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To say that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist beyond a reasonable doubt is to say that myriad women were not making themselves available to the famous, rich, exotic, black doctor on prime time TV. Did Cosby eschew these women and specifically target women he would have to rape? Where are the women who had consensual sex with Cosby? The number of accusers is only indicative of girl tactics 101.

Many of them have only started to come forward since October 2014.

At Elavon one of the first things that made me hate Rhonda had to do with Cosby. I was at Elavon and I can paraphrase what I said to Conleth as, "That seems pretty unlikely that the TV star was a serial rapist and not indulging in the attention of the ladies that is available to famous actors." In the cubicle to my left was Rhonda, who was likely Helene at times (or possibly all the time), and on my left was Conleth so we sat in three cubicles in a row. He said, "It's a man's world isn't it?" Rhonda got pissed! Then I got up to get some water and just as I was returning Rhonda caught my eye with a malicious look. It was just as I was setting down my water. I could feel her flex her psychic malice muscle and instead of watching my hand when I put the water down I was locked momentarily in eye contact with her. I almost spilled it by not setting it down correctly. Rhonda was so disappointed! That's who my enemies think is such a bad ass: a woman that can almost make a man who is a complete amateur in psychic defense spill water. (Or maybe jiu jitsu helped me ?) Everything else she gets away with is only because she is pretending to that which is mine in the minds of her feeble minded believers. Same with Joe. They are only able to sell these lies because they never gave me what was mine. Not when I was child, not these 20 years of legal adulthood, not during this year homeless in which I am demanding what is due me. On top of that, I would be just fine despite their stupidity if I could just get recognition from my theory which has nothing to with my parents. Instead, they fucked me over once and then based on those lies they convinced others to fuck me over on my theory.

What about the men who invented the great machines of war? Your prioritizations are completely stupid when you elevate the value of the woman's non-childbearing contribution to parity with the man's contribution. I quit Exide on the day that I thought the team associated with the Rhonda Capone persona was also in the Exide office which Google Earth now says was actually inside the Milton police headquarters. I decided to leave the country. They fucked me over on my physics career and then, when I compromised my integrity and got a job as a response to the period of involuntary detention under the umbrella of Helene and Joe's fraud, they were also fucking me over on my fake career. Even though my real CV showed that I had already solved the most important problem in mathematical physics, they would not offer me appropriate employment. Then what I made a fake resume based on notorious lies, then they said, "Ok, we'll throw $16/hr at you for this fake resume."

Just like they are throwing fraudulent Jenna and Erin memes all over me lately, the increased intensity of fraudulent memes began at Elevon in 2014 with fraudulent Helene memes coming from Rhonda Capone. I started working at Elavon for about $16/hr after taxes. It was about two months after Helene and Joe filed that fraudulent mental health affidavit on me, and about two years after I solved the most important problem in mathematical physics.

Although Helene has presented herself to me as a woman of modest financial means, she was somehow going to pay $2,000/day for up to six months to have me locked inside a very small building. I hope I am not locked in a buildinglike facility as I type this.

While I was at Peachford I asked to be released on the third day. I was denied my right to self release on the basis of me being a danger to myself or others based on the lies Helene and Joe put into the affidavit they signed which led the police detaining me in my private residence and hauling me to Peachford. That day Helene knocked on my door and after I opened it for her the police rushed in. They put me in horrible torture restraints and perp walked me the police car. That was an inflection point in my relationship with Helene.

At Peachford I was denied my right to self release after 72 hours. Dr. Sanne held me for 11 days, attempted to drug me, and diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia with that extra time she bought. Later at Exide I got very non-fraudulent Dr. Sanne memes from one miserable cunt Sirisha Gopalam. During my private time with Dr Sanne I asked what her diagnosis was because I was being amicable. She told me that she did not think I was a danger to myself or others and that I was not paranoid schizophenic but she said maybe I was schizoaffective. I dispute that because schizoaffective disorder is a property of the mentally ill while I have demonstrated robustly resilient mental health to an exceedingly high degree for a very long time. Then in the hearing she told the judge that I was a danger and that I was paranoid schizophrenic. She told the judge that she came to this conclusion based on paranoia that the government was, or NGOs in collaboration with the government were, out to get me for some work I did in college.

So that was around the time Bill Cosby "became a rapist." It was about three years after I became a rapist, and just a few months after I became a paranoid schizophrenic. Did I become dead in there somewhere too? 2014 was right at the end of the Uranium One scandal. The Uranium One immunity deals flowed during those first months of 2015 before Robert fired me for not taking his 24/7 phone bullshit seriously.

During those first months of 2015 I emailed the Citibank data and sent messages via Lync with .xlsx attachments of the complete Citibank data to my internal customers at US Bank. Then they announced the OPM hack which seems like now the "unmasking" scandal... like with my intention to unmask Rhonda Capone and Sharon Maloney, and to move every hidden thing, good and evil, into the light of day.

