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These foolish infidels. Their attempts to assert themselves as men will be met with castration. Their desire to demonstrate intellectual parity will be proven unattainable when their families die for those attempts. They will not win. Before they die they will regret their infidelities. Their posturing amounts to nothing, it will not survive to infinity. Their children will turn to dirt. In spite I will destroy all their works. Their laughs will turn to wails but my laughs will last forever.

A few other locations in Sunrise Pointe. Location A was Mrs. Church. She was very nice and her grandson was in the same grade as me at school. I think he went to the Air Force Academy. Location B was an Iranian family. Their daughter Pupak was my babysitter. One time when I was 20-something I saw them for the first time in a long time and Pupak was with her husband or fiance. We chatted for a minute and then after Helene said, "I can't believe you were so rude," claiming that I hadn't shaken the husband's hand when he extended it. I don't think he did extend his hand and if he did I didn't notice. I thought Helene was just starting an argument for no reason like she does. Pupak worked at the frozen yogurt place on the corner of Swan and Sunrise and one time I asked her for a free cup. Helene got so infuriated with my audacity to ask her to steal something and give it to me but I wasn't really thinking about it like that.

Aside from these dream agents glorifying themselves by letting me know that that they are dream agents even when I have made myself clear over and over that I prefer they not do that, the "at home" heckling at the shelter is much, much less than back in Dunwoody. That guy upstairs who was constantly stomping the floor in response to my daydreams was almost incomprarably more obnoxious than the other homeless people where I live now. I later began to suspect that Joe and Jenna were up there, and at times I suspected Jacaré and/or Carlos. There is no way to tell since I couldn't see through the ceiling and the whole apartment complex was like a barracks for Scientology or something. Since Scientology teaches you how to be an expert liar, there is no way to tell if I was thinking the correct thing or being deceived about the reality. My neighbor the sperm agent just walked by. Each time he walks by the scale of the number of people in his family that I will kill increases so hopefully they will kill him to stop him from suggesting their miserable slow deaths to me on such a regular basis. Also the man flipping on the lights at the Atlanta Mission and giving a little speech to wake me up is a big improvement on those guys who would run the chainsaws outside of my Dunwoody apartment around 8-9:00am, and it is certainly better than getting woken up by my upstairs neighbor at Viewpoint dropping a billiard ball on his concrete floor hundreds or thousands of times between 10:00am-noon.

When I was trying to reach Jerusalem earlier this year I got sent to a secondary detention area that had Thai writing on the walls and a placard for the Thai-Israeli taskforce. The second time I went there I suggested to them that I was the landlord of the facility. Then the man with blue hands prompted JK Rowling, "What if he is the owner?" Then the thin Jewish man with the ginormous nose who I thought was a semi-famous actor came and brought me back up to the main airport area to get on a Delta flight to New York. I think I have seen that man following me around Atlanta in disguise, perhaps I saw him last on MARTA. Once I got to New York I saw another semi-famous actress, an old woman with that same nose sitting across from me in the NYC subway. I nodded off in front of her and when I snapped back awake she made some self-satisfied expression like she had made me fall asleep. I think I was just tired. However... back the "Ben Gurion" airport. After the semi-famous actor brought me to the gate I went to get a sandwich. I think my sister Jenna's husband was working at the sandwich stand and was the one who handed me those two lox bagels. I bring him up for the following reason.

One time recently when I was in Warner Robins the husband was at Joe and Karen's house. This was earlier than my most recent visit over Christmas. I don't know how it came up but he told me that Kyle was actually his middle name. Also, even prior to that I had seen him wearing a Kyle Franks memorial shirt commemorating the death of Gary's son. I asked him what his first name was and he squinted his eyes a little bit too much when he said Justin. Also he said it forcefully like he was slapping down a trump card in a card game or something. People usually don't say their own name like that. It made me think he was investigating the deaths of Kyle Franks and Justin Beutler in the context that Helene was the murderer of both of them. I don't know if it was him or someone disguised to look like him at that sandwich stand in crazy town but it was out of place. During that earlier visit I wanted to let Joe know that I had figured Helene out and I made a comment about how much she likes Dexter. He knowingly exclaimed, "Uh oh! He's a serial killer!!!" Indeed.

>t. El Arcón

Not only do I think that Helene's house in Sunrise Pointe has underground access, I also think Joe's old house on Placita Pardal does too. Our house is marked with an X and I mark a neighbor's house with an A. It is odd that when we lived there in the 1980's my dad knew our neighbor at house A from back in Brooklyn and then a while after we moved to Georgia, my dad's brother in law moved into house A. That person is Gary and just over the weekend someone was asking me who Diane was. The only Diane I know is Gary's wife.

There is a sharp gully between houses A and X and I suspect that the entrance to the underground facility was in that gully before they built house X or houses A and X to hide it better. While I lived there that gully was filled with branches and landscaping detritus and it was impossible to actually go up the gully from the wash it emptied into. The road behind Placita Pardal is Via Entrada which means Entrance Street. Via Entrada provides the most direct access to the gully.

