Whatever weird lighting I was looking at my nose in this morning had made me wonder if some of the damage got filled it. It definitely did not, or else they re-amputated it when I left the hotel earlier.

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I wonder if some of the damage on the tip of my nose didn't get filled in today.

I stopped drinking the tap water in the room, and I started feeling better pretty much instantly, so I conclude that the people around here are poisoning my tap water still. The WRIGGLER problem got MUCH WORSE since I checked into this hotel, and there have been interceptors in the stairwell and outside the stairwell pretty much every time I leave or enter through the exit near my room, which is not the front entrance. I have also been feeling like irritant is getting injected into the palm of my hand very frequently when I use the current hotel's entrance nearest to my room. After just waking from a long nap and going to get a bottle of water, I just tried the other side entrance since all the parking in the front was full. Now the WRIGGLERS are going again. They also just put HAIR RAPE on the grocery bag of the water I just got from the store, so I may feel bad again tomorrow if they poisoned this water in response to me stopping drinking the poisoned tap water. They attacked me with the 3:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER immediately when I wrote that last part about possibly poisoning my water bottle from the store, but I will have to wait and see if this water is ok or not. That first large drink I took from the water I just bought did not seem exactly right, but I will have to wait and see if my body is suddenly fucked up again tomorrow.

Other than that, today was pretty weird. I went to the gym around noon, and I did a little jog (3:00 DEEP ANAL WRIGGLER again) on the treadmill, which was much easier than usual. I was only breathing somewhat hard when I stopped. After that, I went to do some more warm-up stuff in the gym's Crossfit area, but something happened. Then I woke up in an ambulance or the hospital with my shirt cut open. They were saying I stopped breathing or that my heart stopped or something, but my chest is not sore like it would be if anyone had done chest compressions on me. Instead, my left glute is sore like someone took about 0.1 seconds to inject me with about 1cc of fluid. Maybe I passed out and fell on my glute, but I can't say what happened other than that I do not feel like I passed out and fell down. Only my glute is sore, not my elbows or anywhere on my head like I would expect if I had passed out while standing up. I do not think I passed out, however. I was feeling pretty good today, and I was hardly winded after my jog, which is when the strange event happened. Rather, I think this is the continuation of the judaism from the little runt who has been tormenting me, who I think is the father of that other piece of shit Jed, or in league with him to the extent that there are probably several people fucking with me in that disguise which matches this other jew I started posting recently almost perfectly.

It is suspicious that after the little guy started fucking with me in the gym two days ago, and then he continued to fuck with me yesterday, he was also at the hospital today to peek his ugly, chinless face into the room where they had me in the emergency department. I am not sure what happened, but that little piece of shit clearly wanted to put his face on it. It seems like he escalated from just fucking with me verbally over the past two days, despite my many requests that he should not do so, to an incapacitating poison attack today. However, I can't say what happened because there is a gap in my memory. I think I can kind of remember becoming light-headed when I went to set up my resistance band for shoulder warm-ups, but I am not sure. All of that is pretty foggy. I see the jew token LINK crashed almost immediately when I passed out, which would have been about 12:45 if I got to the gym at ~12:30 and spent 10 minutes on the treadmill, four walking and six jogging, before going to the Crossfit area. The chart for the jew token (above) makes it seem like something good happened, but that little jew having followed me to the hospital apparently to gloat makes it seem like something bad happened, as does this place on my chest where they shaved the hair to attach some kind of diagnostic equipment to me, or to make it seem like they had. I was able to leave the hospital almost right away, and then I got some food and went back to the latest hotel where I ate and took about a three hour nap. I still feel pretty out of it, like there are certain lingering effects of some harsh poison.

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This little piece of shit at the gym was starting shit with me at the gym again today, and I complained about him to the manager again since I am unable to get him to respect my many requests that he should not initiate verbal interactions with me. I think they're definitely going to get me kicked out of there for complaining about him harassing me. Maybe not, but I will be surprised if they don't. Also, I mentioned that they may have been spraying me with onion stink, but actually when I was eating onions all the time in Georgia, I was eating Vidalia sweet onions. Currently, I am eating different onions that are more aromatic and make your eyes water, unlike Vidalia onions that don't do that. Therefore, I consider that it is well possible that the essence of these stronger onions is coming out in my sweat as onion stink. Maybe I will switch from onions to spinach in my stir fry.

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