Here's my take on "shut up and calculate" with a nice reference from my time working as a computer guy. In software, big development tasks are undertaken not just by software engineers, but also by software architects. It is a big problem in physics, in my humble opinion, that only the engineers get paid and the architects are generally despised (and generally don't even exist because they would be so despised if they did.) What the architect does is to develop the end to end software solution, and then he sends it to the engineers who actually do the coding. Software development is a lot like theory development without so much emphasis on whether or not the end product actually does what it's supposed to.

Why would one tell the software architect to "shut up and code?" The piece produced by the architect will not even compile (it is not code at all), but does that mean the architect's piece is "meaningless verbiage?" Of course not. In physics, the architect's piece is the much despised philosophical component. A big problem in physics is that when everyone is a coder, everyone's approach to everything is to simply start writing code and see where it goes. The architect, to the contrary, considers the desired end product and then designs the road there based on that desired outcome. It is a completely different process than that taken by the engineer.

It's the simple fact of the matter that, in I.T. at least, software architects get paid a lot more than the software engineers because the architecture piece is more intellectually demanding and requires more expertise than what the code monkeys do. It is true that code monkeys can say, "What the architect wrote is not even code!," but that only speaks to the small-mindedness of the critical coder. Now here's one more critical piece of information: the architect's job does not even require him to have memorized the syntax of the computer language in which the software engineers will implement the solution he has designed!

My idea for testing the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum theory (MWI) was a big hit on 4chan on the other day. I guess others were having a hard time coming up with a way to test it. If I was going to devise a falsifiable prediction for MWI this is how I would try to do it:

First, I would use something like the Planck scale to determine the "refresh rate" at which one world is expected to split into many worlds in a particular MWI theory. What I mean by "refresh rate" is the magnitude of the spacetime interval across each frame of film in pic related. Then I would take that rate and extrapolate the rate at which decoherence should occur in a quantum system. For the second step it is necessary to define the odd property of quantum systems "decoherence" as an effect caused by the splitting of the universe into many universes. If it were possible to connect these things then the decoherence time could be used as falsifiability criterion for MWI. The connection between splitting and decoherence is pretty direct in the MCM with the "pi over two goes to Phi goes back to pi over two" mechanism that I wrote about extensively in my book.

I don't know if this would work, its just my idea for how it might work in an area where there seems to be a dearth of even speculative ideas.

When I look at Haspel again today she reminds me of Kimberly Kozloski actually. It's the way her lips are pursed that reminds me of Kozloski. However, I see that chain around Pam's neck looks pretty serious.

Are there people I never met who don't know me? Yes, I am quite sure there are. Am I the center of the universe? Maybe.

How about some more about this mysterious Patricia "Pam" Vuittonet person who I remember fondly and probably doesn't like this post one bit just like I didn't like it when she said yup to me. The first time we met was about one week after I moved into Viewpoint. That was just shortly after I signed a whole mess of documents that were presented to me as giving me power of attorney for Helene to sign the condo closing contract for her but may have been something else altogether which will lead to terrible suffering and lamentation among those who carried Helene's favor. Pam's husband had died under what I thought were extremely eccentric circumstances when she told me about it but I never knew the man and had no reason to dwell on it.

One time Pam and I were laying in bed being silly and she called me a fluffy kitty because I was being silly and not tough and macho. However, it seemed slightly more like a prompt than a pure statement and then later I saw those pictures of the man dressed as a fluffy white cat with what looked like his fingers cut off and replaced with putty. During the year we dated Pam for some reason, I think it was totally spurious but I may have been complaining about calluses, brought me a callus peeler. It was no lame callus peeler, it was a razor blade with a holder (pic related) and she also gave me several replacement blades wrapped in wax paper. It was definitely the kind of thing you could peel someone's fingers off with. I used it too much on my big toes and they became red and sore, and then they never really healed right. I had cracks in my toes for about ten years after that which would sometimes bleed and were often slightly sore. One of the good things about this period of homelessness is that those cracks finally did heal and my toe calluses are back to normal now.

After Pam and I broke up I traveled to Germany to give a presentation to the IceCube collaboration at Humboldt University. This was a few days after I had the layover in Moscow where I typed up my idea that I thought was going to get stolen as soon as I wrote it down. (It was a few days before I ran out of money and was a homeless person in Germany for about three days.) On the plane ride home I called Pam and asked her to come over when I got back to Atlanta. She said ok when I was connecting in Philadelphia, but then when I got to Atlanta she said no. I wonder if her CIA handlers told her that she couldn't see me because I was now a suspected foreign agent!!! She worked at that time in the black building over Lenox MARTA station which has no corporate signage but does have a giant American flag on top like you would expect from a CIA building.