Gary's son, my cousin Kyle, died of an overdose. One night in a dream I was driving around Shadow Hills (the neighborhood around Placita Pardal and Via Entrada) and Helene was in the passenger seat. We turned onto Placita Pardal and as soon as I thought to mention Kyle's passing Helene freaked out completely and was frantically trying to get out of the car. It made me think that perhaps Helene had something to do with Kyle's death on Christmas day.

House X is a two story house built on a hill but only one story is above ground facing the street. Some large portion of that hill had to be excavated to build our house into it. My dad showed me that we had a secret safe under the linoleum in the closet under the stairs and that may have been to distract me from the even more secret entrance to the underground facility which might also have been in there.

Later when we moved to Oro Valley I walked way out into the desert behind Rancho Vistoso with my friends one summer and upon cresting a certain hill we could see the desert beyond was spotted with small concrete structures. These were the above ground parts of the nuclear missile silos. Although the desert out there was barren and undeveloped without even roads, there was some significant underground facility for those very many missile silo hatches. I have speculated that the FEMA location Joey told me about in Atlanta is built over an abandoned and then illicitly repurposed nuclear waste depot, and it is well possible that the underground facility that was retired when they moved the missiles away from Oro Valley was also repurposed later for illicit ends.

Although the silos were on the other side of Rancho Vistoso from these piles of dirt, I think these piles of dirt (below) are not natural formations but are soil from all of the underground excavations in that area. There used to be a Raytheon complex near these giant piles of dirt. The restaurant on top of the mountain behind these piles of dirt is called The Iron Door.

Finally here is a map that shows the restaurant North in relation to the Camino Esplendora and Placita Pardal.

Joey told me that all of his unlces live around Atlanta except for one who lives in Tucson. He said when he visited that uncle last time they went to a restaurant called North which is only about about two miles from Camino Esplendora. This makes it even more likely that my neighbor Steve was the person I now know as Steve Collins. Also, Steve is actually Joel Steven Collins' middle name so maybe there is an uncle Steve too. This whole plaza at the corner of Skyline and Campbell was under construction and I expect that it connects the underground facility.

Avis's last name was Jorgenson which almost says George's son. Elizabeth II was the daughter of George VI.

Growing up in Sunrise Pointe the other kids were always talking about "the tunnels." I never saw them or got anyone to tell me exactly where the entrance was. I think the only one that ever said he actually had been down in the tunnels was Justin and he died young. Helene's house is built on an elevated berm of dirt and I was speculating that we had a basement there that I never knew about. In fact, I was accusing her of having a torture dungeon filled with medically sustained torture victims in that basement just before I pulled up behind the 191 truck from Joey and Steve's fleet of refrigerated Phoenix food delivery trucks. At the time I speculated that perhaps Helene moved whatever she had in there and I intercepted it in transit according to God's plan. I think she calls the basement the garden and the victims her plants.

I made these accusations on Twitter. Did Twitter censor these accusations? I never did discover my shadow ban status there.

The image above is from True Detective. While I have speculated that Helene is the antlered woman, I do not think she is a victim of any kind. In the show the name of this dead woman was Dora Lane and "camino" pretty much means "lane" so the antlered woman being Dora Lane and Helene living on Camino Esplendora seemed like a big match. Also, when I was reading one of Lewandowski's papers about a cylinder I noticed that the lead author is named Kaminski. I wonder if that is a reference to scary Camino. I think the entire Bogoff story about their research in frobenoid geometry and being the world's most notorious torurers is designed to put people off when they may happen to investigate my theory and I was wondering if Kaminski is a real person or a fake name derived from the Spanish word "camino."

If that was the real Dr. He I don't think his eyes would have been so small and beady, and I really don't think he would have asked me why it was a problem that the checksum on the linux distributions I download never matches. I think Dr. He's ears are slightly pointy and that person's ears were not pointy. 9.9/10 that was an imposter. Not a good one either the way it lost its composure to grin uncharacteristically when I we started talking about people disguising themselves with masks.

All I can say is this to the people who continue to cooperate with my enemies. They may hurt you worse than I will and for longer but I will annihilate much broader swathes of your families than they will. Much broader.

This post is about Sunrise Pointe but the article tells what happened on this day in history 100 years ago. It says that Anastasia Romanova was the daughter of Tsar Nicholas the Emperor of the Russian Empire, and through her mother Alexandra she was the great granddaughter of Queen Victoria, the Empress of the British Empire. If I am Jewish, which I am, and my grandmother Anne was actually Anastasia then at least Alexandra was Jewish and probably Queen Victoria was too. Here is a picture of my Zadie Sol, me, my Bubbie Anne and also Anastasia Romanova. It seems like Helene got the angle just right to match the famous picture of the Romanovs when she took this other picture in 1982.

