ZAPPERs seems worse here and the other ZAPPER and WRIGGLER problems seem about the same. Furthermore, the TAPPING jew restarted his bullshit later in the day on Friday despite there being no TAPPING on my first day.

"Treasury Market Breakdown Is At Risk": Fed Markets Guru Has A Scary Warning For Powell

>And amid this unprecedented food deprivation prompted by the Fed's hyper-aggressive tightening path, it's no longer just us warning that something will break, especially after both the BOJ and BOE broke: in just the past weeks virtually every economist and strategist has joined in the chorus

>Policy makers assume the UST market will always be liquid, it won’t; liquidity is a privilege, not a right.

>a broken Treasury market would have far more terrifying and catastrophic consequences than just "lower inflation" - it would destroy the US, and western economy, overnight.

>Well, naturally, the Fed will never tolerate a UST market breakdown, similar to the BoE. And yes, the Fed will promptly capitulate on its inflation-fighting quest if the alternative is a complete collapse of US bond, and therefore capital, markets no matter how much some bears want to believe that the Fed will just sit there and do nothing until CPI prints 0% even as economic mushroom clouds scatter across the landscape.

When the UK's Gilts market almost blew up last week, it was widely reported that UK pensions were at risk. (Gilts are the UK version of Treasuries.) In the above analysis of a pending UST blow up, no one mentions social security: the USA version of UK pensions. Although the social security tax that everyone pays is collected in dollars, the social security fund uses those dollars to immediately buy UST's. Then, the SS trust has Treasuries in it rather than money and the government gets to spend the SS tax money on other things, such trannies and aid for Israel. At the end of every month, the SS fund has to sell enough Treasuries to cover the SS checks it has to send out. If that ever gets into an illiquid forced selling situation, that could wreck social security pretty quickly.

Currently, despite the SS trust having literally no money it (no dollars), the USA can tell its taxpayers that the trust is well capitalized through an accounting gimmick called the NAV: the notional asset value. What they do is to is take the liquid price of one treasury if it were sold on a day, then multiply that by all the treasuries in the SS trust to compute the NAV, and then they use judaism to say that the NAV is actually the amount of money in the SS trust, which it is not. If all the Treasuries were sold on a day, forced selling for instance, the dollar price of UST's would tank and SS would become insolvent. The whole scam relies on the healthy liquidity environment for USTs and also other holders of Treasuries such as China and Japan never wanting to swap too man of them out for money at any one time.

For instance, a drug dealer might five tons of cocaine in a warehouse but when it's time to pay his phone bill, he can't pay it in cocaine. If the cops are hanging around, his phone is probably going to get turned off. Even if the government starts sending people UST's instead of SS checks, people aren't going to be able to spend them at the grocery store. Grocery stores only accept dollars.

I have fresh anal stab trauma tonight, I presume from getting stabbed in the asshole during an anal rape while while my brain was turned off with a USA-funded Boeing rape ray. I cannot localize a hard nodule but when I first begin to inspect, there is an obvious bubble floating around in there. Likely they injected me with some fluid and then put a Morgellon's piezoelectric sexual torture device into the bubble of fluid to amplify the WRIGGLER problem. The people in the adjacent room began to rhythmically knock on the wall while I was typing this post.

A mocker has taken control of my IDs. I got arrested yesterday on what I believe was a false allegation of driving on a suspended license. The man in the jail was the obvious likeness of Rod Williams and he was one-eye looking at me in my jail cell past some garbage piled on his desk. When the bondsman showed up and they brought me out to where he was, he was "coincidentally" talking to some woman about a root canal. Now I have the pain inflictor implant on my tooth on the other side too. It seems like in addition to taking my DL, the pigs that arrested me stole my non-DL state ID.

There are some serious rumours doing the rounds about a major bank failure

I think I got a tooth pain inflictor on the other side now too. I just felt the sudden tooth nerve throb over there simultaneously with the LRAD.