I think at one point Pam told me that her best friend burned her initials into her submissive male slave's body.

I recently watched Einstein's Universe which was a pretty good BBC documentary from yesteryear. It did some nice stuff with numbers on the screen and the times on the clock during the time travel bit were in the period in which I was working on my theory. The host of the special reminded me very much of Joe.

When I was down at "Joe's house" attempting to visit Joe and instead he chose to mock me with his fake persona bullshit, I was talking to "Joe" about the Ricci tensor and he kept calling it the Ricky tensor. Eventually this led me to believe Tooker is an Anglicization of the name Tucci, and I also later came to believe that Nucky from Boardwalk Empire was based on a historical Tucky (Tucci) who didn't get written about because he was still on top by the time they started writing about such things. Helene told me that she saw my aunt Shirley Cohen's old house in New Jersey in a scene on that show. Her son, Joel Cohen, left me an inheritance which was handled by Helene. It was a nice sum of money but it took over two years to get sent to me so I have wondered if Helene did some fraud to alter the inheritance which came to me.

What does this have to do with Einstein's Universe? Well... the smaller Joe, who seemed not to be the one I remembered from my childhood (though he could have made appearances) did look somewhat Italian to me. The other Joe, the bigger one (who showed up only for a moment during that visit to make some cryptic hand gesture describing the penis, balls, and anus), does not look particularly Italian (though he is the spitting image of the Italian looking one.) The name of the BBC host that reminded me of Joe was Peter Ustinov, and I have speculated on some connection between Joe and the Order of the Eastern Star.

Now, just like Joe was saying Ricky over and over, he was also saying some other things that seemed like they had memes on them. In the way of a Brooklynite he was saying "yooge" instead of "huge" and I thought at the time it had, perhaps, something to do with Bernie who also speaks that way. (I don't think this was a Bernie meme and I only wondered about it at the time.) This visit took place in Houston County, GA and Joe was also saying "Yooston" but in a very peculiar way such that it was more like "Yoost'n." Now that I have learned this other name Ustinov, I wonder if Houston is an Anglicization of that name. The I in Ustinov would have a contracted pronunciation in Russian exactly like the contracted O sound when Joe was oddly saying "Yoost'n." When I moved with Joe in 1994 away from the al-Qaeda headquarters of North America we moved to Houston County, GA which is pronounced like "house" but spelled like Houston, TX which is the one that is phonetically like Ustinov.

I googled Ustinov just now, he doesn't remind me of Joe very much. It was probably just the beard in that show.

Weird chart today.

I watched Annihilation this week. What did it remind me of? The rabbit hole in Helene's dungeon of course? Who was that lanky black fella at the bottom of the rabbit hole? That was either Helene or the real slim shady. How could it be Helene you ask, she's not that thin? Remember Futurama with Mom's Evil Robot Company? It's the exact same outfit. However, that might be the real slim shady, a.k.a. Slenderman, a.k.a. some faggot, down there at the bottom of the rabbit hole. I'm saying the imagery seemed real familiar.

Donald Trump: "I think I'm much more humble than you would understand"

ANALYSIS: Trump reminds me of Joel Collins Sr. and Jr. here because he seems to be bragging about his lucrative position near the top of the bottom. I think what Trump is referring to here is that he and I have an arrangement like pic related and he is telling me to go fuck myself because he doesn't like what I am going to tell him to do. Donald Trump is the real President. Between me and the military forces that could blow up the BMWs that pull into CIA and FBI HQ tomorrow is the current commander of those forces. That's you Donald. You are the one man in my way.

I went to do FTP data dump at McDonald's. I was surprised to see that their wifi was not working. I went to the other McDonald's right after that and they were "closed for minor repairs" so their wifi was also off. Then I went to the Equitable building and into the FedEx. Their wifi was strangely unconectable but then finally I was able to make my computer tell me that I did transfer some files successfully. One time when I transferred some files in the FedEx some guys immediately showed up in construction gear, like the feds that hang out in the office renovations, and they were asking to speak to the FedEx manager about "the fire alarm." Pic related, they didn't put that M on the guy's shirt until I started using McDonald's wifi.

UPDATE: After I made this post the tranny got up and walked away with an unhappy look on his face. After jiu jitsu at Alliance we would line up and shake hands. Eris and her crew of invaders started giving me weird handshakes. Then one day I had in my mind to say something to Eris if she gave me a weird handshake. Then that day Eris gave me the normal handshake and the tranny gave me the weird one behind her. That's a death sentence Mark. You shouldn't have brought that bullshit onto the mat.

20180302: This post is a reminder to check if the tranny in front of me is some person Mark who is loathsome to me. If so, I will kill more people around him that I was planning to. I will make sure that ugly smile never gets smiled again. I will prune the branch of the tree of life that has leaves that remind me of that person.