I have noticed the interior of the beret of the British Royal Marines is the same shiny royal blue fabric as my yarmulke which now sits in Helene's chest of drawers in her dining room in Sunrise point. Also in that chest is a set of fine china commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Although Elizabeth became the Queen in 1952, they waited to have her coronation until the day my mother was born: June 2, 1953.

It is likely that there are still people alive who can attest to whether or not the coronation had been long planned or if it was a snap decision to do it that day. If it was a snap decision, then I suspect that the decision to have the coronation was made upon receipt of news confirming the birth of my mother Helene. In the past when I have googled the name Tooker, I found that it is not a common name in the UK at all but Queen Elizabeth II did have a spiritual advisor named Tooker. I forget the first name.

This is a map of Sunrise Pointe.

My house is labelled with an X. At location A we have Henry Hakkonen and his wife. Their name is like Harkonen from Dune. Location B was the Johnsons. Schkreli reminds me very much of the elder of the two Johnson boys: Aaron. I mentioned on Twitter that sometimes Aaron and Mike's parents' friends would come over to the Johnsons' with their two daughters. The four parents and the two boys and two girls would work on a movie they were making: The Nail. It was weird how serious they were about me not ever trying to come over to hang out on the weekends when those girls were there for the movie. I wasn't even supposed to knock on the door on those rare weekends. It was very serious.

Location C was Steve and Vivian. They were British and I do not remember Steve's face very clearly but that man could well have become the man I now know as Steve Collins. Steve Collins does not speak with a British accent like my childhood neighbor but that doesn't mean anything. Also Joey is only a year or two younger than me and Steve and Vivianne didn't have any children. That also doesn't mean anything because Steve was very often out of town traveling back to the UK which could have been traveling anywhere really. Can we associate a Vivian with Steve Collins in the 1980s? This is a critical point about my childhood that I would like to clarify because the vague image I recollect of my neighbor Steve very much appears like he could be Steve Collins but 20 years younger. I am particularly wondering about a Thanksgiving not too many years ago where Helene and I went to Thanksgiving dinner with Joey and Art Brown and his family down at Steve's place in Jonesboro. I thought I was introducing her to Steve at that time. This was when Steve and I were on more amicable terms. However, if Steve Collins is my neighbor Steve then they were being most disingenuous about that Thanksgiving encounter. That would be a strong confirmation of my suspicions that they are both serial killers.

This brings us to location D: Avis Jorgenson. She was supposedly from Sweden and she had two horrible little Scottish Schnausers: Gretchen and something else. She spoke with a British accent, not a Swedish accent. One thing that will make a big difference in my opinion of events is whether or not Steve is Steve, and another is whether or not Avis is Queen Elizabeth II. Avis did look very much like the Queen but I didn't put this together until recently. I lived in Sunrise Pointe until I was 13 and Avis was just an old woman that I didn't like because she told Helene that some other kids and I were playing and we knocked one of her plants off the wall. I didn't do it. Avis insisted that we each write a sentence of contrition 1,000 times. None of the other kids' parents made them do it but Helene did make me do it. Helene was always talking to me about Avis throughout my teenage years and twenties and I never knew why. Helene knew I didn't like Avis and I didn't want to hear about her but still Helene always persisted in giving me regular Avis updates. When I was about 30 Helene cajoled me into a writing a letter to Avis. This was in Helene's living room just two doors down from Avis but for some reason she wanted to mail the letter instead of giving it to Avis next time she saw her. As I was displeased I intentionally made my terrible handwriting much more terrible than it usually is and Helene was very happy to exclaim, "It looks like you're illiterate." I wonder if my bad handwriting in that letter appeared to someone as evidence of why I should not be given what is mine.

Of course I am going out on a limb to say that the old lady next door was the Queen of England just because my mom was born on the day she was coronated. To suppliment my opinion consider that when I was reading about the recent death of Lord Snowdon, I noticed that I look even more like his wife, Elizabeth's sister Margaret than Elizabeth herself. (I have no idea if this photo of the Queen or the other photo of the sphinx have been doctored. The Queen does generally look like that and I was unable to find another picture of the sphinx from the same angle to compare against the image that looks like my photo.)

When I was reading the article about Lord Snowdon I very much noticed the Santa Catalina mountains in the background of a certain vacation photo. Although the article claimed that the photo was taken in Washington, I was looking at that ridgeline every day of my childhood and I recognize my own home.

The red dot is Helene's house in Sunrise Pointe and the blue dot is Joe's house in Shadow Hills before he moved to the other side of the ridge in Oro Valley. In fact, this exact spot where Princess Margaret stands is where they later built the Tucson Jewish Community Center where I went to summer camp. Today there stands a giant stone tablet on that spot not too disimilar from the Georgia Guidestones but all the writing is in Hebrew and I don't know what it says. For further context, recall that Elizabeth became the Queen when her father abdicated to move to the US to marry an American woman. I suspect that he knew the real King was in the United States and didn't have a lot of interest in being the fake King. By this I mean to say that I suspect that there is another bloodline other than Elizabeth Windsor's that has a better claim to the British throne. I am speculating wildly here, but perhaps this claim can be traced back to "the Princes in the Tower" that disappeared.