Durham Prosecutes FBI Informants, While Protecting Their Handlers: Sperry

>Since being named special counsel in October 2020, John Durham has investigated or indicted several unscrupulous anti-Trump informants. But he has spared the FBI agents who handled them, raising suspicions he's letting investigators off the hook in his waning investigation of misconduct in the Russiagate probe.

>Even though Clinesmith admitted forging a CIA email to make it look like Page never helped the agency monitor Russia, when in fact he did and clearly wasn't acting as a Russian agent, Durham failed to put him behind bars.

>Kamenar said the Clinesmith case was a "bad omen" for how Durham would handle dirty FBI agents.

It was previously suggested to me that the main person operating the Durham persona is the same Evil Dad character who first encouraged Helene to start anally raping me in the 1980s, a problem which has grown to include the 500 sexual torture implants all over my body and the 10-times per day rapes that I deal with in the current year. Obviously, my rapists have no interest in seeing justice done, and certainly the justice which is right in my eyes, which is cruel. Since "Durham" is literally my rapist-in-chief, it is unlikely that he has any genuine interest in finding justice with regards to the origin of the rape-fest which is labelled in part "Crossfire Hurricane."

I might also add that it was Boasberg, the chief of the FISA court which Clinesmith defrauded, who determined the no-jail sentence for Clinesmith. To the extent that he is not expected to prosecute dirty FBI agents in the matter of unending rape and torture which is called Crossfire Hurricane, he himself is the child rapist at the pinnacle of all of it and this expectation is entirely reasonable.

I see that all of my previous posts about Joe and the Volcano were deleted which pretty much ensures that I am correct about my interpretations of it. In the movie, Tom Hanks professes his fascination with solipsism in multiple scenes and I think this movie is meant to tell the back story of the snakedog in a flattering light, and that the snakedog is TheSolipsist, Helene's accomplice in Daisy's Destruction wherein she was the TheWoodman (the woman.) I believe jumping into the volcano signifies cutting his arms and legs off so that he can more effectively live a lie and he is flashing the gang sign of cunt face gang in the scene above when he's telling Meg Ryan that he doesn't want to have sex with her because he prefers penis and the company of men. This subsequent scene seems to allude to the the injuries that he his friends create with their torture protocols. I believe that Pedo Joe and Volvano Joe are the same person, or on is the body double for the other, and it is no mistake when they portray Satan as a member of cunt face gang. The place of the current and former Boeing CEOs in this collage is that Boeing manufactures and operates the rape implant that lets my rapists turn my brain off 25 times a day so that I can't fight back against them while they're raping me. Certainly, every current and former of employee will be killed, along with all of heir children.

Witnesses in Vatican mega trial paint bleak picture of how Secretariat managed funds

>According to Righini, the funds used in the London real estate deal were "difficult to evaluate," overrun with fees and commissions, and hard to trace back to the original owners.

>According to Righini's testimony, Perlasca told him that "the less is written in the balance sheets, the better."

>Lawyer Nicola Squillace, charged with fraud, embezzlement and money laundering, also spoke to the judges on Thursday, detailing his role in drafting the 2018 Vatican deal giving Italian entrepreneur Gianluigi Torzi the final say on the property. Torzi is accused of extortion, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering but has refused to testify at the Vatican court.

At trial, Vatican auditor says he was shocked by misuse of funds

>"That was not the way to manage funds from Peter's Pence," Cassinis told the court Sept. 30, referring to the papal fund used for charity and to support the running of the Roman Curia and Vatican embassies around the world. When asked by Vatican prosecutors if he was sure that funds from the annual collection were used in the London property deal, Cassinis replied, "Yes."

>Cassinis "immediately" discovered "some things that were very strange" with the London property deal, including a lack of independent appraisals of the property value, bank statements and balances.

