I took a few pictures in the bathroom in the mirror, and then a few pictures by the window, and in the few minutes before I went back to take some pictures in the bathroom without the mirror, someone used the rape hatch to stick pubes to the upper end and the lower end of the piece of tape I'm using to secure the door. The RAPE DICK that seemed to subside after I trook a shower earlier is now completely back in place after I exposed myself to to the rape hatch while taking these pictures. Overall, the pattern of the three spots is like the pattern of the three giant spots that Helene bleached off of her face so she could start telling the white girls of whom she was jealous that she was actually one of them. However, I think I see a distinct frowny face stained onto the head of my dick: two eyes and an upside down smile: 100% completely obvious there. Maybe it was Helene's friend and not Helene herself, however, the one Helene supports over me whose teeth she was so keen to imply were better than mine. I think I see Shit Eye's face drawn on my dick.

Frowny face.

Hig contrast.

Someone has tattooed some pattern of whitish spots onto the head of my dick. I was noticing it the other day and that kike my rapist Helene came on the LRAD to proudly exclaim YUP!, and she did it again when I was looking at it in the mirror just now. So I guess mutilating my penis is ok now too, according to the jews that Helene supports with her warfighting activities against me, such as Helene herself. I will post a picture later when the steam clears off the mirror in the bathroom.

A road near my hotel called Willard motivated me to watch the movie Willard, which I have been meaning to watch since it came out. The police code when Willard was getting approached by a cop car was something about 2-11 and 3-16. "Two eleven" and "three sixteen" say "Tooker, John," and I'm pretty sure Socrates and Big Ben were supposed to be Good Dad and Evil Dad. I'm not sure exactly what was going on when Willard watched Ermey kill Socrates and then lament how there was nothing he could have done. Other than that, the prominent feature on the end of Glover's nose is strikingly well timed with this latest round of facial reconstruction surgery writing the same feature onto my face. Glover has a pretty strong Rod Williams thing about him too.

In the gym today, I was quietly muttering about some things, including how the claim of Helene's brother Charles on the British throne is inferior to my own, and that little piece of shit George is grown from my stolen semen, not from the semen of Helene's nephew William. Right after that, I noticed a curled up black rubber band at my feet, seeming to ape the pubic hair art they've putting in my room and all the stairwell I pass through. When I looked up from the rubber band, I quickly noticed someone on the treadmill wearing a shirt that said LANGLEY on it, and he pointed to the word on shi shirt as if to intimate that he had placed the rubber band at my feet after I made some comment in his direction (which he could not have heard directly due to the distance between us.) After I found the rubber band, I left and went to the grocery store where I discovered that both of my shoes had come untied. When I got back from the grocery, what seemed like a new RAPE DICK revved up, and I suspect I was anally raped in the gym today, and that they gave me new sexual torture implants in my anus while they were raping me in the gym full of about 50 people. After that, I went for a walk and I guess they must have used a local anesthetic while they were raping me and stabbing me in the asshole, because the burning pain of fresh 9:00 ANAL RAPE TRAUMA grew as I was walking so that I have returned to my room with a giant, burning, swollen, stinging wound on my anus. They also had a Tooth Cunt interceptor waiting for me in a minivan when I got back to the hotel. Overall, this is quite a nasty wound they inflicted on my anus today. It hurts. Someone already cut a pretty big hole into the side of the brand new shoes I just bought, and they may have done more than that because the foot in the show that the ruined already became very irritated on my walk today.

Somehow, I have suddenly become Helene's full-time office bitch again, but now the pay is very much lower than it was when I walked away from $100k in 2017. I wonder if she's going to put me to the test again, refusing to give me money unless I beg for it.

It looks like it's getting to be about that time again.

Helene recently hired a lawyer to make me grovel for double digit amounts of money every day after she stopped sending the monthly payments and doing the receipt reimbursement which has been the norm since I got out of jail after my last shoplifting charge. However, the so-called lawyer has been making an obscene mockery of my intention to communicate with her, and I told her today that I was done with her bullshit, and if I end up on the street like I did last time I refused to beg Helene for a dollar every day, then that's what would happen. The so-called lawyer sent this "not my intention to mock" response with her mocking comment about there not being an endless supply of money. However, the intention is very much to mock because the inheritance Helene and her friends stole from me is called, among other things, "the White Spiritual Boy infinite bank accounts" precisely because the money is endless. (These are certainly the accounts fraudster Robert Garrett was alluding to at Elavon with the multiple feeler-outer comments about, "I'd want to know what is in my accounts," that he made in my direction.)