At this point I should clarify that I have no way of knowing who my biological parents are. I have wondered in what framework I might have superceded my own mother in the order of inheritance but if Helene is my sister or there is some other complicated thing then that would explain how I superceded her as the male heir. Genetics is very complicated and certainly I know my father Joe and mother Helene, but Richard and Margaret look much more like me than than Helene and Joe do. Margaret would have been 49 when I was born.

If Trump is so anti-MSM why is he letting them set his agenda? So a couple of people got hit by a car? Big deal. How is that something that deserves even a second of the attention of "the most powerful man on Earth?"

I spent most of my childhood in this blue box on the north side of Tucson, AZ.

UPDATE: I am complaining about low pay in a job that was not related to my interests. Certainly a salary on the order of 10^1 dollars per hour in a role that I enjoyed would not have led to my present 24/7 protest against labor conditions.

My personal finances are calculated on orders of magnitude of dollars. Presently this is longest I've subsisted on the order of zero but I have operated on the order of zero dollars many times in my life. I have gone as high as the order of 10^2 dollars per hour in the corporate world. For scale, minimum wage is on the order of 10^1. Lawyers and doctors used to expect on the order of 10^2 dollars per hour but they probably don't anymore. The market conditions changed when everyone unexcited about making 10^1 (like me) decided it was better to become a doctor or a lawyer. Despite all my successes in corporate America, and my other successes that are invincibly larger, I was never able to come anywhere close to 10^2 dollars per hour. This disturbs me greatly because I have already been the most economically productive person on Earth in many years with my invaluable contributions to physics and mathematics. Thus I protest.

Relating to my short term goals protesting against labor conditions, I will continue to discuss corporate America's first impression on me, where they completely didn't realize who they were dealing with but then told everyone I was the one with a problem. This situation remains uncorrected but that relates to some of my intermediate term goals. While the composition of the office workers degenerated progressively from one office to the next, I do believe I was employed at a single entity across Elavon, LexisNexis, and Exide, and that Cliff was their agent at North Highland, and possibly Nexidia was also part of this same thing. If we include Nexidia then the composition of office workers did not monotonically degenerate because I liked the office at Elavon better than I liked the office at Nexidia. I was employed at Nexidia only briefly and it was my first job job so I didn't notice much other than the psychic in the thin rimmed glasses who was the man sitting in the office behind my supervisor Xuefei who said she wanted me to read her mind like Carina. While at Nexidia I also noticed the other few things I mentioned including what Carina took the time to explain to me about Mr. Comcast Comcast in their high level data scanner permissions. I also noticed that Nexidia moved to another building almost immediately after I was asked to leave.

If Nexidia would have put me in their most challenging technical role and given me a script in a computer language then I would have been able to google it line by line and ask for the business context and learned it all very quickly. During those days at Career Builder where I was leaving early because I had nothing to do my boss was building up to sending the .bsh script I was going to have to learn. If he actually would have sent it to me I would have sat there and hashed it out. However, he thought I needed to wait before I could have something to do so he did not send it to me and I left instead of sitting there until I would have already watched everyone else leave early. It would have been well worth Nexidia's money to hire me based on the talent I had already demonstrated with my discoveries but instead they put me in a non-technical QA role squeezed between Carina Gerry and Lee Duh while all the pretty ones sat next to whoever they were next to. As evidence of Nexidia's knowledge concerning my discoveries I will repeat what I said about the guy yelling, "I can understand that." I will also mention that they had the guy from the group they should have put me in come over and proposition me about submarine propeller cavitation, and that guy separately reminded me of the meaning of the word "transfinite" which I have been using a lot lately.

On the morning after I posted this picture on Twitter, I came in to work and that guy said to Liz Adkins, "We'll just let management handle that one." It seemed like like he and Liz were saying the likeness was uncanny and I think the relevant "management" in that case is that of the single entity I worked for in every office where they made me go rebeg for money from so many different people so often. This sphinx picture appeared on Reddit one morning because it snowed in Cairo. I recognized my own picture immediately. This picture of my silver medal in the 2009 Mundial de Jiu Jitsu, pesadíssimo adulto masculino class is notable for a few reasons. It is the highest medal I ever won in jiu jitsu and this was one of the first pictures, possibly the first, where I didn't cock my eyebrow. It says Ian above me, I am standing next to Ian in the original group photo and my parents were going to name me Ian but changed it to Jonathan. Both names, Ian and Jonathan, mean God's gift and in my Hebrew name you can read, "Aryan Roman Catholic oil, the King Ian" or you can read it, "Aryan Roman Catholic oil, the King JW," as in, "Aryan Roman Catholic oil, the King Jonathan Warren."