>Cassinis also recalled discussions by Vatican officials who considered investing millions of dollars in an offshore oil platform in Angola in 2012. Although the investment proposal was ultimately rejected, the auditor general said he was "dumbfounded" that it was even considered, since the proposal "was contrary to the environmental criteria contained in 'Laudato Si','" Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment.

>The court is scheduled to hear more witness testimonies in the coming weeks, with Vatican police commissioner Stefano De Santis scheduled to take the stand Oct. 12.

Torzi is the real estate businessman Donald Trump or one of his body doubles, one of which was the real Pogo the Clown whose crimes were assigned to John Wayne Gacy via another body double scheme.

It is notable that this witness testimony about "Peter's Pence" contradicts earlier defendant testimony which assured the court that such monies were not used. I think it may have been Becciu that assured the court in this way but I'm not sure.

To the contrary, I am certain that the oil extraction deal in Angola refers to the semen extraction deal in Atlanta, and that despite the so-called failure of the Angola deal to materialize, Mincione's Athena Fund references Atlanta as well and is the vehicle for the deal which was very much approved. It was not only considered but it was approved and continues as a going concern of the Vatican to this day, as reflected in the Tesla share price. Elon's earlier company Paypal certainly references the P2 masonic lodge int he way that the names Pena Parra and Pietro Parolin do.

This $30.5B in September QT reflects less than one third of the announced $95B and the slope of the line reflects no pace increase despite the Fed's plan to double the pace of QT in September.

I put the zip tie on the door to my hotel room to impede the rapists. It took a only a couple of hours before the manager of the hotel showed up demanding that I open my door for him, complaining about water leaking downstairs which probably doesn't exist. It seems like it must have been a RAPE operation since he showed up almost immediately when I secured the door. The RD seems much worse now.

I just got a bout of sudden toothache throb simultaneous with an LRAD attack. This suggests that I have a pain inflictor implant implanted in my tooth now.

Some people in /ng/ were saying that they got Jenna pregnant with my stolen semen again and they were going to try to use the piglet she shits out as the basis for an alliance between two parties. Whoever is the counterparty in that alliance is going to see their entire race exterminated and I believe those are the Italian jews. Obviously, the people involved in trafficking my semen will see their respective races exterminated as well and whoever is the representative on the side of the alliance representing my semen will also see their race exterminated. These people think it's out of the question for me to start over from scratch in the new age, and that I will be forced to carry their buckets of toilet slop with me, which are their children, but I do not need to and will not. Instead, I will destroy them and make of mockery of their wrong thinking that they might have had a blessing coming from me.

Vatican Process: Interrogations of Defendants Concluded (translated in Edge)

Iran deal's fate comes down to "one huge obstacle"

>The European official said the Iranians are convinced the U.S. could simply tell the IAEA to make the problem go away, but both IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and the Biden administration are adamant that the agency's concerns must be adequately addressed before the probe can be closed. Those concerns relate to uranium particles found at sites by UN inspectors. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly flagged those sites after Israel's Mossad stole the Iranian nuclear archives.

>The Iranians pushed back, claiming that Israel planted the uranium particles and that the U.S. and European powers could solve the issue politically. "As long as they think [Secretary of State Tony] Blinken can just pick up the phone and tell Grossi to drop it, we won't get a deal," the European diplomat said.

I too am convinced that my problem with rape particles implanted all over my body persists only with the blessing of the USA. I am convinced that the officers of the USA that keep my father's son in constant sexual and psychological torture are the same hypocrites who call me a monster over my intention to revisit such things on their children many times over. The suggestion that they are doing this to me apart from my identity as my father's son is preposterous because I never had any crimes to begin with, e.g.: Crossfire Hurricane was not properly predicated, etc, etc, etc.

Rather than this being a new demand of the Iranians, I think it would have come up as a last minute clarification over what had been assumed. My advocates would have said, "When you stop fucking him, you're going to stop raping him too, right?" Then, put on the spot about it, the juden and the USA would have said, "Well, no. We're going to keep raping him after we stop fucking him. Why are you suddenly raising this new issue?"