Helene is only interested in making me constantly beg for another dollar every day, and the bullshit this lawyer is asking me to put up with sending her more emails begging everyday is exactly like the job I walked away from to become homeless when I decided that the bullshit wasn't worth the money. Anyways, the so-called attorney's response proves that the whole thing is a mockery, and I'm not going to entertain it. This could become a big turn for the worse for me if I lose that tiny trickle of poverty-tier money that has been coming into my bank account every month.

This is something I've had on my mond for a few years.

Back in 2013, the CIA was going to get Eric Weinstein to steal my theory under the name Geometric Unity. However, the developing Geometric Unity story was interrupted by the Snowden story, and it never came back. Weinstein got a new job working for gay Freddy Krueger P2 PayPal guy Peter Thiel, and now he's a CIA internet shill. I infer that Snowden leaked not only the public information about data collection, but also information about the CIA's conspiracies against me. (I believe the pseudonym Snowden references the title of my mother: the Countess of Snowdon.) The Obama unmasking scandal was about revealing Snowden's real identity so they could do Daisy's destruction to his daughter, which they did. Among the three torturers in that video, Helene was The Woodman (the woman), Joseph George Tooker was The Solipsist (or someone named Tooker if I have the first names wrong), and Carlos "The Jackal" Cavalcanti was Jacob666.

Kyle Odom shooting that preacher in the head six times with a .45 at point blank range was an allusion to the way Helene and her CIA accomplices survived the exposure of their wrongdoing by Snowden because they USA itself is evil and 100% committed to the course of evil charted by its senior officers. There is a popular image were Apu is punching the demiurge, and it shows him doing 1HP damage to the demiurge's 100000HP with a POW! attack, and that is the same thing. I think the March 7, 2016 date of the Odom shooting may align exactly with the event in which I arrived behind the 191 truck from Joey and Steve's food delivery business, which I believe led the rescue of the man called "The Nobody" now, probably due to so much of his flesh and bone having been cut away.

After the above, Daisy's destruction made Helene's career. She became the CIA Director on February 2, 2017, and her first official act was to mutilate another faithful man's daughter in the video now called Frazzled Rip. Helene and her friends are not my people or my supporters, but they are the chiefs of those who make war on my people and my supporters, and the CIA is the name of their organization. With Daisy's destruction and Frazzled Rip on her resume, not to mention her successful 2007 and 2016 fraud operations against me, the CIA made her their Director, and she remained in that position until her accomplice from Daisy's Destruction, The Solipsist, was elected as the commander-in-chief of the whole USA in his Biden mask. In the interim there somewhere, they changed the CIA logo to the celebration of Daisy's destruction pictured above. This was their retaliation when Snowden undermined their plan to ruin my life worse than they already had by getting me expelled from college, and doing who-knows-what other things of which I am not yet aware, along with things that I am aware of already. They were going to say some jew was the real author of my research, but they had to stop that, and Daisy's destruction was their response. The proposition that I joined the people ruining my life and making what I hear is the worst torture video ever made in response to the actions of the only man willing to stand up for me, and other similar things, is insane. If Burns isn't one of them, then Burns only got hired to make it look like the CIA is something other than what it really is.

I have been intercepted by two Harvey Weisntein-looking interceptors in the last two days. (I was also intercepted by a Tom Cruise interceptor on my walk yesterday with a giant cleft carved into his disguise nose seeming to mock this latest round of facial mutilation rape surgery that I have been subjected to via a collaboration of the jews and the USA.) One of the Harvey Weinstein interceptors was waiting in front of the grocery store where I bought my coffee, and this, "I fuck you, J," ID suggests that they did poison my coffee. It didn't taste fresh, but now this tingling in my mouth suggests that I may have gotten mega-dosed with meth. I've been drinking one cup of coffee per day, and the one I drank today is the same one I've been drinking. However, I bet it will be almost impossible for me to go to sleep tonight because the joint representative of the USA and the the jews poisoned my coffee. There was some Robert Garrett-themed lard ass working at the Starbucks in the store who I had not seen before, and I was wondering if his face was just stupid looking, or if he was kind of giving me stink eye. I suspect now that it was the latter, and this very strong tingling in my mouth suggests some powerful poison. Meth is my guess.