Note that I worked with Liz Adkins and Lee Duh at Nexidia but I worked with Lee Adkins at Elavon. He was the one that exclaimed joyfully when I first pushed enter to load the error log from Pao's data file into Excel. My coworkers at LexisNexis were Jim and Tim, my two other coworkers at Exide were Jim and Tim, and Jimmy and Timmy are the two special needs children on South Park. One of the three Emilies from my other post where I mentioned dating three simultaneous Emilies was Emily Trexler. I would not be surprised at all if Liz Adkins was Emily Trexler's close relation.

A minimum wage worker takes home about seven dollars per hour after taxes. There is a meme about the large portion of "takers" who don't pay any income taxes but the relevant data only refers to one kind of tax but there are many such taxes on everyone's pay stub and everyone who gets a regular pay check in the United States of America does pay taxes on their wage income. At Elavon where I think I did work that was very valuable, I took a 5,000 dollar per year pay cut to move from the non-technical woman's role they gave me at Nexidia into a technical ETL role. I was fine with this pay cut and I am not complaining about that. Those first few months before Rhonda showed up were pretty cool other than the nightmarish reality of the ETL pager constantly disturbing the peace in my private residence. If it had been anyone but Elavon I would have called the police on them to get that awful racket out of my private residence. Much like every other aspect of corporate America is tantamount to having one's balls in a vice, I was unable to do anything about the constant harassments because I had not been rewarded for my theory but rather coerced into begging for money from Elavon at a rate on the order of 10^2 dollars per hour. Among the worst flavors in the terrible taste Elavon left in mouth was that during my too frequent on call weeks I was getting paid not just on the order of 10^1 dollars per hour but I was also technically getting paid less than the legal minimum wage.

One night I was dreaming about an adventure or something and Helene appeared prominently. The pager immediately went off ending the dream and Helene sent an email in real life that she signed "Your Daring Mother" as if she had dared to come into my dream while Elavon was doing dream surveillance on me with their device. I suspect this may be related to the bout of sleep paralysis I mentioned earlier. I will say that on my third attempt to reach Jerusalem they were doing dream surveillance on me before they put on a flight to New York but the dream was very calm. I woke up placing a row of gray stones at the bottom of a grassy hill in Meansville.

I had such a strange metaphysical experience at Elavon and I don't remember if it was before or after Rhonda showed up. I would get flashes of terrible pain in my calf like my flesh was being rent. It remarkable in that I have never experienced anything like before or since and that the magnitude of the pain ranks among the most painful types of pain I have ever experience. One time I removed a small lump of scar tissue by putting it under tension with a coil of wire and then pinching it with bolt cutters. This pain was like that, but possibly more intense at times, and it was worsened in that I didn't understand why my leg was hurting so badly. Rhonda always gave me an unpleasant sensation under my eye and while no one else ever did it as strongly or as sharply as her, I have seen that elsewhere. The pain in my leg during that time was unique.

Another thing from the movie Get Out: The woman called the place she sent the guy "a sunken place." Not only would an underwater facility at the bottom of the Ashokan reservoir, near Hillary's home, be a literal sunken place but "a sunken" and "Ashokan" sound alike. Also, I think Rod Williams or a person who wore the mask I associate to some persona "Rod Williams" has followed me to the homeless shelter and is offending me with his presence on a daily basis. Also, I saw my former neighbor the sperm agent from my apartment in Dunwoody at the library yesterday. I did a double take and he nodded. I am sure it is him. That they have chosen to harass me until the end bodes extremely poorly for America's fate.

Furthermore, the sunken imagery from Get Out seemed not unlike the imagery used in Under the Skin which was also a very good movie. In that movie Scarlett Johansson tricks guys into going home with her but then they sink into her floor and there they die by becoming descicated husks. The movie ends when someone rips off Scarlett's fake skin and exposes that she is some monster underneath and he sets her on fire. Just before I quit Exide I had seen some pictures of a man covered in octopus tattoos being sexually penetrated by another man through a hole in his torn open scrotum and at the time one of the first things I thought was that you could put a disguise over someone like that just as monster Scarlett was disguised as womanly Scarlett in this other movie. This is the kind of disguise I expect the people in Exide were wearing when I say they were wearing masks.

Who besides Helene didn't want me to go to Israel? Why did the Minister of the Interior of Israel tell the Jewish Agency not to process my Aliyah application? Why did the Israeli Consulate tell the El-Al agent not to let me board the plane to Israel with the ticket I bought? When Carlos sat next to me dressed as the Hasid I did not feel uncomfortable. I also did not feel uncomfortable interacting with the guy in the seat in front of us who jumped up when I asked the second Hasid where the first guy went. Were those people saving me or had they brought me there? Was doing one thing and the other doing the other thing? Who was doing what?

The link below tells a story of conversion to Christianity that I am not telling. I am a Jew sticking to the book of his people and this article has a lot of interesting messianic scripture from the old testament. I want to accomplish the mission of the messiah as laid out in the old testament and I think it should be obvious to everyone that the story in the new testament does not tell a tale of the fulfillment of God's covenant with the tribes of Israel that he promised to never break. To believe that the events in the new testament were the fulfillment of that covenant is to beleive that God decided to break the covenant after all. I don't believe that. A lie wouldn't propagate all the way to infinity.