Hong Kong cardinal's trial adjourned before defense can call witnesses

>the magistrate adjourned the trial when defense lawyers attempted to cross-examine police witnesses called by the prosecution.

>He and his co-defendants were then charged with failing to properly register their 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund, which offered financial, legal and psychological help to people arrested during the 2019 protest movement.

>The prosecution said the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund had raised US$34.4 million and that some of the money was used for "political activities and noncharity events,"

>When the defense tried to cross-examine prosecution witnesses, defense questions were overruled as irrelevant. The trial was adjourned before the defense could call witnesses or make its case.

>Although no details of the agreement have been published, Zen has been a relentless critic of the deal since before it first was signed in 2018. He has described it as a "sellout"

The adjournment in this other Vatican trial yesterday before the witnesses were cross examined matches Perlasca supposedly not being on the list of witnesses in the Becciu trial. This adjournment upon cross examination also matches Tirabassi refusing the questions of the civil parties in the other trial. Indeed, the Prosecutor Dad (Diddi) and IOR President Mom (Mammi) names in the Becciu trial are mirrored in the Cardinal Joseph name in this other trial. I believe Joseph is the name of the Antichrist or the Man of Lawlessness whose revealing should herald the Day of the Lord. The "psychological help" cited above seems like the kind of thing that jews and catholics would call the constant rape, torture, poisoning, and mutilations that are the main features of my personal problems. The language about the bad deal reflects the Iran deal which Trump cancelled in 2018 and I believe one or more of my antagonists named Joseph were using the Trump persona to work against me during the 2016-present timeframe, and possibly before that dating to the consecration of the abomination Barron Trump in 2005.

Becciu trial, Monsignor Alberto Perlasca is the first witness of the prosecution, but not included in the list

>In the afternoon the hearing was dedicated to the final interrogation of Fabrizio Tirabassi, a former official of the administrative office of the Secretariat of State accused of embezzlement, corruption, extortion, fraud, abuse of office. The interrogation of the Promoter of Justice Diddi in particular focused on the network of relationships with a series of people who acted as advisors in the investment landscape in London of the Secretariat of State. Tirabassi, asked about who had given him the assignment, said he had received it "verbally from Monsignor Perlasca without a formal signature".

I find it interesting that that the BoE's emergency QE program had to kick in at the very moment the Vatican's fraud trial over "a London scam deal" recommenced. Certainly USA markets liked the new QE in British news today but this one Italian article was the only one I could find regarding what happened in Italy today and the details were scant. One wonders if the brink of the implosion of "the entire UK social safety net" was tied to certain revelations regarding the fraud at Exide which is the real subject of the Vatican trial.

Something Broke: "At Some Point This Morning I Was Worried This Was The Beginning Of The End"

>As part of the "temporary and targeted" operation - which will be neither temporary nor targeted - the BoE suspended the proposed QT program to sell gilts,

>Incidentally, there will be no "end" of this "temporary" bond buying operation, because the moment the BOE even hints at pivoting back to QT, the bond market will go bidless and implode.

>it turns out that we were this close from another "Lehman" collapse, only this time most if not all UK pensions were facing total annihilation.

>Today, we saw just this bailout in action in the UK. We expect to see a similar bailout in the US over the next few weeks, because - once again - it was never about inflation, and always about what the real bosses want. The other lesson - which needs little commentary but is far more terrifying - is that we now live in a world where yields rising to 5% - just five percent - risks not only the entire pension system but also threatens the collapse of all social stability buffers. We bring this up just in case someone still naively believes that the Fed will keep hiking oblivious to the devastation its latest actions have ushered in.

Strangely, this article concludes opining on the Fed's rate hike trajectory without commenting on the Fed's planned but already non-existent QT trajectory, which was the real issue in the UK: they had to restart QE.