The other day I made a post, here or on 4chan, saying something like, "Everyone who said I'm a CIA agent is going to get killed, bar none." I thought about changing it at the time to "everyone who says" rather than "everyone who said," but then I did not do it. However, I think my post was inaccurate as it was posted. It should have said, "Everyone who said I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, except for maybe a few," or, "Everyone who says I am or was a CIA agent or similar is going to get killed, bar none." I don't know what kind of crazy insanity someone would have to have in their mind to think the kingdom of God is going to get built on a foundation of lies, but the real object of my current anger is everyone who says now that I am or was a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. When they have been posting "the nobody is a cat" very much lately on /ng/, I thought that was reference to a homosexual. However, perhaps this is the context of those people I hate that are constantly posting cat's noses too close to a camera. Cat almost spells CIA, so I may have misunderstood. Whatever it is, everyone who suggest that I am now or ever was a CIA agent/worker/etc is going to get killed, bar none. That's all bullshit.

To the extent that Snowden said the KGB asked him if he wanted to become a KGB asset before he declined the offer, I think becoming an asset must also require consent, in which case I was never a CIA asset either. I don't doubt, however, that the predicate of Helene's 2007 mortgage contract fraud was to begin fucking me to death by establishing me fraudulently as a CIA asset before she and her friends tried to move forward with the full murder conspiracy in 2016 via Exide's employment contract fraud that would have established me as a CIA agent/employee/helper/etc. I was never anything like that. Helene started raping me in the 1980s, probably already raping me for the CIA back then. It was all just the build up to the failed murder conspiracy when they promoted her to CIA Deputy Director on the day Exide cut off my pay in February 2017 after I terminated my employment in January. I understand she remained in that position until my 38th birthday when she was promoted from Deputy Director to Director. As the lifelong waver of the flag of my rapists, it is no coincidence that she was promoted to rapist-in-chief on my birthday.

Although Helene certainly has people convinced that she was involved in Exide's fraud conspiracy to ensure that they did not murder me, I remind about what she said when Joey, Steve, and their friends tricked me into walking into "the backroom" under the guise of moving some furniture. (This is actually the front room in the Collins Cold Storage Warehouse on Southside Industrial Pkwy near the Atlanta airport.) They were trying to pull the trap door on my to drop me into the backrooms maze, and when they were getting the figurative sign-offs, my rapist Helene said, "If he dies, he dies," because she not only didn't give shit if they murdered me or not, but she broke character in her greediness to finally see me dead. Then, later, after the hiring manager at Exide had defrauded me wearing a disguise that was like Steve's face on a body about a foot too short, they moved desk in December 2016 from the building registered as Exide in Google maps to a building tha Google said was actually the Milton, GA police department HQ. (I believe Milton was at that time the newest city in Georgia, and it may still be.) The hiring manager who was also my office manager when I started working, Rodney Williams (not to be confused with Helene's alias Rodelene Williams where both of them were called "Rod Williams"), had been making several forced remarks about how they had "white rooms" in the building that we were moving to, but I never saw any rooms over there that seemed like they could be called white. There was only one door over there that I could not open, and it was the one right across from Rod's new office. When I asked him about it, he laughed and said, "Haha, no. You can't open that door." I think that was actually a "red room," a torture chamber, and it was what Rod had been gloating about deceptively with his several forced mentions of "white rooms" in the new office.

So, once again they moved me to the entrance to certain death (or worse), and any suggestion that Helene wouldn't have said, "Go ahead and kill that piece of shit," again like she did when they tried the same thing around 2012 is preposterous. They were all trying to murder me, even if some of my rapists' loyal henchman weren't active in the murder conspiracy.