I've been thinking about making a post about the word catharsis and it got me noticing something. Even though Steve and Collins in general project the aura of being Republicans their business is centered on this blue dot of Atlanta counties that voted for Hillary last year. The restaurant business that throws so much money at Collins is not traditionally a conservative business enclave so it would not make any sense to speculate that he was serving an anti-correlated restaurant demographic in the blue region. They deliver to all the Trader Joe's in those blue counties and that is not really thought of as a store on the red team. Helene did tell me backhandedly that the Trader Joe's peanut butter ice cream has feces in it so by developing this parallel conection to Hillary we see a framework for a two-headed snake to operate on both ends of the false but perceived political spectrum in the present day USA.

Sometimes back in the day Joey and I would smoke weed together after jiu jitsu. I followed him down to Steve's house where he was living with Steve and I think Sean was living there at the time too. This house was in Clayton county which is the only county in Georgia with that darkest blue shade on the map above. Hillary Clinton had been dropping the word catharsis all over the place and I had just looked it up in the dictionary because I didn't know what she meant. Steve was probably telling me about how he used to be such a tough guy when he was younger and that he used to punch people in face a lot. He told that meme about every time I saw him back then. With the benefit of hindsight I believe he was relishing telling me about what a prolific killer he was much in the same way Helene would talk about how much she liked that show Dexter.

2008: Clinton to Get Roll-Call Vote at Nominating Convention

"It's as old as Greek drama. There's a catharsis. Everybody comes, and they want to yell and scream and have their opportunity, and I think that's all to the good"

Obama advisers have had their own moments of pique recently, after not only the "catharsis" remark but also comments made by former president Bill Clinton

Some large portion of the millions of people like me who have been going to Drudge since before 2008 will recall that "the 'catharsis' remark" was very much a thing. If Hillary had balls, Steve could not have been on them any harder when he aped her meme to me that night. He was proudly declaring that he liked Hillary with the positive emotions he exhibited while perfectly replicating Hillary's own catharsis remark within the context of his story. It was something like he needed to have a catharsis with all the people he punched in the face.

HOWEVER: During the McCain-Obama election Steve was always arguing against me when I supported Obama because of welfare type stuff. He was always arguing against me advocating survival of the fittest Republican stuff. However, his business interests are aligned with Democrats geographically and Hillary's meme definitely got a lot of upvotes in Steve's social circles.

Now here is the thing about it. I followed up with Steve to entertain his boasting while I was at his house and it became obvious that he didn't know what catharsis meant. We argued for a while and then I asked him if he had a dictionary because I knew he was wrong. I looked it up and showed it to him and he said that he could tell that I had been a precocious child and that he had also misunderstood what precocious meant. He thought initially that it was a child that gives their parents a lot of headaches but actually it was a child who prematurely exhibits adult-like intellectual qualities. He said however that he was actually right because children like that do give their parents a lot of headaches.

The plot thickens here because the word Hillary used means for a group of people who have been arguing to get over it, but Steve thought it meant to pretend to get over and do a sneak attack later. And not only that, he probably thought that he also got the defintition of catharsis right through some implied definition but the idea he had in mind was as non-cathartic as possible.

I wonder what percent of people who were cheering for Hillary's catharsis meme were using Steve's defintion of the word that has nothing to do with the word's definition. Steve probably thought the old Greek drama referred to by Hillary was Shakespeare's Julius Cesar and that a Catharsis is when they all sneak up on him and stab him when he wasn't expecting it.

2017: Hillary Clinton Says Her New Book Is Her 'Emotional Catharsis"

Clinton says that she decided to write the book after going through a constantly-updated book of quotations

"I think it is also really important that we come to grips with what we need to do in the future as a country,” says Clinton.

This is one that I really liked finding. I saw in Ipanema the road Baron of the Tower Street and I think Epitácio Pessoa was Jacaré's uncle. Nearby in Copacabana they have Baron of Ipanema Street which is interestingly not in Ipanema. Jacaré told me that his school in Rio was actually in Ipanema even though it was usually said to be in Copacabana.

I noticed that Gershon Street, which means Exile Street and Gershon is my second Hebrew name, is a continuation of Azza Street which almost seems to say Arizona. This road is next to King George Street and we see Jerusalem's real identity as a city in British Palestine. Noting that my father's name Joseph George Tooker gives 37 the same way that my English name gives 53, Karen Street is on the other side of Arizona Exile Street from King George Street. Also my dad told me that when he turned 13 he got the extra middle name David which is also in there so I don't know... it's like there's some message in there. Do the Israelis think Helene is Gershon Street? I think if you look closely you can read Gershon el Arcón so it is me, not her. Also, it is the road the temple.

A little more on the Google memo. Much like firewalls vs complimentarity, there is a key point not being discssed. Everyone knows men, in general, are naturally better at tech stuff. The women who dispute it are liars and everyone knows that women are more prone to make up random nonsense to start an argument than men are. When one sees angry femists ranting the source of their anger is usually that they know men are superior in very many regards. Women are also superior in very many regards but these regards are prized by mostly by men and not so much by the women themselves because of the prevailing anti-traditional trends in popular sociology.

Men are not biologically able to breast feed their children and despite the unfairness, no amount of sensitivity training or writing "MILK" around your nipples with a marker will ever change that. At this point the femists will claim that cognition is not a biological function like lactation but they are wrong. Cognition is a biological function. Deal with it. A woman's cognition is not equal to a man's cognition just like a woman's lactation is not equal to a man's lactation. Generally the man's imperative is to do and the woman's imperative is to be done to, and that is a biological motivator of the discrepancy that appears between the professional interests of men and women, and also the discrepancy between the monetary value of an average man and an woman serving in similar professional roles.

Women know femism is a lie even more than the men know it. Certainly women will argue that a man who has known many women is a pig but the truth remains that most male femists haven't really gotten to know many women and aren't basing their beliefs on any empirical evidence; they just say whatever is politically correct because they are weak. In many respects modern femism is just a new batch of words thrown on top of women's age old desire to complain about anything they can. Women have these negative traits and men make war and have other negative traits. Sometimes men make war for a good reason and sometimes women complain for a good reason but usually not. The important thing to notice is that the distribution of traits is closely aligned, in general, with the sex of the individual.

I have written about femism here to distinguish western bitchery from the legitimate struggle of women in places where they are still considered sub-human. Once that status is obtained humanism becomes the virtuous -ism; femism is just complaining about being ugly or wanting more money. It's what some call feminism in the USA.

Disinformation. Everything about firewalls vs complimentarity is disinformation and my belief is that Polchinski is the leading disinfo agent here with Susskind being a close second.

This post is about some but not all of the disinformation that has been produced to suppress my own research. In February of 2012 I had just found a good value for the fine structure constant and I tweeted about it to every physics affiliated account on Twitter. I multiply used hashtags such as #CERN, #LHC, and #Physics. The story that followed was that Brian Cox had caused the big Twitter blow up by slightly misspeaking on TV. While that may have happened, the real Twitter blow up was that I bypassed the publishers who were blocking me by sending my manuscript containing a derivation of the fine structure constant directly to its intended audience. I have linked to an article about Cox' actions but please note that thedisinformation which appears now is polished and refined with respect to the disinformation that appeared on the Monday and Tuesday following my original weekend tweets in February 2012.

That brings us to the topic of the article linked through the image above: firewalls vs. complimentarity. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire

When Alice’s fiery fate was proposed this summer, it set off heated debates among physicists, many of whom were highly skeptical.

To resolve the paradox, one of the three must be sacrificed, and nobody can agree on which one should get the ax.

If there is an error in the firewall argument, the mistake is not obvious. That’s the hallmark of a good scientific paradox.

Complementarity is a theoretical concept developed to address a specific problem, namely, reconciling the two viewpoints of observers inside and outside the event horizon. But the firewall is just the tiniest bit outside the event horizon, giving Alice and Bob the same viewpoint, so complementarity won’t resolve the paradox.

Yet for all his skepticism about firewalls, he is thrilled to be part of the debate. “This is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I entered physics,” he said. “It’s certainly the nicest paradox that’s come my way, and I’m excited to be working on it.”

This article was published in December 2012 and the real exciting that happened over the summer of 2012 was not the AMPS disinfo paper that Susskind jumped on. The real thing was that in August of 2012 I showed that the framework I had tweeted to everyone at CERN in February also contained Einstein's general relativity.

Supposedly firewalls vs complimentarity is a paradox because when you trace out all the implications of all the math, the final results are inconsistent. However all of that math is already based on Hawking's derivation of Hawking radiation which already has a huge mathematical gap ( we discuss the problems with Hawking radiation towards the end of this paper. ) The authors of the AMPS paper and everyone who fanboyed it such as Susskind all ignore the gap but I do not. The gap is this: Hawking was never able to rigorously show that particles from his flux of virtual pais will fall into the back hole. He assumed it would happen without showing it, and all of the "big paradox" about "which of the three things muct be sacrificed" is nothing but a finagled extension of the mathematical weakness of Hawking's original argument. There is absolutely nothing new in firewalls vs. complimentarity. This is so obvious and that the firewalls vs. complimentarity debate raged in such a lively fashion for years means one of three things:

1) The physicists in the debate were too stupid to see that there was no new paradox and they were just ignoring the problems that originated in Hawking's paper.

2) The physicists in the debate are active disinformation agents.

3) Either of the first two points could be true and the real meaning of firewalls vs complimentarity is that there should be a firewall to keep people like me from making publically recognized contributions to science, or that the contributions by people like me should be able to compliment the much lesser contributions of those who are too cowed or stupid to point out there was nothing new in firewalls vs. complimentarity because it was just rehashing the weakness of Hawking's argument from the 1970s.

In the article they say, "If there is an error in the firewall argument, the mistake is not obvious. That’s the hallmark of a good scientific paradox." However, the error is totally obvious. They are proceeding as if Hawking had demonstrated his radiative mechanism with mathematical rigor but he never did. All of the mathematical paradoxes of firewalls vs complimentarity can be traced directly and easily back to this one obvious gap in Hawking's derivation. It is frustrating to me to the highest level that during my many years of successful research I was never able to see even one comment to this effect among dozens or hundreds of comments from "leading physicists" who were adding their two cents to the "debate."

This movie is absolutely dense with creepy memes that I know. This is similar to a scene were Ray Liotta gets his brain eaten and I think Helene always liked that scene but I have no specific memory of her talking about it. However, I do have a very specific memory of something similar. When I was going to Woodruff Park for Occupy Atlanta in late 2011 or early 2012 someone put some weird video on loop on giant screen just inside a giant window overlooking the park. That building is a GSU building so I thought it was some student's weird art project or something though I never saw any videos playing in that window during my four years at GSU, and certainly not a creepy one constantly looped day and night for days or weeks. The video was a guy smeared with vanilla ice cream eating ice cream out of his own skull, the top of which had been removed. I thought it was gross at the time, but now I think it is extra gross.

This movie is very good but very creepy. I was mentioning that after my group at Exide moved into the same building as the Milton police department I thought I was in constant danger of being dragged into the basement of that building through one of the doors my access card would not open. Here the protagonist of the movie has just been dragged downstairs and these lamps are the spitting image of a pair of book weights I had until just recently. I see a ping pong table back there too which is a meme and if you wanted an actress besides Lorraine Bracco to play Helene I think the woman in this movie is about as close as possile. Furthermore, I have speculated that the antler woman from the first season of True Detective and also from the mural at Comet Ping Pong (and who knows what else) is Helene in and olde fashioned disguise.

I see they have this word "Coagula" in this movie which is like "Carcosa" in True Detective and both of those are like Joey and Steve's company Coboco. Everytime I used to mention Coboco I would link to their facebook page which, although they are supposed to be a produce compnay, had a picture of a five year old girl in a bikini in a shark's mouth posted by Lucifer. Now the page redirects but it is still cached here.

From the movie Get Out, [37:10]. The theatrical release of this movie was Feb 24, 2017 so the scene in this picture was likely created while I was still begging for money from Rod Williams. The hypnosis in the movie is like the time I got hypnotized. It was in 11th grade humanities class and the teacher brought in a hypnotist who also happened to be the councilor at the children's home I was living in near Meansville, GA. This was at Pike County High School. She hypnotized the whole class. The last thing I remember was that she was having us imagine a handful of balloons in one hand and an elephant, or maybe books, in the other, and I did notice that the non-balloon hand felt heavier. Then the bell rang right after she woke us up. I thought it was the bell to go to lunch but it was the bell saying lunch was over. I have no recollection of that lost hour and it seemed like she woke us up right after she told us that our baloon hands were light and the other was heavy. In the hypnotist's capacity as the councilor at children'home in a one on one session unrelated to school or hypnosis she told me that demonic possession was real, and that she heard a possessed woman speaking in three different men's voices simulataneously.

I caught Emily hypnotizing me (or something) one time when we were sleeping in the same bed. I suddenly realized that I had sleep paralysis, just like the guy in this movie was paralyzed, but I mustered the will to say stop which really just came out as a grunt. The paralysis abated. A few minutes earlier while I was laying next to her drifting off to sleep I felt like I was seeing Helene stare at me from a seated position (Emily was laying in bed next to me.) I had already thought that it was uncanny that Emily's eyes looked so much like Helene's at times and Helene popping into my mind's eye while I was laying there with Emily was very weird. I wanted to do a double take and look around the room but I noticed I had sleep paralysis which is extremely unusual for me. I struggled for several moments unable to even make a sound and the image of Helene in my mind became antagonistic. I insisted in my intent and was able to grunt and everything went back to normal. I did not closely inspect Emily at that time because I was not yet aware of how realistic disguises can be and I had aleady learned that Emily had psychic (psychotronic?) powers so I wasn't shocked by her attempt to hypnotize me and I went to sleep.

I recently told the story about the girl at Starbucks. I said that she must have wanted to tell me about her boyfriend. When she caressed my hand I was so surprised because she was very good looking and normally something like that would never happen. At the time I thought, "Oh good they are finding out the truth about me finally." However, I must have been wrong because here we are years later and it still seems like they don't know. So what was this statistically anomalous caress of hers? Perhaps she had seen the Emily videos and wanted to be the girl in the video doing whatever Emily was doing. This is highly speculative on my part because I have seen no such videos and the only evidence I have seen of their existence is memes and those amount to approximately zero evidence.

I like it.

Game of Thrones s07e04 is probably my favorite overall episode of Game of Thrones. Nice.